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emily hu @emilyyyhu Los Angeles, CA

台灣人🇹🇼 storyboard artist at WB on Young Justice✨ prev: titmouse, powerhouse, dreamworks, marvel ⭐️⚡️🚗🕷 contact:

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@ChibiTakeshi i love nova’s mittens ❤️ @ShukudaiBakari His hair 😭 @heyshrn He’s such a good shape
@YingjueChen This literally makes me sick just watching it even without audio bc that dog is struggling so hard to breathe @isladelrae Yaaay we’re so glad she has a good home! @RianSygh Thoughts and prayers for all cis men @RianSygh He’s making jock town so yesAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA @raegeii @cinamoncune HDKDLfg Erwin from Wakanda who tried to sneak onto fiancés island to steal Fauna: what was your plan and do you think wa… @isladelrae Sent! @isladelrae Hmm I don’t think I can! Are your DMs mutual only? @isladelrae Yes, but I think a rando just came in his island so he kicked them...can I DM you? @memymandy I remember the books too! @isladelrae Yes! I will get you a dodo code @memymandy Aww i remember these!Bangle is in boxes in my town and Fauna is in boxes in fiancé’s! If anyone wants either of them let me know :) @Asynca I reread that immediately after this and am now working thru a reread of the fingersmith 😂😂😂 @rottenbananner OMG NOOOOO THE VISDEV WAS SO CUTE @tsulala REMMMMMMM @SoftRegard thinking about my mom chasing me around with a kitchen knife when I was a kid: if I could’ve put this o… @DavidNorthart Sketch up! I can’t say whether or not it’s made in there or how it’s made though, I was just given the asset.Another part of my boards I’m glad made it into final is Bow’s little mlem P: #SheRa #SheRaSpoilers
@LaserSinger Feel better soon Liza!!! ❤️❤️❤️ @banannerbread Is he trying to bury it...omg @shenyun5000 HDKDLENTNGLG @VioletKnight407 JFKDNDfg @ChibiTakeshi Waaaah thank you!! I hope you enjoy it!!I bought fake bangs @OliveroSinEse OMG thank you for showing me this!! IM SHOOKWOWOWOWOW!!! @cinamoncune OH MY GOSH WOW!!
@tiltedsyllogism I’m so used to cats’ cute pink soft beans I was so sad when his started getting rough LOL @princekazutan a booger always😭😭😭 marks one year since we brought Ares home and he is currently farting up a storm in his sleep @bereweilschmidt PLS @bereweilschmidt YesssssssssssssssssRepost bc I forgot to crop my boobies out of the selfie 💁‍♀️POV hiking on a cloudy Saturday morning and your dog is sick to death of you @faded_flamingo HEY so sorry tgis is sudden but Julian is in boxes rn fjfklgg if u can stop by now @epicheatherpaul @myarttable Thank you!!!! 😭 @KKClassified ok!!! tyty :D @KKClassified will do! @KKClassified momo: business island @KKClassified AA OMW
@shyfather nicee!! happy birthday!!! @shyfather wow is this the 22!! i still only have a 16 lol @ShottsyArts @Ladylanternfish thank you so much!! ;w; @ShottsyArts @Ladylanternfish it depends on the show, but sometimes ppl polish it up before releasing it to the pub… @ShottsyArts @Ladylanternfish haha these were roughs, i was just a freelancer so when the finale script went throug… @meritleighton aww thank you, and thank you for your great work!!!! @mbrleigh THANK UUUU I had so much fun boarding it >_< @Gingerhazing thank you so much for taking a chance on me noelle! <3 @MsShaneLynch tysm shane ;w;;;!! @Saturn_Police THESE ARE ALL SOOOOO GOOD JULIA! @Jen_Benben @kikiinspace thank YOU so much jen!!!!! <3<3 @ritostime same...i felt the same reading the script i was shook @kikiinspace @Jen_Benben fun fact my first freelance boards for she-ra were s4e13 the hordak v catra fight, and her… @KillShields @Tantobus i was a little sad too but then saw how much they had to fit into the episode and i was like ok makes sense LOOOL @kamunyan_ thank u!! it was one of my favorites to board as well! @kamunyan_ i was truly given a feast in the script @kikiinspace 😭😭😭😭😭😭 tysm kiki!!!thank you so much to @kikiinspace and @Jen_Benben for being awesome directors and taking a chance on me, i had so much fun!!#SheRaSpoilers #SheRa here is the hordak entrapta scene i boarded on the finale! it was edited for time but i was…
@faded_flamingo no problem!! just happy theyre going to good homes, gayle means a lot to me ;w; @faded_flamingo yay np! i will contact u again when he's in boxes, just glad they're going to good homes!!!! @faded_flamingo btw i saw u were looking for julian, mine will be moving out in two days (booting him with amiibo c… @faded_flamingo DP3T4 ! once u get in i can lead u to her house and feel free to shop/look thru free DIYs :) @faded_flamingo yes! i can get u a dodo code if u want her @RianSygh oh my god cuuute!!! @chaerrieo omgosh can i see photos! that sounds so cute @LaserSinger oh i hope they find good homes together.............possibly in the void................Is there a name for these tufts on our puppy...we call them his wings 👼 @kingkimojunk You unfortunately need to have an open plot >_< @justchien Remove him from office. We want a tough no nonsense sheriff @justchien Has he caught anyone yetGayle is in boxes today if anyone wants her! She is so sweet I will miss her 😭 @allisonsmithart Time for the second dog @allisonsmithart We just got one haha💥Bam!💥 #acnh
Retweeted by emily hu @bauerpower Wow 🥺🥺🥺 @T1mco wow look at those toes
@wwileyy wow thats a great price she could prob make bank on turnp exhcnage lol @wwileyy i think i miht have to turn to turnp exchange this week too skjfn my prices are just going lower and lower @faecharmed me too, freya or whitney or vivian shoulda been uchi!!!!!!!! THEY DONT ALL GOTTA BE SNOOT @faecharmed yeah wolves dont have a lot of variety either LOOOL audie is the only peppy one! i have wolfgang kyle f… @ashthelazy me: let me just pay real money @faecharmed omg i love dom too but im making a wolf island... he would die @ShukudaiBakari i need that cray wolf @faecharmed wow awesome!!!!! my fiance got raymond in his first campsite but gave him to my friend bc she was going… @alltheatoms yeah, and since i dont TT it will be friday before i can start looking :'( i guess i can work extra ha… @faecharmed omg u must b richsomeone wants 1000nmt for raymondgayle will be in boxes tomorrow so im dipping my toes in villager trading bc i really want audie and the chances of… also live on the second floor but our laundry machines are in the basement. Cue me hobbling down multiple flight… hobbling after fiancé and dog today during our evening walk, limping with pain in both knees and elevating my le… @siobhanchiffon I am so sad for her hfkfnglg @siobhanchiffon Who the hell thinks this is okay I’m shaking