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I enjoy exploring many realities, alternate, augmented and virtual.

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@NathieVR Is it one of the AntVR prototype units?One of VR's biggest champions and a pillar of the worldwide community is @germanrifter! If you like VR as much as I… @Zimtok5 @MythionVR If it was dark chocolate digestives it would be a tough choice. @OculusGaming Elite Dangerous
Have to agree on this one, Metal Multiball is a ton of fun and available even on the now very low cost Oculus Go!'s video is another look at promising technology from #CES2020 as I visit the @nreal booth and try out a few d… @Vrtual1 I thought Kgamer died. I watched that video. I distinctly remember seeing the body at the end. @David_Jagneaux I don't understand how Legend of Dragoon 2 isn't winning this by a landslide... @VRReady2 Had gall bladder removed with a DaVinci surgery last year. I thought it was going to be a dire thing wit…
@BOLL7708 @Hero_Kvatch New Smash Bros character reveal? @bmfshow If you like electronic music, @ParadiseDecay makes some great sounds. @GAMERTAGVR I don't have experience with battery charging but the VR Power by @RebuffReality worked great as a coun…
David and Nathie attended the "real" CES directly visiting and meeting with the people working to advance technolog… today's VR video, I take us back to CES again for a demo of three products by @RebuffReality on Oculus Quest: VR… a cool collage of tech enthusiasts and every smile among them genuine after trying the Dexmo gloves. Glad I w…
This is the kind of thing I do with every Android based headset I get. If you have access to an Nreal light dev ki… @JC_3D Yes and yes. @SweViver @Bertaroo @UploadVR It may be a good idea to work with them to have them correct the article to reflect a… @JC_3D I made a Japanese PSN account for this one when it came out! @SweViver @Bertaroo @UploadVR That's good to hear and it would have been good to hear that from Kevin or Robin in t… @SweViver @Bertaroo @UploadVR But right here, Kevin says that support is all coming out of Shanghai:… of the best indie VR devs has a new Kickstarter. If you've tried Darknet or Astraeus in particular, you know t…
@Konor4Real @vr_oasis @oculus Welcome to the VR family, Konor! @mixedrealityTV @DextaRobotics That's fantastic, Sebastian! The Dexmo glove was a quite interesting demo at CES. @VRespawn It had a very small window of clear text due to foveated oval toward the center of the screen. It was ve… @VRespawn I was really excited to try the XTAL but after a demo at CES, I understand why it is really designed as a…'s always nice seeing @sonyahaskins at trade shows and events. We compare notes and make sure we each don't miss… first content from #CES2020 shows my visit to the @pimaxofficial booth, where I got to try their new Artisan, 8K… @gazordroig @hmltn Pronounced Pi (like the number 3.14 or slice of pie) max @JBergounhoux @hmltn @Digital_Vix3n I thankfully didn't have any problems with the demos this year. I did with pre… @BOLL7708 I am going to try to get them up and running but am a bit low on time so it may be a few months. @gemisisDev @hmltn @Matt_on_tech Is it even officially a SteamVR headset? I don't see any games on Steam indicating support for Pimax. @gemisisDev @hmltn @Matt_on_tech Pimax "native" Oculus support is on their end in their PiTool software which isn't… @NathieVR You are still at CES... (Royole had a facsinating booth in Vegas, glad you are still enjoying your China trip!)
I'm still a bit exhausted from CES but I just picked up one of the coolest Facebook Marketplace finds I have ever s… @SkarredGhost Ah, I think some of those will be around later this year and into next year!It's Groundhog Day, again! out with Friends (filming sets) at @ATT1Powell @SkarredGhost The 8KX I tried at CES had their modular audio strap and it just had built into the rigid plastic str… @SweViver @pimaxofficial It was nice to meet you and see the new Vision Series headsets and the Artisan this week.…
@Nreal Thank you to everyone from your booth for their kindness and patience dealing with the demand from attendees… planning to post a CES video today but I am exhausted. In its place, here is a look at Manchu Picchu in the re… @tipatat I regret only taking photos in like 60% of the VR and AR I tried but I agree with the sentiment in the twe… the last couple of hours showing friends attending some of my favorite products being demoed at #CES2020 It w…
Got to witness VR superhero @Alex__VR take a bullet and get tickled with @teslasuit at #CES2020 amazed to see my favorite pinball machine in smaller form factor perfect for my home debut from @arcade_1up at… through @visioneng 3D microscopes at #CES2020 to see an insane way to race in Project Cars Pro thanks to @Razer at #CES2020 out a social shared AR experience with the RealMax Qian at #CES2020 out into Stormland using Revive on a Samsung Odyssey with locomotion controlled by @CybershoesVR at #CES2020 to try the widest range hand tracking I have experienced with the upcoming @ultraleap sensor add-on for the… a wide FOV enterprise focused headset with practical use cases for health care and education from @Ximmerse new friend Kurt and the fine folks at Human Capable who are making what seem like a great mix of what both Goog… into the cockpit of a space capsule with hand tracking eye tracked foveated rendering on the @VRgineers XTAL… also tried the @PicoInteractive Neo 2 6dof tracked standalone with controllers at #CES2020 I tried the @PicoInteractive prototype VR glasses. Superb clarity and the best 3dof standalone visuals I… to check out the @Huawei VR Glass with @NOLO_VR CV1 Air custom headset tracker playing Shadowboxing and was imp… now a giant flood of stuff I have done starting with the standout products I tried at #CES2020 the… is a LOT of technology going in to farming now. Quite a cool booth and educational experience. They also have… out the future of tractors with @JohnDeere at #CES2020 @John_Westra @UploadVR @RebuffReality My vote also went to @RebuffReality which while it's losing the popular vote,… @Vrtual1 Cheers, The Big Bang Theory and Roc were all filmed in front of a live studio audience and referenced it a…'s the last day folks can enter to win an @nreal light devkit at #CES2020 by taking a selfie in their booth. I d… @DextaRobotics Likewise!I forgot to mention that I got to be the most electrifying man in virtual reality today @TheRock as part of the exp… a great deal of fun with strangers at @voidvr doing their new Jumanji experience. @UploadVR @RebuffReality @nvidia @panasonic @pimaxofficial Thanks for responding! That's awesome. @UploadVR @RebuffReality @nvidia @panasonic @pimaxofficial Why is the Artisan nominated over the other headsets out of curiosity? @NathieVR Still wondering what he has against Nicola Tesla @nimazeighami @Nreal I agree! Fun, brightly colored visuals that really popped and I liked the game demos as well.I filmed lots of stuff today using a @rylo_inc action camera. Most of my photos from today are stills from that fo… of great VR YouTube sensations at the end of the day at the @pimaxofficial booth at #CES2020 with @Alex__VR to feel things that weren't really there with the very impressive @DextaRobotics Dexmo glove? feel even better about investing in an @nreal light dev kit after trying a demo here at #CES2020 I even did the d… @Timbaland @Nreal I won't feel too badly if I lose this to Timbaland but I too tried to up my selfie game with Nrea…
The VR Champions are starting to assemble at #CES2020 Always great to see @sonyahaskins and @Alex__VR my eyes in the @NormGlasses at #CES2020 an extremely lightweight pair of smart AR glasses with stereo audio, ri… @mixedrealityTV @pimaxofficial See you in a couple of months at GDC, Sebastian! @Tyrielwood @pimaxofficial Very trueTried out the 8KX, 8K+ and Artisan at the @pimaxofficial booth. I could tell the Artisan was a slight downgrade fr… seeing the world the way it should be #NowItsREAL with @nreal at #CES2020 out my #CES2020 with a great look at the future of natural controls from @ultraleap on a whole suite of HMD… @Vrtual1 But it's long and fiber and thin and twisty USB C to C... @SkarredGhost What type of disruption are you looking for? Just got to Vegas and I will try to find it!Landed, now the bus to the shuttle to the convention center! about to embark on my first journey to CES. I'm ready to take off, land, take the bus to a #CES2020 shuttl… @BOLL7708 @SadlyItsBradley @pimaxofficial Still PiTool but it runs a lot better than it used to. I will be at CES…
@EricPresidentVR @Martin76x Again, mileage may vary. I have C to C on my PC and the 10ft PartyLink doesn't work.… @thehatrabbit @SlightlyHeroes @MerrySnowballs Will Merry Snowballs still work as a single player experience after it is delisted? @Nreal Alex has my vote for sure and the yellow Nreal Light really pops! @Martin76x @BOLL7708 @oculus And you're correct. Even Oculus isn't saying "buy our $90 cable." They clearly stated… @BOLL7708 @Martin76x @oculus I bought a cable that in the description guaranteed it would work for Oculus Link, the… today's VR video, I race the tracks in the awesome Kart racer Dash Dash World @DashDashRacing on Quest @Martin76x @oculus Just want to point out that the £12.99 cable you linked to is advertised as a charging cable. H…'t find my Xperia Ear Duo which happens more often than it should, so taking this nice throwback device Sony… I want to go to Walgreen's when I get to CES... @Nreal I will see you on Thursday! @mixedrealityTV Sounds like a plan! See you in a couple of months :)For the some great coverage of the first day of #CES2020 check out @mixedrealityTV at Loads…
@EricPresidentVR They are dependent on their own software library and Vive Wave and a stable wireless connection fo…