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I enjoy exploring many realities, alternate, augmented and virtual.

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Fellow VR Youtube personality @GAMERTAGVR is doing a series of charity streams right now to help those trying to fi…
@VideoDreaming I have an Index if you need help I can jump in a few hours from now.In today's VR gameplay video, I brave the deep waters in Subnautica by @UnknownWorlds @Martin76x I recommend Davinci Resolve and watching some YouTube tutorials to learn how to best edit both audio and…
@NathieVR You using the Leap Motion as Alyx? @Atroarturo @Martin76x I have tried the Pimax 8KX but not their controllers. It's definitely a very good headset i… @byteframe @Martin76x @htcvive No longer available: Vive Pre, Vive, Vive Pro, Vive Focus. Now available: Vive Cosm… @SkarredGhost I may be part of that statistic. Been loving exploring what once was with my DK1. Half-Life VR v1.4 with Razer Hydra!I haven't had the opportunity to try the Vive Cosmos, but $799 gets you untethered freedom with the Vive Wireless…
Thanks @TeamYouTube for the congratulatory email and also the sad realization that I can't share it on Google+ desp… @David_Jagneaux I was 83% Arthur Weasley.This game looks like a lot of fun and a public alpha starts later today! @GAMERTAGVR @Hasbro We HAD an excellent version of Monopoly Deal as well as Boggle in Oculus Rooms on the Oculus Go...
Stuck inside and looking for an escape? How about one of last year's best VR titles, Asgard's Wrath, which is curr… awesome folks at @ArchiactVR have passed along a key for their fantastic game, Evasion and I've got an alternat… my latest VR gameplay video, I experimented with my RealSense camera for my player camera, my Quest with Link an… @vrgamerdude Thanks for the kind words and years of support. It's great to have you as a fellow VR champion! @dr_oculus Soon we'll be celebrating the same milestone for you! @nikkmitchell @DennyCloudhead This was the first thing I recorded with my Hydra... a couple of weeks ago :)… question for those VR devs out there that made experiences for the Oculus DK1 and DK2 with Razer Hydra? Do y… even made one of those Youtube video things to announce this contest but if you saw the Tweet, you aren't really…, time for a giveaway. 1000 subscribers means I should give something back. I've kept some of the best VR gam… @Huntai7 Thanks Hunter! Hope you and yours are safe and sound in both the Northeast and the Southeast right now.So this happened. Thank you to everyone who has watched my Youtube channel and enjoyed it. Four years ago, I star…
@UKRift I have heard that in China they've issued armbands for those that have contracted the virus so that they ar… is a lot of fun and even more so in co-op. If you've played the game, grab a copy for a friend. If you hav… @Martin76x @Alex__VR @twisted_pixel @OculusGaming You guys are too kind. I really appreciate your support and your videos!In my latest VR video, I lead a misfit band of soldiers through a few varied levels of "combat" as the B-Team on Oc… @Alex__VR @rje @hmltn and on April 1, @WiredP announced Grip: Combat Racing was getting a VR mode. Not only was this not a joke, it'… August, I joined an in-game expedition to the center of the galaxy by way of some mostly unexplored areas of t… this thread for three must play VR titles that you may have missed because another must play VR title release… @Razer I usually stay focused with a nice ambient soundtrack in the background.Calling on those working from home––we’re giving away a Razer WFH Starter Pack to make sure you have all the essent…
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@vrgamerdude @pimaxofficial I recommend Acron for the other two little brothers!Pico HOT! Pico HOT! reminder in this crazy age we live in. April 1st is sometimes called "April Fool's Day" and people pull pranks on each other. @tiltfive While my GuitAR gently sleeps (My Wife stays awake because it snores)
The power of humanity is coming together right now while we are all learning to practice social distancing and stay… @BillH23 @GAMERTAGVR @bmfshow Just to clarify, I believe the game is currently only on Quest. If you are looking f…'m very excited for this release, especially in the current state of the world! @FXG_VR @masterclass @FredrikGlisscot I'm not the best artist on earth but here's a simple Fredrik! my latest VR video, I travel into a graphic novel in @vr_drifter's Lies Beneath on Oculus Quest teaming of @6d_ai with @NianticLabs is bringing two pioneers of AR together. I'm looking forward to the future… developers were unable to recoup losses for their prepaid trips to GDC and still others are being hit each day…
Tonight's video isn't VR at all, with a closed beta preview of Genshin Impact @GenshinImpact on PC. This one was i…
@sonyahaskins @Official_GDC Hopefully will see you there! @Zimtok5 Good to have you back, Zim. I hear Cat Sorter is no longer the top of the charts though... @UKRift Watched the Twitch version. Great to see the sun tracker and the little pottery villages as well as hear from you.
This week, I've posted nine VR gameplay related videos to my Youtube channel and despite not being able to leave my… @thegiantsox @Herpititis @hasanXXhasan @TailosiveTech The Lenovo Phab2 Pro could do a lot of this with Google Tango… is now on PSVR! @Anagamedev S/Index/Pimax 5K+/Quest I have Index Controllers, Touch Controllers and… my latest VR video, I face the puzzling adventure of The Room VR: A Dark Matter by @Fireproof_Games my latest VR gameplay video, we fall Down the Rabbit Hole by @CortopiaStudios @AntonHand I recently played Half-Life VR, the Half-Life 2 VR port. It runs on DK1 or DK2 with Razer Hydra. I th…
@Zimtok5 I've been force feeding the tired guy. @Zimtok5 I'm in a similar boat and also not a game dev. Hang in there, Zim. I have hope for a light at the end of… anyone else noticed how much quality VR we've gotten this week? Looks like tomorrow I'll have coverage for Dow… my latest VR gameplay video, I paint some virtual worlds with Color Space by @lighthausinc on Rift S @hmltn I'm only aware of @vrgamerdude receiving a review unit not anyone receiving one which they had ordered.Woke up to two new albums from @nineinchnails in the instrumental format that I need right now. Thank you Trent an… my European friendly VR video for today, I wiped the dust off of my PSVR to experience the immersive world of Pa… is launch day, and we're giving away a FREE OCULUS QUEST!! Down the Rabbit Hole launches at 8 a.m. CET, 3 a.…
Retweeted by e- @EricPresidentVR @UploadVR They also provided the service of "Hey you can view this content on our channel and not…
@AntonHand I just want a mod to enable spraying aerosol cans like the one on the first balcony.I have interest in the new @kupvr controllers for mobile VR, PCVR and standard PC games but I don't see how they wi… @Alex__VR Just in time for another playthrough of Half-Life ALEX?In this VR gameplay video, I do my best to practice good hygiene in the upcoming game from @StarcadeArcade, Virus P… today's revisit to Half-Life: Alyx, I check out the game using my replacement Index controllers and have a blast… they made a fun and expansive strategy game, now @StarcadeArcade is back to clean up after a virus hits! @StarcadeArcade @PrettyNeatVR I'd love to share your VR for Good on my channel. @BOLL7708 @SadlyItsBradley Wait, I have met Brad's wife. I don't think he can marry you. He's already got his wife and his VR...
Thank you to @Steam Support for the very kind advance shipment and quick turnaround so that I can have a functional… second episode of my focused series about the development of Redemption's Guild by @UnlitGames, Low Poly Armor… @David_Jagneaux @JonVirtual @nimazeighami I have heard that also about particles being trapped in beards. @Martin76x I have exclusively played on Rift S and Quest with Virtual Desktop thus far. I've seen videos on OG Viv…
Sometimes facts are best written on a window in white board markers... @VRDesktop beta 1.11 is fantastic to wireles… @Martin76x @UKRift I really didn't like Doom Eternal. This lady Alyx is pretty nice though. I'm looking forward t…'s that? A new game came out? VR is it? Half-Life? OK, I guess I can have a second video today... Here's a… @Buck3131 If you are looking for a massive number of views then don't. I make videos for the stuff I was going to be playing anyway.In today's VR gameplay video, I visit a famous planet from a famous movie on my DK1 and join a disco dance party in…
@SkarredGhost @reverendkjr She's saying: shut up! You're not one of my two dads. @joshdub Hope things get better quickly for you, man. @SkarredGhost @reverendkjr Not sure why this came up for Erik but okay. @Zimtok5 @valvesoftware Oh man, hoping for a quick recovery for you!Also like Santa Cruz, probably 2-3 years away from a consumer reveal.My thoughts on the Oculus Del Mar references on the developer web portal at They were put… helpful advice and great words of thanks from fellow VR Youtuber @VoodooDE_Gaming in German:…
This video from a couple of days ago from @ParadiseDecay shows a little bit of how using VR can take your mind off… @JenniferDowding @Martin76x for the games. for Quest Half Life 1 and expansions.… @Martin76x If you act before Monday, you can still get the original Half-Life and Half-Life 2 and expansions for fr… @LisaJIA7 Are these just silicon to redirect the onboard sound or do they have their own speakers? I'm not sure if… @Atroarturo @Martin76x @YouTubeGaming @hosvfx @oculus I also very much like KIN. This is a fantastic game!
@Martin76x @jo_safine @AidenRo77139509 @jdakotapowell @thatsgreatalex @DarraghDandy @DaDrunkGamer @JesseDamiani today's VR related video, I spent a bit of time at the Virtual Vive Ecosystem Conference using the ENGAGE platfo… @UKRift o7Premering in just 30 minutes is the first episode of my new series Low Poly Armor, which is going to give on-going… @LisaJIA7 Quest/Rift S earphones?