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Hi my name is Emily and I do youtube and stuff Shop:

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@Francesco2oo1 @jadeyanh dude really said "sorry that happened to you but youre stupid for not showing your boobs"… @Francesco2oo1 @jadeyanh ???????????? @nameisabe no, my username isn't emirichu so whoever has it must be pretending to be me T_T i did in fact get clapp…
@Cr1mson_Phoen1x that doesn't automatically mean I have ADHD ^^;;; Getting distracted by the art in an animation an… @Cr1mson_Phoen1x i don't have ADHD 😅 @personafan4life i love this one! @ireneinspired yeah!! it helps if theyre like 2 hours long too because it means i spend less time clicking around l…
i did well in uni i swear, but i also had a perpetual urge to doodle i cannot help itive resorted to playing boring uni lectures in the background while I do my video sketches because for some reason… @carmiico alarm has been set !!! @JayXGamer1 wowow!!! Thank you so much!! 🤩
@wolfychuuu was fully expecting jordan to bust in with the lil jon "BREAK IT DOWN BITCH LEMME SEE U BACK IT UP" @NerdyLazorz @CDawgVA @Daidus_OTL do you want one @NerdyLazorz @CDawgVA oh my god @yappalot aaa thank you!!!! QwQ
@JAllenMc im not a peasant, James. I use Burt's Bees 😔 I've no idea where I put it i immediately thought of this gus johnson video when i bought salt like 10 minutes ago hahhaaas you can tell, i live quite an exhilarating life 😔this is not very exciting news but i want to inform you all that I ran out of salt yesterday and idk if that's ever happened to me before @iGumdrop we have TASTE @windows_luis @honeyinrice tf kind of weird comment is this get out of herethank you @MoonshineKim for this glorious christmas gift !!!how many more aquas until the top of my dresser just becomes a water goddess shrine
@protagkunist SO CLEAN AAAA @lumiblossom yayay!!! im glad you like it!! @honeyinrice @Daidus_OTL i love this style !!! wowow!Been binging the shows I watched when I was little so I figured I’d draw @EmirichuYT in the late 90s style since sh…
Retweeted by Emirichu 🍓 @not_illegalstuf its good! very similar to line! @not_illegalstuf we talk on kakaotalk! @Blaze_Taiyou o yeye we video call weekly! it just occurred to me that over a year has passed since we last saw each other in person o_o @FreshMobile_ ...we are in a pandemic. 😅really weird to know that it's been over a year since I've seen my parents @CDawgVA WHY'RE YOU LETTING EVERYONE ROAST THIS DUDE'S MEAL 😭
@camicattweets @bisoulovely !!!!
@Schaffrillas HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! i think this is from Shrek 1 but it seemed fitting for the occasion @lolliaofficial BEAT ME UP LOLLIA @AdmaOwen thank you so much!!
@itsgfreviews lets go to a karaoke room one day !!!
@Miyukiaya125V thank you so much!! @Sanhsanhsanh yayay!! thank you!! @Kayleig94182745 oh no!! D: if youre still having problems checking out, email and see…
@TheChillyPanda how is this real hes like a movie villain @LaraFukuro Thank you so much!!! @donggyunluvsyou !!! thank you!! @spitsglock o no!! idk how i missed this! Thank you so much!! @vincededesigner definitely not me!
@SimplySybil_ YAYAYAY!!! thank you!!! @meggisanegg !!!!!!! @Toq_Ichigo !!! Thank you for getting one !!! QwQ You look adorable!!
@LacieShiina Gonna get back to continuing it soon! Just had to take a break to start my next video but Ill keep watching dw!! @Evanit0 I remember literally nothing from Peach Girl except that I wanted the whole series to just be Sae getting… @KaggyFilms @TheAnimeDude @Evanit0 @Daidus_OTL "Tell me you're a masochist without saying you're a masochist" "Mami is best girl" @TheAnimeDude @Evanit0 @Daidus_OTL JUST SAY YOU LIKE TOXIC WOMEN AND GO @TheAnimeDude @Evanit0 @Daidus_OTL NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO CALL MY ANIME OPINIONS GARBAGE EVER AGAIN WHAT THE HELL IS THIS @Evanit0 I hate her but I'm thoroughly entertained when she's on screen. Like I wanna know more about her but I als… @TheAnimeDude idk who to believe now 😭 @Coelacanthts took me way too long to find the judgmental cat haha! It looks super cute on you 🥺❤️ thank you!! @filthethrill22 im forced to watch Kazuya jerk himself every other episode lemme have this 😩 @Toidi4Fun yeah but it was literally all shojo manga lol @PodcastNani I mean she's the absolute worst no doubt about it, and she's fun to hate, but I think she makes the st… @PodcastNani when did i say that I liked mami ??? @Cheol_Giya ahh thank you!! this is so cute!! @SOROHIK_I_Ban shes really controlling but also i think it's her first relationship (?) so im excited to see how she grows too! @chizuru_uwu @Overbro_12 i still like him !! but the christmas eve episode was so hard to sit through 😭😭😭 @SRF_saiya as much as I hate mami as a person i do think shes an incredibly interesting character so i dont feel an… @AndrewL1209 I wish I were half the woman that Chizuru is 😭 @Ezekiel_BL4Z3 JESUS HOW LONG IS THIS MANGAIM ANIME-ONLY RN PLS NO SPOILERS MANGA READERS IM SORRY FOR UPSETTING YOU @Ezekiel_BL4Z3 i will die on the anohana hill istg !! im assuming the anime's gonna cover the development so ill ke… @CKEditzXX nah you right, im only as caught up as the anime is so this opinion is based entirely off of that so far… @Ezekiel_BL4Z3 IS THIS ABOUT MY RENT A GIRLFRIEND TWEET AAAAAAAi was cheering him on so hard when he was being self reflective about needing to improve himself and then he procee… much as I love Rent A Girlfriend, part of me sincerely hopes Chizuru doesn't end up winning because KAZUYA DOESN'T DESERVE HER ONE BIT
@YouTubeForKids1 @CDawgVA @Daidus_OTL @pixelatedtiddie omfg this hurts to read im so sorry milk that insurance
@Daidus_OTL @TheAn1meMan why is anohana ranked 10
thank you for my making this year more bearable. I can only hope that I can return the favor in the new year. I ca…
@DamianCTMP @RossDaNarwhal1 ah yeah i was finally able to take some pictures of it a week ago!! QwQ Your photos turned out so good!! @DamianCTMP @RossDaNarwhal1 !!! it looks so good on you!!! 😭💕 @AngriestAngry @Ioveatory @eroldstory @Daidus_OTL !!! thank you!!! @Ioveatory @eroldstory @Daidus_OTL gimme a character that looks like this and maybe ill start watching mecha anime @brownrabbitsart @TrashTastePod @CDawgVA LOOK AAAAAA
@anaxdbooskers yeah thats exactly how he views her!! @azntimmay yay!!! thank you so much!! @wakeupsadaf Y E S S S S S !!! 😭😭😭 YOURE SPEAKING INTO MY HEART !!! @AmazinglyAvera3 Nabe understands Yuki the same way Machi does from what I remember :0 it's why Yuki's able to conf… @OkaMilan i see your point but there were plenty of non-straight pairings in anime/manga written in the 90s/2000's 😭 @SamGrace_F yeah that is what he meant, i just wish it also turned into a nabe confession... 😭 @Ghostietea !!!!!!!!! @LadySohma OLD KFC--- @LadySohma we couldve had trans ritsu and gay yuki but instead we got like 27 hetero pairings and half of them were… @Laprisu its fantastic!! definitely give it a shot! @anigates i like machi!! i think shes great, i just cant shake the perfection of nabe x yuki out of my head hahah @LadySohma OMG IM GLAD OTHER PEOPLE AGREE BECAUSE I WAS WORRIED I WAS SPEAKING OUT OF LINE @itstoini nono its so people dont get confused and ask "what show is this" or "who are you talking about" 😅nabe being one of the few people to see yuki for who he of the only people who could make yuki genuinely s… probably a hot take so dont take me too seriously but yuki's whole monologue about not being able to v… Basket tweet) The more I think about how much more sense the Yuki x Nabe pairing makes the more upset I get…