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‘BTSARMY ON AAA TONIGHT’ a mass voting tag for AAA Popularity is now trending #1 in Vietnam! 🇻🇳 #TheMusicVideo #Dynamite #PCAs
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite‘BTSARMY ON AAA TONIGHT’ a mass voting tag for AAA Popularity is now trending #5 in Malaysia! 🇲🇾 #TheMusicVideo #Dynamite #PCAs
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteARMYs, let's leave nice comments under NDTV IG post 👇 🔗 @BTS_twt
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite#ENHYPEN Debut Trailer 1 : Choose-Chosen ( #ENHYPEN_DebutTrailer1 #Choose_Chosen
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite📰@BTS_twt will have an interview on @NDTV (India) soon 🇮🇳 - NDTV is the BIGGEST news channel in India - Is the mos…
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteThe viewership for NDTV which will be channel interviewing BTS. #BTS @BTS_twt #방탄소년단
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteSpotify Update (20/10): Total streams — 12,461,549,015 (+21,420,169)
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite[SPOTIFY] •Followers- 23,955,718 (+57,449) @BTS_twt were the most followed artist in the past 24 hours 👏🔥
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteSo happy for Indian ARMYs right now! 😍 I am also hoping that BTS will go there very soon, and I feel it will happen 🤗💜
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteWendy from Red Velvet covered a little bit of Dynamite~ (@BTS_twt)
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteThis is what they had to say about the boys. #TheGroup #BTS #PCAs @BTS_twt
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteIt's been 6 years since the release of "War of Hormone" MV
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite. @BTS_twt have surpassed 32,292,207 Monthly Listeners on Spotify!! This is the first time a K-Artist has achieved this peak 🎉🎉
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteGot a glimpse of the #BTS Samsung advertisement at the long stretch of one of the busiest train stations here! Thi…
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteHere you go #BTSARMY @bangtan__india Stay tuned to @ndtv :)
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteFake Love becomes @BTS_twt's 4th music video to surpass 14M likes on YouTube. They're the first male act to achieve…
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteBTS ranked #1 on AAA Popularity Rankings tonight. 💜🎉 @BTS_twt
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite.@BTS_twt is promoting now in India 👏
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteThe fact that BTS took those 46 seconds they had and put their everything into making sure it was amazing no matter…
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite#BTS_Dynamite remains at No. 11 on U.S. Pop radio so far this tracking week, with 4,106 spins / 17.147M audience im…
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite @ndtv @rohitkhilnani OMG OMG OMG !!!Team #BTS - Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook chatted with NDTV's @rohitkhilnani about music and more.…
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite📰@BTS_twt Interview coming soon on @ndtv 🇮🇳 OMG BTS ARE DOING PROMO ON INDIA
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite201021 BTS EXHIBITION ‘오, 늘’ Instagram #BTS #방탄소년단 @BTS_twt
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite201021 Bodyfriend Instagram (1) #BTS #방탄소년단 @BTS_twt
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite[LotteDutyFree with BTS] #WewantaDutyFreelife The fifth video is now released! Let’s be Duty-Free with J-HOPE…
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite📻 US Hot AC Radio #21. Dynamite (=) — Spins: 1334 (+46) — Audience: 5.471M (+0.194) 📻 US AC Radio #21. Dynamite…
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite.
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteSpotify Charts — "Dynamite" by @BTS_twt rank & streams, Oct 20: #3 WW — (=) [+3,675,035] #18 US — (-4) [+561,635]…
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite‘Dynamite’ — Spotify 🌎Global: #3 (=) — 3,675,035 plays 🇺🇸US: #18 (-4) — 561,635 plays 🇬🇧UK: #33 (=) — 139,405 p…
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteAKMU's Suhyun performed "Dynamite" on You Heeyeol’s Sketchbook! (@BTS_twt)
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamitewhen yoongi said “I miss you” he said “그리워요.” Usually, they say “보고싶어요” which means the same but literally translat…
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteMost viewed @BTS_twt music videos in the past 24h
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamitehe goes 😬😬
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite“Dynamite” (@BTS_twt) remains in the Top 3 of Global Spotify, on its 61st day after release!
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite.@BTS_twt hit a new peak of 32,285,950 Monthly Listeners on Spotify, their highest ML peak to date & extending the…
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite찌미나 #HappyJiminDay
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite여러분 덕에 오랜만에 살아있다고 느낄 수 있었어요. 우리의 잘못이 아닌 잘못들 속에서, 이 긴긴 시간 동안 최선을 다해 반짝여볼 수 있기를! 감사하고 감사하며. 사랑합니다 🥰
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite생일 축하해주셔서 감사합니다 여러분도 행복한 하루 되세요 😄 조만간 브이앱으로 찾아 뵐게요! #JIMIN
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite정말 정말 행복한 시간을 함께 해주신 모든 아미여러분들께 감사의 인사를 전합니다 사랑하고 또 사랑합니다 #JIMIN
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite또 만나요오오~!
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite아미 내일 또 봐용가리
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite아미 덕분에 오늘 너무 즐거웠습니다람쥐
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteARMYs, retweet BTS tweets too as it helps for Social50. @BTS_twt -->
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteHave a BOO-tiful👻 night with #TinyTAN #Halloween #Trick_or_treat
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite[BTS POP-UP : MAP OF THE SOUL Online Store] D-2 방탄소년단 팝업 온라인 스토어에서 만날 수 있는 다양한 상품! Check out our new products at t…
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite“Outro: Wings” has surpassed 60 MILLION Streams on Spotify
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite"Blueberry Eyes" has surpassed 20 MILLION Streams on Spotify 🎉 #SUGA
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteYOONGI PLAYING EIGHT ON THE GUITAR
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite“IDOL” has surpassed 190 MILLION Streams on Spotify !!
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteI can finally live in peace knowing that Yoongi showed us him playing the guitar and singing
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamiteover 7.7M watched yoongi's live today 🥺💜
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteJIMIN IS LIVE
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamitei wanna thank my parents for having sex that day and allowing me to live at the same time at jeon jungkook
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamitei wanna thank god for allowing me to witness jungkook’s live
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteJungkook said he was so so happy at the MOTS ONE concerts. He said seeing ARMYs and hearing their cheers gave him s…
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteYoongi playing Dynamite on the guitar!! 😻
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite🇮🇩 Spotify Indonesia #1. — 249,755 (+18k) #2. @BTS_twt 'Dynamite' — 234,088 streams (+28k) 🥳 🚨 Keep…
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteInstead of ending the live right away.. played with filters 😂
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite🌎 Apple Music Daily — Global #4. Dynamite (=) *peak: 3*
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteJungkook live Jungkook live 061919 102120
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteIM CRYING WE REALLY GOT JUNGKOOK LIVE TODAY 😭😭😭
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite10/21/2020 Jeon Jungkook live.
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite201021 🐰 Jungkook said he’s gonna not talk for a while because he really likes this moment 🥺
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite201021 🐰 Jungkook says he had his hair tied up after the filming/photoshoot he had earlier today 👀
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamitethank you Russia for da great energy and passion that u gave us. this gon be a rlly great memory 4 all of us. thx!:3
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteOmg he's so handsome 🔥
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteJungkook said he's planning to grow out his hair even longer than last time
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteBTS Music Store forms for Dynamite week 9 are now open! link: *Note: - USA/PR ARMYs o…
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite201021 Jung Kook
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteRT to vote for #MapOfTheSoul7 under #TheAlbum category at #PCAs 2020 (@BTS_twt) 📣
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite201021 Jung Kook
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite201021 Jungkook
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite201021 🐰 Jungkook says there aren’t a lot of cuts that he filmed himself, but he wants to know if ARMYs will be ab…
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite201021 🐰 Jungkook says he’s honestly a tiny bit embarrassed to say “I filmed the MV! I’m the director!” but he sti…
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite201021 🐰 Jungkook said he was MV PM and they did the filming, he talked with the director about it
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite201021 🐰 Jungkook said he’s doing a live today to talk about the upcoming music video!
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite @charts_k came on live today to talk about the music video, he also says that he was in charge of it and that they filmed it recently!
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite @BBMAsChart Stream dynamite💜 Fighting.💜 #socialchart50 + @BTS_twt
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite @BBMAsChart @BTS_twt I love you guys so much 💜💜💜 #SocialChart50 + @BTS_twt
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite😚B-side 뮤비 잘 봤나요옹? 아미 잘자요 쪽쪽😚
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite정국아 생일 축하한다 너 잘나온거로 골랐다
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite아미 해피 뉴이어
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteRM의 아이폰2.jpg
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite미역국 감사합니다.. #원샷했어요
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite아하.. 축하해주셔서 감사합니당 멘션도 많이 보내주구 제가 받기만 해서 증말.. 어떻게 보답해드려야할지.. 꼭 보답할게요 기다려요 진짜 다들 고마워요 -vV
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite#BTSARMY how many of you are excited for the new album next month? Who do you want to see featured 👀 on the album?…
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite"Dynamite" remains ranking #1 🔥 most streamed song for the 5th consecutive week at Billboard Japan Streaming Songs…
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite달방 비하인드 컷 (달방스쿨 ep.112)
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite“Savage Love (@BTS_twt Remix)” reaches a new peak of #7 (+1) on Melon Daily Chart!
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite❗️ DON'T IGNORE ❗️ reply the fanchant SEPARATELY + I vote #BTS for the category #TheGroup at #PCAs 2020 @BTS_twt
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteARMY REPLY WITH " ARMY PRE-SAVE BE NOW " AND TAG @BTS_twt + HT votes ! I vote for #Dynamite for #TheSong category at #PCAs 2020 @BTS_twt
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite2020 @MLB 월드시리즈 1차전에 나타난 #BTS? 알고보니 곳곳의 빈 자리에 유명인들 컷아웃을 패널 관중으로 배치한 것인데요, @BTS_twt가 맨 앞열을 차지한 모습 함께 보시죠. #Dynamite
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite【今週のストリーミング・ソング・チャート“Streaming Songs”】 1位 BTS 2位 LiSA 3位 YOASOBI 4位 NiziU 5位 あいみょん 6位 LiSA 7位 米津玄師 8位 瑛人 9位 平井大 10位…
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//DynamiteFirst is "Fantastic Baby" with 78 weeks
Retweeted by ⟭⟬ᴮᴱaami⁷//Dynamite