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@moorehn I’m nodding so hard at all of this @ChuckWendig @baronfig these pilots are excellent for when I just don’t have time to plunge the awl of necromancy i… @emme_lund 💗💗💗 @addiebrook RIGHT?! @StephenJFurlong please do! seriously! @StephenJFurlong I WANT YOUR READING LIST OMG!!!!! @GigDrain excellent choices tbh @lolaandjolie It’s AMAZING and it took me a good minute to get the joke and I’m wearing it every day from now on @merbrebner IT IS AMAZING AND I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHO SENT IT TO ME SO I CAN SEND THEM LIKE COOKIES AND EVERY POSITIVE BEAM OF ENERGY @cassmannes OMG I LOVE YOU THE MOST (also saving this gif) @MsFiremoney I WOULD HAVE HYPERVENTILATED OMGno roller coaster will ever match the edge-of-your-seat thrill panic of hitting send on a major email
WHOMSTEVER AMONG YOU SENT ME THIS T-SHIRT, THANK YOU, YOU HAVE MADE MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE @kellydavio YES AND AGREED except mine are all Star Wars @conductress IDK BUT I WANT IT BACK, ALL OF IT, THE CUFFS. THE SOCKS!!!!!!! @vonHottie OH MY GOD I NEED EVERY OF THESEwhy are the only options for women’s workout gear candy cotton factory explosion or camouflage surplus sale? @BeingPoetry @motleybookshelf YUP THIS THIS THIS
@ek_anderson TRUTH @ek_anderson would definitely be willing to put a curse on her for you @bgraham2583 this is actually a very good point @cassmannes @jbaileyhutch I just — I just want — I want an rn dash on my keyboard, on my literal actual keyboard, a… @cassmannes THIS IS MY WAR CRY, GOOGLE GIVE US AN EM DASH finally some recognition, thank you neighbors @3fecta @JessicaACuello like FOREVER @DDeTiberus a whiter shade of pale indeed. @MoSchoenfeld @jennfel i'm at one spreadsheet two google docs infinite angst @AndyEvansArt @vcmpoetry i mean just like how @poetkellycm this.honestly i'm just sitting here staring at a spreadsheet thinking about how our country is imploding and we're still… New York Times ran its story on Trump refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power on page A15, Washingto…
Retweeted by Emma Boldentoday was designed by eeyore @PintsNCupcakes that is so far beyond messed upHow is it funny for the president to joke about not committing to a peaceful transfer of power? To be clear: He was…
Retweeted by Emma Bolden @PintsNCupcakes What the FUCK?! I’m so sorry @WatchMeDesign holy SHIT though that’s a MEAL.@AOC on Breonna Taylor: "Her family deserves so much more. It's just weighing really heavy on my heart, and becaus…
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roasted some white carrots on the same tray as potatoes just to put a little mystery in my life @3fecta @ChuckWendig honestly it's just like a juice cleanse. you know, with scorpions. @ChuckWendig listen the Shitting Wasps mutation is absolutely nothing in comparison to the Pissing Bats mutation @leaseandleaves YAYYYY congrats!!! @RosebudBenOni I'm so sorry that I'm going to miss this! I have a work zoom! @catrachxs what the fuck?!?! jesus, i am so sorry @ArrieuKing omg listen i met my share of regina georges as a faculty member @ContentAbundant EXACTLY, like listen ashley if you really have nothing more to bring you joy than to talk about th… @beaglesongs EAT PASTE SHANNON INDEED @sarahskiles omg I feel like my mask has improved my mean girl stare skills exponentially? @ek_anderson OH MY GOD WHAT, WHAT, WHAT, WHHHAAATTTTT @anxiety_turnt @backtoallen THIS!!!there have been a lot of heartbreaking, disheartening, terrifying weeks in the us in the past few years but this week. this week. @amylorrainelong @megangalbraith agreed!!! @amylorrainelong @megangalbraith they called someone's son an evil monkey who acts like he's been locked inside for three years and i -- @eve_kenneally omg you are amazing, thank you for all of this @rachelnix_poet RACHEL COME AND WALK WITH ME ONE MORNING, WE WILL DESTROY THEM @megangalbraith HAHAHAHAHA OMG THAT HELPS, I have many old yoga pants with butt holes. they were making fun of the… @megangalbraith @writesloud omg thank you, you are too sweet and kind @megangalbraith omg these two neighborhood women -- they were literally walking behind me and talking EXTREMELY LOU… @The_NobleWoman @kbwagers ok rae.Not coincidentally, these same two pieces of advice are most of what I can give to any writer who asks, regardless…
Retweeted by Emma Bolden @The_NobleWoman @kbwagers except there have been cases of really cool thing is that the same kind of girls who made fun of you in middle school grow up to be the same ki… @ToddKaneko @BlackLawrence congratulations!!!!“In February, I knew 200,000 deaths were theoretically possible, but I honestly didn’t believe we’d get to that poi…
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200,000 people dead (and counting). 200,000 people dead who shouldn't have died. 200,000 people murdered by Trump a…
Retweeted by Emma Bolden @sarahskiles OH DEAR GOD I NEED THIS YESTERDAYAnd @sarahskiles is correct. I need this framed in my house STAT. @heathdwilliams can we get these tshirts made heath @ScottWamplerBMD oh god please, the outfits look really comfortableit says a lot about the state of our country that 200,000 people have died of Covid-19 and there’s no national mour…, hr is NOT your friend @arb oh my GOD yes, going to hr for help about a health situation is one of the worst mistakes I've made in my professional life @jennfel agreed, though they may disagree on "secretly" @sarahskiles NOPE NOPE NOPE NO, THE LOOSE WIRING IS A WORRY, THE LAMP CAN BE REPLACED, JESUS LORD @sarahskiles oh SHITmentally i'm here
Retweeted by Emma Bolden @LookingAtLilacs AHHHHHHH OMG CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! @ChuckWendig just an actual baked disk of dirt, absolutely @ChuckWendig NOT EVEN A FUCKING HYDROX, LIKE THE WORST STORE-BRAND EVER, AND THEY'LL MAKE YOU SAY IT'S DELICIOUSother walkers: *a dog bounds happily up to them* WHAT A GOOD BOY me: *a cat gives me the side-eye and hisses from… @mdbell79 I love this ideahi as a person who works on websites every day I would just like to say that you don’t publish something by acciden…
@conductress JC THIS IS AMAZING @ChuckWendig THIS HAS BROKEN MY HEART INTO A THOUSAND PIECES, NETFLIX IS SKESES @emme_lund THISSSSTHE TIME HAS FINALLY COME, THE @ELECTROLEMON VIDEO IS FINALLY HERE, PLEASE WATCH AND THEN FOLLOW THE LINK TO GIVE M… @ChuckWendig strange things are afoot here in the place of skullseating wasabi peas by the handful just to feel something @ChuckWendig honestly not the direction in which i saw bill and ted's excellent adventure goingDOJ is threatening 3 American cities, all, coincidentally, led by Democrats, with shutting off unspecified federal…
Retweeted by Emma Bolden @JaySlacks omg the last two episodes are SO GOOD @duncanteater is there any other ratio really, i think not @conductress @cydelafield omg glasscat is so smol @megangalbraith honestly I feel like everyone needs to watch it @conductress @JaredRizzi @ChuckWendig YOU GOT BOMB POPS IN THERE JENNIFER BC I LOVE SOME BOMB POPS @evjamhar I’m going to do the same thing (and probably ignore it tbh) @ChuckWendig I’ll bring the gin if you bring the apples @conductress omfg of course, like snails make the best roommates @jennfel I haven’t seen that one yet!