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House Is an Enigma, Maleficae, medi(t)ations. @NEAarts Fellow. Best American Poetry. Associate EIC of @TupeloQ, Ed. @Screen_Door_R. Repped by @cassmannes.

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@WatchMeDesign @DDeTiberus OMFG JENNIFER THESE ARE A GIFT TO US ALL @chantelacevedo NOBODY 👏🏻 NEEDS 👏🏻 THAT 👏🏻 MUCH 👏🏻 CANDLE @conductress IT HURTS @juliancday SAMEI’m so mad at this tweet @DDeTiberus ok you needed to have gotten a twitter like six years ago and blessed the world with this kind of content @ChuckWendig OH COME ON CHUCKThis thread gave me so much anxiety!! Anthropologie definitely has chaotic evil energy.
Retweeted by Emma Bolden @chantelacevedo this thread almost gave me a panic attack, I can’t breathe, TWO HUNDRED DOLLAR CANDLE @telebones thank you!!! I rarely venture into rich people land, but for chartreuse, I WILL DO IT @telebones I am DETERMINED to find green chartreuse next weekend, I WILL DRIVE FOR HOURS, THIS IS A NOBLE QUEST @telebones 😂😂😂 AVIATIONS FOREVEEERRRRRR 😂😂😂 @telebones I WOULD PUT THAT STUFF ON PANCAKES @telebones I AM SO JEALOUS I couldn’t find it anywhere down here!!! @telebones OMG LISTEN I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU, HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE THE TINY BASKET BOTTOM OF THE BOTTLE, PLZ GIVE COCKTAIL UPDATES @telebones AHHHH YES!!! I LOVE LUXARDO!!! My liquor store was out of chartreuse today and I almost cried
@hughes_braine oooooh I just happen to have some jalapeño simple syrup and it just happens to be approaching gin o’clock again ... @KGBBarRedRm now THAT is a COCKTAIL @lady_bronte @yorkgin @BombaySapphireA YES and I am always open for public speaking gigs about my deep and abiding love for @HendricksGin @telebones YOUR LIFE IS ABOUT TO CHANGE FRENCH GIMLET 2 oz gin, 1 oz st germain, 1/2 oz lime juice, ALL OZ HEAVEN @ChuckWendig SMOKIN’ GHOSTS, MAKES YOU REAL HIGH @fromthistles it was SO GOOD @ChuckWendig REAL TALK: how stoned was shaggy all of the time, what if there weren’t really ghosts but shaggy was just paranoid stoned @MalusProfanus @ChuckWendig tell me about the water lily @IrishEnergy @hmvanderhart EXCELLENT CALL @AlexandraHugo3 I just googled a bramble and WOW @SuzannahEvans this sounds like heaven, even at nine in the morning 😂 @jackmmmhouston omg I used to drink that when I lived in England! @EarlStrafford GOOD CALL @tenno oh man me too @megangalbraith @Mother_Tongue same actually! regular febreeze or a special scent? @SeanSingerPoet Thank you, Sean! That really means a lot! Also omg fever tree is SO GOOD @merbrebner same tbh @merbrebner plz let’s hope it becomes that @MichaelWDelaney @egabbert OH DAMN @Quellefromage it’s DELICIOUS! definitely recommended. am actually dead now @Mother_Tongue @megangalbraith omg I love an aviation but I also feel this comment @conductress @BennyGesserit no no @BennyGesserit is right, they’re rad af and so are you @JaredRizzi it’s the circle of life for a creative writer @conductress it means you’re fucking awesome @JaredRizzi Jared how did you both describe my entire education and my entire career as an educator in the same tweet @ChuckWendig like scooby do but drunk @sallyjayjohnson GOT A SHAKER WAITING FOR YOU SALLY @NickAlpers OK THAT IS PROBABLY VERY GOOD ADVICE @DanielleMS8 DANIELLE THIS SOUNDS SO GOOD @jpdancingbear it’s a classic for a reason!!! @WatchMeDesign it’s really good! it’ll be great in the summer! @conductress @greenskeptic @solar_branco LET’S DO IT @AdamRudolphi HERE FOR THAT NAME @daisy this is my first shrub and I am now a shrub convert @greenskeptic @solar_branco omg if I went there I would never leavey’all I forgot my blueberry lavender shrub is ready tonight SO MAY I PRESENT: blueberry lavender shrub, lime juice,… @ChuckWendig GET IN THE VAN WE’RE BUYING CHARTREUSE @lady_bronte I WILL HAND BIND THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN @greenskeptic @solar_branco brb buying a plane ticket @DebonaireToast omg that sounds EXTREMELY good @NickAlpers PALM BEACH IS NEXT @ryno_san you are speaking my language @AdamRudolphi it does taste like christmas trees but in a good way? @lady_bronte honestly this thread needs to be a book @lady_bronte @yorkgin that sounds like absolute heaven @NickAlpers omg I just looked up the 20th century and it sounds like HEAVEN @DeAnnaBeachley @lady_bronte @yorkgin that sounds SO good @tabernacleteeth LOVE THIS ESPECIALLY FOR ITS NAME @sheppash HERE FOR THAT @daisy COME ON OVER THE SHAKER IS SHAKING @daisy I went on a tear a while back 😂but also made my own creme de violette! @kjerstinmandt shaken not stirred @greenskeptic that’s gorgeous! @Mrtnreid tell me more @LBGDE13 I 💗 Hendricks! @BloggingStaten honestly my brain can’t even contain that line @sethchambers @ryhilscher simple recipe, good gin, citrus garnish: classic and perfect
@negannyc I gotta get some compari, the Negroni temptation is too much to resistas we are approaching gin o’clock I’m retweeting this thread as a public service @srenaewrites @aimeenez YES!!! Congratulations!!! @aimeenez is amazing! @Fr_Louie oooh this is an EXCELLENT suggestion and I need to add bombay sapphire to my gin collection"Hey, how'd you celebrate that iconic young woman sleuth character? The one beloved by many?" "We killed her, stuf…
Retweeted by Emma Bolden @SandraBeasley a good gin toast and a lillet shopping spree? that sounds like the best of all possible trips! @cameronhbg OOH I don't have campari but I do have orange bitters, so this might just do the trick!please don't listen to "toss a coin to your witcher" too closely or you too will have to live with the fact that it… @ChuckWendig chuck just as a protip sometimes I combine my oracle drugs and my gelato, it's a good combo as long as… @Deborah2409 it was really good! I made thyme simple syrup and used fresh grapefruit juice. divine! @CreativeMrPen oh I think my cousin went to high school with her, yeah @CreativeMrPen @hmvanderhart @gabridli L O V E @conductress YES DONE YES @CanaryScience @StirlingWines not to alabama. 😪 @CanaryScience @Tomaspain2 this is gorgeous! @telebones it's really good with bulleit and I think they have it at cracker barrel? @ChuckWendig but chuck a hipster told me it was good for my kidneys @telebones YES have you ever had ale 8? @ChuckWendig ok but I've heard they're good with sriracha? @telebones OH SHIT THAT SOUNDS SO GOOD AND IT IS SO PRETTY TOO @telebones honestly this thread is the best thing that's happened on my twitters @ChuckWendig I mean they were good dates in the same sense that some people think drinking charcoal is good for you @loki_writes I love cherry brandy too so this may give me an excuse to buy some @telebones SWEET I've got some ginger at home, too! @telebones S H I T these cocktails sound seriously magical