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Emma Bostian 🐞 @EmmaBostian Karlsruhe, Germany

Software Engineer @spotify in Stockholm 🇸🇪 Podcasting @ladybugpodcast 🎙 💻 American Abroad 🇺🇸 #BlackLivesMatter

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@ShinyToyRobots @serchavalos @_carbondesign Love pineapple... but banana?? @aamonten @boredabdel @serchavalos Very good! I think I prefer Bastard though! @avilene_ @serchavalos IT IS SO GOOD @ParissAthena Omg this is amazing! Sadly not available but I think I can find an alternative! Thanks!Seriously struggling with productivity given that I've changed apartments four times since moving from Germany to S… you schedule a meeting to meet a new team member... and then talk about your favorite local restaurants instea…
@hsavietto @raphamorims Nah they make us pay per song @raphamorims Nice welcome!due to personal reasons i will be putting my head in my hands and staring at my desk for the next 25 minutes
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@senadmeskin @Duderichy It’s 75 sq m in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in an expensive city so it’s actual… @thomasdj @Una 75 sq m @mitsuhiko It is but I got lucky with an internal Spotifier leaving their place. Also Spotify helps with relocation… @Duderichy I pay 16,500 SEK monthly but salaries are also higher to compensate @AnnaJMcDougall No it’s built in 🙈😂 @kvlly We shall seeMore photos/crib tour + rent info/general location over on Instagram! @lauragift_ @passionpeopleNL @vuejsamsterdam @Frontend_Love Omg Amsterdam is fantastic!! If you visit Stockholm let… the keys to my Swedish home today and I’m so excited 😭❤️ @Frontend_Love Y’all are super lucky! Gift is AMAZING. @lauragift_ @passionpeopleNL @vuejsamsterdam @Frontend_Love Yay!!! Will you move to Amsterdam?! @EriPDev This bird app lmao @soandsos @gitcutepodcast What do you use for transcripts! @BenLesh @dan_abramov I feel the exact same!!🎉🎉🎉 Introducing the Start Freelancing Today Community! My book, Start Freelancing Today, only scratched the surfa…
Retweeted by Emma Bostian 🐞 @_mjpitz_ @jsjoeio has one on @eggheadio ! @FriendlyTester @figmadesign !Been working on mockups for a fun new project 💁‍♀️ @anotherelton @shaunbent COME AT ME. I like writing so we can swap!Today I learned that Git tracks file changes based on computed SHA1 hash and not file name/directory path. This m… @anotherelton @shaunbent That's how I learned! :) @anotherelton @shaunbent Which course are you taking! @anotherelton @shaunbent YOU GOT THIS :D @tugkankibar Industry-wide it is not accredited. If all SWE degree programs were accredited, fair enough but this i… @tugkankibar It shouldn't be a "protected title" it's not an accredited title like a M.D. or a lawyer. @eo_eboh @CodingNagger @frontstuff_io @CodingNagger This.We have bigger problems right now to focus on! Like Tik Tok getting banned! Oh wait.. I don't care about that either lmao.I'm sorry but if you're threatened because you have a software engineering/CS degree, and someone else w/o the degr… @CodingNagger I have a degree in computer science/software engineering and I have absolutely NO issues with others…’m looking for my next role! 💻 Frontend developer 🌐 Remote or Berlin 🌱 A place to grow and learn 🌈 Values that go…
Retweeted by Emma Bostian 🐞Do you ever have times where you're so freaking sick of the tech industry's egotistical gatekeeping that you just w…
@KHagen95 It's also on my blog! @ASpittel OmgToday's blog post is all about landing your first developer job! @Tug_casti @amanda_n_riso @tretapey @ctrlshifti I wasn't trying to be rude, I was just trying to let you know that she knows the solution! @serchavalos Was such a good episode! @LadybugPodcast @Spotify @yogibobags Stahp go back to bed @glenn_a_allen I interviewed for a TON of jobs all over Germany and it was really really hard. I made it known up f…
@soandsos @mlngrrr Omg she 🔥Hi excuse me.... I have made YouTube video. Full documentary coming this fall 🙈💁‍♀️ the pinnacle of my career hasn’t been @LadybugPodcast or joining @Spotify, it’s actually been the time I modeled…🐞🐞🐞 Season 4 coming this September! Tune in Monday for a sneak peek of our episode lineup!
Retweeted by Emma Bostian 🐞 @LadybugPodcast NICE can't wait to see the lineup! @ParissAthena What an absolute ass-hat of a human. @kvlly @Shubham @Shopify @gavinfriel @Spotify @Drake @taylorswift13 Kelly we say "sweater" in English. You're not European so @soandsos Oh ffs. @KhaledSMQ_ @ctrlshifti She was joking, she knows the proper modulus solutionIf it makes you feel any better... nobody *actually* knows how to use Git. We all just memorize a few shell command… @CodeNewbies I'm positive I ate too many tacos today @JoshNaylor This is completely relevant GOSH @gavinfriel @Shopify @Spotify Ah damn not again @Tug_casti @ctrlshifti Yes, she knowsIt’s time to git serious and branch out to new book genres 🐒 do you think I got my job at @Shopify?? @ienendu Ahhh got it. Yeah we didn't include a video explanation. I had talked about doing a blog post on it and th… really don't get why y'all think programming is difficult. @ctrlshifti and I clearly have this figured out!… @ienendu That's because we use Spotify embeds! The podcast should be available in your local podcast apps though! Let me know if it isn't!God I wish there was an easier way to do this
Retweeted by Emma Bostian 🐞 @mxstbr I hope people are nice 😂 they should be because you’re awesome @kirkobyte Yeeeey friends! ❤️
@mimismash @TwitterSupport I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. I’m messaging a couple people I know who work there to try to escalate.Hey @TwitterSupport you seriously need to address this. Angela has been dealing with this shit for weeks and it’s i… @vanschneider Oh my god that’s amazing!!! @britnorcodes @BekahHW @Una @sarah_edo @saronyitbarek @techgirl1908 I would be honored to speak with these ladies! 😍 I admire each of them!The best part about working for Spotify is being surrounded by people who care. It's been a very hard three weeks… @AngelosArnis It's primarily developer focused! I'm not a designer so I wouldn't be the best source of knowledge unfortunately!These types of comments make me so happy :D If you like someone's content, TELL THEM! It's the best feeling in the… but this tutorial is incredible. @googledevs More tutorials with @Una please!!💁‍♀️ Junior dev me: "I am so smart. I know everything and I deserve the best job at the best company." 🙇‍♀️ 5 year…
We just released our latest episode. We are joined by @EmmaBostian to talk with us about the technical coding inter…
Retweeted by Emma Bostian 🐞 @burgessdryan @FrontEndHH YAY happy you had me on! @Lion_Kor @hrkndev Fully agree @jlengstorf You have to stop posting food porn when I’m working @kvlly @steveintransit You @TheBenchCoolers I really wanted to hop on the Folklore bandwagon but... I just... I don't love Taylor Swift. *Muting immediately* @Raptothefeature No hahahhaha so all my coworkers know my affinity for One Direction @idoshamun I mean... I'm building it so I kinda need access lol so yesListening to Spotify while building Spotify is a strange inception experience.*Me at standup* "If anyone has any heavy CSS or accessibility tasks they don't want to do, please send them to me." 💁‍♀️ I live for CSS.If someone is having problems with a technology, just saying "You shouldn't use X, you should use Y" isn't helpful.… @phenomnominal @waterproofheart Do u kno me @ all @koronkowy @waterproofheart Just create a graphic on Canva :) Then upload to Cloudinary and use the link in the readme!Finally updated my GitHub profile! Thanks @waterproofheart for your article on creating a README! :)…
@JemYoung That’s a type of beer right?Luna and Ivy got into a bag of catnip and frankly... I can’t handle the cuteness @britt_alitt I am eating Rice Krispies and drinking wine. They don’t go together. But I give exactly... zero fucks @soandsos @gitcutepodcast You work so hard Jocelyn. You deserve it! @jlengstorf Your food photos are sexier than most human photos @noopkat Omg is this one of those relax room videos on YouTube? With rain sounds? I would watch.