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I want to formally apologise to Siannise for ever referring to her as Shaun’s niece or Sheep’s Fleece, she is SIANN…
Retweeted by emma @xxsophiejonesx @lennholmes You do realise screenshotting someone’s only fans and exposing it is illegal right? @Jaack 40k already! Get the kid straight to Disney WORLD! ❤️Being a 23 year old girl and having seen a guy my own age and a guy who’s 3 years younger I can confirm 3 years can… M playing guitar? He’s definitely Justin Bieber after all #loveisland @laurabutlxr @Charlieallan164 @lauzyfaulks 💖💖💖💖Siannise and Luke T make my heart hurt #loveislandWHAT THE ACTUAL ARE MY PARENTS TALKING ABOUT ON THIS MORNING!!!!!
Retweeted by emmaActually a girl tweeted that I’d never be able to do the renegade dance , brb whilst I cry I can’t participate in the new the 1975 song because no ones ever said anything about me that’s been hurt… really thought broke my heart :( does NO ONE at uni seem to understand what I mean when I message them saying “doing?” I always get “what?” As a reply...Na I love stormzy but I’m pure fuming a southerner has the first Greggs black card
Retweeted by emmaAccording to reports. Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus did not get along while filming their Disney Channel tv show. Wi…
Retweeted by emma @boohoo #boohoo and withdrawal in relationships can leave you feel... More for Cancer
nah man , Mike has a game plan #loveislandI could not be in a better mindset than the one I’m currently in.Coventry? ya having a laugh reminds me of @darby0reilly in spoons I get some kind of buzz out of triggering people, like I’m not even a cunt but if something annoys you & y… at the library: can you watch my stuff? me:
Retweeted by emmaWhat the fuck was with the fighter jets flying over Leeds city centre just then??Partnerships, contracts, and agreements go favorably for you t... More for Cancer
some people LOVE to play the victim don’t they 🤯wanna see someone you know look confused af in the pit at a gig? Write their name on snapchat and hold it up , then… relationships are subject to some crabby reactions right ... More for Cancer’m back. What an experience 😅 still readjusting. Thank you for all your lovely comments gorgeous people xxxx
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@rubycessford really said “milk or you” then gave us menswearBeen in love with them for ages @bethdraperxox Eh?????The feeling you get the day you’re seeing your fav band is honestly unmatched @cchloelizabeth2 god forbid you go out in the sun & get a tan whilst you’re living in Australia! Bet Half these peo… I more excited about seeing the 1975 or darby?Just saw a tweet saying ‘u spend ur whole life gathering guests for ur funeral’ & it’s ruined my morning
Retweeted by emma2020 and camping culture still exists 😂 weird flex @boohoo @colleentgriff you’re the most beautiful soul inside & out, you’re more capable than you give yourself cred… swear to fucking god if Leeds gets “you” instead of milk I’m gonna riot. always wanna die (sometimes) @amyhewittx literally same! when I go on holiday and I’m tanned I love myself without makeup!In light of recent events we have decided with @mollymaehague to donate 100% of the profits from our latest edit to…
Retweeted by emmaI dreamt that I was in the love island villa in South Africa and I was coupled up with Luke M, and we were about to win together.Ideas centering around the topic of spirituality could have a ... More for Cancer
If you’re camping for the 1975 tomorrow then you actually need your head checking xHow good was summer 2018 when England actually did alright in the World Cup and it was red hot and life was good @bethdraperxox Hahahaha moodLila literally looked at me in the gym started grinning and I was like ??? And she’s like “I’m listening to the pan… years ago I found my best mate in the school changing rooms after taking an overdose after his Dad died in an ac…
Retweeted by emmaTrolling/online abuse should not be normalised, it needs to be stopped.
Retweeted by emmawhite girls can tan that dark naturally in the sun, what’s wrong with using fake tan to get to a colour they can li… caroline flack killing herself because of online trolling and posting this the same day 🥴🥴🥴🥴
Retweeted by emmaAnother human killed themselves yesterday because of how horrible people are online, it’s literally been a day and… PB’s at the gym genuinely gives you the most accomplished feeling I love itLOOOOL 🤣🤣 bit of fake tan really does trigger people x
Retweeted by emmaCan’t believe Michael got called boring last night cause he wouldn’t cheat on me 😂😂😂😂😂 some lassies are no well
Retweeted by emma @cat_kivlin you’re gorgeous!!!One was an 'accused' women beater. The other an 'accused' man beater. However one deserved to die and the other di…
Retweeted by emmamy life would be made easier if primark did online shopping & home delivery. all my friends or people I’ve ever considered a friend, please reach out to me if you’re feeling down. Even a st…
Retweeted by emma"I'm going to talk about her and give her the respect that she deserves and that she didn't always get" Laura Whit…
Retweeted by emma @Shaunwatson89 @ambphillipsx You’ve gone completely off course. I was saying that you shouldn’t have said anything… feel like a lot of people commenting are unqualified to give an opinion in what they are talking about "it's what…
Retweeted by emmathink the people who are saying Caroline flack deserved to die after what she did need to have a long hard think ab…
Retweeted by emmashe obviously was suffering mentally to take her own life... @Shaunwatson89 @ambphillipsx No I understand but the point is you literally were rating these girls based on their… want @colleentgriff to go on love island one year & the producers to get her drunk every day so we can watch her… @Shaunwatson89 @ambphillipsx but what was the point in it I don’t understand? Let people do whatever the fuck they… used to genuinely blag my head how anyone could find exercise addictive & enjoy going to the gym, I used to make… @Shaunwatson89 @ambphillipsx What did you gain from tweeting this opinion which you should have kept to yourself other than a few likes ??? @shontonnn @frankcarter23 @therattlesnakes @frankcarter23 @frankcarter23 @therattlesnakes I don’t use Twitter much but it’s really important to me that Frank sees this! Don’…
Retweeted by emmacharlatan telepathy exploiting insecurity praying on the purity of grief in its simplicityToday, your energy will be directed more toward partnerships a... More for Cancer
Like I know ya don’t need a relationship to be happy or whatever but the thought of never having anyone, subsequent… being funny but everyone I know seems to have had at least one serious relationship in their life, and I’ve nev… @sl2trippy xxx got slaughtered for it
Retweeted by emmano she way out??? Really @the1975 I got my Stone Roses tattoo I regretted it so much for like a week and now I forget it’s even there lmaoso funny how the first message I EVER sent @colleentgriff before we even started uni literally relates to our life right nowholy fucking fuck 1975 show ~crowd signing parts~ SELLING PETROOL THANK YOU KANYE VERY COOL GIRLS FOOD GEAR NAPIIEEEES I WANNA K…
Retweeted by emmaI honestly can’t beleive the news if it’s true ... Everybody always has an opinion on a story they don’t even know.…
Retweeted by emma @__georgiagrace This dress😍😍 you look so gorgeousHahahahahahahahahaha’t believe that news wtf!!!The fact that on Monday my fav. And are gonna be at my work. I will cry @the1975I know she might never see this but to the girl in Stratford Nandos toilets today who told me I was so pretty, I wa…
Retweeted by emmasome people really need to get their priorities straight 😶Justin’s new album has me feeling things #changesSpiritual needs command your attention today, prompting you to... More for Cancer
it’s quite a big tour and peoples wages have to be paidlike fairs it’s the same production BUT other shows are literally charging £170 per ticket. You can’t complain abou… people realise the band don’t make the ticket prices lmao @darby0reilly Sad reacts only @l0werthantom_ I’ll be your gf @l0werthantom_ Stop we sad