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live like tomorrow doesn’t exist💫🦋

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Imagine paying 9 grand to do uni over zoom and they ban you from wearing pyjamas? Couldn’t be us.
Retweeted by EmmaNeed Chuck Bass in ma life. A bad boy with a sweet side 💓💓💓💓
Retweeted by EmmaThere is no better hobby than going out for food🐽🐽
Retweeted by EmmaBoys aftershave is either a reminder of good memories or absolute PTSD, there really is no in between
Retweeted by EmmaGet paid, buy clothes, be poor, repeat x
Retweeted by EmmaA relationship should be 50/50, I get drunk with my girls and he picks me up
Retweeted by Emma✨GIVEAWAY of the week✨ Wanna win FIVE dresses of your choice from the site? 💖 For a chance to win: -Like this pos…
Retweeted by Emma @ohpolly Left @ohpolly 2😍 @ohpolly The last one on the right 😍 @ohpolly The grey 😍 @ohpolly Absolutely love the grey 😍when ur mans both 😍
These coronavirus laws are getting more and more ridiculousLong-standing issues may erupt into a fight today and you will... More for Cancer
Look at her 🥰🥺 way this country is dealing with coronavirus is laughableImagine putting some videos on your insta story dissing another artist in the hope you can sell more albums 😭😭😭
Retweeted by Emma👫🏼imagine if we could go back in time and tell our little 8 year old selves that 16 years down the line we’d be doi… is an excellent day for financial negotiations and big b... More for Cancer
Watching Hamilton and jack goes “when’s the funny guy coming on” and I’m like eh which one and he goes “the one who… @laurabutlxr I’m already the moonA relationship should be 50/50. He books the flights and I post his arm on my story.
Retweeted by EmmaYou are taking the space to be yourself today. You are not wil... More for Cancer
An intellectual concept or a particularly intelligent person m... More for Cancer
if you call the last meal of the day ‘dinner’ ur a nonce btw x
Retweeted by Emma @ohpolly Right 😍I used to hate Prosecco now I absolutely love it can’t get enough🥂 @lilmissperoxide Omg I love the balloons!!!Oh and can’t get any help from the government cause ... I’m a student 😂 , minimum student loan isn’t cutting it thi… peak times at the minute. Furlough stopped in July, can’t go back to work cause boris won’t let the place op… go buy my clothes on Depop so I can afford to live until work reopens thanks 🥺🌺 efforts and deep, one-on-one discussion have the... More for Cancer
@ohpolly 1😍😍how am I supposed to just go home at 10pm when I’m the bad influence?
Retweeted by EmmaActually cant believe someone i thought was my friend has fucked me over like this loool if u owe someone money fucking pay them
Retweeted by EmmaI know there’s bigger problems in the world right now, but the thought of going into my final year of uni & doing m… is, and I cannot stress this enough, my worst nightmare
Retweeted by EmmaNah the way Chloe is literally the strongest girl I know, the shit she’s been through and she just keeps coming out… many thoughts can we go back to this time please
Retweeted by EmmaMy post vs his ...
Retweeted by Emma @OfficialPLT #PLTGift @nxtxliedxll you need to, otherwise she’ll just never end up paying her final amount @nxtxliedxll abort!!!! 🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️You may feel pulled in opposite directions today, as though yo... More for Cancer
student finance can fuck off with this queuecan’t wait for our lil malia reunion on Halloween 🤩🤩 it’s boys night!desperately in need of a part time job if anyone knows of any going in Leedsit’s 2050. the night cafe’s 2019 tour is yet to take place
Retweeted by EmmaOh yes they should
Retweeted by EmmaAm I a proper adult coz the 10pm curfew doesn’t bother me ?? Bed at 10pm sounds lovely to me x
Retweeted by Emma💖🌻✨🍃🌺 I was younger my only understanding of wealth was sky box - rich no sky box - poor
Retweeted by EmmaParents have been gone a day and I’ve already made myself sick with my cookingSeein’ red ❤️✨ Who needs this dress? We’ll gift it to THREE of you who like and retweet this post 😬🙌
Retweeted by EmmaIf close relationships have been a source of tension and perso... More for Cancer
went to the shop that my mate works at and she said something to me and I couldn’t hear her so I fully took my mask… about everyone celebrating new years at 9.59 instead of 11.59 this year . many thoughts
Retweeted by Emma @ohpolly omg , 2😍😍Parents have gone on holiday for two weeks and left me and hollie to look after the house 🥴 time to adultif you ever feel like a disappointment just remember that there's a 3rd gallagher brother
Retweeted by EmmaWish we could have like 3 cba days in work. Like we call them up and say I just cba coming in today and they say ok…
Retweeted by EmmaCunts that have the same job role as u but hink their a manager r actual a different breed
Retweeted by EmmaYou are taking great care of yourself today and should find it... More for Cancer
Just home from a bender & don’t know what my legal name is cause I paid to change it steaming how’s ur Monday x
Retweeted by Emma @darrellw1992 @slsbre you can’t call anyone bonkers you have a picture holding a fish 🤣🥴
Retweeted by EmmaRealistically no one is gonna follow the rule of 6 on Christmas Day anyway so might as well! two weeks locked in my room I finally left the house today 🌳🍃🌻 village is encouraging everyone to decorate their houses for Halloween and I’ve never been more excited. I was born for thisYou may feel intellectually withdrawn today, as a long period ... More for Cancer
Honestly don’t think I’ve been this happy / anxiety free in my whole life @abbsleigh_ love you & miss you xxxam dead keeeeen for our little malia reunion with the lads 🍻the way 2021 is gonna be the best year of my lifeWatching this Louis Theroux thing and honestly we think England is bad but thank fuck we aren’t Americaspeaking it into existence that by May I will have dropped 2 dress sizesBoys can’t hack cocktails like us girls and that’s a fact
Retweeted by Emmaone of the nights in malia the boys we met hadn’t locked their door & were in bed asleep & Shanai just walked in an… lost the majority of my teenage years to bad mental health & anxiety that restricted me to my bedroom, so you bes… therapist has banned me from saying “we move” in our sessions
Retweeted by EmmaMy mates honestly deserve the absolute world 🥰You, especially, may be prone to overspending, overeating, and... More for Cancer
Imagine being someone’s first priority 🤯how fucking mint are the mates ya meet on holiday. Complete strangers but within a week see ya in states that no cu… once went on holiday and paid €100 for a private boat trip in a rowing dinghy and was sold by the fact the guy… when people say they are skint but have like 5k in savings , when I’m skint I mean I have £7 in my account and no savings at all:-)))
Retweeted by Emma @1975mads mines still not back 😩💔I don’t understand what people get from being so fucking rude. @1975mads It’s the worst isn’t it!You may feel badly in need of some relaxation today, craving s... More for Cancer
David tennant getting cast as Denis Nilsen is some top tier casting honestly couldn’t look more like him if he tried!Shut the pubs earlier we will just go out earlier
Retweeted by EmmaI really want to actually know the reason why I can’t see my friends / family in our own homes but can meet them at… employ me xpeople who were 'cool' at school are genuinely such fucking losers now it's insane...
Retweeted by Emma
Luckily I’ve been self isolating anyways and been in contact with nobody, but other people will have been going abo… government are quick to be blaming the spread on young people when they can’t even supply tests & results quick… fact me and my friends have been contacted by track and trace for somewhere we were over 2 weeks ago is an abso…