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chaotic neutral. professional loser. CEO of cringe. high school drop out. ♌︎☉♏︎☾♓︎↑

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@idcvenus Ily 🥺new video giving you all advice up now:
Retweeted by gengar gf @dlitttled YOU DIDNT ASK FOR ADVICE & you don’t listen to me anyway @garbahe69 @dlitttled she’s straight @dlitttled flip your fuckin nose ring up it’s driving me insane
@butnotoften I barely do LOLi’m emotionally & physically unavailable, i’m the whole package @lunasflower no i hate being touched @Loeybug WHO DO I HAVE TO FIGHTthis video is up now:
Retweeted by gengar gf @PhillyD LMAO you’ve proved you can hang, you’re an exceptionhappy monday
Retweeted by gengar gf @jackriordan1999 @dlitttled what the absolute fuck is wrong with you, you fucking creep @Danktastrophe Counterpoint counterpoint: yeah that’s the whole fucking point @cark_irl I was gonna say 30 but I changed it to be a little more generous @choochbucket if we were rich we would live somewhere much nicer than fucking new jerseyi don’t think anyone over 35 should be allowed on social media other than facebook they’re all boring & leave rude… @Caleb92150305 i give advice in this video @LeoWhiteFaang yes tfif you guys like it maybe i’ll make a part 2this video is up now: video giving you all advice up now: @hawkhatesyou1 omw @TediouzTurtle no gears now we’re doing three days grace self titledDon’t call me ever challenge. Everyone leave me alone. @isntwhatmatters fuck yousometimes you’ve just gotta sit on the shower floor & hug your knees while listening to hybrid theory @dlitttled I love them @dlitttled yeah but everyone hated you so you can relate to mei should be kept in a box with no contact to anyone in the outside world i am too socially awkward to livehow come i get dumber every time i speak @jingus2002 @gamer3kers I’m following him at 420 don’t be mean @skuIIbutterfly idk just commentary @skuIIbutterfly she likes commentaryStrawberry baby!!! 🍓 IG: loeybug
Retweeted by gengar gf @snitchery holy FUCKING shit dudewoof :) 💌 ig: snitchery
Retweeted by gengar gf @Loeybug YOUR HAIR LOOKS INCREDIBLE @bIondiewasabi you can’t be prom king & a loser, fake newsI have so many issues & none of them are the hot kind
We are LIVE being creative with @ginkgocrown and @EmmaLangevinXO
Retweeted by gengar gfi’m live w marcus & vero on twitch 😗 @kystarlings i’m a drop out i have solidarity w u @lunasflower if you were popular it doesn’t counthome schooled kids are accepted as well. @JOSSI4H yes @godsdickcheese9 you call it selling drugs & robbing people, i call it being an entrepreneurif you were popular in high school we can’t be friends. drop outs & losers ONLY.videos you can watch if you can't donate: a thread !
Retweeted by gengar gf @Rude_Astrology WAIT WHY IS THIS SO ACCURATE @doinkpatrol I KNEW YOU HAD TASTE @cuatromadres literally exactly how it happenedmy mom used the word “clout” yesterday she’s all in @cuatromadres my mom hates this tweet she tells me all the time LMAO. it’s the only tweet she doesn’t mom thinks i should say “motherfucker” less what do you rhink @ChoppaCantMiss it’s okay they’re all very supportive i’m very lucky loljust found out my entire family follows me on twitter i’m so sorry everyone @CosmonautMarcus ME NEITHERHey gamers! It’s #CosmoCreative time! Tonight I’m streaming more miniature painting with a little q+a sprinkled in.…
Retweeted by gengar gf @NotTheFakeNiece this is all i’ve ever wantedWe switched timelines and are now in one where I somehow beat Emma at an iPhone game for the first time literally e…
Retweeted by gengar gf @Flameprinncess pls don’t tag him on my posts @ginkgocrown i’d be so hurtLoey just beat me in Cup Pong. I’ve been dethroned twice in a half hour. I am happy for both of them tho 🧡Corpse finally beat me again in 8 ball. The king has taken back the throne. @dlitttled carrots taste like crunchy air @idcvenus LMAO @Skoog bro what why @Loeybug @snitchery I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to achieve a FRACTION of her power @cruellamorgan thank you 🤧 @idcvenus I love u thank u 🥺🧡 @Caleb92150305 thank you!! @allidecayence I love u thank u 🧡🧡🧡 @thebroodybitch thank u 🤧 @hellishcherub you’re the best 🧡 ily & learn from my mistakes LOL @skuIIbutterfly i love u !!!!!!!! @necrologies I love u thank u for being there for me 🧡 @JustWantToTal10 the tweet was referring to the people who will harass/insult me & say that when i clap back anyway lmaono one will understand this but it feels as if i’ve received closure to the darkest chapter of my life. i finally f… @AvarishEdits I live by this @Flameprinncess @RickandMorty LOL i’m sorry i’ve tried to watch it but it’s way too juvenile & uncomfortable for me… @Flameprinncess @RickandMorty I hate that show w every fiber of my beingaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT THE FUUUUYYCckxkajzsjabsbduajajc’m not lucid dreaming & I can’t lucid dream either, my brain just does this.does anyone else constantly have nightmares & then one day they all started connecting & now every nightmare you’ve…’m not even funny. I just be talking.
Retweeted by gengar gf @iamsuckeriam I love u @hellishcherub i’m sorry 🤧 @lunasflower @Loeybug vouch @Corpse_Husband @Loeybug is my VERIFIED MARK when I NEED ONECorpse and Emma are truly locked in a battle of real skills with iPhone games and then there’s me
Retweeted by gengar gf @Corpse_Husband @Loeybug I’ve weakened you @skuIIbutterfly @halsey I can’t even drive because I’m so gay but I did it for you 🤧 @shoe0nhead @halsey it was nothing man i do that every tuesday @lunasflower @halsey anytime queen 🙏🏻 @halsey i’m built like hank hill & tell mediocre jokes but i’m from jersey & say “taylor ham” i hope that’s enoughplease tell halsey to give me a shot i’m begging 🙏🏻 @halsey hi hello hmu