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Emma 🦷 @emmalangevinxo any pronouns idc

another mediocre twitch streamer, youtuber, & comedian // use code Gengar on @GFuelEnergy // header by @chryseuswitch

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WHO WANTS SOME E-GIRL POKEMON TATTOO CRUST 🙏🏻😋 @theccat1 YOU’RE ONTO SOMETHING @Corpsenugs everyone is different but at max it was a 5 @bjthequeenbitch same @Corpsenugs my shin @mortyestmorty samecrusty boi @KGsends you shouldn’t, it’ll fuck up the healingi took my saniderm off too early bc i was having an allergic reaction but now i’m just as itchy so what’s the pointit’s so unfair that you can’t peel off a tattoo scab @sydneett @vilonious yes we are @vilonious & @emmalangevinxo - MUSTACHE BESTIES
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@Nihaachu you have fantastic taste @JackManifoldTV that’s a good one @AC_Roald if only i had it @ReallyAceryl i’ve never played thoseeee @TheChiefz i love it sm cries @necrologies that what i was leaning towards... ur mindquick which pokemon game should i play rnPeople will always be like “lmao they actually blocked me” yeah man I pressed two buttons to get rid of a weird guy and I’ll do it again
Retweeted by Emma 🦷 @VampireXBat 2016 was my last good year @shvddock 👀 thank you for this information @rickyberwick me too @rickyberwick 😏can confirm the navy is the horniest branch of the military, also the most disrespectfulthe guys that sexually harass me the most in the dms/ig comments always have some sort of military branch in their bio... loloh to be a 2000’s neon emo furry on deviantart @katerino i can change @CorpseGrunge i’m a sinner @daniel____kun of course @falloutcasey me @hoeybug he didyou know what they say... you can take the girl out of the cum, but you can’t take the cum out of the girl @ghosttcoke i would but i’m not allowed sometimes @ghosttcoke there’s so many better optionswhy are there so many ig accounts using my photos all of a sudden whywhy catfish when u can just accept that ur ugly <3hey, we’re doing a fundraising stream on my twitch at to raise some money! I’ll post the links below this tweet!
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@billythefridge a true allyGoing live!!! Dead by Daylight with @emmalangevinxo @vilonious n @idcvenus 💞
Retweeted by Emma 🦷Police don’t have the right to kill you for not following their instructions or if they believe you’ve broken the l…
Retweeted by Emma 🦷idc i think ur weird if you DON’T want to fuck an enderman @JustaMinx realmore dead by daylightttt w friends @ 3PM est @Yo295E they got ponyta. just ponyta. @CaptainGoolawsh idk i just couldn’t connect w them at all, i wish i liked them moresinnoh best region confirmed @BaldMarthin they look good! i like that they kept it closer to the original art style instead of updating it to lo… sinnoh based games & sanrio x animal crossing is coming back. i am so pleased.also excited for legends so i can choose rowlet again & hopefully enjoy it unlike sun & moon @kisarasmith looks kinda ugly. still gonna buy it.i’m nintendo’s little pokemon bitch they slap the name pokemon on it i’m buying it idcthis is the best news to wake up to i’m going to sob @theccat1 it’s cute @theccat1 listening rn @onlyangelftv no LOL (but yes) @onlyangelftv are you okayi’ve never even seen this show i just love this song @shanemadej drag himshe poked her little pisces head out from the basement staircase & went “boo” she was asking for it @danvernite @LittleDP0500 i said almost i didn’t let go of it @wallsxmigraine i knew someone would say this congrats on being first @carlykaxt leoooooooalmost just chucked a knife at my mom bc she snuck up on me in the kitchen right after i got off dbd @Loeybug i’d shit up for you anyday 😩 @h2giaw @Loeybug 🔪 @stomizuka @Loeybug 🔪 @livinghottie69 @Loeybug 🔪 @Loeybug if anyone points out the old typo i’ll 🔪 them
@dlitttled @vilonious we’d end up dead wdym @moonzy_cat you’re ethereal wow @VermillionPat 🧡 @vilonious i just feel like u’d be chill the whole time so i’d be fineEmma said “I can’t think of a person I’d rather be arrested with than you” and that’s probably the nicest thing any one has ever said to me
Retweeted by Emma 🦷 @HickeyShamer when are we running away together, eloping & running a small family business together @Loeybug it is indeedfun fact the spot on my cheek is a pimple i colored to look like a beauty mark 🧡 @minjimouse_art your design is beautiful thank u for ur artnever satisfied with @emmalangevinxo playing GeoGuessr and sharing a single braincell
Retweeted by Emma 🦷come watch!!! @StRoseCherry i am the Agood morning lgbtqia+ communitymykie encouraged me to play killer & now i annoy the shit out of her when i am <3 but i learned from the best so @vilonious @Loeybug POV forever @Loeybug @emmalangevinxo
Retweeted by Emma 🦷 @Loeybug I PUT YOU TOGETHER AT LEAST!!!!!!! @plvshbastard you got accepted already. manifesting. @OccultxStatus yeah go ahead, i still do about myselfor anybody’s anything if it’s not harmful & doesn’t influence you. it’s so easy to shut the fuck up & mind your business.stop giving your unsolicited opinions on other people’s bodies
@keiraa_j i already have them at 21 😪 @drppdoodoo my tattoos look badass & will continue to, mind your business @LizHunterZZZ they’re a unitTeef
Retweeted by Emma 🦷 @theccat1 just get a lighter sword & go to confession @theccat1 why does he walk like that @theccat1 he walks like he shit his diaper @DRHPhoenix I hope the rest of his treatment goes well!! Blessed be 🧡