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i got to go to the kelly clarkson show
Retweeted by Emma RollerWeek 2! #livelooseygoosey
Retweeted by Emma RollerLess mud. Next question
Retweeted by Emma Roller @AnneBranigin I will entrust the egg man with my lifeRight. The message is: Let our lawyers and judges handle it.
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"Democrats crying hypocrisy or warning of dire electoral consequences will not dent McConnell’s determination." -…
After slashing our staff, closing newsrooms, furloughing reporters and cutting pay during a pandemic, @tribpub thou…
Retweeted by Emma RollerWe're so SO excited to have Emma on our team. Welcome, Emma! :)
Retweeted by Emma Roller @pblest @AmerIndependent bless you paul!This is an extremely good move, go follow @AmerIndependent
Retweeted by Emma Roller @CTWritePretty @AmerIndependent where's sam cassell?! @AlbertBurneko you're too kind. your frittata blog is one of three things that made me smile last weekToday is my first day at @AmerIndependent, where I will be editing politics coverage through the election! @SarahNEmerson hell yeah sarah!!!
young journalists don't need advice they need jobs lol
Retweeted by Emma Rolleri think this ilhan omar quote is really worthwhile in light of all we hear about repbulicans quietly disagreeing wi…
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this is the most Dudes Rock op ed i’ve ever seen...
Retweeted by Emma Roller @jduffyrice CONGRATS!!!! everyone not offering unconditional support: go straight to the garbaggio!!!I just spent an hour replying to “urgent” emails, half of which began with “congrats on the baby!” and proceeded to…
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Retweeted by Emma Roller @jasonshevrin equally corny and horrible imo @tanyachen @Mr_Berman thank you both for being so amazing!!!!!!!! @Mr_Berman @tanyachen alright, TWO exceptionsI have a SECret 😜🤭 but -- for obvious reasons -- I can't tweet about it just yet. needless to say, it's going to… @tanyachen you are the one exception!!!why do buzzfeed people tweet the way that they doIt's been a week!
Retweeted by Emma Roller @pareene Milwaukee 😌 @crusherbort Congrats, Bort! Gotham is incredibility lucky to have you and it will be so interesting for you as well.Some personal news: this week I started a new job, and it's a huge career shift for me after almost 15 years in jou…
Retweeted by Emma Roller @frooook I love water food @Tex2WestSeattle @FleaGeddy hey, just jumping in here to confirm: it's soup @bort_bortles gazpacho season, then @mgbesq hot foods are supposed to help cool down your body, no?fellas, is it soup season? sound off in the comments
@limitlessjest that would unfortunately be extremely sickbeing an underpaid freelancer sucks most of the time but at least I have some dignity to cling to!in all seriousness, seeing all the blue check journos sincerely congratulating someone for joining the company that… are the “mental health” responders that deal with unhoused people in Riverside, CA. Pic from @nolasco909
Retweeted by Emma Rolleroh hell yeah mf said incredibility post enters my head at least twice a month.
Retweeted by Emma RollerDefector's @redford absolutely incinerates @GavinNewsom for standing in a burnt forest and acting like a climate ch…
Retweeted by Emma Rollerit’s hard to capture how angry i am about our country prioritizing opening restaurants and bars over schools. my be…
Retweeted by Emma RollerMonths ago, Tammy Duckworth + Dick Durbin agreed to help confirm 2 very anti-choice nominees to lifetime federal ju…
Retweeted by Emma RollerHow about we don't make food service workers' lives harder than they have to be right now, or ever?
Retweeted by Emma RollerSeeing this image bounce around Instagram like... Is it possible to consume urgent information on that platform wit…
Retweeted by Emma Roller @colleentie happy bday angel!!!
this is good to keep talking about the 1980s American Girl doll but this is gonna be a, uh, dark children's book
Retweeted by Emma Rollercoming around to the answer of "an old wooden stool" @dagogarcia___ oooh that looks so comfy @bussy_phillips hwhat nowwhat is a good office chair that doesn't cost $900Don't just be proactive about the jobs you want. Be proactive about the jobs you DON'T want too 👍
Retweeted by Emma Rollerbro this is literally a list of countries we've done coups in
Retweeted by Emma Roller @kept_simple glad to hear it!seems like nobody is okay
@CTWritePretty @DefectorMedia I absolutely will notit is simply unfair that @DefectorMedia has such good writers that I'm forced to learn what a "Skip Bayless" is upsets me how good @david_j_roth is at this @HillaryKelly a $16 million Tudor mansion! in Los Angeles! @cronenburner GOTTEM @emmaroller His initials are appropriate cause that’s some BS!
Retweeted by Emma Roller bill simmons in the garbage can new favorite thing is desi families welcoming their new puppies with traditional ceremonies
Retweeted by Emma Rollerwhat if "It can't happen here" and "never again" have come to function for many people not as moral imperatives tha…
Retweeted by Emma RollerI cant believe Mr. Grohl wrote a song about me!?! This is so so so #EPIC!! I think its the best song EVER, in the W…
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BREAKING: The South Dakota Attorney General reported hitting a deer Saturday night but had actually hit and killed…
Retweeted by Emma Roller @jourdayen absolutelyrare to see an “are we the baddies” post this concentrated
Retweeted by Emma Roller @emmaroller listening to the whale cds at the nature company. vibing
Retweeted by Emma Rollerspiritually I am here
@emmaroller lol at “etc”
Retweeted by Emma Rollergive Bush a medal for not explicitly encouraging Americans to commit hate crimes, uh, 20.5% test positivity rate for COVID-19 cases in Wisconsin today. highest number of new cases yet with 1,582. @DHSWI
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RIP Toots ❤️>steven crowder takes his facts and logic tour designed to own university proglibs to a blue collar union worker ra…
Retweeted by Emma RollerWhoever named frogs got it 100% right. Those things are frogs
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My advice to young journalists is to steal the laptop if they give you one
Retweeted by Emma RollerJUST IN: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot's office released two text messages from Eric Trump, the president's son, tha…
Retweeted by Emma RollerEach day on twitter there is one main character. The goal is to never be it
Retweeted by Emma RollerTHIS IS FUCKING INSANE!!!!! I was spit on--SPIT ON!!-- in BERKELEY FUCKING CALIFORNIA on 9/12 for being brown. I cr…
Retweeted by Emma Roller @AllezLesBoulez get politics out of my 9/11america likes to kill people
Retweeted by Emma RollerUmm, the entirety of this attempt to “infiltrate and exploit” @inthesetimesmag by Russian trolls consists of a sing…
Retweeted by Emma Rollerwriting is hard. good thing I'm so bad at it
I made a video where Daniel Radcliffe reads the worst tweets of 2020 (so far). Written by @drewmagary, music by K.…
Retweeted by Emma RollerWhy do I visit the bad website
Retweeted by Emma Roller @laurawags "Trump is the only person with any responsibility to serve the public" is... not a great philosophy!Currently at a level 3 evacuation in Molalla, Oregon.
Retweeted by Emma RollerDefenses of Woodward have been oriented narrowly around his relationship to the Post and his publishers and around…
Retweeted by Emma RollerThis video is legitimately one of the funniest bits of comedy in 2020.
Retweeted by Emma Roller @DebtPeon lmaoeverything i don't like is satanism now @TCLange1 @drewmagary Sam is perfectthis review opens with "What is a book?" 💀
Retweeted by Emma RollerI honestly do not know why he keeps agreeing to do this, but I'm very glad that he does.
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