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Just found out Bernie buys clothes instead of wearing barrel held up by suspenders. I don’t even want health care anymore
Retweeted by Emma RollerThe Favourite still rocks fyi @david_j_roth I’d love to get paid as much as she does to be so willfully stupid
me: anxious about wearing a new pair of shoes to work because it’s “showing off” bloomberg: taking a helicopter to… type of content I never tire of is “billionaire attempting to convince people they aren’t a replicant”, @TheYoungTurks refused voluntary recognition of the TYT Union. This is a disappointing decision from an orga…
Retweeted by Emma RollerI mean they could but it still wouldn't help anyone afford it
Retweeted by Emma Rollergritting my teeth as I click “discard tweet,” when suddenly the key to heaven falls into my outstretched handI wrote this about the silliest and dumbest comparison in politics at this dumb/silly moment, who makes it, and why.
Retweeted by Emma Roller @abbyangriest no, I work at an after-school program!ok y'all you have to see this image from a texas house that was submitted on the mcmansion hell live stream. you ar…
Retweeted by Emma Roller @kenklippenstein I use Otter but the transcripts aren’t great all the time @emmaroller Yeah, but I got this...
Retweeted by Emma Roller😭😭
@Curious_Kurz I use Otter!! @grace_panetta you’re not the first person to tell me this!here’s my work buddy for the day. his name is Grampa :) I'm Emma and I love to conduct hourlong interviews so I have to transcribe 8,500 words and then condense that in… feel like people still don't realize how much money Bloomberg has. Bernie's net worth is about 2.5 million. Mike…
Retweeted by Emma RollerSoooooo I wrote a thing
Retweeted by Emma Rollerhuh convention against the most popular candidate in 2016: bad, potentially democracy-ending brokered convent…’s fun how much hysteria there was in 2016 around the idea of a brokered convention (which didn’t happen) and thi… @isaiah_kb please send the embargoed statement, I’m on deadline @SarahNEmerson this one hits too close to homewhen will the Tribunal of the Short Kings censure Bloomberg?
A 23-year-old sports blogger who had been blogging for SB Nation since high school had a twitter account he'd creat…
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@BillHumphreyMA you get a passI stopped checking my email and my life is just totally improved except for the small problem of everyone being mad…
Retweeted by Emma Roller:) @juggstorecowboy oh yeah, meetings are hellreading a 500-word email is 1000x more anxiety-inducing than a 5-minute phone call, what is wrong with you people @kylesparks I love the phone!email is the worst form of communication and it's not closeosita is good've been pretty lucky in my life i've never been laid off, but the illustration job that supported 75% of my incom…
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@patrickwinegar lmaoNews: In 2011, while promoting a new program, Bloomberg said that there was an "enormous cohort" of young black and…
Retweeted by Emma RollerThis guy got Mike Bloomberg to pose and say “stop and frisk” for a picture. I’m dying
Retweeted by Emma Roller @pizza4justice ooh I need to read this @blagojevism had to watch the clip to confirm he actually says “you have to have a lot more gray matter” lmaoThe Midwest is going to love this guy.
Retweeted by Emma Rollerdisgusting man
@inthesetimesmag my spidey sense tells me not reading replies to this was a good idea @sarahngu Thanks, Sarah!Amen. Really don’t buy the private/public distinction. Having had an abusive boss once, it doesn’t matter how much…
Retweeted by Emma RollerI burned my bare ass on a radiator while getting out of the shower, what kind of Chicagoan badge do I get for this“You’re homophobes, that’s what you all are, you’re homophobes!” a Buttigieg supporter yelled at the protesters aft…
Retweeted by Emma Rollerdon’t text me in 2020 unless you look like this
Retweeted by Emma Roller @karengeier 💞💞Love to read @emmaroller, especially when she’s sticking it to abusive bosses
Retweeted by Emma Roller
@br1gid assholes!!!I know v-day is corny but it’s still nice excuse to have a little Ferrero Rocher treat!!!Justin got me a giant box of Ferrero Rochers (the height of ELEGANCE). He was going to buy a heart-shaped box, but… night Bernie Twitter is wild.
Retweeted by Emma Roller @colleentie Colleen is cool AND hot 💞Taken together, the stories of current and former aides paint a disturbing picture of Amy Klobuchar as a boss eager…
Retweeted by Emma Roller @inthesetimesmag special shoutout to @mtredden, who's doggedly followed this story since last year!wrote about klobuchar and bad bosses for @inthesetimesmag this piece by @emmaroller, which contains a number of eyebrow-raising details about how Amy Klobuchar is a bad…
Retweeted by Emma Roller"The same way a black hole is detected by its effects on the objects and space around it, Bloomberg’s wealth is bes… @MattLaslo I live here Matt"It is good," he said, "to know that all these mediocre Instagram meme accounts immediately shill for a racist for…
Retweeted by Emma Rolleri'd like to give a valentime's day shoutout to my two pals @tanyachen and @Sujay721, without whom the freelance li… Subject: Take Today Off Hello, Since today is Valentines Day, I am giving everyone the day…
Retweeted by Emma Roller @Lubchansky subs over dubs but if you watch the dubbed version of C:NZ you get to hear Lauren Lapkus say, “Mayor Da… @emmaroller watching fansubs of my favorite anime, CHICAGO: NEGATIVE ZERO
Retweeted by Emma Roller @kylesparks omg this picnegative zero..?? in 2008: what kind of music do you like? me: well, [insufferable string of Gorilla Vs. Bear remixes] friend…"would you like to moderate a panel on diversity" no I'd rather be stabbed
Retweeted by Emma RollerI’m still thinking about Toeman
what if you hired me 😳 in a full-time capacity 🥰 just kidding 😅 unless... 🤐
Retweeted by Emma Rollersome prime High School Emma content: sulking in a graveyard while wearing aviators (?) and blue corduroys (??) is what I do every morning and I will eventually figure out a way to monetize it
Retweeted by Emma Rollerme, hours after I plug the jack that runs directly from my brain into the Depression Box: “why do I feel so depressed?”mike bloomberg wanted to fingerprint more than 600,000 nyc public housing residents to, according to him, prove the…
Retweeted by Emma Rollerread the phrase “Meme 2020” to be killed instantly if you hired me 😳 in a full-time capacity 🥰 just kidding 😅 unless... 🤐
@BernieSanders is renaming his Nashua, N.H. office after a volunteer organizer who died of cancer last week. He ma…
Retweeted by Emma Rollerthank you, CIA @AllezLesBoulez how many times has Sam’s account gotten suspended I swear I’ve refollowed him 5 times on this site lmaoKlobuchar saying she has “high expectations” isn’t an excuse for how she treats her staff, and it’s not sexist to c… remains extremely depressing to be reminded of just how many people are willing to cape for their own abusive bosses and others’ :) @RyanOnAMountain it’s not just “a couple of her employees.” I can vouch that the stories go much deeper than what’s… @CherylStrayed Cheryl, as a fan of your work I’d urge you to read this! they came for the premium-tier airport-security pass holders, and I said, OK, wait, no, here are the immigrant…
Retweeted by Emma Rollercongratulations to chevy chase on winning new hampshire
Retweeted by Emma RollerTerry McAuliffe musing about Bloomberg’s viability because of how often he sees his TV ads is my personal hellbernie won the most votes in iowa, has likely won NH, is has a good chance of winning nevada, and somehow the conve…
Retweeted by Emma Rollerpapa!!!i cannot believe that you can establish yourself at god damned mckinsey and get to describe yourself as a fucking “washington outsider”
Retweeted by Emma Rollerpoliticians using fake folksy voice makes me want to diewhat the fuck is this unholy nexus of affected Obama voice and fake southern accent @emmaschuetz glad I’m not the only one who noticed that!!Winning was a huge blow to Sanders tonight. Buttigieg lost, which is clearly a win for him, especially losing to Sa…
Retweeted by Emma RollerA little color: A Bernie Sanders aide said he is currently in a gym next to where his election night rally is being…
Retweeted by Emma Roller @br1gid UGH @br1gid spent sophomore year prepping tomatoes and washing dishes for the North shore’s depressed housewives!