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@surfbordt this is a good tweet emmahi @SenatorCollins @lisamurkowski !!!
Retweeted by Emma Rollerthe board is busy finding a co-worker that looks like him to fire
Retweeted by Emma Rollerit’s 1982, you know what that means: time to diligently transcribe every rager I attend into my plannerHell of a week for the party of family values
Retweeted by Emma RollerTed Cruz made headlines recently for endorsing an extremist authoritarian proposal to have police "patrol and secur…
Retweeted by Emma Roller @sethdmichaels I think there’s a very specific point being made
Friday night scoop: Court Docs Allege Ex-Trump Staffer Jason Miller Drugged Woman He Got Pregnant With 'Abortion Pi…
Retweeted by Emma Rollerlmaooo
@EricThurm gdiBrett Kavanaugh Is A Man The Right Can Get Behind Hustle... You will never have my full attention.
Retweeted by Emma Roller @alexnpress jesus christ, I’m sorry Alex @rudabagle that’s the joke :)lmao at the dude who responded with “umm ever head of Bill Clinton? chessmate 😎” buddy... I got news for you @davilch yeah he’s bad too :)it really fucking sucks that the president routinely forces sexual assault survivors to retraumatize themselves! it’s not good, folks!!I wanted to understand quantum physics. So I talked to Fred Durst.
Retweeted by Emma RollerLet’s be clear what we’re watching now: conservatism’s very smart, very monied elites floating trial balloons to se…
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@peg_mclaugh @Lubchansky ahh I didn’t do anything - all credit to @EricThurm for coming up with the idea in the fir… @jackdwagner I’m the dog lying on the bed“But how do you pay for it”
Retweeted by Emma Rollerdo u ever almost tweet something and then flash forward to someone interpreting in the most bad faith way possible… @Boringstein but I love Syd a lot so I bet I’ll love the new Internet album @Boringstein ahh ty! the only new albums I’ve listened to are Sweetener and Parquet Courts lol @Boringstein first three albums that come to your mind? I’m badly in need of new musicwhich legacy magazine can I scam into paying me $1/word to profile Penn and Teller 🤔me: do u want to see my magic trick @jjstephani: I can see the coin in your hand me: goddammit!!! @offbeatorbit I said rounded but I think that’s bc I’m a normie 😓if you’re curious how far down the rabbit hole I am, my self care routine of late has been drinking martinis and wa… @karengeier @BrandyLJensen @sophcw @libbycwatson @bodiespodcast jesus christ!!! my gyno in DC gave me a prescripti… @FINALLEVEL I love and admire u so much Ice T 😪 @pblest “passionate but orderly” is my fuck style
@MattBors why 👏isn’t 👏the 👏Nib 👏more 👏like 👏Foxtrot @stephenhicks ❤️❤️“They’re still under the water” female mental health patients in South Carolina were chained in a back of a van that was overcome by flood wate… Shortey, an ex-GOP Oklahoma state senator, was sentenced to 15 years in prison today for child sex traffickin…
Retweeted by Emma RollerChance that Republicans win the House popular vote: <1% Chance that Republicans win the House majority of seats: 22…
Retweeted by Emma Rollersometimes I wake up and remember our government continues to lock up thousands of children in warehouses separated from their families. @kenklippenstein :-(
“Found himself murdered.” “Two lives were ruined.” Again, worth considering how plainly bizarre it would sound to…
Retweeted by Emma RollerLow key feel like books r making a comeback .. could be jus me
Retweeted by Emma RollerI hope this helps.
Retweeted by Emma RollerWSJ opinion pages fully mobilized today against Kavanaugh accuser, with three separate pieces attacking her. Here’s…
Retweeted by Emma Roller🚨H*yas for Choice, Georgetown's pro-choice club, has begun providing Plan B to students for free. They can't get it…
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@karengeier it is astounding how simple a concept can be so hard for the men of this website to understand!this tweet really seems to have upset a lot of men, wonder why!!!the odds are high a lot of men I know don't want to think about how many times they have crossed the line with wome…
Retweeted by Emma RollerMen: you really don’t have to tweet your wokeness today, or any day, for that matter! Really! I guarantee a woman h…***BREAKING*** Protesters pushing two caskets around @dallascowboys stadium in honor of Botham Jean and O’Shae Ter…
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Anyone who’s ever met me personally will tell you I’m a Very cool person. And I try to respect everyone.... I just…
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@colleentie it’s The Good Shirt too!thank you to everyone who’s said nice things. to everyone struggling right now: I see you. things don’t always have to be ok
I'm sorry if I haven't responded to your texts/calls/emails lately. I wish I had a better excuse, but the truth is… time to re-read this from @emmaroller
Retweeted by Emma Roller @gabydvj @voxdotcom ahhh hell yeah!!!More dirty tricks: Video of ex-IDC State Sen. Hamilton supporters telling voters they can qualify for gift baskets…
Retweeted by Emma Rollerlove when our elected officials treat corporate titans like teens at a Taylor Swift meet and greet. I feel great ab… in the everlasting fuck does this have to do with the off duty cop that mistakenly invaded his house and shot…
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@dceiver my... wife???Gitmo for children
Retweeted by Emma RollerIt's my birthday in the morning. Would you celebrate by helping my students? They are my greatest gift, and you can…
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me when I run out of episodes of Nailed It! to watch @onesarahjones @BrandyLJensen count me the fuck in!! @caitlinrcruz everyone will only have to write two stories a year and the rest of the time we will take three-martini lunches and gossipfindom, but for giving me and my smart unemployed friends $5 million to start a lefty media co-op/internet zineWhat an image in our story: Here's Ayanna Pressley's stepdaughter watching her mother claim victory and become the…
Retweeted by Emma RollerFred Guttenberg, whose daughter died in the Parkland shooting, tells @cnn that Kavanaugh not only wouldn’t shake hi…
Retweeted by Emma RollerThe moment when @AyannaPressley learned she won. No commentary needed. 💜 #ChangeCantWait #mapoli #ma7 #electwomen
Retweeted by Emma Roller @willsommer is this airing on One America News lmaoAn absolutely transformative result for criminal justice reform in Boston. Rachel Rollins ran by saying: "We need t…
Retweeted by Emma Roller @BillHumphreyMA @ErikLoomis to be candid, I haven’t been following the race that closely and did not see that!And you know, it's not that Capuano was bad, but being a decent progressive does not mean you get a lifetime of ree…
Retweeted by Emma RollerMany would-be Capuano voters I spoke with in the Cambridge/Somerville area praised Capuano and his record, but want…
Retweeted by Emma Roller @karengeier some people even cried at work while working at Slate 😇 @offbeatorbit I’m walking home and stopped in my tracks to look at this. phenomenal
what tha heck lmao mean, we can see that that is explicitly not what happened
Retweeted by Emma Rollerbad news: the outline just laid off all their staff writers good news: i’m available to write for you! hit me up fo…
Retweeted by Emma Roller @KateKnibbs you’re absolutely correct gdiChicago to Rahm Emanuel
Retweeted by Emma Rollermore from the intolerant left smh @clairevaye essay from 2015 has informed so much of how I think today is horrifying.
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@dcbigjohn I got thereImagine what Republicans would do if these numbers were reversed. By contrast, Dems are cutting deals to confirm Tr…
Retweeted by Emma Roller @dcbigjohn I’ve been actively trying not to tweet lately, and whenever I do it’s a reminder that I shouldn’t have @SusanReiner @chick_in_kiev they were very goodAH! @shoshochristine oh damnapparently many other twitter users have pointed out this comment in the past. I apologize for stealing joke valor, please do not own me @cd_hooks not* @cd_hooks bot a meta joke - I hadn’t seen this before! sorry if I inadvertently stole joke valorI’m making brownies and did not expect this comment to lead where it did when the GOP called the Affordable Care Act “socialist” for 8 years straight? Well, now 70% of Americans…
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@mcbyrne me, but if the shoe fits!!!Do I crave attention? No - all I ask is that every single person on the planet gathers in a circle and yells at me…
@ManMadeMoon @Rschooley jesus christ this gifIs Ted Cruz really trying to scare voters with pictures from Beto's band days when there are pictures of him out th…
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