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@JWJones252 honestly such a good behind-the-scenes of how this type of grift happensI want an IV drip of this clip
Sorry To Bother You is fantastic btw @pblest me after Venmoing the NRCC $500,000: “clean energy is my passion” @pblest jesus christ lmaoif you donate to the Republican Party and its candidates you are definitely not committed to climate action
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@cd_hooks :-(Hi don’t pitch MTV because they busted their writers’ union.
Retweeted by Emma Rollerwe need gender neutral bathrooms so dudes will feel societal pressure to wash their hands
Retweeted by Emma RollerI agree that Democrats should never take any risks and avoid doing things that might be easy for their opponents to…
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miracles DO happen friends
Retweeted by Emma Roller @caitlinrcruz his name is Caesar and he’s a sweetie!!!! @floozyesq fuck I plagiarized you by accidentI love Chicago @EricThurm they call me tom cotton 😙☁️☁️☁️in everyone’s defense, I did just buy a juul :-( @BAKKOOONN @pareene @emmaroller yo yo YO im emma and this is VapeChunky, smash that like and subscribe for me ok? n…
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@SarahNEmerson thank you!! this makes me feel better lolI thought my new avi was cute until four people separately told me it looks like I’m vaping in it @michaelwhitney only like three people smdhIn the age of minority rule, a Supreme Court justice appointed by a president who got fewer votes is confirmed by a…
Retweeted by Emma RollerMy jobs before journalism: Stall mucker at the Sarasota Kennel Club Sewage tank spelunker Rupert Murdoch’s persona… reporter just jabbed me with “Hawaii is not the Bronx.” Maybe not. But we share a struggle. A minority majorit…
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@ToLey88 😳😫🍑Is that core mission to unload private equity debt at the expense of good journalism?
Retweeted by Emma RollerThe heir to the Koch empire killed a child after running a red light when he was 16. He was sentenced to community…
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“Unmasking Antifa Act” introduced to house of congress. You could get a maximum of 15 years in prison if convicte…
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@roqchams sorry, I’ve been taking a bit of a twitter hiatus. just parachuting in with my documentary opinions3 Identical Strangers fucked me upMemphis Police demanded Manuel Duran take down his critical coverage of them. After he refused, they arrested him a…
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Ummm, Harry Truman's Fair Deal had: jobs guarantee, universal health care, Social Security expansion, minimum wage…
Retweeted by Emma Rollerblatant thirst tweet: I want to befriend @seasonoftheB pod now that I’m in chicagoSomebody told me the other day that I was Washed up... I was like “Maybe YOU should wash..”
Retweeted by Emma RollerSometimes I post the BS in a way to let you know that No matter what you say, do or accomplish in your life... MFs…
Retweeted by Emma Roller @themanburglar bitch you’re a fucking liar we are in a fight @themanburglar hmmmm I’m hiring a fact checker to dispute all of these claimswow.... who is she.......
@floozyesq it’s TIME to get a beer with your friend Emma 😇 @waleetacanon yes!! @extremely_wet HELOGeneral PSA: if you’re in Chicago and are not a dork, we should hang out. I have lots of free time these days 😎money isn’t an acceptable replacement for organizing, or for having good politics was Africa’s hottest reliably measured temperature in recorded history: 124.3°F (51.3°C) in Algeria Afri…
Retweeted by Emma Rollerhere’s a handy map to find which organizations are making money from ICE in your neighborhood wrote this is December MONTHS OLD in DC are trying to pass a bill where you can spend 10 nights in jail for loud music. Already getting n…
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young people are economically coerced away from parenthood by capitalist institutions
Retweeted by Emma RollerPolitely asking your rivals to give up their stated objective and help you out is such an amazing caricature of Dem…
Retweeted by Emma RollerMichael Miselis, seen pushing and beating black protester in Charlottesville last year, is a UCLA doctoral student… fourth to MY presidents
I dunno, I’d be pretty stoked if I visited the Statue of Liberty and saw someone FUCKING CLIMBING IT @libbycwatson I got this too lmaoSamuel Johnson (yes, that Samuel Johnson) didn't even wait that long. In 1775, the year before the Declaration, he…
Retweeted by Emma RollerAn English dude named Thomas Day read the Declaration once and wrote, in 1776: “If there be an object truly ridicul…
Retweeted by Emma Roller @biettetimmons thank you nora!I’m RTing praise but I’m also unemployed now so none of you can say shit @cascamike thanks friend
obnoxious twitter request: there was an essay about Adventure Time a few years ago in... Hazlitt? N+1? I’m racking… @BrandyLJensen 💘Here are the government employees who gave money to actual Nazi Paul Nehlen.
Retweeted by Emma Roller @dodaistewart 😘😘 @1947Jamie @libbycwatson lmaoooevery single conservative on this website is dril @br1gid @splinter_news omg stop 😓😓 ilu @Boringstein dude thank you!! don't worry, I'm sure I will still be Unhealthily OnlineI'm leaving Jezebel and in a display that is unusual for me, I am full of emotion!!! I'm so grateful for my two yea…
Retweeted by Emma Roller @cornerofjustice @pblest goddammit @_Zeets LISTEN, if I can put up with everyone's world cup tweets, then you can spare me this @themanburglar luv u @pblest you're the best!!!2. is my last day at Gizmodo Media Group. I wrote two things of equal importance to me: 1. my god @cliomiso Is Bad Politics