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Y’all grown ass fuckin women. Electric chair.
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6ix 9ins is out 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭Yes me my money back
Retweeted by SadeThe raw vocals. The live band. Whew. 💚
Retweeted by SadeSince I can’t grab a cheeky sample in Westfield right now, I decided to make cinnamon sugar pretzels! 💁🏻‍♀️🧡🥨
Retweeted by SadeI didn’t want to laugh but yoooo 😭😭
Retweeted by SadeThis is more than enough to make me stay in the house.
Retweeted by SadeI want a relationship where people look at us and say, "You can tell God put them together."
Retweeted by SadeThis is my Last personal tweet Ever. I Imma just leave this app cuz apparently I’m too real for it. Everyone pleas…
Retweeted by SadeMum's plea to find son, 16, who went missing after leaving church a month ago
Retweeted by SadeYou can’t flex on me if I’m happy for you..
Retweeted by SadeYa’ll made a girl post a picture of a receipt for her airpods cause you thought they were fake 😭 then got onto her…
Retweeted by SadeUK is just bad vibes in general ngl
Retweeted by SadeThey’ve just cancelled Wimbledon for the first time since World War 2 and some of you still believe you’re attendin…
Retweeted by SadeQuarantine got me lighting up the candles at 4 😂😂A thread📝 How to keep fit + toned during lockdown!
Retweeted by SadeTory Lanez live is the first live I’ve stayed on for over half an hour 😭😭Tory Lanez had Amber Rose, Bryson Tiller, Casanova, Chris Brown, Drake, Dreezy, French Montana, Gunna, Jacquees, Ju…
Retweeted by SadeIma sign her she’s from the UK 😘
Retweeted by SadeFestivals in August have cancelled and Afronation is still giving the people Spotify playlist 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️Hair
Craving church so much😭She was clearly hating lol. Girl bye wit that ugly behaviour
Retweeted by Sadethis quarantine is the proof that wearing no make up doesn’t do shit for your skin lol
Retweeted by SadeAfter this I’m going to be in the UAE for a long time followed by NigeriaDawg. I thought that was her all grown up. I was gonna check my calendar to make sure I haven’t been in a coma.
Retweeted by SadeMiss RFabulous could’ve said nothing, but used her platform to openly admit she regrets getting her BBL done. Consi…
Retweeted by SadeYou know I aim to please #ThotBox Freestyle!
Retweeted by SadeLol he said relax
Retweeted by SadeFAM, I’M RELEASING MUSIC! Your Loss (prod. 4PLAY) Out Now! Click the link to all platforms
Retweeted by SadeI’m actually soo glad that I can have proper deep convos with my mum
Retweeted by SadeThis why I gotta love with my partner is still too beautiful 🙌🏿
Retweeted by SadeWhen you reached a personal goal no one else knew about
Retweeted by SadeI can’t stop staring at it. It’s still creeping me out. My child is the exact same human as @Drake’s son. It’s conf…
Retweeted by SadeMask off... that's a liability. Mask on... boosting my immunity.
Retweeted by SadeImagine going through a break up during this period you’d just think yourself into 2002..God forbidA year since Nipseys death already and Lauren London still holding it down 💙🏁during this lockdown its ok to not wear make up and dress like a slob... its also okay to do a full face, get all d…
Retweeted by SadeToasted bagels are just too lushSTILL HAVING AN INCOME DURING THIS CRISIS IS A HUGE BLESSING❗
Retweeted by SadeWhat a heavy discussion about a child. Shameless bunch.
Retweeted by SadeIn personer
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Uber now offering 200,000 free rides and 100,000 free meals on Uber Eats for NHS staff 😧
Retweeted by Sadeyou niggas are weird
Retweeted by SadeIm tired of ppl send vns to say barely anything🤣🤣🤣 like im outchere pausing music for “yeah calm bro”
Retweeted by SadeLook at that name, she’s absolutely Jamaican.
Retweeted by SadeToxic I could never live like that me to the park or I'm telling mum you eat sugar with your nose 💀
Retweeted by SadeMy hair stays slicked back in a pony I need a install or am dieGirls who can do their own hair how does it feel to be the chosen ones 😭i love a boy w versatile music taste. nobody wants to listen to trap music all day lol
Retweeted by SadeI love that she clapped back because what was the reason to commentate one: Celebrities: it’s not that hard just stay at home Their houses: 🏰 🏖🎢🎡🗽🗼
Retweeted by SadeI still can’t believe they turned on that NHS Paramedic, on her way to work, during a pandemic because she was driv…
Retweeted by Sade @CDesireeDalton Loooool sorry but the capPree the comments please loooooool people want these people to stay broke and underpaid deep down
Retweeted by SadeAri from your mouth you ain’t watched the full video then shutup .Be careful when tryna laugh at people God is using in this generat…
Retweeted by SadeBeing skinny is cutesy I love it too 😍😍 is easy. I don’t see how y’all act obsessed with sex.
Retweeted by SadeUni students, how are you getting work done??? Because I really don’t know for me I’ve mentally tapped out
Retweeted by SadeFirst they laugh then they copy
Retweeted by SadeGents, you have 48 hours to respond.
Retweeted by Sadeaffi be mi wife x
Retweeted by Sade
my favourite of all time, i still play this like its new
Retweeted by SadeFor Starters, here is arguably his best...
Retweeted by SadeCanadian Queens, Tamia and Deborah Cox, just did a virtual cover of 'Count on Me' by Whitney Houston and CeCe Winan…
Retweeted by Sadewe. do. not. deserve. this. woman!
Retweeted by Sadeafter this quarantine it’s shisha at 7am, bottomless brunch 12pm, cheeky nandos 5pm and after that we straight to the club.
Retweeted by SadeThis is the best one 😍😍😍😍😍 paramedic's entire street came out to applaud her before her shift began 👏🏻👏🏻
Retweeted by SadeThem Wangs for sure food is the only food I’ve came across where they use the same seasoning for every dish but all the food taste different.
Retweeted by SadeY’all too old to not cook with onions and bell peppers
Retweeted by SadeMark Zuckerbeg is somewhere thinking of a way to acquire tiktok and link the signup process to Facebook
Retweeted by Sadea private relationship with a splash of random flexing
Retweeted by SadeSome of ya'll won't like my tweets because I'm not gonna itch your ears with "live your own truth, Jesus & the univ…
Retweeted by SadeI’m unable to do anything this morning because of a little girl who is made of about 65% hair.
Retweeted by SadeMade Chinese chicken balls and sweet and sour sauce from scratch! I’ll make again so I can film the tutorial next w…
Retweeted by Sadelook at the depression, she wanted to eat a dragon so bad
Retweeted by SadeListen I know this is a pandemic but I think with this happening, it’s forced so much of us to slow down and apprec…
Retweeted by SadeI actually need to get pregnant in my prime ASAP time i have sex ima probably cry
Retweeted by SadeThis one just made me angry
Retweeted by SadeThis was breakfast for some man in school kmt
Retweeted by Sadei cant stop laughing at this 😭😭😭
Retweeted by SadeWhen water slides down to my elbow when washing my face 🤮 the term “like I said” comes out of my mouth it’s about to get real disrespectful 😭
Retweeted by SadeUni is closed for the rest of the academic year and ppl thought lockdown was gonna be over in 3 weeksThis how silly ima be with my kids, I’m making a thread with a few of my YT videos. This week marks a year since I started & God has been so fai…
Retweeted by Sade6ft is too short not to be 6ft 😂😂
girls with legs like this always have the most to say
Retweeted by SadeSA Influencer Edition 🤪 #dontrushchallenge
Retweeted by Sadeso happy she done this video
Retweeted by SadeOnise iyanu your God the of awesome wonders!!!! depression is real..when y’all females hair not done y’all be sad af.
Retweeted by SadeThought I’d share it here too🙏🏾
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