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indi-jew-nous 🦇 @emmatsalageek stolen occaneechi/saponi land

she/they. ᎠᏴᏫᏯ ᎠᎨᏯ. pro-BDS jew w/ tattoos. bi. spoonie. psych/indig studies/bio. interleukin ELISA lab rat. super nervous caffeinated atrocity.

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@SaschaDF plus this person literally slid right in my mentions making all kinds of assumptions when ANYONE who foll… have some shocking ducking news for your 1. we can be upset at more than one thing. 😊 2. a random jew you find…*M Y* country, LMAO. i have never set foot in israel. i’m not israeli and i do NOT support israel. get the hell out… “my” state?? excuse me? i’m not israeli. it’s not my state. gtfo with that shit. 2. i’m anti-zionist, but way t… @blisssonmi that’s what i said, like 😂 tf 😂😂 @SisyphusTired_ 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼 @epic_name_bro_ @raccorns that’s how they doooh, well spotted! a Black Jew and former @jdforward writer I must publicly condemn the publication's choice to publish Ariel Sobel…
Retweeted by indi-jew-nous 🦇 @kaekaecurtis ‼️‼️‼️‼️ @emmatsalageek hot take: you’ve heard the phrase there is nothing more american than racism, now introducing u to:…
Retweeted by indi-jew-nous 🦇 @cedarsageskoden my mama’s flowers bloomed overnight!! @SmokieIgnacio true 😂“Slipped” implies that it was an accident.
Retweeted by indi-jew-nous 🦇After I used the term "trauma porn" in class, a professor pointed out to me how often we use sexual language to poi…
Retweeted by indi-jew-nous 🦇christians stop whining that violence isn’t done by “real christians” challenge. THEY ARE CHRISTIANS no matter ho… @raccorns there truly are no people quicker to “no true scotsman” than christians who refuse to confront their own violent history.people burning down the symbols of the systems who have oppressed and brutalized them for dozens of generations is…
Retweeted by indi-jew-nous 🦇 @ilana_____ it is so incredibly important and all-consuming and vital labor that capitalism/misogyny had to convinc… @AuntyCarpetWeed pleeeeaaaseusing the term “semitic” in description of physical characteristics is a racist dogwhistle and there is no if ands…
Retweeted by indi-jew-nous 🦇 @stonershelb omg that’s on my list @pandamoonxo thank you love!! 🥰 @cedarsageskoden S A M E
my shift ends at 4:30. it’s 7:30 and i’m just now clocking out. the rest of the halloween earrings will be posted… @LittleArcanine_ 🥺 thank you angel @odetomedusa i love you friend, thank you ❤️ @izzmythoughts 🥰🥰i really hoped getting more pictures taken would help me like my appearance more but it’s just made me sad 😪 @izzmythoughts gahdamn, that’s gorgeous. your lips are flawless. 😍 @izzmythoughts i need to try that lip! 👀🙌🏼 @ANeonGreenCity thank you, i do appreciate it 🥺 @fromshadows thank you, i appreciate it 😭 @ohpeadotgigi 🥺❤️ thank you @PTSDoneWithMen i appreciate you ❤️the process of me viewing photos of myself • shit i hate this • i look fat • well, i am fat • fat isn’t bad • tell…
@1devilishgrin this makes me sound so much more badass than i am 😂i mix people’s blood with chemicals and watch it turn pretty colors until a computer tells me which colors are bad… @stonershelb the folks who follow “made to be terrible” movies must like this one 😂pretendians have the audacity to be on some story about their great grammas being cherokee “princesses,” like 🙂 tha… @Marshtomp324 thank you!!
@MarcyTanter honestly i don’t dislike any flavors, they all kinda taste the same to me 💀PUMPKIN TREAT BAGS ARE SOLD!i’m posting more halloween earrings on monday! afterwards, i’m opening up a FEW spots for remakes, for those who mi… as much offense and disrespect as possible, i will never, ever read an abortion “opinion piece” written by a cisgender man. 😊 @MariahGracex3 people saying it’s about revenue and WNBA not pulling as many viewers..... as if that’s not ALSO due to misogyny @gwigg11 my tummy is very sensitive 🥺😂 @jbmeadowlark thank you!! @iamlakotak sending up prayers for him ❤️ @Cate_the_Grate omg thank you so much!! 🥰 @WyrdOfWard 🥰🥰🥰 @AzieDee i appreciate the solidarity 😭❤️FRANKENSTEINS ARE SOLD! @cosmyra64 unfortunately it’s not a photo ID, so i can’t say for sure 🤔 @blissonmi exactly 🤬i’m so used to only leaving my house for work that i just grabbed my ID badge and radiation detector to go to the grocery store 😒 @tastelesgelatin 🥂 @tastelesgelatin the way it’s weaponized too, like 💀I’m allowed to not like people
Retweeted by indi-jew-nous 🦇non-natives called us indian for centuries but got “woke” and are now pissed when we call ourselves indian 💀
Retweeted by indi-jew-nous 🦇every time a christian quotes the “old testament” in english, my little jewish soul cries and i need a seltzer @WyrdOfWard @tayhowsway i’m gonna have all-black ghosties 👀🖤i’ve woken up with a terrible headache for the last 3 days. i think i’m grinding my teeth again. 😪 @ilana_____ do you accept aspiring poets 🥺 @audrey_pixel i love these colors 😍my relationship with @ilana_____ is 50/50. she sends me baby videos, i send her cat videos. 🥰This worked the last time I did it so would anyone like to buy this lovely painting I did a while back? Dimensions…
Retweeted by indi-jew-nous 🦇 @katmarsch thank you friend!! 🥰 @rivereliot ahhh thank you!! 🥺🥰 @tsalagay 😭😭 thank you so much!!!WITCH HATS ARE SOLD!HEADSTONES ARE SOLD! @angrylakota so glad you got these!!! 💛💜🖤 @GreenSpringRise thank you!!GRIMM REAPERS ARE SOLD! @Airport_Guy thank you!!CANDY CORNS ARE SOLD! @yumcoconutmilk people see “sociopath” and go “so, a serial killer” 🙄SPIDERWEBS ARE SOLD!DANGLING GHOSTIES ARE SOLD!BATTY CRESCENT MOONS ARE SOLD!FEATHERS ARE SOLD! @GreenSpringRise thank you!!pumpkin treat bags 🎃 💚 (i’ll see myself out) reapers ⛏! witch hats 🧙🏼‍♀️ corns 💛 cross-bones spiderwebs 🕸 🧛🏻 RIP headstones 🤍 ghosties 👻 crescent moons🌙 feather cabs from tuscarora woodworks!🍂FIRST FALL RELEASE🍂 (Halloween edition, more earrings to come next week 👀) please DM to ask about availability and pricing!! 🥰👇🏼
@tayhowsway I KNOW 💀this bitch @tayhowsway as i couldn’t post anything when i was supposed to be launching my first fall release, i’m tired & cranky 😭…
Retweeted by indi-jew-nous 🦇seeing as i couldn’t post anything when i was supposed to be launching my first fall release, i’m tired & cranky 😭…
i don’t think i’m a particularly slow walker but i swear every day at least one huffy white girl makes an awkward s…