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Emma Cate @emmccatt East Sussex

Teacher of little humans. Year 1/2. T&L & Curriculum team. Early Reading & KS1 Maths Lead. Co-founder of @TheSafeSpaceUK_ Probably a bit too obsessed with cats.

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Nothing is covering up the dark bags under my eyes and that is a very sad end of term reality that I've had to come… just put my contacts in my eyes in under five minutes! That is a new Emma record!! Ridiculous but I am super happy 😁This sympathetic coffee pot understands how tired I am.
Four more days pals. We have this in the bag. @skysong Oh I'm sorry. That's really hard. @GodolphinDT That's lovely @SakuBalasuriya Thank you x @Shabnamagram Well one of the Y6s told me it was a cool assembly so I think it was alright 🤣 Shabs Show is genius @PhoenixEdSarah Thank you for asking! I think it went well. I had some lovely feedback ☺️ @ZoeyBurgess1 Thank you x @MattGovernor 💛 @angela_az Click the link. It is still on Facebook. @MissSDoherty Thank you my darling 😘Schools are doing as much as they can to protect staff and pupils but I do wish that the Government wouldn't tell t… @littlemantodo @missdoelteach @pastelteacher @MissC_1717 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ How did I let that slip through 🤣Super excited to deliver my first virtual assembly today! I love an assembly but this is my first time delivering o… more days. We've got this.
Me whenever anyone wakes me up @MissSDoherty @Mr_AlmondED @MissSDoherty @Mr_AlmondED Does a banging impression @TeacherAmy @pastelteacher @MissC_1717 Thank you! @EnserMark @greeborunner @pastelteacher @MissC_1717 I shall have a look. Thank you @LeePeckover @pastelteacher @MissC_1717 Ohhh I have added this to the list @Teacherglitter @pastelteacher @MissC_1717 I love a bit of puff @pastelteacher @MissC_1717 Ohhhhhh @missdoelteach @pastelteacher @MissC_1717 I'm a huge fan of stuffing @MissSDoherty @Mr_AlmondED She loves Robert DeNiroI've been at my school since September. I haven't had that Sunday night feeling once. I feel very lucky. I know tha… @MissDSays Sending big cuddles 😘 @greeborunner @pastelteacher @MissC_1717 🤣 I asked for that @ASTsupportAAli @pastelteacher @MissC_1717 Without any animal fats!What do you veggies/vegetarians out there eat for Christmas Day? @pastelteacher and @MissC_1717 have given me some amazing potato tips! @ASTsupportAAli I've just added Christmas Colin to our M&S order 😍😍😍😍 @5Naureen I love that idea 🤣😘 @SakuBalasuriya @MissC_1717 @pastelteacher They are so lovely @GemmaHeald @MissC_1717 @pastelteacher Bryan Anthonys ☺️ @pastelteacher @MissC_1717 🥰🥰🥰 @bexiebiscuits 💯 this @nowMrsMFL You little cutie @amymayforrester @MissSDoherty @MissSDoherty @amymayforrester I take back what I said earlier about Ames being normal @ASTsupportAAli Because they would have sensed the desperation 🤣 @Emilyb_1991 Genuinely have no idea about modern music 🤣 @ASTsupportAAli Mate I'm not ancient like youGot my nails done really early yesterday morning. I was the first one in the salon. When I walked in one of the lad… @MissSDoherty @adamjames317 @amymayforrester UH. UH. UH. @akelahall @MissC_1717 @pastelteacher @CreativeCards_ this is the final creation!From the incredible card that @MissC_1717 and I had made for our gorgeous @pastelteacher. It's literally the three… has made my Sunday 💛 @Bridgeanne @TinyOwl_Books Bloom made me cry the first time I read it 🥺 It is beautifully written.This is such a gorgeous book. I've used it in school. I highly recommend you join this competition and also support… @westulon Yes! It's horrible isn't it @MissSDoherty @MissKendalMaths This thread too 💛 @MissSDoherty @MissKendalMaths This is literally my favourite thing! I love a theme 🤩 My new ones know I'm speaking for everyone but I really can't wait for things to go back to normal. I can't wait for the day… @MissPaget I'm so sorry you having to think this way and thank you for everything that you are doing 😘This necklace sums us up perfectly 🥰 @MissC_1717 and @pastelteacher were my first Twitter friends and have become t… can't imagine what could possibly go wrong with people in their sixties teaching teenagers in a pandemic @pastelteacher @MissC_1717 It looks so beautiful on you 😍 @_MissieBee @pastelteacher @MissC_1717 @CreativeCards_ Yes! I have booked in two more because it was so beautiful.… @eggegg80 It took my breath away!On Friday 23rd October I’ll be sharing a FREE Loom CPD session on Whole Class Feedback. If you’ve got a question a…
Retweeted by Emma CateLook at this sky! I live in such a beautiful place 🥰 @MissC_1717 @CreativeCards_ Cards are all we have left in lockdown 🤣🤣 @MissC_1717 @pastelteacher Wait for the screenshots 🤣 @MissC_1717 @pastelteacher recommend @CreativeCards_! Get in there quick with an order because I have already commissioned 2 Christmas… history and a diverse, representative curriculum is far more than a display or a month but this new addition…
Retweeted by Emma Cate @pastelteacher @MissC_1717 what my girls got me 😩😩😩😩❤️ that card is absolutely perfect and I can’t believe it includes every single thing…
Retweeted by Emma CateHappy birthday to one of the most compassionate, gorgeous souls I have ever met in my life. I'm so grateful to have…
@amymayforrester You really are a unique woman @OonaghKelleher Don't feel guilty! Enjoy it. You deserve it. @MrsSTeaches @kateowbridge I was covering myself! @MissSDoherty Oh mate! That voicenotes 🤣 @pastelteacher 🤣🤣 I'll let you off because you're my nugget @SakuBalasuriya We have another week! I'm in Sussex. @Shabnamagram Same arms tbf @MissC_1717 @MissKhan__ @pastelteacher @Springwoodht @MrBoothY6 @LTeacher123 @akelahall @MissKnuckles @MissSDoherty @missdoelteach @Yashi_Pilgrim Oh you all look so adorable 😍 @MissC_1717 Thank you darling 😘 I love a theme xxx @MrsD_NQT Do it! @buzybee78 I can't wait to show them! @pdLouiseP I LOOOOOOOOVE them @ReallyschoolK I am in love with them @ZoeyBurgess1 Thank you! @MoreMorrow This is the best thing you've ever said to me 🤣Had the most lovely day exploring the coast. Just what I needed after an intense (and wonderful!) week at work. a glorious train journey view 😍 need to talk about how adorable my Halloween nails are 💁🏻‍♀️💅🏼 @MissC_1717 They were amazing! One day lovely 😍 @Oates27 I've had the other side done. It is horrible isn't it? Was hoping this side would be ok! 😭Genuinely think I have the world's greediest cat few years one of my wisdom teeth decides to grow a few millimetres. Each time it does it is absolute agony.… Birthday to my gorgeous @MissC_1717 💛 You deserve the best day. Love you so much my darling. Enjoy your speci…
Bed at 9pm on a Friday. Must be the end of term exhaustion setting in 😴 @MissN_Primary We need our phone call! 💛💛 @ASTsupportAAli Love your 80s vibes! @audreyheoburn Yay! @Sh3llr Me too!!