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I don’t bail on purpose, I just have things I have to figure out on my own before I can help you and I’m not trying to put anything on you
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Waiters at all of garden be like “let me know when to stop” lol
Retweeted by Princess♛ @yellish_ I hate humanity lmao @yellish_ They’re too lazy to walk an extra 5 steps but not too busy to get out and move the cone😂😂😂 @yellish_ Just use a traffic cone lol
@Durrrty_D I cried my eyes out to this movie 😢
Retweeted by Princess♛Hi guys my brother will be needing his heart surgery sooner than we expected, can you guys please share this again…
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Me pulling up with all the love and affection I have to offer
Retweeted by Princess♛Mr. Moseby: how do you lose a woman??!?? Cody: you forget to cherish her
Retweeted by Princess♛The @Suns are hiring a graphic designer. All I need is for them to take a chance on me. I’m self taught. No degree.…
Retweeted by Princess♛My friend once told me that having a child young was the greatest thing he ever did because he got to raise her thr…
I was wearing my USC sweater at the airport and this white woman asked if I “really” go there. When she found out I…
Retweeted by Princess♛No exaggeration, T.I. invading the space and humanity of his daughter like this is one of the most disgusting thing…
Retweeted by Princess♛Y’all want a bad bitch but can’t handle having a bad bitch 🤡
Retweeted by Princess♛Leonardo looking at this tweet as he reminisces upon writing the titanic script.............oh wait… bieber really said “swag, swag, swag on you. chillin by the fire while we eatin fondue” and we just let him
Retweeted by Princess♛My six year old getting ready for her date tonight, with her daddy. For the past couple of years, once a month, my…
Retweeted by Princess♛if anything being a mother has made me more understanding for those who aren’t ready to be parents yet. i’m 1000% p…
Retweeted by Princess♛RAISE YOUR HAND if you see your sign: - Aries - Virgo - Leo - Libra - Taurus - Pisces - Cancer These signs are EL…
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When you promised yourself you'd do better and you actually did do better.
Retweeted by Princess♛Dudes join a frat and forget they’re ugly
Retweeted by Princess♛I go absolutely ape shit when people ask me if I want to run errands with them. Like let's fuckin Go. And my mind a…
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2020 is gonna be LITTY as a cow's titty
Retweeted by Princess♛she a wholeeee vibeee🦋
Retweeted by Princess♛understand this: you can sound confident & have anxiety. you can look healthy but feel like shit. You can look happ…
Retweeted by Princess♛Return the damm bunny!
Retweeted by Princess♛“Instagram Influencers” should be deprived of their human rights.
Retweeted by Princess♛And he deserves it. No debate.
Retweeted by Princess♛Cardi has the best selling female rap album for the past 2 years (18-19), highest peaking female rap song and solo…
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Did I go to a pumpkin patch? NO Did I dress up for Halloween? NO Did I go to any Halloween parties? NO Did I get in…
Retweeted by Princess♛one of the kids at my work and his family were hit by a drunk driver while trick-or-treating last night. his father…
Retweeted by Princess♛the world should see this. twitter do your thing.
Retweeted by Princess♛i lost my job last night bc HR didnt like that i missed work since my mom died. they also knew she was my babysitte…
Retweeted by Princess♛a true cheetah girls fan knows that these are the “cheetah sisters” outfits not the “cinderella” outfits like UGH t…
Retweeted by Princess♛I love this so much! @alisondreyes Though I do agree support Hispanics (OR ANY ETHNICITY FOR THAT MATTER) who are working to earn money… Hodges shares this Nest Cam video of a kid who discovers an empty candy bowl on Halloween. What happens next…
Retweeted by Princess♛Lmao for reallllllllll tho are all working for the amazon warehouse when they graduate. Dont @ me
Retweeted by Princess♛💙😭😭😭😭💙
It’s this type of mindset that I need to stop having
Retweeted by Princess♛Stay away from people who always consider you expressing how you feel as you arguing or being extra. It’s called…
Retweeted by Princess♛But we just gonna ignore the fake ass shot she pretended to take? Lol area by Van Buren/ Victoria ave*** The wind knocked my fence down while I was at work and my dog ran out,…
Retweeted by Princess♛a lot of you guys know that my dad just passed away 2 days ago but we were not financially ready for this my dad wa…
Retweeted by Princess♛ @BaebyChips Send me sloppy videos while you do it too please!! @BaebyChips Cause my body decided this was a good week to catch a fever/cold😭
all of mcr twitter right now
Retweeted by Princess♛happy forking halloween
Retweeted by Princess♛Y’all cryin over a nigga that never had a bitch badder than YOU. Wake up sis.
Retweeted by Princess♛Aye but they work so they can afford that coke......’m gonna be held up in bed all day sick instead of out enjoying Halloween.... don’t talk to me i hate my life.Please don't take this personal but you ain't shit and you weren't special til I made you so, you better act like…
Retweeted by Princess♛“I can show you the hoooood” 😂 Best Aladdin Halloween costume!
Retweeted by Princess♛ima sit this one out
Retweeted by Princess♛I CAN take a joke. I CAN’T take disrespect disguised as a joke. There’s a difference.
Retweeted by Princess♛Bro she is STALKING me. All I did was lead her on for 9 months, gaslight her, show up at her doorstep begging for h…
Retweeted by Princess♛ @taytay_BTA I swear to god that bitch would’ve spoken to my fist before she spoke to my manager.Didn’t rt and got pulled over twice with in 24 hours 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
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sorry i didn’t text u back, i’ve had multiple friendships where i’ve tried so hard and loved the person so much onl…
Retweeted by Princess♛I love Jhene aiko so much what a peaceful bad bitch 😭😭😭
Retweeted by Princess♛ Dad died today & honestly I’m not sure how to feel. I’m sad, but I’m also happy 4 all the great times we ha…
Retweeted by Princess♛i bet y’all don’t know how many arguments they had .how many times they felt like they wasn’t for each other. they…
Retweeted by Princess♛Wake up. Eat breakfast. Take a nap. I’d say today has been eventful?You don't get to call me a whore. When I met you, I thought I had found the person that I was going to spend the re…
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friendly reminder that if you only support abortion in instances of rape or incest, you’re reinforcing the idea tha…
Retweeted by Princess♛so when mf cheat and say they was “ drunk “ this shows you right here it ain’t no excuse
Retweeted by Princess♛At this point I am a student at Twitter University
Retweeted by Princess♛Always look out for your friends. Hit me ima send you a buncha free merch 🙏🏼
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I agree with could you? Lol’m so proud.
Bro like fuck this job 🙄
Retweeted by Princess♛trash as hell if you’re getting this hyped up over some guy when you have a fucking boyfriend 🙃
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dOnT bE 👜👜👜 fUcKiNg 👜👜👜 RuDe 👜👜👜
Retweeted by Princess♛My mom shot my step dad.. and he’s still around & that just shows me if a nigga wanna be around he would 🤣
Retweeted by Princess♛Flawless Real Talk and Jhené Aiko, a collab I never thought I needed
Retweeted by Princess♛I- This verse made me feel some type of way.. I need my hombre RN
Retweeted by Princess♛Baby bear refuses to let go of the ranger that saved him from fire 💕
Retweeted by Princess♛RT or this will happen
Retweeted by Princess♛Maaaaaaan, let me get in the gym cause these social media bitches not letting us regular civilian bitches breath
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A dead battery can not jump a dead battery, get away from people who can’t charge your spirit when you need a jump.
Retweeted by Princess♛I’m so sorry for what this country is doing to people. This is not ok💔 we need change. wanna do something for Halloween but i work when all the parties are going on😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @yellish_ Give her two weeks! She’ll be back
@Starr2_d2 You are!!Should’ve just ate your food.
Retweeted by Princess♛Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively
Retweeted by Princess♛My room has been a disaster since this job and it’s killing me cause i was doing so well😭literally everyone in the first picture is a meme
Retweeted by Princess♛We don’t skip Luke Combs in this car..
Retweeted by Princess♛Listen to this with headphones
Retweeted by Princess♛I tried to act froze on FaceTime and forgot my ceiling fan was on in the background still spinning 😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Princess♛That’s it. I’ll take 2.