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just some loser | ♡ j THIS MEANS I HAVE BF

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@xDemoned ya @jhtxt00 OMFG UR SO BEAUTIFULstraight from the camera roll <3
Retweeted by ämîyå @karinerino Wait u didn’t have to say all that @karinerino u r a hot girli pose like a hiii girl speak like a bruh girl, who want me
Retweeted by ämîyåim sorry that i can’t fit inside a tiny box that everybody likes, but it doesn’t matter if i have 41,000 followers… @ThirtyVirus honestly i nick to obvious names but i think the nick system is rlly nice cuz we can choose to have a… @Tent_LoL isnt ur most viral tweet of ur disgusting ass room floor @CorsairDamian @AnoyDK ur the league player man @CorsairDamian @AnoyDK we would never let u come near us, i promise u that @woIversine it's amazing <3 @woIversine UR SO TALENTED OMG @torweee i hope it's amazing :D @YisusAlt @darlukh @CorsairDamian king
mb for drama on the TL smile:) just got tired seeing this tweet on my TL and ONLY seeing negative things abt her wh… @BakeHatesItHere hiii ive been good hru :3 @BakeHatesItHere stephhhh!!!!! @Desiluted fr she the hottest and the realestsunshine on my mind
Retweeted by ämîyå @rxseisxbella hot girl summer @CorsairDamian @darlukh then stop letting ppl walk all over my friend for a couple of likes :-) @arcostabb0b @CorsairDamian @TomWasTaken @sglulurr ik :-) a stolen 1, too. comment section's full of hate. im just here to defen… @l0ly SAME LMFAOO @snirot bro ur bio is be nice 2 me now i feel bad LMAO im sowwy @darlukh @CorsairDamian who asked @TomWasTaken @CorsairDamian @sglulurr y'all are mad weird holy shit please grow upyour fav streamer can do this, but as soon as it's a girl behind the screen y'all are mad... holy fuck. @emmylby oh my god u scared meif i am following ur abuser pls lmk so i can stop. i follow so many people who don't show up on my tl//we don't tal… @AsteIic @hannahxxrose ASDHAHDHAHDAHHAA @hannahxxrose yo i have tea check discord dms:-) #MCM @awnuhaha this is so us @neatoqueenRL @LogitechG BIG GOAT MAN HELPIN BRING IN DUBS @fizzyburr2 L00L @herculysee ❤️❤️❤️ @blackwidowirl period!!guys that hit on u even tho u have a bf and message u on numerous platforms tryna get u to respond to a dm faster 😀😀 @AsteIic now THIS is EPIC!new upload btw i forgot to schedule tweet :( @awonderland i love u too @GRlNCHIE just woke up to the best news ever looks like ur bout to help me pay the bills LETS GOOOOO @xoxabstract how r u so beautifulSup
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i love women @Pikaclicks @AsteIic 🥺🥺 my fav @remmyuh yeah he babysit my goldfish and forgot to feed it.. when I returned home poor thing was floating at the to… @MaggieLindemann i would never do that to u queenu ever so tired that u like an ad on instagramnow that my acc is fully functional i would like to address the fact that i got restrixtd LOL for saying “(k word)…
Retweeted by ämîyåthe grinch smiles for the first time on social media
Retweeted by ämîyå @DumLilRat_ ? @torweee just sux when the online comm was a euphoria a couple years back nd now all these ppl have something to sa… @vlvtrm @KibS_Noctis LOOOL @SicK_cs @kissubie AYYEorange u glad 2 c me
Retweeted by ämîyå @lolnatie @pixiesp1t @GRlNCHIE I WISH TF
@shortBlasian @DlCTATING yeee @TeamLiquid @fruityl0l @Speed_RL @kuxir97 TEAM LIQUID IN ROCKET LEAGUE!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!stretching before she destroys the casuals @AsteIic #astelic #astelicfanart
Retweeted by ämîyå @palipiphanyy @AsteIic WOWWWWWWWshe’s blonde!
Retweeted by ämîyå @torweee UR SO PERFECT @xkendizzle Deadass @pupb0icarti LOOLwhile y’all r complaining about wearing masks,, im just happy i get to cover half my face @serenashado girl u are tf ?imagine being gods favorite
Retweeted by ämîyå @serenashado I WISH @SwoleTrev @AsteIic don’t care @sammygreenbw LOOL @JOSSI4H he’s been stalking me and my fam/friends for a year now,, didn’t realize it was him. just gotta block and ignore
flop @ZeroX5Z deadass @lystens mom @neatoqueenRL adore u ♥️ @AsteIic OMW @yungcalc fr league players r built different @goryx_ @yungcalc LMAOOO @KnownAsLit IDKE SLANDER ON THE TL? what he do to deserve this @KnownAsLit LMAOOOOOO U REMEMBER THAT DUDE ?? @lolnatie omg she dmed me back she’s literally all about clout abort typical egirl what the fuck omg she didn’t dm… @BlushiMC 🥺🥺♥️ @lolnatie hey ✔️ i got 2nd at fn world cup Lol @lolnatie hi nat ily @bbywengy hey ok see u @bbywengy ahaha.. sup @thetruefeather Boston uprising b like > hey i dmed u on discord > hey i dmed u on twitter > yo look at snap > ik… humidity got my face the size of a watermelon like an esports player goentered da booty call that inturdyour typical @HypixelNetwork UHC ft. @chariismaMC nd @chimahgod @hannahxxrose ur so beautiful dudeI wonder what happens to furries when they finally become normal. Are they ever taken seriously? @sammygreenbw ROBLOX TIME @GRlNCHIE 😐😐 LOL @sammygreenbw 😌🙏🙏 vidcon cord getting revived @sammygreenbw oH remaining two