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just sum loser inquiries:

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@Pircy_ T Y! @uhhstelic nice!! @iamkiwi LOOOL @MadySmacks ILLYYY1/19 noon CST: VAL -- MC ✔️ 1/20 noon CST: VAL -- MC 1/21 noon CST: VAL -- MC 1/22 noon CST: VAL -- MC 1/23 noon CS…
@sarachashrimpp u is cute:p
Retweeted by amiya ♡ gna play valorant -- bedwars 4 the rest of the week let's see how this goes!!! at noon !! @Okhoiya ur so pretty!!!! @Krtzyy investing in stocks
Retweeted by amiya ♡ @hannahxxrose LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOO ABSOLUTELY DESERVED <33333 @fakeJuul LOLOL @httpdevils where my shoutout tho
Retweeted by amiya ♡ @savannanicxol saaaamee!! @kennakins67 he's attacking each and every single one of my followers and my following ):, im sorry u went thru tha… @dizzy I MISSED U SO MUCH U HAVE NO CLUE SO GLAD UR BACK AND SO READY TO WATCH U DOMINATE ONCE AGAINthey wanna get in ur head so don't acknowledge them, im just lyk because they bot servers and will send cpif sum1 joins ur server impersonating me it's some kid that's mad i turned him down lol plz be safe <3… @DsharkeXoTic nop its sum weirdo @lexyuhh qWEEN @hunter_hhhh dont get ur hopes up this is emmyuh legit actually 0 editing @RiotPHRISK @riotgames @PlayVALORANT ur art is the bestnew emmyuh upload at 1pm CST lolzno stream today but i will b live tmrw at noon CST :) <3 @jadeyanh i love u and am so sorry that u went through that. :( glad ur family is safe and u didn't have to break TOS @gwinchie UR KREIZY
@mochipce :ppp @_notrose i love u toooo @Athena like ur a goddess as always :phandcam today at noon !! gonna let y’all know my schedule for next week later today :)next week = afternoon streams 😈1/11 8:30am CST: MC ✔️ 1/12 9am CST: MC, goc ✔️ 1/13 10am CST: RL, Minecraft ✔️ 1/14 9:30 CST: RL, MC ✔️ 1/15 9am… @sammygreenbw @gabbygrimaldii I LUV YALLWhat a great start to the new year! SEN the BEST! ❤️🖤❤️
Retweeted by amiya ♡:p
Retweeted by amiya ♡
yesterdayhappy birthday @angeIicuh i love u so much and u r the sweetest person ive ever met, here's to my prettiest gf havi… @sinatraa ya no biggielol das da funny number xd hey @JaebleBee Love u !! @Krtzyy O M G DAVE KRTZYY BW STREAMER @ranbled ur amazingu hear dis shit? emmyuh stream at noon SRY PAL @AyyJayyRL congrats!! @Depression__OwO @moriwakes @ikamontwitch @waterytea @_angiedemesa @TheMacroShow <3 @Zedzu_ it’s only just begun!!! here’s to a great year man :D @Zedzu_ ♥️♥️THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR THE AMAZING STREAM TODAY! HUGE thanks to @emmyuh for the absolutely gigantic raid of a p…
Retweeted by amiya ♡ @yzyangel @gwinchie @yzyangel @sarachashrimpp @uhhstelic
@sarachashrimpp yay @oblivi4n she seriously is!! I feel like she’s one of my close friends even tho we’ve never rlly gotten to talk or meet ):1 of the sweetest ppl I’ve met ***!!!!!!! ): ): ): ):FUCK I TYPODDAISKDJDKSKespecially if you’re a part of the minecraft community, i think it would mean the world to her.One of my most favorite supporters of all time has extremely strict parents. they’ve taken her ig, twitch, and more… @WidowOnTwitch I LOVE U AND THIS IS SO FUCKING DESERVED U ARE THE BEST BEST BEST PERSON INSIDE AND OUT LIKE SERIOUS… @jennavm nOOOOO @sarachashrimpp EW ! @Pwincessly omg kara ur so sweet i love u, AAAA @Pwincessly u r cool as hell :) <3 @Tiffae ON GODi love pokimane so much @sarachashrimpp plz move to austin man @KaleiRenay bro wait until u realize that people think this way about you
@EMODEGEN hell yeah u did :D @chibslol IDK WHY SUGAR GUARDIAN SENT ME @rxseisxbella if u ever need sum1 to play with im always down/on <3 @jorhdys LMAOended rlly fast cuz im super tired srryyycome by if ur real :3 im live teehee @lexyuhh ♥️♥️♥️♥️! @saburo2k ZHhauahahsjdksd @milf4effy MADI UR SO GORG PLS NEVER THINK OTHERWISE @gwinchie went 2 bed at 11 and can’t go back to bed @gwinchie queenhi hi
Retweeted by amiya ♡ @NightbotLive omg I found u! @TapLHarV a lot of confusion among the masses
@Desiluted I love u so much. pls don't let the hate get to you ): @deadpuffle AGHAHAHA HA HAHI @ @kianamariemc 🥰🥰 @TenZ_CS :) ♥️ @sinatraa @LenovoLegion @Microsoft :) goat
@Sentinels @sinatraa SO SEXYNobody better. 💯 @sinatraa
Retweeted by amiya ♡ @rorikira biss ily @gamergirlgf ilyIM HERE LIVE RN just for my early birds :3 @gabbygrimaldii GOODNIGHT QT @deadpuffle @gwinchie ILY @Shm0ooo NOOOOO @gwinchie @deadpuffle gm cuties hope ur having a gr8 and wonderful morning