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Hello I am coming to the TL today to say Elon Musk is a fucking moron and he does not do any of the engineering or…
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呪術廻戦 14話ご視聴ありがとうございました。。 本編に加えて2クール目op、edにも1カットずつ二原で参加させてもらいました! 虎杖も戻ってきて来週からは京都校との団体戦がいよいよ始まる〜 #呪術廻戦
Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨we’re grown. fix your communication skills.
Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨the lords year of 2021 and i’m in good menta health listening to a BMTH song
i’m being haunted Them
Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨anyone else stuck in this cycle 😭😭😂
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me everyday
Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨hope the people who ordered ryuk earrings earlier this month don’t mind that i updated the design.....✨
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Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨ @Rattlezziper pull up rattle
Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨hello i’m alive and cute god my hair dresser tested negative for covid my bangs need help
@Asshole_Model me @mobxpsycho
Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨ @Kipcom_ 🥺🥺 @raisinbranrider of the many things that lives rent free in my brain is that folgers coffee commercial where the brother and sis…
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Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨why did we let Eminem happen
Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨Please don’t worry. I’m not ok every night.
Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨jumping between attack on titan, bungo stray dogs and yuri on ice to really torture myselfwhy must hot sexy girls (me) go through so much
Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨Instagram is super toxic imo. everyone is expected to post perfect pictures and be flawless. I love twitter because…
Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨it’s ya they cannot drown my demons* they know how to swim *eating a veggie burger in bed
@SITHKATSUKI a perfect day粉紅色是男子漢的顏色!
Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨This anime scene is Heartbreaking
Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨ @Kipcom_ hey kip 👀 @Kipcom_ uh heyAt blue diner, I'll take anything you want to give me, baby
Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨ @Rattlezziper thanks son @butnotoften i would do anything he saidlevi ackermanHayley Williams could have discovered gravity but Isaac Newton can’t sing misery business.
Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨bi that turns off auto capitalization on their keyboard
Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨crazy that raw dog backwards is god war
Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨ @ennuiaboo AMEN @ennuiaboo TELL ME WHAT U THOUGHT WHEN UR DONEDr Fauci said that shows aren’t allowed to have more than 3 bands anymore. For safety.
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Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨levi is here i’m in love @AChoacher i know i’m pissed offyou know what i’m only watching this show for levi so let me not upset myself too much @AChoacher don’t lol me i have google loganif eren and mikasa aren’t endgame i’ll murder all of the AOT fans
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Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨ @KashAtLast2 thanks. i’ve been putting this one off for years. time to cave.started the attack on titan anime see u guys in a week when i’ve binged the whole series
Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨ @worldsfirstbug she misses you toowhy is she the cutest thing i’ve ever seen? @CamJones0 hate to see itmonday’s am i right?#RENGA : good old fashioned loverboys
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my day dreams are so good don’t ask why i’m not paying attention to you if you can’t beat them @worldsfirstbug that’s because it’s usme and beth (roles are reversed whenever we feel) @thepissclown it’s actually so cool how lee supports her and he even did all the camera work and editing for the vi… @Pie_Loves_You don’t go near kip @megann_sullivan if it was anything other than “i am proud of you” they’re a cowardwholesome night in with my husband and daughter @dumpsterdarling @worldsfirstbug @Kipcom_ @Kipcom_ kip i’m also marrying yougetting married to alex don’t text
Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨getting married to beth don’t textstarting off the year right with pepsi frog on your tl
Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨what drives me? what’s my secret to success? spite.discussing in depth with my shih tzu why he needs a hobby because i’m tired of him groaning all day long. happy saturday.
Guy who storms the capitol building j to use the bathroom
Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨ @Rattlezziper the shirt @JAKUJR yeah est can you make itwho wants to scream with me later? i have an open hour from 6-7. trying to go to the top of a parking garage and let it out? @Kipcom_ i should be put down @Kipcom_ it takes me 15 minutes to stretch before my back works in the am.[jjk] i just wanna see them all together again 🥴
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Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨狗巻先輩🍙
Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨ @Kipcom_ it’s already in mirror of twilight @JAKUJR i am youi’m the cat. tag urself clenches and combusts
Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨ @froghours i’ll send u the pic early @froghours it’s not H hours yet @raisinbranrider 🥰🥰🥺🥺火力勝負
Retweeted by ✨himbo hunter✨ @raisinbranrider i forget u r baby. i would buy you cigarettes @medicinelames miss u too. we will see eachother post covid again. @medicinelames 🥰friend🥰big purchases @medicinelames no ur not ur my friend