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owa owa @samisrlytired hi i love u smi stay humbled by knowing im a 10 in my mountain town but a 2 in LAMy wife officially needs surgery to repair a torn ACL, we don't do handouts so she is selling some of her amazing p…
Retweeted by mothman @evttherich how is it possible for a person to be this attractive
@wtfcami ugh ily @xLAWx_ wait do u not have that little voice in your head when you read or think something out and you can like talk to yourself with lol @veganbutterball I AGREE @smvnct OMG HAHAHAsomething about me laying in bed with my spaghetti peacefully listening to year of the knife in a corset everything feels right @jabsper ohnever taking this off bye the DJ(you) to change the station babes
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@arizonablueme maybe i should weedyou ever get annoyed by your internal monologue like shut up for two seconds im begging @_integrity2000 this is a good idea @ChocoAbuelita gotta love itjust now while i was checking out at the gas station i had to stand there and listen to the guy behind me talk to m…
make it legal to scream at the top of your lungs at (1) terrible customer a dayi’m listening 🧐✍️
Retweeted by mothmani has a really good night last night :’)
Retweeted by mothman @Mro19Owens offering my hand in marriage
i just started this job so i didnt get paid for 2 weeks bc of winter break nor do i get paid for this holiday n im…
Retweeted by mothman @meggurt IM SO SORRY HAHA @loudlikeplaid omg @coolkidjacy NOT AT ALL @coolkidjacy omg you have such nice full lipsthinking about the time when an undercover cop tailgated me for miles on the highway including through a constructi… that we have established how important foreplay is can we start discussing aftercare too @localhunk i didnt want to suffer alonetake me back to before i was aware of this perspective @JotaroPujo suddenly i am never introducing myself to anyone ever again @wydstepbrOoke never imagined a sticky note could be so violent and also i love you sm and am here if you need anything @_cherrrywaves i was fine until i read thispls i cant afford the amnt of therapy my fyp is causing me to need @14xWorldChamps i was referring to more as young mentally @jimbobrays_ cant even judge him arent we all @crushing_bore he definitely wrote a note @jalapeno_pants isnt that an actorlet’s kiss in the mcr whip
Retweeted by mothman @KoyaHasNoPants SHUT UP HAHA @bbycherubs youre so beautiful inside and out @cinnamonrust YOU PULL OFF BANGS SO WELL IM IN LOVE @meggurt HAHAHA I LOVE YOU SM @meggurt i bought lidocaine spray and a blister antibiotic ointment and a couple bandage wraps so i can change out :/ @meggurt im suffering @CooperTroop3r i think he had this in his car already prepared bc there was no way he would have known i was at dri…
@katiepattee_ i just @FIVESTARBlTCH i need to go homethis is how my shift is going must really like how much your overpaid bosses ass tastes with how much you, also most likely underpaid, are k… me dropping my 350 degree curling iron and then accidentally stepping on it good morning like this one too
Retweeted by mothmanGive every “burger flipper” $25/hour and a gun
Retweeted by mothman @kaylaweavy mine was just linework and i was ready to get tf out of there less than halfway so if yours is actually… @kaylaweavy ngl my stomach got me good BUT i do be telling everyone to get their chest tattooed because it was so easy to sit through
why did she look at me like that @coolkidjacy now im forever dreaming of having a shelf with all these lil guys on it :/id go broke collecting them allmake kewpies but classic horror movie character themes @Phatyo you unfortunately cannot come to a solid unison on matters of morals and one of our coworkers brought up a… like to have fun heretodays casual 6 am morning work discourse: the ethicality of grave robbing @niccarhartt there will definitely be pics when they arrive !!!
@bludreamz222 i was so confused hahahatold my dog we have whipped cream at home instead of getting her a pup cup when i drove past starbucks history really does repeat itself @iwantt0dream id let you tattoo this on me right now its so cleanin all honesty though i want someone to break my heart enough for me to listen to songs like this and think of some… your therapists number ready ://////// man to listen to drivers license for the first time ill let u guys know how it goesi have no will power i bought 5 corsets today @kaylaweavy tell her i bite
gonna replay the fable series for the 6th time
if i ever became rich idc i would still buy everything from walgreens @ripgenji omg keep himmmmmyes im finally watching bridgertoni deserve to be in a victorian dress prancing in a field of flowers with my dog
i wish i was the kind of hot girl where i post reciepts of the new $200 bedding and rug i just bought and get reimbursed @yephph ahhhh youre so sweet thank you!! @itmeebo awww thank you! i probably wont get enough of a raise and will have to stay with my current company but at… i like this veterinary technician oncology and anesthesia specialist position interview next week and am able to… @sadiestewart95 im sorry about that and i hope things will be okay super soon so people can afford to live :( but i…
@Hawaiiantrash_ OH MY GOD HAHAHAHAHAHA @DumpsterJesus i like your way of thinking @DumpsterJesus omg tthank you for this in my current position i dont need to suture anything i just wanted to learn… need to go outside @bassxhoney im crying at u sensoring i love you
gonna learn how to suture lacerations in my limited free time while i watch my tv shows because im a home body with an overactive braini deserve to have an updated studio apartment for only $700 @wydstepbrOoke kaylee babyyyy noooooo oh my god :( @CdyRnkn watched that movie and i havent been the same since
things that just make sense about me: a song from the witcher sound track being one of my top listened to last year… @actuallywhyth0 ill dm you!my dog just looooooves flexing that she can run on ice and i cannot @IndianCorpse this was 3 seperate gas stations in flagstaff and there is another one that i didnt tweet about @wydstepbrOoke i wish she was my grandmawe as a society have not progressed for the better we need to go back to this