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Two days, one track, all Javascript. Returning Spring 2020.

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@juliandoesstuff Yep, we'll have a CFP. Keep your eyes peeled for when we get that rolling! We'll definitely tweet about it.
A lot of people have been asking, so we thought we’d let you all know that there will be no Empire 2019. Due to a b…
21 speakers from 12 countries 2 days learning, meeting with the community Topics: #a11y #security #serverless
Retweeted by EmpireJSI can finally share what I've been up to: GitHub Sponsors! 💖 It's a new way to fund and empower developers, maintai…
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The wait is over! Our videos are finally up! Check them all out at ✨📼✨
🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ~*REGISTER TO VOTE*~ 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 @maninilchiani @ChimiKiki @Snugug Lol sorry Mani and Sam! Tweeting is hard sometimes! Pretty sure I meant to tap th…
Here are the slides from my #EmpireJS talk last week ✨✨✨
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Class dismissed! (Until next year 🍎)And thanks to all our attendees! We hope to see you again next year! huge thanks to all our speakers, sponsors, and volunteers. Without you all, EmpireJS wouldn’t have been possible! build these confs because we care to work for the change we want to see in our tech communities, local and at la…
Retweeted by EmpireJSCommunity-driven nonprofit conferences are built off the positive energy of its organizers(and very little money).…
Retweeted by EmpireJSWe intentionally keep @EmpireJS small in attendance for repeated, meaningful interactions. Doesn't make things easi…
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@nitya shows how to improve web performance using audits with Google Lighthouse. Use a Chrome extension, Node CLi,…
Retweeted by EmpireJSNew blog post, with links to as many of the slide sets from #EmpireJS that I could find, plus Jenn Creighton's repo…
Retweeted by EmpireJSslides for my @EmpireJS talk on recreating retro art! Most of my sources are linked -- check them out for more retr…
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Thanks for having me, #EmpireJS! My slides are here: and Gutenberg is here:…
Retweeted by EmpireJS @thathijabae says, "Engineering with empathy is really important." Born in Bangladesh, she was drawn to tech due to…
Retweeted by EmpireJSOMGGGGG #EmpireJS @piratefsh
Retweeted by EmpireJSClosing time... @paladique @floriidaaa were amazing MCs! Thank you ladies 🌟😍 #EmpireJS #takemetoVRworldtho Another…
Retweeted by EmpireJSClosing out the conference, we have @piratefsh drawing us a picture of how they remade amazing generative retro com… out to @wesbos and his dad-joke repo for providing me and @paladique the dad jokes we’ve been sharing #EmpireJS
Retweeted by EmpireJSNow @marimiyachi and @samskeller are talking about building their own ORM (object-relational mapping) at work— why… to our MC @paladique! Thank you for chasing the clouds away! ✨🎶✨ like @Tracidini’s legacy this year is talking about how to deal with legacy code: find the seams, find bri… @EmpireJS organizers with their cupcakes… not looking at me
Retweeted by EmpireJS.@thathijabae just mapped out the problems with getting population data for migrant communities (1000 line spreadsh… our last break coming up that means only one thing: cupcakes! now @nitya is shedding light on Google’s Project Lighthouse— what the audits mean and what to do with the infor… after lunch, we have @nodebotanist serving up a v animated talk on what serverless is and why IoT is a perfect… talk before lunch period! @sitnikcode is showing us how to build the most quintessential of demo apps, a todo… slides for my Slides about Slides are available online! Check them out @EmpireJS
Retweeted by EmpireJSNow @Snugug is sliding through his slides on slides, explaining how to create a performant progressive web applicat… learned so much from @maninilchiani’s talk on his journey to try to port his work on Diffy.js to WASM (including… the @EmpireJS Scholarship Class of 2018!!! so happy we could have all these brilliant minds be a part o…
Retweeted by EmpireJSThank you so much to @empirejs for having me out to talk about the history of tech workers’ organizing. For those c…
Retweeted by EmpireJSYou can find the slides for my talk #JavaScript Diversity on why the variety of #JS is the spice of your developer…
Retweeted by EmpireJSWe’re all fired up from the points @ughitsaaron raised about the legacy of tech and tech workers participating in a… Behind the Scenes
Retweeted by EmpireJSNow @kadamwhite is im-pressing us with his words on how WordPress adopted JavaScript in their Project Gutenberg, ta… us off for day 2, we have @KellySutton bringing us back to history class with a lesson on how web developme…’all ready for day two?! thanks to @Azure for sponsoring the @EmpireJS event this evening so important to give under represented identi…
Retweeted by EmpireJSThanks for a great first day of school everyone! Now it’s time to go to sleep early because it’s a school night and…
Ah thanks so much to @Azure for a lovely URMs Tea at @EmpireJS!!! Small bites and excellent conversation 🍰🍪🍵 🥪💖
Retweeted by EmpireJSSo @floriidaaa and @paladique like for real just played acoustic wonderwall on stage and it was AMAZING #empireJS
Retweeted by EmpireJSBe deliberate about your communication. Communicate effectively in inclusive ways to ensure understanding. #empirejs
Retweeted by EmpireJSClosing out the day, we have @lrnrd communicating to us so many different ways for improving communication within t… @sarbbottam is focusing on some key reasons why we should pay more attention to making keyboard accessible appl… after the break, @EthanGarofolo revealed why we might have had trouble with microservices and demonstrated som… so much for having me @EmpireJS! The slides are at & there are like five extra pages of links to enjoy.
Retweeted by EmpireJSAnd @m34ra just explained how JavaScript math and the “+” operator works and it finally maybe kinda now all adds up… @steph_NA @superSGP We record our talks!.@superSGP just gave an enthralling talk about how to be ally you think you are, how to dismantle the power structu… @HackyGoLucky @LopezCatherine’re back! Now we have @elibelly taking us on a tour of how to localise web applications, from Unicode to ECMA int… @EmpireJS @nkreeger Check out and for deets! #empireJS
Retweeted by EmpireJSThis is my #empirejs sketchnote thread. 🖋📓💣
Retweeted by EmpireJS"(design patterns that push urgency) in people with anxiety disorders can cause anxiety and panic attacks, it's a d…
Retweeted by EmpireJSLast up before lunch we have @nkreeger and @tafsiri flowing through their talk on Tensorflow.js basics, including t… .next(), we have @gurlcode! We were hungry for some knowledge on generators and her talk on how she used them to… now @itsjoekent is teaching us about creating legible user interfaces and how not to be like the MTA 🚋 #empirejs 💛 our fab MC @floriidaaa 🌹 @EmpireJs peeps. If anyone would feel indifferent about parting with your paper program/notebook I would love t…
Retweeted by EmpireJSThe @EmpireJS site has a glossary of terms used in each talk. What a great way to make the content more approachabl…
Retweeted by EmpireJSA Very New York Conference ™ @EmpireJS
Retweeted by EmpireJSNow @ryanwaskiewicz is giving a whale of a talk, explaining how using @Docker can help you check off a few of those… morning New York! Look at that @EmpireJS's retro name tag and booklet with glossary items.
Retweeted by EmpireJS @the_hme We like both nostalgia and recycling! ♻️The @EmpireJS stickers are on point AF this year. Delivery inbound!
Retweeted by EmpireJSNow @jjordan_dev is taking us back to biology class and showing how the tools in the JavaScript ecosystem like Embe… us off, we have @foobartel taking us through how to build ethical products, from avoiding dark patterns to… @ryanwaskiewicz That’s @emilywithcurls!The MCs starting off the morning with a live rick-roll #empirejs’re about to start! up, Google Maps doesn’t know *exactly* where School™️ aka Kaye Playhouse is (like Hogwarts, it is apparently… excited because it’s the first day of school! 📓📔📒📕📗📘📙📚📖✏️🖍✂️💛
We don't want to pass up this opportunity to thank our Silver sponsor @classpass! Thanks for helping us get EmpireJ… @nitya Aw thanks!
We still have local scholarship opportunities available! If you or someone you know is from a group that is underre… to a #DiversityScholarship from the @EmpireJS conference, I'm heading to #NYC this week! 😱😱😱 These amazing…
Retweeted by EmpireJSGet excited like it’s the mid 1990’s!'re in-tensor-ly looking forward to @tafsiri and @nkreeger's talk on Tensorflow.js, a library for training and de…
Ah less than a week until EmpireJS 2018! Which talks are you most excited about?!
We can't wait for @supersgp's talk on we're all falling short in being the allies to our underrepresented colleague… opportunity scholarship application is still open! Head to to find out more and apply!
We're excited for @nodebotanist to server us up a talk on what serverless is (and isn't!) and why, when, and how yo…'re super grateful to Aalto, the destination for off-market home listings, for being a sponsor of EmpireJS this y…
Come hear @itsjoekent fire off why many interfaces for modern-day emergency systems are poorly designed, and flood… real big thanks to our sponsor @vrworldnyc, the largest virtual reality experience in North America, for hosting…
We can hardly contain-er our excitement for @ryanwaskiewicz's talk on how to use Dockerization to get closer to tha… see @piratefsh's artful talk on exploring the early history of computer, including trying to recreate some of…
The theme of @kadamwhite's talk is going to be the story of how they re-wrote and re-created Wordpress in JavaScrip… hear @tracidini discuss how her team is dealing with legacy JavaScript, looking for seams in their application…
Come see @EthanGarofolo serve us up a talk about microservices and alternatives for removing the coupling in your a…'t miss @m34ra's talk enumerating how Javascript handles math. We hope it'll make some stuff about JavaScript ad…
We hope you seize this opportunity and take a bunch away from @ughitsaaron's talk on the the history of the America… @tomas_ehrlich @elibelly We don’t have a live stream but talks will be recorded and available soon after the conference.We're excited for @elibelly to give us a tour of how internationalization happens on the web and what we should kee…