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West Ham hadn't even been founded the last time we did this! 🤯 #LFC
Retweeted by Empire of the KopThe football community, from top to bottom, have shown their support for Jordan and his family and friends ❤️💙
Retweeted by Empire of the KopA photograph of Anfield from 1985 - and the incredible difference 35 years on 🏟️ [via @clemente_carl] that the idea Liverpool will beat Shrewsbury at Anfield hasn't even been considered! 🌟 prospect ✅ Played for #LFC between 2000-04 ✅ Joined as a physio in 2011 ✅ We wish you nothing but the best, R… makes sense - Wijnaldum almost 30, but Klopp would be loathe to lose maybe his most trusted midfield lieutenan…, no. Sorry. He just looked a bit like Messi.Just saw Messi riding a three wheeler into Melwood.Former Liverpool man Suso on his way to Sevilla @DavidMeyler DoniI've never heard of such a ridiculously overblown reaction, you know - it's like some people reckon Klopp is going…'t end up being that fun a night for Reds, but this is pretty amusing! 🔴 Matip will be back to his best soon 👊…, show me the most desperate tweet of all time
Retweeted by Empire of the KopWithout being a dick, what would Shrewsbury away support be like against a non-league side in a competition they ca…
Retweeted by Empire of the KopThe football community, from top to bottom, have shown their support for Jordan and his family and friends ❤️💙 spend: €159m 2018/19 spend: €82m 2017/18 spend: €198m 2016/17 spend: €185m United fans: 'Ed Woodward's gonn… think this is nonsense - he 100% cares about LFC the most - he can't go a press-conference without mentioning ou… Ham hadn't even been founded the last time we did this! 🤯 #LFC you ever heard anything like it?! 😂 well soon @Kamil_Grabara1 💪, Dean - Jurgen is the manager, not the pundits! 🤝 #LFC says #LFC have no real weaknesses - getting the excuses in early? 👀 better soon @Kamil_Grabara1 💪
An excellent touch 👏 #LFC #SALOP
Retweeted by Empire of the KopGuardiola: Don’t tell the manager which selection they have to choose please, that is our job! Rodgers: Klopp can… @MarineAFC Go on Dan lad 💪 @CalvesLikeShaq 😂 @ffsferna @lauraw97_ Take care of yourself 💪Another table cancelled. Sander Berge will no longer be eating at Pizza Hut. Thank you Ed Woodward.
Retweeted by Empire of the KopDon't 😂 I wouldn't put it past Jurgen 😂 #LFC is the most wholesome thing I've seen in ages ❤️ #LFC
Retweeted by Empire of the KopIf Hendo and Gini are nailed on, who takes that third midfield spot for you? 🤔 #LFC
Retweeted by Empire of the KopPersonally, I don't really care about 'tradition' and stuff like that here - why should we care? We we've got bigge…
Retweeted by Empire of the KopThe boss has spoken out after claims he isn't respecting the fixture 👀 #LFC and Jurgen have both been quite vocal about stacked schedules in the past 📅 #LFC #MCFC's all laugh at the Mancs 😂😂😂 year, Jerzy Dudek revealed that even Pope John Paul II is a fan of #LFC 👀 was truly a game to forget for both of our senior centre-backs, to be fair 😅 #LFC excellent touch 👏 #LFC #SALOP great bit of news, this 🤕 #LFC is the most wholesome thing I've seen in ages ❤️ #LFC birthday to #LFC legend Jamie Carragher 🏆 Hendo and Gini are nailed on, who takes that third midfield spot for you? 🤔 #LFC also described playing #LFC twice a being like two Cup finals for Shrewsbury 🤝 #LFC, I don't really care about 'tradition' and stuff like that here - why should we care? We we've got bigge… do you make of this, Reds? 🤔 #LFC
Potential team for West Ham? 🔴 Alexander-Arnold is worth more than double the next best right-back on the planet, according to Transfermarkt… weird how all the rival fans who think us winning the Premier League would be so horrible really want us to g… a lot of interesting discussion on ticket price for Shrewsbury game. Should be cheap with Klopp not there and… kinda like it, not gonna lie - English football has outgrown the need for two domestic cups 🏆 ridiculous question. Obviously Treble winners, as this would mean another Champions League title as well. B… think I agree with Carra in the main.. Klopp should field the kids, but show his face and go on his holidays post…😆 out for the best! Can imagine West Ham, with all their goalkeeping issues, are kicking themselves for lettin…"The Pickford" 🦖's anger is at the time of the break - not the added replay, interestingly ⚽️ Minamino has yet to hit full pelt for Liverpool, but it's clear our January signing has plenty of ingredients…, Lovren and Matip struggled - but they've been out for a long time. They'll be much improved next time they get… people share this please. Lad I work with. Really nice guy. Everyone starting to get really worried now.
Retweeted by Empire of the KopGotta see the funny side of this when Matip is who Mo just came on for! 😐 At the time I didn't, mind! 🔴's pretty black and white. 'Don't play matches, your players need to rest.' ⚽️ I stand is this - understand if Klopp thinks the players need the rest they were promised. Field the kids. Bu… it begins... Literally nobody is going to actually listen to Klopp's reasoning of course - but what did we expe… @chrisk_says Liverpool played a football match and we were tweeting about it. Like every single other media outlet…
Might have been smart for Klopp to just play the kids in the replay, but manage it himself and not make it a thing.… can't have a winter break for some and not others.Gotta trust Klopp implicitly. Part of me can't be asked with the negative reaction his decision not to bother with… @empireofthekop Youngsters might have enough to win at home anyway 🤔
Retweeted by Empire of the Kop @empireofthekop His call 100% trust
Retweeted by Empire of the Kop @empireofthekop He’s right, the Premier League wants clubs to respect the winter break and the FA don’t give a fuck…
Retweeted by Empire of the Kop @empireofthekop Don’t agree with him. But he’s won the champions league, i haven’t so have to trust his judgement
Retweeted by Empire of the KopWow - there was a backlash from the media when we did this and the team was literally in Qatar. This is gonna blow… 2nd half was bad, but, ya know - we can't win every single game. We didn't play our first-team. The Replay wil… we all share please, we need to find this thieving scum bag
Retweeted by Empire of the KopAm actually happy for the Shrewsbury fans - just irritated at the replayKlopp: Well deserved, congratulations Shrewsbury. The minimum they deserved, actually.Klopp smiling throughout the interview, but it's pretty clear what he thought of that performance.Klopp: We sent so many invitations to the opponent!Firmino almost won that on his own when he came on - hindsight a great thing but an extra 5 minutes for him and Sal… big lesson to the players in red on the field tonight about game management.FT: Shrewsbury 2-2 Liverpool 🔴 Dreadful 2nd-half from the Reds, but massive congratulations to the League One side…'s two week break now ruined due to the FA cup Replay. Klopp will be completely fuming at his team - probably rightly soCan't blame the kids today - Matip, Lovren, Fabinho, Origi all Champions League regulars who have been way off it.… - not a sitter. A chance.Salah misses a sitter to win the game from Firmino's brilliant work...Matip and Lovren have been about as bad as you can be today, coming back from injury or not! 🔴's gonna be another goal here either way.Salah thinks sub Joel Matip, the player he came on for, is on the field and pings a ball out wide. Sums up this second half, that!Shrewsbury have deserved it this half. Matip and Lovren have been absolutely woeful. Tweeted before the game about… - 2-2. Cummings again. Let's get Salah & Bobby on please.Ox on for Elliott... First time the 16-year-old hasn't wowed for the first-team this season! Which is saying something, in all honesty.Weird how the commentators are not calling out the ref on any of his mistakesShrewsbury scored - team need to pull their finger out as this 15 minutes has deserved a goal - although it should… against us. Prob outside the box, but we've been dreadful this half.Matip and Lovren looking like Matip and Lovren pre-van Dijk today!Really bad error makes it 2-0 to Liverpool - never heard our travelling support celebrate a goal less ⚽️ - was just typing Liverpool will try to start quickly - and Shrewbury scored for us in bizarre fashion. That's…