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Abundant tweets about civil liberties & national security. "Has a longer memory than an elephant & keeps more records than Jim Comey.” Legendary potty mouth. 🗽

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Gaetz is a putz, but the Dems do deserves some of his disdain here for their cowardice.Gaetz, who smeared Hunter Biden hypocritically today, loves this blood lust line.CONGRATULATIONS @HurdOnTheHill you are Matt Gaetz's little puppy.One thing Dems haven't pointed out is that OLC's efforts almost had the effect of delaying whistleblower complaint… suggests the HJC Republicans have less sense of right and wrong than children.Swalwell: Our colleagues would have you wait until the building burnt to the ground. This president has set our democracy on fire.Reschenthalers is suggesting that the less than the BARE MINIMUM of preventing Trump from kidnapping children is pr…
But norms mean nothing to Trump. @RosenzweigP @FaizaPatelBCJ @rgoodlaw @normative @ggreenwald That one was, IMO, one of the most important Snowden d… @FaizaPatelBCJ @rgoodlaw @RosenzweigP @normative @ggreenwald But Faiza, those are brown people. Want to bet there…'s so crazy the GOP wants to subpoena Adam Schiff but are bugged that it was revealed that Devin Nunes was on the… You cannot weaponize the subpoena power of Congress against the Exec. Wut?Jayapal is lighting it up. I also like her voice. Not so much as Val Demings, but she's got a great power voice.Mike Johnson accuses the Democrats of being hyperbolic. Claims it's not true that this is unprecedented.FINALLY: Cicilline corrects the GOP that the American people are the victim. @Weinsteinlaw @realDonaldTrump He didn't attack Fiona Hill, but that may be because she sat in on his calls with Putin.Scanlon: This is the kind of absolute -- I'm tempted to say Iron Curtain -- he's put up. There is no way in hell I'… Trump has clogged up our courts for decades. He usually loses. Bc he doesn't have a legal leg to stand on.… Really uncomfortable by suggestion that Constitution is for sale. If Trump's abuse are not impeachable nothing is.Ken Buck actually asks a specific question: why court isn't the remedy. Answer: bc WH never invoked privilege.Reschenthaler now calling serving a subpoena an abuse of power.General election 2019: Tories on course to win majority - exit poll
Retweeted by emptywheelAs someone who witnessed that brutal moment when a car ran down counter-protestors in Charlottesville it's hard to…
Retweeted by emptywheelRepublican staffers have taken to playing with their Apple watches.George Papadopoulos described the actions Stone was taking in September 2016 -- which he has been lying about since… says Mueller showed ABSOLUTELY no collusion. Roger Stone was found guilty on 7 counts of covering up wha… @DaleDodge2 @RepHankJohnson @RepSwalwell Hard to beat that smooth gutting of Gaetz. @ccbashford Trump assured Manafort he'd get a pardon if he lied. He lied. So we don't know whether Manafort entered… Johnson: To protect the Constitution I'd give up my job and I'd got back to GA and do what I used to do. That'… analysis showing that Mike Johnson was plain old making stuff up abt Trump's interest in corruption. now laying out evidence that Trump was, in fact, in violation of Impoundment Control Act.Jayapal calls the letter an "after the fact cover-up."It'd be really nice for a Dem to summarize all the Exec claims--like OMB's memos and statements from Perry and Pomp… really hope someone w/interns fact checks this line of bullshit from Mike Johnson. Trump LOVES corruption overs… are the kinds of things Trump Tweets about corruption. It's just like the Ukraine stuff: he calls corruption p… asks for a show of hands for any GOPers who agree with Turley who said call was anything but perfect.Key point: memo claims only that OMB acted legally. No defense of Trump conduct. “Importantly, the agency’s memo…
Retweeted by emptywheel @KDbyProxy Ira. I'm busy. Stop trying to distract me. W/o looking yet, how much does the expansion of security fa… @digby56 It's also crazy bc several things may fall into place in next few months, like superseding in Parnas case.Dems have done a terrible job distinguishing between sworn testimony and letters sent up while refusing legal process.Scanlon did a superb job mocking the fact that Admin came up with an excuse now. @SimonWDC And I think two reasons Barr attacked Horowitz so aggressively is 1) because he opened Durham w/no predic… @SimonWDC There's an interpretation of what Rudy was up to (esp given hold on Javelins last year) was to undermine… mocking the fact that GOP is trying to push this amendment months after the fact. If it looks like a duck, it's a duck. @Mimirocah1 More importantly, the legal victim here is not Ukraine, even though they were the hostage taken, but American voters. @cjcmichel @paulsperry_ @RealClearNews You mean he fluffs his resume w/Hoover mentions, like George Papadopoulos?Gohmert basically saying if Congress follows the part of the Constitution that gave them power of impeachment is tyrannical.Gohmert: The double standards--they serve one party well.LOL @SimonWDC And it's clear from his so-called interview with Pete Williams the other day he knows he's vulnerable on… @SimonWDC The full extent to which DOJ went to avoid treating the whistleblower complaint in the same investigation… @OrionWinning They're actually doing a great job. I think the Dems are underestimating how effective this gaslighting is.Chabot now complaining that Trump's phone calls are leaking, even w/Democrats "decades down the road." Not compla… claims that Ukrainians aren't REALLY dying now, contrary to what Collins said. Then claims again that the… now complaining that Trump has committed so many crimes it's hard for him to keep up. @bradheath It's like there's something in Federal networks that does that all the time. He should just have to change his name. @tcddoyle No. But Dems are letting them play offense.Dean explaining some high school kids who copped on watching yesterday that it's Congress' job.Dean talking about what "sole" means, explaining she's giving a civics lesson.Mike Johnson was doing great until, 2 minutes in, Raskin interrupted and alerted him he had been referring to an en… Mike Johnson: Please strip me of every last prerogative my Branch of Govt once had.What's crazy is Jordan is disputing that the removal of Burisma is important while purportedly debating a motion to… say, Jamie Raskin is mighty dapper for impeachment. @ScottGreenfield Man that's like ancient history! ;p I look forward to see him in this case then. At the very leas… @ScottGreenfield @bmaz @carriecordero @Popehat No. I don't know this guy. The effort is of course really well timed. @ScottGreenfield Is he? Not familiar with him. This is one of the more interesting FISA challenges I've seen, with one in OR. @TheViewFromLL2 I'll need to go look more closely.Again, SOME Dem needs to explain why this falls apart: because there are official channels for such requests. And V… Johnson says the way to prevent Trump from becoming a dictator is spending 3 years fighting in court.Remind me: Do the Brits count the vote over days, like civilized people, or will we learn soon? @TheViewFromLL2 I took it to be a precedent. Didn't read it that closely.Correx: Carve up Ukraine, win MI. Tho I'm sure he'd be happy to send Detroit to Canada, too.The #1 campaign promise Ken Buck says Trump kept was moving Jerusalem. A move that was, itself, fairly corrupt.It'd be a neat way to get his abuse of pardons in there, Manafort's lies to obstruct Mueller, and demonstrate, inco… how Dems could have made their Ukraine case bullet proof by including an article on Trump's successful effo… is pretty remarkable that almost 20 years after 9/11 no one much cares abt info-sharing anymore. And the time it… @EliLake @RadioFreeTom @normative @AdamSerwer What the fuck do you think the FISAs you've been unconcerned about fo… problems with the Page FISA are serious, especially the renewals. I've ALWAYS been a Steele dossier skeptic. B… after America Learns to Hate FISA, Lev Parnas' Co-Conspirator Focuses the Issue @carriecordero We may learn how closely Barr has involved himself in sensitive FISA sooner rather than later, giv… @EliLake @AdamSerwer @RadioFreeTom No? So you disavow all the frothy right who have been arguing just that? @LemonSlayerUS Oh, I'm sure the govt IS using some of them. Plus these guys would be an obvious back door search find. @LemonSlayerUS Right, I think only the last two would be discoverable. But it's a good time to raise surveillance c… challenge is from Kukushkin, one of the grifters involved in the Nevada marijuana grift funded by a Russian. T… non-denial is pretty damn close to confirmation that Parnas and friends HAVE been subject to FISA surveillance… he wants to know whether he or alleged co-conspirators (including those not indicted) have been subject to cert… of Parnas' co-defendants noticed what I did. Prosecutors don't deny they used FISA against them. Just that they… are really acting negligent here. There's so much to respond to this one.Biggs: Is it an immunity granting even to have a relative run for office? Well, Trump is arguing just that--that T… It's an attack on us. Eliminationist language. Trust Gaetz to use it going forward.Gaetz now defines "a fair fight" as one in which Trump gets to cheat with the help of foreign governments.Gaetz claiming that this "blood lust on impeachment" will be visited on Dem's own members. We shall see. It's unclear.Gaetz: Corrupt people, they don't just steal once. He's right you know. Trump U, Trump Foundation, ... @sullivanst @JoyceWhiteVance He said it explicitly. And his lies abt Stone aren't the slam dunk one, his lies abt Trump Org are.Chabot again complaining that all the bills the House has passed have died on Mitch McConnell's desk.And this line of attack by Chabot is why Democrats should have focused on Paul Manafort. He booked $2.4M in incom… Dems need to make two points on this amendment. Volker specifically AVOIDED going about this the normal way,… claims he was right abt Russia. Less than a month ago Roger Stone was found guilty on 7 counts of covering… feeding Gohmert, does the gentleman wish to strike the last word?Deutch's job appears to be to counter the process complaints.