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“Objectively the worst account on Twitter.” Widely disliked by anime avatars. Will tweet for mini muffins.

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@A_n_a_r_c_h_y_6 @oneminutecall Females. @oneminutecall OoooStanford paper, shorter: “make it go away”
@Kahleniel So glad you did! @emrazz this shanty is for you
Retweeted by feminist next door @Kahleniel Is this you?? It’s ✨perfection✨ @deardrewdixon ❤️✊🏼 @ElegantSavant o no not singledom and paying bills @hottakejr idk lava or something @beautyingame Dude you cant even command a swear word from a keyboard."Why is she spending time on anything but me and why cant I fuck it?" I dunno man maybe she just wants some away t… @SomePinko There are as many as there are those people attached to them. @TheRealHoarse @tonyposnanski Together at ArbysWhen you've literally never had a friend @ElegantSavant Turns out its the least confusing thing of all.Thread. Good one.
Retweeted by feminist next door @KatyMontgomerie @TakedownMRAs what's next, relabeling "family planning" as "birth control"??? I hardly know where… @ElegantSavant I'm so confused. @tonyposnanski @TheRealHoarse That's the number of beef and cheddars she's shared with people. Like its not special, is what I'm saying. @tonyposnanski @TheRealHoarse I fucking knew it. @deardrewdixon I'll paint one on my back and stand with you. @LeftinMyHeart1 @VABVOX @TakedownMRAs its the guy who didnt get fight club @deardrewdixon @SheriSher_Bx @Sil_Lai @Sil_Lai is one of the bravest and most incredible women I know. @VABVOX It amuses me when misogynists bloviate about unfuckable feminists as though we aren't literally begging them to stop touching us. @shonfaye @r0wdy_ Exactly this - and working backwards from here, if your feminism requires hatred of those oppress… @JessMaBi1 You're right but also I'm straight and equally invested in this sarcasm. @apexnerd you can stay."You're only a feminist because you cant get a man" I literally cant get rid of them sir, please go away.I’m not sorry you feel attacked by my tweet about how often women are attacked.
@LindseyBoylan 💙Today I am telling my story. I never planned to share the details of my experience working in the Cuomo administrat…
Retweeted by feminist next door @kristal100 @witchylunar_tic @dnlkvcs Nippy little field mice.Women’s words are not required to make you comfortable in order to be valid. @inthecheapseat1 @AdikiaArt @TheRealHoarse No we don’t do much of that here either. @mikoscar1 @EricSwe53067845 @TheRealHoarse I just noticed the song on the stereo hahahahhaha @mikoscar1 @TheRealHoarse Hmmm. Yes. Accepted. @kadelopa @Orionarmstar @mooonyeka @BrentTerhune ⬆️⬆️⬆️ @TheRealHoarse APP is grossly misrepresentative given the extreme disparity between pocket resources held [read: h… @GarnellPinth @TheRealHoarse SO DO WE SIR @TheRealHoarse If you're not going to data disaggregate we cant have an honest conversation about the pocket gap. @Angry__Birb @The_Games_Afoot @TheRealHoarse Give me dresses with pockets or give me death. @TweeterMegz @TheRealHoarse As we later sift through the psychological wreckage that is sure to follow, I will remi… @Angry__Birb is this a threat @TheRealHoarse So says the cargo pant wearer. There can be no unity in a world where mockets still flourish. @mooonyeka @BrentTerhune devastating.Sirs. Have we not suffered enough.
@kate_manne @adamgreeney @TweeterMegz 🙏🏼 @Enoch_Root_ The double standard is their misogyny in action. Misogyny is the active enforcement of patriarchy. @adamgreeney @TweeterMegz @kate_manne Hard agree, on both counts. Manne has my heavy endorsement all day every day,… @adamgreeney @TweeterMegz 1) excellent example 2) any time you can quote Lindy West within @kate_manne, you shouldPatriarchy’s water carriers aren’t offended by mean tweets, they’re offended by the audacity of a woman to write th… @tobbiefox @TheRealHoarse @tonyposnanski Do not confuse me with Nicky. Nicky holds a special place in HWs heart thr… @TakedownMRAs @MarquessMacaron I hate it here. @NataliaAntonova When I saw your tweet in the thread about someone you trusted being approached by this person and… @NataliaAntonova I’m so sorry this is happening. 💙500,000 people are dead. It’s hard to come up with something meaningful to say in the face of incredible sadness th…
@TheRealHoarse @DesertYETI84 Naturally. @DocLT2 @DesertYETI84 @TheRealHoarse I have a JD is there a way to apply it to these pants somehow? Asking you, as the engineer @DocLT2 @DesertYETI84 @TheRealHoarse I’m sorry I can’t tell if you’re being serious @UpTheIrons83 Oh no. @DesertYETI84 @TheRealHoarse A tech cargo is like if HW had a start up in Silicon Valley @timjacobwise This is a good thread and I agree with what you’re saying but it still ignores the rampant misogyny on the left. @Oleever Like oh no. No no no no. That’s not what—you know what never mind. @Oleever Punisher omg I have so many thoughts on this. @cmclymer @UpTheIrons83 @cmclymer If you started a fight club in response to fight club you did not understand fight club. @Julerius Exactly what I was thinking ofMe: go back to sleep My brain: the bees are still dying you know @MentalErrorist 🎯 @itsjust_jules I wanted to say ‘most’ but that gets me into about as much trouble as ‘all’A whole subsection of the male population didn’t understand Fight Club and none of them should be allowed to legally own a gun. @challlass ???Esto.
Retweeted by feminist next doorGaslighting is different than lying. Lying is saying something is true when it isn’t. Gaslighting is saying somethi… @Falconer084 @saturdayobrien Literally the perfect gif @Pevenly1 @girldrawsghosts @Angry__Birb Yeah he does alright @HeroPuss It’s the most personal thing anyone can do, gaslight your individual reality. It’s personal. I’m taking it personally. @TimothyKenison I’m not talking about republicans.I’m so tired of the gaslighting. @SonOfTylerD It’s not a feminist magazine. You fuckers twist everything. @TakedownMRAs @SonOfTylerD @Vanoffanelia @JohnDavisJDLLM @shaenongarrity So disgusting
@FidelCa78276946 @r0wdy_ I don’t get it @KarlOakes1 @r0wdy_ No idea what this means @ad_the_bad52 Y’all never follow through.I’ll believe you’re not a misogynist when you stand up for women when none are in the room. @Kno Harsh but fair"Pro-life"
Retweeted by feminist next door @confusatron They won’t @Rschooley No Teds for president ever. @r0wdy_ 10/10 would ship that bear.Your mom doesn’t love you for being a misogynist she loves you because you’re her son and also she’s probably afrai… @_Savage_Mom_ @malko59132581 Thanks mom 🥰 @spartan03x @AliiRidge @malko59132581 @Princessfrickin @JessPected What do you think harassment is son @AliiRidge @malko59132581 I blocked you for a reason. That you gleefully admit to finding your way around it shows how much jo… @malko59132581 Because you searched for people replying to my @, or you viewed my profile without logging into the… @confusatron @malko59132581 @AliiRidge @Princessfrickin @JessPected @malko59132581 Don’t play dumb. I’ve had you blocked for weeks. There’s no reason you should have been in that thre… @malko59132581 @AliiRidge @Princessfrickin @JessPected You really made me unblock you just to tell you to shut the…