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@Stevie_oneduhh @FrankiesTooLoud Not yet @FrankiesTooLoud It’s also on Hulu. @FrankiesTooLoud Sadly, no. I’ve been watching the two seasons of What We Do in the Shadows on repeat lmao @CopierCollin Common WReally liking the week of September 20th in the #Astros schedule 👀👀👀
Retweeted by Emily Nyman @nickhawkss The Smiths are one of my favorites too! @FrankiesTooLoud Trust the processIm so proud I remembered to use this tweet bc I thought of it 9 months ago and wrote it down in a note, fully assum… @DavidWohl @KyleOfKingston @Blochead4real Awwww @KyleOfKingston @Blochead4real Hahaha omg I didn’t even notice your name change but I swear, under one of the tweet… @KyleOfKingston Yes it does @SalB17 Do you really go around thinking, “different opinion = offended”? @KyleOfKingston Men work out the glamour muscles only. @KyleOfKingston @30Charliezzz @alexbhlz No offseason SZN 🙃How many people who said they were done with MLB and wouldn’t watch this year, are watching this televised practice rn lolKahnle really is a sight for sore thighs @Stevie_oneduhh @TalkinJake @erinmmg @Jomboy_ @SH3G3TSiiT @Eric_M888 @FrankiesTooLoud 😭😭😭 @SH3G3TSiiT @FrankiesTooLoud @Stevie_oneduhh @TalkinJake @erinmmg @Jomboy_ @Eric_M888 Absolutely hate to see it @Stevie_oneduhh @TalkinJake @erinmmg @Jomboy_ @SH3G3TSiiT @Eric_M888 @FrankiesTooLoud Did I miss it? Or has he not… @SH3G3TSiiT @FrankiesTooLoud @Stevie_oneduhh @TalkinJake @erinmmg @Jomboy_ @Eric_M888 Lmao @SH3G3TSiiT @FrankiesTooLoud @Stevie_oneduhh @TalkinJake @erinmmg @Jomboy_ @Eric_M888 Lmao I tweeted that last season
@TheHitterSports @wiffleballmagic I don’t give a fuck what these guys look like if they win games and win World Ser… @FrankGibney @TheHitterSports Even if I’m not, you and I both know that I would be insistent with my opinion anyway lol @TheHitterSports I don’t know how many times I can possibly tell you that my point is that I think it’s stupid @TheHitterSports Yeah it’s almost as if other teams realized how dumb it was so they dropped it. Neither of us are… @TheHitterSports @wiffleballmagic You’ve literally referred to people with facial hair as looking like a scrub, poverty, and now homeless @TheHitterSports And I love that ppl have to leave pro sports completely and use other, unrelated jobs, to try and… @TheHitterSports They should bc totally unrelated professions that require ultra-conformity and obedience bc they w… @wiffleballmagic @TheHitterSports Hitter, you liking this tweet despite having a beard is really puzzling lol dunki… @TheHitterSports Idk why you’re retweeting me with this caption bc that isn’t the conversation. No one is questioni… @TheHitterSports No one is saying they aren’t, that’s not the convo. It’s about me thinking they shouldn’t have the policy at all @TheHitterSports so do the players, no one said players are refusing to play for the Yankees bc of facial hair poli… @TheHitterSports LOLOL uhhh ok @TheHitterSports So do the players, but you just implied that having facial hair is unprofessional and makes people… @TheHitterSports Don’t you have a beard? @mrsstealyobase Is rusty still in the navy? @MJTorres1230 So glad they lifted those archaic rules and you can be you, in all of your glory! And totally agree a… @TheHitterSports How does it “clearly” elevate the team? Being the only team that does it, doesn’t mean it makes th… @mrsstealyobase You couldn’t hear a dump truck driving through a nitroglycerin plant @mrsstealyobase Ellen, are you still dating Clark? @sophiassandlot for Clarke Schmidt rn.... Not bc he's hurt or sick or anything, he is just about to pitch against a fuckin… @ProGenitor09 @TheHitterSports I"m one of those annoying people who dislike names on the back of replica jerseys bc… @ProGenitor09 @TheHitterSports I know not everyone thinks it elevates them lol i mean, I clearly don't and i know o… @MJTorres1230 They can, obviously, as they do. I'm not saying they can't, i'm saying they shouldn't. It's antiquat… @TheHitterSports The tweet was really in response to the widespread belief among yankee fans that the policy someho… @MJTorres1230 yes @FrankiesTooLoud @joshd5727 lmao idgaf if you hate him, be my guest. @joshd5727 @FrankiesTooLoud lmao i don't even bother anymore. Frankie tweets about arod almost as much as i do @_justinddiamond @Carolineee_27 @WCJ34 Couldn't be more subjective. I mean, nearly every other team disagrees with… @Carolineee_27 @_justinddiamond @WCJ34 lmao "Cole to 10-day IL due to beard hair wrapped around uvula" @_justinddiamond @WCJ34 Probably bc a players facial hair has zero to do with his ability to perform his job @WCJ34 @_justinddiamond It's antiquated and arbitrary.Yankees haven't won a World Series in a 11 years but at least they're #1 in facial hair related professionalism! @_justinddiamond @WCJ34 Tbh i feel the same way about the pearl clutching over facial hair @WCJ34 @_justinddiamond Guidelines at your job are neither here nor there, especially when 29/30 teams within the s… @_justinddiamond So shaving their face in the morning is what shows discipline, not the fact that they were able to… @Jared_Carrabis What day is your episode of Hoarders airing on A&ESaw Rosenthal’s tweet about the retirement of Brandon Guyer but didn’t recognize the name so decided to google him.… @MakeUp_MoFo I didn't suggest that you were trying to deny his right. You asked what players are doing to change th… @MakeUp_MoFo This, complaining about it publicly. They don't make the decisions to change the policy, all they can… @MakeUp_MoFo I don't see anything wrong with a former player voicing his displeasure with an archaic team policy @dodgerfan2k17 I doubt it. Agreement was for 60 games with per diem pay, deleting games due to test result delays… @Roccosdad1 LikewiseConsidering the in-season protocol of 2x/week testing, i don't see any scenario where they can pull this off. Obvi… @omgrodnick @tbuss76 Idk about you, but i trust tbuss76's illustrious common sense over actual data @tbuss76 @omgrodnick Brave AND a genius. Could you be any more impressive? Truly remarkable. I love your confidenc… @APBarone @jeffwzimmerman wat @tim815 Considering the league has never pulled off anything flawlessly, they're due! 😳 @Knowyourr0le @JeffPassan yeah, no kidding @JeffPassan Players will remain in the state that is mishandling this virus on every level and reporting 10k+ new c… @tbuss76 @omgrodnick I'm commending you for your bravery! I mean, i can only imagine the look on COVID-19's face wh… @tbuss76 @omgrodnick wow we are all so impressed with how tough you are. YOu really showed that virus! It ran away… @tbuss76 @omgrodnick This may very well be the dumbest tweet i have seen in an extremely long time. Imagine thinki… @tbuss76 @omgrodnick It's you, bro. Go look up Dunning-kruger effect; if you need a real-life example of it, look… @omgrodnick @tbuss76 “Deal in reality” says the person not dealing in reality lmao love to see it @Amlx93 Yes I’m sure it was just a wacky coincidence lmaoo @Amlx93 LMAOOOO ok @Amlx93 Stealing tweets for clout<<<<<< it this weeks episode of, “Is This Tweet About Baseball or Porn?”: @AntonioSlamsci @royoswalt44net 💀💀💀💀Is ESPN nibbling on boot here by setting the stage for the, “family members are to blame for infecting players, not… @mrsstealyobase ❤️❤️❤️ @Ben13Porter It was only a matter of time before lobbyists made their way into our heads. The bureaucracy really knows no bounds these days @Ben13Porter Can they do this even if he doesn’t opt out @NYSportsFanCush Ok zoomer @CoachDuggs @WCJ34 the king beat me to it!! @CoachDuggs @tbuss76 It’s not about what’s best for me, it’s about what is best for the people around me, other citizens, what’…
@OneeUpp The reality is that the free market decides all. Brands will do whatever the majority of their consumers want them to do @OneeUpp I’ve read articles that say they are, but either way, using the generalized caricaturization of an oppress… @OneeUpp (Hit send on accident) People of color have been expressing upset over nomenclature, cultural appropriatio… @OneeUpp It’s not that white ppl are more offended, its that major social change like this requires the support of… @OneeUpp unprecedented access to info, and ability to connect personally with ppl from all walks of life, via the internet. @OneeUpp Native Americans have been expressing upset over the appropriation and caricaturization of their culture f… @FrankiesTooLoud @TheHitterSports I’m not sure how her tribe feels about it, it’s their call. But I’d guess that th… @FrankiesTooLoud @TheHitterSports Miss SheDoesIt Hahahaah