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An archive of a recently discovered obscure religious-themed public access show is now being rebroadcast with English closed captioning for the first time.

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We've been hearing a lot of chatter about a 'Turkey Indult' recently... @pegobry are liberals like this @SteveMissionary Kanye @jordanheartedXV Dude I’ve been saying the same thing
@TylerCarter @ZacMabry >man landed on the moonThe fact that our elites are trying to cancel Thanksgiving and not Black Friday is everything you need to know
Retweeted by EMTV Memesrip mary's dowry is a senior UK barristerEvery day I think about the giant trash island in the ocean, so sad @gillian_ava There were 665 likes on this, I clicked like, and it skipped straight to 667. Atheists stay holding Ls.
@joshgonzvsqz cc: @byzantinepowerFrom the Archives
@JeffTheLess @ebruenig Thank you
Extremely normal ™️
This story is a trip! Fascinating research is sickening. Literally shaking right now. Biden has been trying to end this senseless war for 11 years and T…
Ok I need off this ride @GrayConnolly
@NotJohnDaker Sir all of our programming is unironic thank you for your viewership @USCCB Post a baby yoda gif reminder that this is the realest thing
2020 just typed and deleted so many expletives.
Alhamdulillah the election: if one thing is absolutely certain, it’s that something entirely unpredictable and insane is going to happen. @CathGirlRach Sir all of our programs are translations of real quotes thank
@SCOTUSblog is not enough that now-aging fathers have sent their sons to fight in the same CIA-owned poppy fields they thems…
Retweeted by EMTV Memes @DanielMOrnelas Sit down, please, sir. You paid $200,000 so you could hang a picture of the golden dome on your wal… weird, this doesn't have the little dystopian commentary bubble about disputed misinformation I wonder how one… Twitter please deplatform this pathetic man who is publicly and shamelessly parroting Trump's fascist talking p… @Vizekonig @DonaldJTrumpJr Wait til you hear about Hunter @Jacob_Rees_Mogg B A S E D is not enough that now-aging fathers have sent their sons to fight in the same CIA-owned poppy fields they thems… no one stop this literal fascist from trying to end a hellscape forever war? Is this how democracy will die…
@howdydoughty @APStylebook Seek help
@WB_Baskerville It's really a mess and I don't mean to make light of it, because everyone is going to now be proces… @WB_Baskerville You're saying this felt a little too on the nose? am extremely concerned that the cunning and innovative supporters of the fascist in the white house have develope… @OrwellNGoode “Ok, you first” @rockpapershot
It's regrettable that this invaluable fact-checking piece neglected to mention that is is also very common and norm… little too on the nose, methinks is **chef's kiss**
@atrupar @SirajAHashmi Shut up nerd
@scholasticia @pedrogmo_ Dude that is not true at all. I entreat you to read The Doctrines of Genesis 1-11 by Fr Vi… @DMJTheriault Absolutely falseWe now break from our regularly scheduled programming to remind you that Evolution is complete bullshit.
@206Lando @DecisionDeskHQ @JoeBiden The Cardinals won this game if you want to flesh out the analogy.
Totally Normal And Fine Fawkes Day got me feelin like fedposting @j_arthur_bloom It’s like a serial killer when they call the police or the press. What fun is it for them if no one… @_oblongi Not quite. But we are approaching it.Who’s ready to cross the Rubicon?And here I was thinking that *Tradition* was the Democracy of the dead. @amlivemon Agreed, he’ll spend every dime he has being a gadfly to the Biden administration.
Luckily for us Trump's two favorite things are winning and himself @GrayConnolly @RafaeldeArizaga We killed kings... for thisThe member of the translation staff responsible for the error has been placed on administrative leaveThis adjustment would put 2020 WI turnout at 72.50% 3,288,771 votes cast out of 4,536,417 total potential voters (… editorial department has deleted a recent tweet We learned that the WI Elections Commission calculates turnout… are hoping that the the grotesque third-world clown show initiated between 11pm and 4am in the major leftist m…'ve already started this morning This is just the beginning of what will undoubtedly be the most outrageous, p… of our translation staff have fallen asleep as we wait for these corrupt and pathetic mainstream institutions… @waronsocks sir we reported it as called 2 hours ago media outlets with inferior translation staff are deliberately refusing to call NC or GA as a stall tactic,… we get a leftcath wellness check? Can @smithpatrick08, our reporter in the field, give us any updates? How ar… @JeremyMcLellan @Vermeullarmine if you catch @gjpappin or @SohrabAhmari trying to slip away for a smoke break please pull them back… over to our Latino correspondent @RafaeldeArizaga for some demographic analysis @Vermeullarmine Sir you are scheduled to appear later this evening, please try and remember your air time @Vermeullarmine 💅💅💅 We have some great content for later in the evening Can't wait to drop it💅💅💅 NYT has Trump at 92%+ to win North Carolina This was Nate Silver's prediction this morning NYT has Trump at 85%+ to win Georgia Desk HQ has called Florida for Donald Trump NYT has Trump at 95%+ to win Florida to the EMTV 2020 election night thread We're getting our studios online and will cover breaking news throu…
Behold: our ruling elite @B03THIUS @orapronobisdeum It's going to be 100x what 2016 was this year @MollyMcKew Blue Check Syndrome is absolutely devastating. @Vermeullarmine Very Normal to say this at noon on election day when you Definitely Have Been Up 14 Points Nationally For 8 Months @zslayback Done 🙏🏻 @Goodtweet_man🤡🤡🤡 These are going to age like milk Make sure to tune in tonight for our election coverage! @Vermeullarmine @flaviusclemens @GrayConnolly Really polls cannot and do not have 5 point swings (to say nothing of… @Vermeullarmine You hope that the charlatans at WaPo, who have Biden +17 in Pennsylvania, will resign in disgrace a… out and vote today and don't leave the line, no matter what, until you've cast your ballot. Tune in this eveni…
The original has now been deleted, but thankfully never forgotten letting these people teach your kids, write your laws, judge your court cases, run your state, or interpret christian morality> Trump is literally worse than Hitler! > We need to firebomb Trump voters into submission! ... > Expert on global… these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it's funny disagree with me politically? Yeah, we're going to have to firebomb your midwestern cities until you bend the k… ruling elites and intelligentsia are, literally and unironically, delusional brain-dead demonically-disoriented…