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[18+] Soft trans girl with a pretty okay butt. Check out my work at

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@KhezuBait CUTEST DOGGIE!!!!!! @Fishing4Control @CartaMonir need to know if "must see carta's unbelievable hotness in person" is a valid passport app @SymetricalGay most agreeable tweet i ever did seeTake care of your own ass or I'll kill you
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖PROSTATE orgasm? no thank you im an anarchist, im not pro-state anything unlike you fricken tankies
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @CartaMonir babelyn @sillygaymiria just about 2 weeeks :3 @sillygaymiria GOSH I'M FEELIN ALL THOSE OTHERS TOO THANKS SHIRT MAKER and cutie wearin it :3 @sillygaymiria impressive of whoever made this shirt to print my exact feelings on this photo on itMad GORDON RAMSAY Sets Fire to Dry Pub
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @dei_genetrix devi made me wicked gay..................................Post-work week looks I want cuddles :3
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖Headpats and spanking are the same thing. One is just like more gentle. The most gentle spanking.
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @RookieStray THIS IS SO ADORABLE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmy aesthetic is buying my friends' porn and then getting really shy when they noticeI was hoping that this girl would just go away but she stays being an issue. I don’t do this a lot, but she is tran…
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @pervypupper HELL!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!! @dei_genetrix the amount of horny energy in this photo is breaking the horny scale in 1000000000 pieces @kaneooyakky @newLEGACYinc I'm pretty sure it's not a lose thing cause when I was a kid I like always played on eas… @newLEGACYinc can the japanese buzzsaw also manage to get the trish stratus manager storyline that i found once as a kid and never again @trgrrl don't it gets scary at nightCatch me on cam!!! Need bill and hormone money!
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @pissmancy I ANSWERED WITH BOTH GRATITUDE AND ENTHUSIASM @Fishing4Control @CartaMonir @acvalens @whoaitsjoan AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA THE SHEER CUTENESS IN THIS GROUP @saintknives SAINT KNIVES XXVI WHYAfter a long year, my husband finally believes I am ready to carry his child in my womb. To feed them with my body.…
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖I just added a new video! "CUSTOM: Lubed Up Fun HD" to @amtrporn! Check it out: #amateurporn
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Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖presenting, a joint effort between me and @isthatyourmain 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆 gosh babe i guess it *does* feel good to obe…
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖look at all these wonderful gays!!!! look at their wonderful shirts embedded with 100% real cum dust!!!! where can…
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖GOING WHERE NO GAY DOG HAS EVER GONE BEFORE marvelous shirt by marvelous @emuchaton
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @awfulexample PERHAPS A LIL BIT
hm? whats that? my dick looks like bozo the clown's dick? listen punk. i know for a fact you have never seen bozo the clown's dick
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @rabbit_isdead problem gaymer @rabbit_isdead eating peripherals for their gamer power is actually peak gamer girl you are now the gamesttanlines RITUAL Sea-Witch shirt Modeled by Delta
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖also I should probably mention folks that have dropped albums or stuff in general I'm in to this year uhh tyler th… @BlasterNsfw hell yes on injury reserve @Fishing4Control also the quarters ep is amazing holy shiteveryone who mentioned king gizzard gets a trophy cause this shit rulesAhhh!! Look at what came in the mail today!! Thanks for the awesome shirt @emuchaton! This dog is a happy one 🐶
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖when @pissmancy asked if i wanted to hang @NaniteNympho ugh gosh i must steal this first photo for a tweetI just had to tell my mum what I do for work, and my lifestyle relationships, man it did NOT go well. Never heard h…
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @RamonaOnceAgain @SadPostRayne dedicating my life to this photo tbh @Vannialll ACTUAL PERFECTION @RumpasaurusREXX hi hello yes over here um hi :3 @icywinters it's really wonderful seein how well you've been doin lately <3 @rabbit_isdead next minute they're pettin yr catsugh finally it's the next day and we can escape all the papaganda @trgrrl mad at this tweet as someone who just scuttled back to their room with a piece of cake and ate it by hand @dei_genetrix no homo but no homo @framedlewdcats ME TOO🤷🏼‍♀️ i don’t think anything i said was unreasonable.
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖it’s not a good looking pressuring someone into working with you. i said i wasn’t comfortable and you still kept pu…
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @newLEGACYinc not sure if anyone's mentioned it yet, but if for some reason u ever felt an urge to grow the biggest… christ thad
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @trgrrl you got the chicks goin @trgrrl which one of these bands were u in @sillygaymiria A FLOOF AFTER MY OWN HEART
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @Fishing4Control @spookythewitch @sidhe_solais the text position stuff is totally out of my control unfortunately. idk why it happen… @FlaredFeline hot take: mmfff and also nngh @RoxxieMoth I WILL NEVER @cum_paws i count it on the grounds that gosh yr so cuteHELL YEAH IT’S HERE @emuchaton
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @MaxyAmalyna AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA @FlaredFeline yes!!!!!!technology is great cause u can buy both weed and porn at 2 AM like me, emu @rabbit_isdead omigosh BABE U ARE!!!!!! @rabbit_isdead U ARE SO PRETTYthis is now a trans babes in bikinis threadtrans girls in bikinis!!!!!!!Get my ass on SNL and make me the Boss of SNL and I can promise you thta I will bring back all of the Classics.
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖Its a sin to approach a bottom unless the mating signal is given
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @Rae_Cosmos aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3 @DPatrappa h e c k @pup2nogood excuse me you're the hottest muscle dog i know @pup2nogood dfgbdlfjgbdg okay one please do i love that dang pigeon second i'm a big dingus bird and thought that was u @pup2nogood nice balls nerd...........................................About to go live
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖tabasco slim jims i live for u @StickyGlass hecked up that i'm gonna squish u like a bodypillow <3just woke up and im already really worked up 🥵🍆 thanks progesterone
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @StickyGlass wow look at u bein all thick and beautiful <3note to self, remind @emuchaton to pick up her rolling paper in the morning, send tweet
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @HORSETRAUMA Dog Barks At ChildrenThe duality of man
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖Hey I worked on a thing! Its a nsfw kinda thing which has kind become my work lately anyways yaY!!!
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖i have to be quiet cause i got my balls removed, im trying to hide from them rn
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖watch out emu the taint tickler is out there lookin' to tickle your taint beware of the @emuchaton
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @Estrace666 also ily a bunch @Estrace666 hey i think yr body looks reallyreally cute @dei_genetrix devscalatorOn cam 😘 lets play
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