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[18+] Soft trans girl with a pretty okay butt. Check out my work at

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@somekindarobot_ hehe <3 in that case i'll try not to get yr panties wet <3cursed with the power to find original xbox controllers forever except when i need them @somekindarobot_ is literally drooling over yr butt an option cause if so :3 @emuchaton @PrissyOrcGF @CartaMonir Flippin love ya so much ya beautiful birb 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡!!!!!
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @somekindarobot_ I'm still drooling over these tbh @Sona_Sonara officially declarin u as Cool Angel @Sona_Sonara joke's on u u arehonestly why can't everyone be as cool as @PrissyOrcGF, @isthatyourmain, and @CartaMonir like just a question
Why do we get horny man
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @therealboythot ❤️❤️❤️ @TheAshleyVega bless u so much @emuchaton Hey emu your shirts are the tackiest kitsch garbage and I absolutely love them.
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖hey it's been too long since i made somethin about skeletons being cool and also gay. i'm fixing that as of right n… @isthatyourmain dfgjdgbjdfgb this is incredible @emuchaton What coincidence I drew these earlier today
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖ugh do i gotta put trans pizza on a shirt nowfinally figured out what my occupation is. i also figured out that it's your occupation too. wow babe.… @ohboybibs hang with more dogsso like thighs wanted to feel more domestic so i shoved a big ol tree in the ground. heard this was a deeply unrepresented demog…
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖I heard that all my friends have these things called wishlists where you put them up and then an otherworldly force…
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖LOCAL BIRD AND LOCAL FLOWER (@ThornyViolet) AT IT AGAIN listen just saying there's a real cute heavy walkin by rn…
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖it's been a minute but i found my surrealism button again and immediately started headbutting it i refuse to stop…
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖new curious cat
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖hey i finally made the shirts for my union org that i still haven't filled out the paperwork for it connects with…
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖bouncy mornin :3
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @trappyskye this is amazing news for my dickOh buns almost went to bed without saying happy birthday Bowsette
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @emuchaton The algorithm is learning, growing
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @noelsken this is my inner monologue @emuchaton
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @trappyskye oh nice my new sleeve's here @emuchaton lmao dude just heat up a bagel
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖runnin in a circle screaming about wanting to fuck something @isthatyourmain i love it so much oh my god @emuchaton
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @trappyskye you're just too bullyable and like it'd be unfair not to @trappyskye also i'm gonna bully u a lot. it's just the law. @trappyskye jiggle gang @trappyskye i haven't ever caught one of yr shows and i need to fix this soonbouncy mornin :3 @trappyskye double swearing on it after checking yr snap story @trappyskye swearin on every life i can think of that i'm gonna clap yr cheeks @trappyskye i, emu, pledge to jiggle this butt @trappyskye THIS IS VERY IMPORTANTFELT CUTE WILL NOT DELETE L8R
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @ratdaughtr HE FINALLY DID ITcaution: Strobing light sensitivity warning . . ALSO IM SO EXCITED THAT SEA-WITCH WILL BE COMING OUT FROM INSIDE TH…
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖Hey it's @emuchaton as an orc!
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖slams the night time horny button @PrissyOrcGF yr boymode look is decidedly uneffective and i mean that in the nicest way <3 @PrissyOrcGF babegirls are so neat @awfulexample like a gay bird docking station @awfulexample can i just like bury my face in there when i need to decompress
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @awfulexample those thighs 🤤 @MaddiRyder SLAMS THE I'M GAY BUTTONUp close and personal.
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @MaddiRyder i'm *bettin*
@noelsken my eternal love and also the wedgie @emuchaton what do white trans women who spontaneously cover it with distorted electric bass and heavily processed…
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖same goes for datpiff downloads full stop @bland_gravy hello i'd like to interest you in some YelloWhitefolks who still have downloads from the odd future store with fucked up metadata should qualify for a senior citizen's discount @DNoizes babe i will send u my whole spotify playlist this instant i swear @DNoizes send me a mixtape like that and i'm pledging to bang u for a solid month @DNoizes anyway let's talk about how enter galactic is still one of the best songs ever made by mankind @DNoizes YES dropped on the 15th of this month. i'm reeling ok.also every white guy that did day n nite on acoustic guitar deserves an atomic wedgiegod Man on the Moon really is 10 years old now huh i need to LAY DOWN CAUSE I'M OLDthanks nerds <3hey i finally made the shirts for my union org that i still haven't filled out the paperwork for it connects with… @KittenFemme thanks for this orc bulge babeso like hypothetically if i was a hypothetical nerd where's the rogue trainer in orgrimmar helphold up? born in 38? how old is that? *old enough* @isthatyourmain saw someone callin it a hot italian sausage and i'm really befuddled so i'm gonna call it Brenna LongthFucking apparently anytime
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @JAMIE_FRENCH @Stefani_Special this is legitimately the most realistic depiction of filming on this site @redrixbroad i support itBubsy 3 Dicksairbud
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖had this clip stuck in my head since Saturday
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖older trans women are really valuable thanksnever in my life't sleep girls will drink pee @emuchaton This implies the existence of a rival game called “support group wars” and actually I think I’ve been to a few of those
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖is that what guilds are called now @emuchaton Get this woman an IV of Mountain Dew asap
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖help I have wow classicnew curious cat PENCIL @phoenix_skyess [remembers every amazing album i've heard this year and then remembers one bass hit looped for 3 minutes and called a beat]week one of spiro @emuchaton The vids are lit, Gondor calls for aid
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖My vids are lit and they just will NOT go out.
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖"Just sold, this vid is on fire! fuck fuck fuck it won't go out, turns out film reel is really bloody flammable. Get yours now!"
Retweeted by 🤖🥛Emu Tron🥛🤖 @CookieCyboid my vids are lit and i've evacuated the fam @poonawave420 thinkin of myself as bag cat on a journey whenever i'm on a plane now