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Emu Hp @EmuHp Old Trafford, baby. Mcr. 🐝

Inventor of the Diazepam Martini. Fomosexuality under review re Plague. Practicing anti-fascist. She/her

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@MsRobinHosking Yes, wine. No, gluten. You'll thank me xLet's not forget the govt's negotiations with Manchester fell apart because of the support being bargained for by M…
Retweeted by Emu Hp @JasonReidUK EVEN YOU?? Bloody hell. Although I reckon one large gin would probs do you in after all this time x @Nialas_Dubh I'm a white middle class woman. I can probably kill someone and get away with it @CBallHitBallRun THE IFFY omg *stunning* 😭 @soapachu BuggerWe all getting pizza and DRUNK AF tonight then?Im still not going to make any f**king banana bread though
Retweeted by Emu Hp @wozzablog @soapachu We had a posh one Christmas 2018 from my BIL's family estate...down the sink, wouldn't even wazz it in the cooking. @soapachu Is something rubbing it? @leeroy_acko1 @soapachu God that sounds frightening. I hope you're ok! @Nialas_Dubh Unintentionally. Speed limit changed on A56, plus signal camera changed to speed camera. Signs woefull… @Nialas_Dubh From a personal perspective, it would do me a HUGE favour if the court processes were delayed by about… @wozzablog @soapachu I'd get the salt out just in case. I got a horrendous tooth infection when I was in Kenya. No… @Sarahjanewoo It is *terrible* hey @peopleareberks Em, you look excellent @wozzablog @soapachu Warm salt water mouth rinse a couple of times a day will help with infection and inflammation… @Mollster14 Remember, only doggy style is safe @wozzablog @soapachu Buy painkillers. Dentists will be gawn.the notion that teachers literally have to put their lives on the line in order to be a "good teacher" is so fucked
Retweeted by Emu Hp#Halloween
Retweeted by Emu HpOn the bright side, folks in Manchester and Liverpool should be DEAD happy about our 13% payrise @soapachu I can do monday afternoon Thursday or friday morning. We have shows Thursday and friday evening lolololol @arthurchappell @EMU You're a tough cookie! Who needs bowels anyway?? Keep me posted, lots of love x @Hadlingtonshire Well, I dont imagine we will be completely restriction free (or indeed infection free) by spring though, do you...? @arthurchappell Oh dear, Arthur. That's really awful. I'm sorry, I hope you're ok x @Comedians4EU Purple @PietroBenito Dont be daft. I've been to Scotland. There arent any shops apart from outdoorsy clothing and the loca… @RishiSunak
Retweeted by Emu Hp @Comedians4EU @RishiSunak Well, he expected people in Manchester and Liverpool to live on 67% of that so... @a_roundtuit Yes, he said in speechSo why were low-paid workers in the North only worth 67%? The sheer injustice of it.
Retweeted by Emu Hp @agirlcalledlina Looks great. You look so young! @invented_not It baffles me that this concept needs explaining to adults @SaintTheJase I'm trying to imagine what for and my brain is coming up with some quite spectacular filth @Nialas_Dubh When you say that one iconic role, you're obviously talking about The Last Crusade, right?Not best pleased about this Sean Connery business, ngl @drphiliplee1 @JoDickoLFC We? No. I was not involved in this @cantsey Fine by me @Sorrelish They've pretty much done that. It's the littlies though, they have no concept of social distancing @YesMissMurphy I cannot leave it alone thoughI just washed our lanyards. They were GROSS.“Do you have any regrets about increasing COVID cases by 17% through a very ill-thought-out scheme?” “Certainly no…
Retweeted by Emu Hp @phngluimglw13 Zero time for arseholes today @phngluimglw13 Hey Wade? Fuck off @thatbevbutcher Yes, of course their education is important. Ask him where it sits on Maslows hierarchy of need bc… another #UKlockdown without shutting the schools is like brushing your teeth while eating a bag of wotsits.…
Retweeted by Emu Hp @cptnrawrpnts @toazti @cantsey @NormaliseSimon ...thatHere is a tweet that I am retweeting with a quote tweet because I haven't figured out how to do a proper retweet si…
Retweeted by Emu Hp @NormaliseSimon Just dont type anything and it treats it like a normal retweet like... @toazti Our lot dont want to do that bc it means no free babysitting for the grunt adults, so less lovely tax money for them @cantsey @Farrah_000 It's got to be the pooing weirdo @toazti Ours are trying to stay open but then a whole class will go down, or a year group, or 3 bubbles etc etc. Mi… 31 of lockdown: I hadnt seen another human being in person for 7 days so I convinced myself that I had died and… they are suggesting full lockdown again they need to SHUT. THE FUCKING. SCHOOLS. Or it's going to be a big fat waste of everyone's time. @milquetoastable @AdpocalypseSoon You'd be more than welcome to but you might want to bring a child. I'll send you a link 😁 @AdpocalypseSoon Soups, curry, stew, chilli, paninis, salads, that kind of thing, all homemade. Cake. Booze. We use… @SimonThingy @PhilJDore @TheBluestStar 43, I still suck my thumb. Sometimes when I'm driving. @AdpocalypseSoon We have a cafe bar, its beautiful. And closed. @CBallHitBallRun @wozzablog I appreciate an announcement bc it stops me worrying like when me and @YellsOnPolitics
@Roger_Xanth_Day @ThatTimWalker @wozzablog I CANNOT LOOKI'm thinking about downloading Plants vs Zombies again but I feel I might never see daylight again @YellsOnPolitics Meh @ThatTimWalker @wozzablog My guess is he has no problem with drink at those nicely subsidised prices @People0UK I'm extraordinarily Disney in it @People0UK out how to open 1. Our cafe and 2. Our shop all seems a bit futile when I envisage us being thrown into Tie… is this genre? 👀
Retweeted by Emu Hp @MrsJonJo Ps, dont worry about foxes. Cats fuck their shit up. I've seen it. @MrsJonJo As the mother of a long haired cat, you might want to think about getting her a 'hygiene shave' when she… @TheBluestStar Oh mate, that sounds crap. Ger drunk and shag? @claudianvm Ah yeah, omeprazole is prescription. But I highly recommend it, it's like a miracle @Sarahjanewoo You never used 2 condoms? @MrsJonJo Is she outdoor cat? @claudianvm Get some omeprazole if you haven't already @stevesitmail @JohnSimpsonNews Doubt he'd be quiet about thatSame vibe.
Retweeted by Emu Hp @barneyfarmer Technically, Joseph was the original cuck @MyshkinFool Yeah but it's like an eargasm when it happensWhy did we let him off that zip line?
Retweeted by Emu Hp @Jenn7_4 Who dat @dorisisaway @soapachu No you're worseOk but why is it 14⁰ though Imagine the smell on public transport today @MissLMunster @DorisVulva Amazon? @MsRobinHosking This could have gone on for a while if not for Google @MsJamandPickle They just have to keep arsing about with it, don't they?? It's like LEAVE IT ALONE, Dorsey. Its *fine* @MsJamandPickle I was jus being a betch @MsJamandPickle Incorrect? @MsRobinHosking ? @andraswf Hasnt even seen you this morning meesterIt's nice that some people have opinions. They are wrong and stupid ofc, but its adorable that people are having them
Retweeted by Emu HpPlease do not tell trans folk that they should support the BBC because [reasons] when the state broadcaster has now…
Retweeted by Emu Hp @ViscountLe8ton @instagram What you do??? Naughty step off insta?? My god, I post nudies on there @Wer_ko_der_ko She was under the covers but it's got the big duvet on and she was too hot #princess @Mundane_Matthew Great, so we're all winners here then @changed_gear Because they are cvnts, mateNetflix changed things @Littlemisskatyb Tiny disaster capitalist