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Emily van der Nagel @emvdn Melbourne, Australia

Lecturer in social media at Monash Uni. Studies social media identities, intimacies, platforms, cultures. My & @kkatot's book Sex & Social Media out July 2020

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@npseaver THE MIDDLE I STOLE I'D RATHER DIE THAN EAT THAT BREAD WHOLE @abmis0 @binchbus Bangers All Day Every DayI looked so cross on the train because I felt crowded and pushed around that a man sheepishly apologised to me for… @abmis0 @binchbus Carly Rae the QUEEN 👑 @binchbus I now wish to add "Blinding Lights" by The Weeknd to this listReally enjoying @KateMannell's completion seminar, Young Adults, Mobile Messaging, and the Negotiation of (Un)Avail… Mannell (@KateMannell ), giving her completion seminar, "Young Adults, Mobile Messaging, and the Negotiation of (Un)Availability"
Retweeted by Emily van der Nagel @a_silly__goose @_stuckings I'VE GOT A FEELING @a_silly__goose THIS IS A SHOW ALL ABOUT ME
@binchbus Call Me Maybe @jetsumgerl Thank you!! These are the proofs for the Sex & Social Media book - out in July!Worried I was spending too long proofing these book chapters, but I spotted an author's name spelled wrong and was…
@BWHolland BOOTS
@LizziePoste Yep! @BriePhD @carlyraecyrus1 🐸🐸🐸 @r4dyc WRITE DOWN THE FULL NIGHTMARE @s_mcleod Yeah if the light's on it means it's still recordingWhen you're bemused that the chocolate pudding being served doesn't seem to include a serving for the puppo @twodogsgaming Yes; it was me @7ampodcast @madconnaughton It's a good podcast!! I had it on this morning while I made a breakfast smoothie and pa… @beneltham What have you got against this @beneltham?! @beneltham Whatttt I quite like that look! Especially if it's a black tee black jacket @elsand It was extremely easy to use. I went to an intro session run by our education staff and you can see the han… some materials online ahead of semester. I'm at the Clayton microstudio - it's set up with lights/microphon… year some of you fine people were part of a crowdfunding campaign to fund academics in the precariat to write…
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Here's a short piece I wrote for Pursuit about my PhD research on young adults, mobile messaging, and availability!…
Retweeted by Emily van der Nagel @ZoeGlatt @tainab @sbanetweiser Yep this was the one I was going to recommend! @jenniwashere 😡😡😡Saw a nice dog at the train station A+ day @moonyeyed Ahh I can't wait to get a cat of my own 😍 what a sweet girl @moonyeyed She looks like such a sweetheart! What a great companion xx @wellingtonienne @AMorbidPodcast Oooh now I want a listen!
@kjbarbour Oof, this is going to be quite the semester @kjbarbour Thanks so much Kim! @mekon222 Of course! (I think I do say that in the article)The article has benefitted immensely from my scholarly community and I'm so grateful for that. It's also scholarshi… initially submitted this to a journal that rejected it - but also gave me incredibly thoughtful exit reviews. I r…'m really proud of this one. I first presented on r/TributeMe and affect in 2016, when I was looking to branch out…**article contains #NSFW discussions of male ejaculation** Fluids on Pictures on Screens has just been published i… is a very nice way to start the weekend! 📖✍️✨ collected some people's experiences of being in a permanent job after years of #AcademicPrecarity
Retweeted by Emily van der Nagel @jenniwashere @KateMannell @Indigo_H_J @Elaine_Said @projectnat @nataliekrikowa @petrajane @joannejacobs ❤️❤️❤️ @JBurgmannMilner Sorry to hear! Looks like she was a wonderful companion xxHow do you feel about the new foldable phone craze? @serrels has a few... thoughts.
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The absolutely fantastic and brilliant @susannapaasonen so very generously blurbed @emvdn and my forthcoming Sex an…
Retweeted by Emily van der Nagel @JesseDGraham PENDULUM ABC NEWS THEME @a_kanjere @JBurgmannMilner Absolutely!
@ysabelgerrard @WarrenPearce @timhighfield This looks so good!!Some great thoughts on Voldemorting here! @kkatot @annettemarkham Please send over the chapter, I'd love to see it! @tamaleaver @polityinstabook Yes! That and the Boyfriends of Instagram account! @tamaleaver @polityinstabook Which is a great argument! Was just wondering about specific things that came to mind… @jenniwashere YES @dyLABs Oh that'd be good!Although I feel like we know what "Instagrammable" is when we see it, how would you describe the "Instagrammable" genre of images?
Extremely pleased to have my own copy of Instagram: Visual Social Media Cultures by @tamaleaver @timhighfield @rhondaperky @SocialMedia_Soc (If you want things that *are* paywalled, I can get those for you too) @rhondaperky @SocialMedia_Soc I also wrote this on alt accounts, which is one kind of self-presentation: @rhondaperky There's plenty of great stuff in open-access @SocialMedia_Soc:; @DrEmmaJane So many phalluses! @safiyanoble @skjethani @Feministai This rules!!!
Is utopian fiction dead? Or is it just that our aspirations for utopia are massively constrained? Because just livi…
Retweeted by Emily van der NagelSunday night at the Lido: We saw The Lighthouse and it was visceral and unusual and fascinating 🐙🍷🌧️
@Amparo It tasted great! Powerful. @JBurgmannMilner It's a great threadFound out my sister waters her indoor plants when it rains "so they don't feel like they're missing out" @antidirndl Yeah but it is raw garlic which I'd forgotten gets especially pungent! @JBurgmannMilner Yeah the Cars universe doesn't make sense but I still love it?? It's so whimsical and nonsensical… @golgy Just Googled it; looks like some lovely recipes!
@wtb_Michael "I regret nothing!" I proudly announce while the entire suburb recoils from my hideous breathHad a go at making my own dip for last night's picnic and it turned out well! Did an artichoke tapenade and a white… a gorgeous, rainy, vibrant night with @MelbSymphony. It was a delight to feel so connected with my city and to… @kkatot These LEWKS 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥 @riotersbloc I'm only 31 but already my 30s are better than my 20s! Finished the PhD and got a job, in an excellent… @abmis0 🔥🔥🔥 @jenniwashere You've handled it all with style, you legend @binarythis My 20s were a thirsty time @derridalicious @UNSWArts This rules!!! Huge congratulations on your new position! 🎉I made a video about why Bond songs sound like Bond songs. No Time To Die very clearly follows the established patt…
Retweeted by Emily van der NagelNow is the moment to remind everyone that if you are truly worried about transmission of viruses, remember to cough…
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This is a relief - at Monash, we're having our whole first week online only, and I was concerned about the restrict… @GideonCRozner @beneltham We do address the fact that sex can go wrong or not be pleasurable! But there's a lot of… @beneltham @GideonCRozner The book has five chapters: 1. The trifecta of anxieties about sex and social media 2.… @beneltham @GideonCRozner It's about the joy and pleasure of social media sex, arguing that deplatforming sex does… book from my colleague Emily van der Nagel looks really good. I am not just saying this, she told me all about…
Retweeted by Emily van der NagelHey, you can pre-order mine and @kkatot's book now! Even though it's not out until July! In Australia, it's current…
@GoldingFrank Chaotic, but still a solution! @dracomjb Extremely cool! @erikapearson !!! @bellarozz Oh noooo that's how I sign off! 😬
@npljoneswrites @findabedAU @carlyfindlay HER NAME IS PEPPER MY SISTER RESCUED HER FROM BEING A RACING HOUND SHE HA… @findabedAU @carlyfindlay An extremely good snoot @josiereade Legend!!! @BWHolland Just pop on a few episodes of Peep Show and you'll get me I reckon
@SteveRoberts_ NO @MrCamW Add in a few background details? @MrCamW Get a staircase! @MrCamW I've been in line since Peep Show m8 don't @ me about my love for Olivia @MrCamW I LOVE HER