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Blackfullas Natives 🤝 Saying “Deadly!”Whoa. This guy is fucking gross. WTaF
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKANothing. Literally if you asked me what 16 x 24 is, I would look at you with empty eyes. I cannot stress this enoug… then framed it as a social experiment but guess what, our babies don’t know that. That baby boy didn’t deserve t… @RaTheKenDoll you are disgusting and should NEVER be allowed around children EVER AGAIN! Our Black baby boys do not… Transphobia, Homophobia and inappropriate comments made to a minors Remember this anti-Black man? Well now he…, it’s so anti-Black in the sense that it makes out that I am not Tongan because I am Black. How disgusting is that ayeIt’s weird and unnecessary. Please grow upTrue gawd, I’m sick of people invalidating the fact I’m Tongan because I am Black.HYPE MY GIRLS UP!!! Kiribati girls just do it differently 😍🔥🇰🇮
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKAWait what’s the last one 👀 of y’all have no idea what radical means, and call yourself as such
In my community, graduating high school is a privilege, especially during a pandemic. It’s a blessing. So when you…
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKATierra Whack out here making bops left, right and centre. TG @ElleOnWords Oh I blocked that man ages ago. He just steals content but also he always changes the “meaning”/“context” behind things too.
The cropped image made me think this was actually spew is all the love interests in The Queens Gambit, old asssssssWhat’s it like not having a big heart 😩
@Roj_Ame This me too 🥺idk, I just be volunteering and helping organise and set up things. I just be marching, protesting and sharing. It’… @MazHedgehog wrote an excellent article Queen’s Gambit is good, even with it’s mess. How y’all get me to like chess, I will never understand I think I use to be and continue to be slotted as such because of what I advocate for/what I’m passionate about…, I don’t think I’m an activist. I’m just an active community member who always tries to be present in and… the hell does autocorrect keep messing up my damn tweets. Please go to hell 😩TONIGHT on NITV⁠ ⁠ Join us for the final episode of #ThePoint as we celebrate the next generation of Aboriginal and…
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKA“I’m not a coloniser” *contributes to the colonisation of Hawaii*Lying through your teeth about Kānaka responding to how irresponsible you are endangering their lives by vacationin… me do this again 🤣🤣 Kānaka didn’t call you a cockroach. This the last time anyone has said cockroach in your me… @Pvelkovsky I’m dopey 😩🤣 thank you @Pvelkovsky lmaooooooIn 2016 I watched a video where a woman who thrifted a lot explained how much the trend of thrifting as a cool acti…
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKAStores like that are for people who NEED clothes. So if you’re someone like me, who isn’t hurting for the next fit,…
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKANot you blocking Native Hawaiians who are literally pointing out your hypocrisy. You’re on stolen land ❤️ Not you g…
TW // Sexual Assault This is still ongoing of y’all start your social justice “careers” in university 🤢🤮... whilst the rest of us been growing up caring for community
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKA @AAfalava Which is why this tweet exists. It’s about community and how people love reaping the benefits of our stru… you start where you start sometimes, but definitely don't come up to people who lived what you've only studied…
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKA @AAfalava It’s also about Blackfullas who aren’t from the community but from another one coming into ours without c… @AAfalava This is about white people going into activist spaces & communities, pretending they are experts about wh… @banoky sending big love back sissy ❤️❤️❤️ @angry_blk_ntv No wayyyy 😭😩can y'all please retweet this so I can get my mutuals back 🥺 RIP killakkira
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKA @angry_blk_ntv WAIT WHATnot 2 be that person but everyone calling me the *girl* from critically acclaimed hit indie movie eighth grade... p…
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKAto think I was so shy and hated selfies, and now I’m out here taking 17494820 pictures before I leave my house 😂 @AfroNesian It’s a lot of words... none of them make senseHuh @AfroChingona Lmaoooooooo @MelindaMann01 Nah this GIF 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKA👊🏽🖐🏽🎤
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKA!!!
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKA @AfroChingona It really be our arms and/or calves that be pulling through. ☠️Reclaiming my agency in this bodysuit and no man gon stop me.
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKA @AfroChingona SHUT UP AKANSJSJ CAUSE SAME 😂😂👀 @ElleOnWords Why she keep opening her mouth 😩😩😩Gina Rodriguez is so!????
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKASome of y’all constantly forget y’all on stolen land and that our voice should always be prioritisedNot just University... in every colonial institution... all of a sudden y’all become faces of movements in communit… of y’all start your social justice “careers” in university 🤢🤮... whilst the rest of us been growing up caring for communityTW // This is still ongoing.'all Justin said he is TIREDT of his blackness being erased 😭
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKAWHAAAAAAAAT THE FUCK IS THIS FAKE ASS JAMAICAN ACCENT THO?!?!?! I was mad before now Im PISSED. @KevinRineerVO @FiresideFiction
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKAWHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!?! @FiresideFiction @KevinRineerVO This is what you think I’d sound like? What BLACK WOMEN A…
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKAAHT AHT Fireside. I feel erased with a white guy reading my piece being about being southern Black woman listening…
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKA
@dancingofpens So sorry my sis! Hoping for your speedy recovery ❤️Brandon Bernard. Sentenced to death at 18 as an accomplice. Attorneys declined opening statements. Called no witnes…
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKAaquiline nose GANG !
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKA @loveliYungWoman @haaniyah_“we need to talk about your tweets” Me:
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKAWhen she did that run on “by”... 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 you want to antagonise Police and call out Police Brutality because they attacked white people but don’t care f… makes this all the more wreckt and hilarious is that these so called activists have no real history of being h… within this community, when done by settlers are usually only done because of the attention that surrounds…
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKATW // Sexual Assault Not members of @RSMeanjin trying to sweep this under the rug because they wanna get back to…
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKAI really hope y’all suspend your support of @RSMeanjin and support the refugees directly but also those who have be…
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKADamn, I hope y’all wannabe activists know I think y’all are losers 😌❤️ send that to your group chat, quicklyI really hope y’all suspend your support of @RSMeanjin and support the refugees directly but also those who have be…
Activism within this community, when done by settlers are usually only done because of the attention that surrounds… // Sexual Assault Not members of @RSMeanjin trying to sweep this under the rug because they wanna get back to…'m super grateful. Damn.Abolition isn’t just theory, you gotta practice it too, if you’re down for itand lmaoooo I’ve lost like 100 followers (and gained the same ish amount) and all were either Brisbane based or con…, if someone alerts me about being continuously silenced and belittled, even if I don’t know them, I’d support t… movement passed for some of y’all... show up for survivors. No matter who they are, their gender, their sexu… Sexual Assault Why is it so ‘taboo’ for people to talk and support survivors? Like... y’all have a soul??? @t3rriaxo I’m crying ☠️☠️☠️ima decolonize the twilight franchise like y’all decolonize academia 😌💗
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKA @raeleelancaster Tell it I know it can do the job!! @raeleelancaster The veggie has a lot on it’s shouldersTW // Sexual Assault. A young woman named Abi had asked for accountability for one of @RSMeanjin members and receiv…
Retweeted by VIKA MANA / MELEIKAThe way y'all have treated her, called her a liar etc and insist for her to be responsible for the harm enacted on her is disgusting.TW // Sexual Assault/Rape mention If you don't like me supporting a rape survivor and uplifting her in a time she'… members apart of this collective, y’all are FAILING and doing more harm! How are y’all abolitionists and failin… Sexual Assault @RSMeanjin has allowed the assaulter to basically call Abi a liar, gaslight her and basically… have NEVER seen so much white and settler BS in my ENTIRE LIFE from a group that advocates for justice. @RSMeanjin @RSMeanjin y’all behaviour is DISGUSTINGUber drivers be weird as hell 🤢🤮