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the world is ryanphobic

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@ctrlurs lol @9fisy sexc @iIovefemboys the fountain one is one you refill the ink in yeah @iIovefemboys pens r easier to read on paper and nowadays you dont need a fountain for anything except signatures.… @caIIousIy what @zoasxo ok make sure u givit back @kitty836362 @lou7sa aHYOU TWO KNOW EACH OTHER??? @cocainedaydrm @k4tiezz pass fa drugs @kthateclub @SometimesJL how am i an ewhoremy fav pen @kthateclub @SometimesJL you guys are so
Retweeted by ryan! @menasubi MY FAV CHILDHOOD MOVEI @melissachinq boy @Syzurrp @hyper_activityy ur mom 🤓🤓🤓 @hyper_activityy no @m2sty BRUHHHHH NOWAY
Retweeted by ryan! @iIovefemboys lunch @iIovefemboys hui
Retweeted by ryan! @lialovesyu c9
Retweeted by ryan! @melissachinq YES @urlocalpiscesgf @s3wagepizza thats sad @VitaminD34000iU 668 now @dalenys meowi’m bipolar and my gf has adhd and i told this mf “can you stay still?” this mf goes “can you have one mood” LMAO she’s sleeping outside fs
Retweeted by ryan! @zhen_venti @Genshinmem bruh @andrwval shre let me ft uou on my new song @urlocalpiscesgf @andrwval @fishszns @1zeooo and ur saying drew is bitchless?? LMFAOOO @kthateclub homopobe @kw1tty rllyjust like meeeee they long to beeeee close to youu u u u @edensarcade meow @magnum69420 hhaha not my fautlt… @magnum69420 this was ironic. @magnum69420 STOP @magnum69420 be nice 2 me pls :3 @untledgrd issey pleats @bobabonk yes. @ignovercook @m2sty @dogbackp6ck we th same @dogbackp6ck
Retweeted by ryan! @yukinouh drink water and eat sometjing!! it’ll make you feel better @szaikiq what @NotBummy @raccooonluvr2 LDMENJDLMMFAOOO @s3wagepizza why they look like ballsstill feel empty
Retweeted by ryan!what the fuck is a bladey @yukinouh i miss my longhare so much @kitImfao #featured @kavy2435 quite possibly @ignovercook ur so finehow it feels // valorant montage (like & retweet)
Retweeted by ryan! @bobabonk nice clip but PLEASE TLELLE ME WHAGTHESIMG IS IN THE BEGINNING PLEASEEE I NEED TO KNOW @kavy2435 @tiffanyxlee i am capitalisism’s dorty little worker @kavy2435 mommy 🥺🥺🥺 @JerryAllen1991 mr allen i am dying thi s is the fucking funniest thing ive seen all day @JerryAllen1991 LMFOAOWKRR WE JDJAIQ @PlNCODE @urlocalpiscesgf what gamisthis @elixered oh my go @elixered no it is not. @gumis_carrot @kthateclub i guess… @kitty836362 who @loverkels oh @ctrlurs its caling me a liar should text her @bishopknifetrk @Kobesrange @musicstruggles1 LMGDCNFFAOOO @ignovercook On my way! @playgirllashley @andrwval @iluvplaygirlash play girl ash 🦋 @ignovercook @J2SIE cups of the rose 😕 bitches in my old phone 😭 i should call 📱 one and go home 🏡 i’ve been in th… @ignovercook need u to overcook me @playgirllashley @andrwval @iluvplaygirlash you get it @hotdiIfs LMFOASORIJD @14kdad where u use to work @playgirllashley @andrwval @iluvplaygirlash boy what @andrwval @playgirllashley luigi is cuter @ignovercook i could be tbe rosé in your cup @toiIetslave how @dummy4her it is a very funny word tbh @iIovefemboys hi @Brandripping wheres the axe pichappy spooktober 👍🏾
Retweeted by ryan! @amndangar that was satire @m2sty @andrwval @PaindrianVal LMFDOAO"i love you" is definitely not the same as "im in love with you"
Retweeted by ryan! @m2sty YES @amndangar whoaaa you should be in a capital one ad @amndangar i literally enver say it. @rishita_j WHAT DO YOU MEANBOY WHAT @yinzzzi TEEENAGEMUTANTNINJA TURTLESif he uses “:3” he’s completely ran through @allt0mat0e bareessra @K4FKA3SQUE i dont u funny @iwantmeatbuns2 squid games man @andrwval @m2sty ur sister is pretty fine ngl @m2sty boy what
@lou7sa not really