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JACKBOY 🌵 @Endwd_DJ Accra, Ghana

Loyal To The Soil, I Never Changed That🍀 || Honeysuckle || Serallio ||

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Ambition rules your world and you're hungry for a win right no... More for Aries
Me x @bosom_pyung coming with a banger!!! When should we release it ? 🤩
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵So I lost my account (@kojomanuel) which had almost 11k followers last October & efforts to retrieve it has been fu…
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵You generously share yourself with the public, wearing your he... More for Aries
Tomorrow with the DJ lecturer (@kobbyagraham) at Luna. A musical experience 😔🤲🏾. 8 pm 🤝🏾 Its @HarmattanRain's Hous…
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵 @sammybaiden1 🙏🏾 @Endwd_DJ you too dope made mixtape 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵This week! Come through any of these events for an amazing time!!! RT🙏🏾🙏🏾
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵You’re headstrong and have your battle armor on today and you ... More for Aries
@JonnyStone_ A need.Boundaries and limits are difficult to enforce today. Instead ... More for Aries
You have increased vitality and a need to exert yourself physi... More for Aries switch @Endwd_DJ did today ehn😭😭😭😭
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@kojomanuel_ Bring it with you to honeysuckle 😏 @YungPabiMusic @MikeMillzOnEm @manifestive This be dope!!! 🔥😍😍We go again tonight. 💫 @kojomanuel_ 👀 @Nabey5 Nbs love @dylanSRL @dylanSRL 👀Glad to announce the end of the #beat2challenge. This is a funeral. Love to @mikemillzonem for the ball and…
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵 @omithehomie Yea. Just woke up.Please post your videos of #Disrupt last night. The energy at @Serallio was absolutely maaaad. 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵 @effthedj Aye🔥🔥🔥Your unconscious mind is stimulated, stirring up dreams and im... More for Aries @SupposedlyAsian Chest pains bro😩 @omithehomie Loud eeettttt 🔊 @senaanu @omithehomie Like you do your body 😂 @DJ_K3V Light work😌 @KevTheTopic We're taking over this year! @kojomanuel_ ❤️Now we dey come start play ankasa @Endwd_DJ 🔥🔥🔥
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Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵Happy Valentine's Day guys ... Come let's Wine and Dine at today's event. I picked out my two favorite wines to c…
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵 @eddyblayjr Can’t wait to hear this.So myself & @karaokekingsgh will be hosting the @BoomplayMusicGH Karaoke Night at #PentHallWeek20 on 25/02/20. Exp…
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵 @PrinxiPappi Happy Birthday GNEW BANGER ALERT 🚨, #FIMANO @OffeiMusic Ft @patorankingfire and @kawastonebra Produced by : @cteabeat Director :…
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵Wyd today?
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵 @Chef_Keeks 😉Don’t forget to pull up with your henkie. 🙏🏾Tonight will be a mad ting inside @serallio 😩 strong sense of attachment or possession takes hold of you r... More for Aries
@prof_pius My Mum ❤️ @RemyDavidOnline You no get problem chief. @McNel_ Bro!! 🔥🔥😂Once again Thank y’all for 5 million views . ADWENFI🙌🏿🙌🏿🙏🏿 big tuneeee🔥🔥
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵I’m giving away two packs of Cake in a jar by @Eatbyzoe and also two mini desert boxes (also from @Eatbyzoe) as see…
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵Wanderlust takes hold today and you are motivated to expand yo... More for Aries
@Spacely1z Chale!A balance must be struck between your relationships and your a... More for Aries
Eager to meet your goals, you feel ready to charge ahead now. ... More for Aries
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You bring a vibrant imagination to your daily routine today, t... More for Aries
@Eddy__Marshall I felt this.Was a mad thing on #partypressure last night with @ELgh_ 👽 @KevTheTopic ⚡️ & ☢️ @NanaGrenade in the studio 🔥…
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵 @McNel_ Same.Man. I played with Eddy Blay. On YFM. You guys wouldn’t understand. That’s one off my bucket list. Man.
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵 @omithehomie I got you. 😉I’m back on your favorite station @Y1079FM with @MzOrstin giving you the #YTop20CountDown !!! Tune in NOW and let’…
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵You are fired up by an enthusiastic Full Moon in your 5th Hous... More for Aries
PSA!!! I'd like to thank everyone who supported me in anyway through my Frytol Enriching Lives journey. God richly…
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵We missed you too 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵I’m hosting #WeekendMashup on @Y1079FM and I’ll be joined by my bro @Temple_GH. Prepare yourself for a crazy house…
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵To all my lovers, wives, girlfriends, baby girls, sugar babies, this Friday, Valentine's day I'm inviting you all t…
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵There. Happy now?
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵WE ARE BACK!!!! I know you miss us just as much as we do, so come through next Friday let’s #Disrupt once more
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵PSA: We're back!!! So this Friday 14th February 2020 we're #Disrupting the @serallio way! 🔥🎉🎉 RT and spread and th… you guys miss us? We're back this Friday, 14th February 2020!! Whether you're single or not, we'll always love…
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵“Hey, Big head 🤪” #Disrupt is back at @serallio on #ValsDay. 💕 Will you be my date? 🥰❤️
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵The fiery Leo Moon boosts your physical energy; brisk exercise... More for Aries Saturday night on #PartyPressure we got “The BAR in the house!!” @ELgh_ is coming to jam with us on @Y1079FM
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Your flirting game and overall charisma level goes up as Venus... More for Aries
Thanks for how far y’all pushed the first video I dropped as my entry for the #VGMA21unsung. Kindly repost this one…
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵It’s all about you today, Aries. It’s better to attend to inte... More for Aries
A solitary research project may call to you, and it can involv... More for Aries @nadiadzakah Sure. What’s her email?
Conversations with friends will flow smoothly for the most par... More for Aries @Chef_Keeks YieFinal Push guys... VOTING ENDS IN 6 HOURS... Please Dial *711*83*184# to vote. There is no limit to the number of v…
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵Starting my set with some Amapiano tomorrow night and I'm so excited cos @effthedj and @HarmattanRain won't know wh…
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@Bra_Kwame__ Sure. @iAmAClipse Been on this for a minute bro @AJ_Ahenkan @Bra_Kwame__ An idea. 🤔Tag your favorite rapper. 😏 guys.. The voting for Frytol Enriching Lives is still ongoing on all Mobile money platforms not credit/airtime.…
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵You guys have been showing me endless support and I want to say I am really grateful. Let’s take this a notch highe…
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵I was overwhelmed by receiving so much attention for my birthday and would like to thank each and every one of you…
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵The Moon's entry into clever Gemini today stimulates your mind... More for Aries
GUYS LET’S VOTE FOR OUR @Chef_Keeks, the goodies all must come home! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 Dial *711*83*184# and send your number…
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵 @DexKwasi 😂😂😂Right now you are feeling imaginative and inspired, but instea... More for Aries
You are innovative when it comes to handling your money and re... More for Aries birthday brodie @DjMicSmith 🎉 🍾 🙏🏽✊
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Come inside some it’s going down with @Endwd_DJ @CrookedboyzS dem etc 😁🔥
Retweeted by JACKBOY 🌵 @IvyEnyonam_ @DirectorBanini You guys should leave me out of this. 😂😂Your refusal to take no as an answer from the universe today m... More for Aries
About to go live on @3fm927 talking about #FrytolEnrichingLives ... Tune in guys ...
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