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“Batman isn’t special. He’s just a bat in a storm of bats. But that’s what makes him special. That’s all Batman is... and all he’ll ever be.” -Bruce Wayne

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The real Grundy eventually does turn up in THE BATMAN universe love this show a lot.
Retweeted by |Blake| The Batman @alexismenacing Can you? @gfmete @ZackSnyder He doesn’t answer stuff on TwitterHow much of this scene is Whedon and what parts are Snyder? @cell_0801 I see you chose the best character. WWhat are your thoughts on Emperor Mortimer? Our first original character!
Retweeted by |Blake| The BatmanAnyone else wanna join in for layouts of THE BATMAN? FINALLY ADDED A CHILDISH GAMBINO SKIN TO THE FORTNITE ITEM SHOP! LETS GOOOOOOOOOO!!!! @JackIreland_200 There was a shark in a tank that broke during the fight. They’re in an office buildingplease forgive this batman if he's a little aggressive. he's only up against *checks notes* darksied, an evil super…
Retweeted by |Blake| The BatmanNever forget these.
Retweeted by |Blake| The BatmanLeaking mando’s address is too far. And death threats are never okay. Shame on you. @jsjoker99 @lgbt_kravitz Fact @BatmanArchives Already blockedShould I be concerned?"We need to create a mood... I don't think it's going to be oppressively dark in terms of visually. We're trying to…
Retweeted by |Blake| The BatmanWhat a weird day
Retweeted by |Blake| The Batman
Retweeted by |Blake| The BatmanWhich of our stories have you enjoyed the most so far? ~ •Batman: Stuck in Sanity •Venom: Night of the Living Sym…
Retweeted by |Blake| The BatmanThe only movie I care about said someone who worked on both cuts of the film told him Whedon badmouthed Snyder. As Smith reiterated, ther… @bombasticmando You’re not a celebrity. No one gives a fuck about you. Stop announcing it and just leave. @bombasticmando Don’t talk. Just go.WE DID IT AGAIN!!!!! Mando has returned @bradyfreynolds It’s definitely the worst but even I don’t hate it @Mercuryinretro1 Thanks king! 💜💚🦇 @bombasticmando We understand the situation. That’s why we want you fucking gone. @wxdewilsxn We’ll get him out of here again. Don’t worryJulio and I hired an intern to run this account @bradyfreynolds Yes. I made a post about what your favorite design for DCAU Joker is. Some people said that one. @TwixAreTopTier Bruh no likes and like 60+ replies. I love itBatman was great too @ScienceNerd616 YesHe’s fucking back... @Mercuryinretro1 Rattinsons sir? 🥺Mr. Freeze absolutely served on THE BATMAN @Do1tBroLy After Midsommar and Little Women alone she’s a big name. Now she’s in a Marvel movie. She’s set.All is right in the world Award nominee Florence Pugh isn’t guaranteed bank? Sure pal. you don’t pay attention’s acting so this is obviously fine. But twitter will probably bully her out of the role anyway. Good luck rippi… nooooo. Shit has been going down recently @lunchezjarnie Yep @BatmanArchives @DCComics @MentorSkywalker @SirenOfGotham That’s a W. Watch The Batman Vs Dracula after you finish season 1Everyone has been praising this show on the TL recently. I guess i'll watch it now. #TheBatman #Batman
Retweeted by |Blake| The Batman @MidnightGotTook @GeeksGamersCom “bud” isn’t even a gender specific term 😂 Just any excuse to play the victim or get offendedI’m sure this will go over well.
Retweeted by |Blake| The Batman @Lunwi88 Gotham Jerome, Jeremiah, and Mr. J appreciation tweetSlips be like:
Retweeted by |Blake| The Batman @Lunwi88 Everyone can relateSeriously tho, stream THE BATMAN VS DRACULA on HBO Max @TwixAreTopTier Kyle Rayner, Sinestro, Star-Saphire
Retweeted by |Blake| The Batman @Enemies_Allies
Retweeted by |Blake| The BatmanI couldn’t believe this episode when it first aired. THE BATMAN really went all out for those last couple seasons. we all stop using the DARK KNIGHT RETURNS as an excuse for Batman killing when it’s got this in it?
Retweeted by |Blake| The Batman🙅‍♂️🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by |Blake| The Batman @YFriendlyMxican @Batman_Beware Thank you sir! @ComicGuy2395 They’re all Mark Hamill bruh @Super_Git @Lunwi88 @lgbt_kravitz I meant season 2. Season 4 is when he references Jessegtfo and never return
Retweeted by |Blake| The Batman @Enemies_Allies has auditioned for Joker and is the only auditioner for the role atm. If anyone else wants the role…
Retweeted by |Blake| The Batman @Mercuryinretro1 He said ok! @MattLikesFilm @DrawingMJ Literally got me through my childhood. You also need to watch the movie, The Batman Vs Dracula. Also, God tier @MattLikesFilm @DrawingMJ Yes. It’s God tier @ryanfootage @DrawingMJ Almost an L @DrawingMJ I do have a The Batman layout 😌Can we please get some more The Batman layouts out here?
Retweeted by |Blake| The Batman @Batman2004Intro @ScienceNerd616 They had 2-3 more movies they wanted to do after The Batman Vs Dracula @Batman2004Intro Same! This episode messed me up @TwixAreTopTier I enjoy it more 🤷🏻‍♂️1.) Iron Man 3 2.) Aquaman 3.) Ant-Man & The Wasp 4.) Shazam @lgbt_kravitz The Twilight Zone. Not my favorite but it is the best tv show of all timeA quick mockup I made of a 'The Batman vs The Batman Who Laughs' movie set in the 2004 show's universe.
Retweeted by |Blake| The Batman @mikewazowski207 It’s just been reported. Nothing official technically @Gothamyte @Lunwi88 @lgbt_kravitz No it didn’t cause the outbreak. But it can be seen in Daryl’s bag in season 2Me forcing @emmacate1343 to watch BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES, JUSTICE LEAGUE, JUSTICE L… forcing @jsjoker99 to watch AQUAMAN’m pretty sure I’ve said way worse. Why y’all tripping? 😂 culture reset
Retweeted by |Blake| The Batman @Gothamyte @Lunwi88 @lgbt_kravitz Also true yes @lgbt_kravitz @DrawingMJ @castle_product Yeah the Bat-Embargo is still active unfortunately @ScienceNerd616 And Two-Face @fuckbentrash @Lunwi88 @lgbt_kravitz Daryl tells Beth a story about a drug deal gone wrong and says “the guy put a… @Lunwi88 @Mercuryinretro1 I want you to see it @lgbt_kravitz @DrawingMJ @castle_product Bat-Embargo. Villains that were scheduled to be in movies at the time were… @DrawingMJ @castle_product It’s not even The Batman’s fault. It’s WBTHE BATMAN resumes filming today 🦇 LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT… @ryanfootage 💜💚 @ryanfootage Oh @ryanfootage Dude stan Twitter despises me so I get it @lgbt_kravitz @Lunwi88 Correct