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Pitching it with jobs and national security, environmentalists from the right side of the spectrum are gathering in…
Retweeted by Energy FoundationWe need to stop burning fossil fuels, fisherman says. It’s killing the fish."While clean energy has seen positive growth in Michigan, advocates say further policy reforms are needed to attrac… Michigan cities make moves in favor of clean energy sources. Angie’s List: How can I save money with energy-efficient home upgrades? via @rtdnews“As physicians deeply concerned about climate change and pollution and their consequences, we consider expansion of…“The savings on electric and tax advantages make it a no brainer,” the owner said. “Besides the obvious savings, I… power off the shores of Bridgeport, Connecticut takes a step forward. "The project also includes an estimated… human rights day, we call for climate action. The climate crisis is the biggest threat to human rights and human…
Retweeted by Energy FoundationSecretary Ben Grumbles is hard at work @COP25CL sharing Maryland's role as a local, regional and national leader of…
Retweeted by Energy Foundation.@USClimate annual report shows how much states can achieve together. We look forward to collaborating with our fe…
Retweeted by Energy FoundationClimate change is our greatest threat and our greatest opportunity. @USClimate Alliance states are reducing our em…
Retweeted by Energy Foundation2019 was a banner year for US state leadership on climate and energy. A Thread. 🧵 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2019@AEEnet sees a significant increase this year in customers seeking to interconnect solar installations. representing 300 cities across the U.S. have signed on to a letter calling for a future powered by more clea… in EVs, batteries and research now makes the area around the Lordstown, OH plant the “future belt” rathe…’s Blacks in Green promotes energy efficiency in ‘looked over’ areas their third annual report, #AmericasPledge highlighted the results of commitments to the Paris Agreement across…
Retweeted by Energy FoundationThe third report from #AmericasPledge proves that climate leadership from cities, states, businesses and other orga…
Retweeted by Energy FoundationWe're excited to welcome three new members to our Board of Directors: @carloslcurbelo, @melaudette, and @DCravins.…
Grateful to my new @EnergyFdn board colleagues for the opportunity to serve together with them & the executive team…
Retweeted by Energy Foundation“It must be that they are realizing, ‘Wow, this could be really bad for us,’” —Newton, Massachusetts city councilor… of Groups Builds Consensus on Offshore Wind in New Jersey @energyfdn #environment #NJ
Retweeted by Energy FoundationAlbuquerque Mayor Tim Keller is inviting local businesses to partner in lowering the city's carbon footprint., focu… cars had their biggest year ever in 2019 as a slew of new models hit the road and automakers committed $22… solar installation coming online next month at an apartment complex in northern Illinois is the first under the s… the transition away from gas, California must not leave low-income people behind
Tim Dwight of #NFL fame and #Iowa fame talks about the role solar power plays to add money to farmers at the Farmer…
Retweeted by Energy FoundationEDITORIAL: On climate change, Maryland’s Republican governor stands tall
"Gas has been advertised as this kind of bridge fuel, but we're at a point where we don't need a bridge [to renewab…
Kansas City becomes first major U.S. city to make public transit free. 🚈“The hope is not within not walls of #COP25. The hope is out here.” - @GretaThunberg in Madrid tonight should produce more renewable energy and import less coal, oil and gas to help limit climate impacts, acco… is a great program! @CleanEnergyTrst state of California is stepping in to stop insurers from dropping policies in areas prone to wildfires… of fossil fuels, this startup uses mirrors and sunlight to mix cement Energy Gets Green Light for Massive Solar-Battery Projects buses charge up quickly using new wireless systems They're already in use in Long Beach, California.… to 100: How a demolished Kansas town became a model of DOE renewables resilience via… In Virginia, Dominion faces challenges to its reign Minnesota utility executive says “wind is quickly becoming the new baseload” as utilities transition from coal po… Gov. Jared Polis details his drive for 100% renewables and the role storage plays in achieving that goal."The report by the independent research and education organization Business Forward says in the last five years, th… news: GM's new electric car battery plant will create more than 1,100 jobs in Ohio.“Wind is quickly becoming the new baseload.” - David Saggau, CEO and President of Great River Energy in Minnesota…
Shining the spotlight on a clean energy champion, in Minnesota. @cleanenergymn of Wisconsin students and faculty plan a campus climate strike Friday in Madison and call on administrat… eastern Iowa county declares a climate emergency and commits to reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. than 300 wind and solar companies operate in Michigan, though the state should do more to support rooftop sola…"The utility's announcement follows reporting from S&P Global that the company has been over-forecasting its demand… announcement from Ohio @GovMikeDeWine: GM and LG Chem are partnering on a $2.3B electric vehicle battery factor… solar and wind generation in Texas is lowering costs for consumers and reducing the risk of power shortages nex… Gov. Tim Walz is enlisting the highest ranking cabinet officials from across state government to help him… the New England Journal of Medicine: "Gas is associated with health and environmental hazards and reduced soc…, Indiana is developing a plan to cut carbon emissions. utility moving full speed ahead to pursue cheap renewable energy sources. senator embraces bold, ambitious plans to curb the impacts of climate change.'s Department of Environmental Protection and major oil companies agree: Trump administration shouldn't… law suit attacking Berkeley’s law to replace gas with electricity in new buildings parrots oil and gas industry t…
Read the story: A coalition of EF grantees—from local businesses and labor unions to community and environmental gr… solar project at 10 Richmond, Virginia schools—which will provide nearly a quarter of their power—is getting clos… @wabi_sabi Ack! thanks for the correction!Global greenhouse gas emissions will hit yet another record high this year, experts project countries pledged a "green revolution" on the first day of COP25. Moving To Ban New Natural Gas Hookups Chronicle: Despite Trump Administration efforts to reverse coal’s decline, the US Department of Energy expe… some of the lawyers on the front lines of the battle to thwart the Trump administration's regressive climate a… Change Is Brutal for Everyone, but Worse for Women via @wiredDan Lutat, a U.S. Air Force veteran, says Iowa’s wind energy industry is helping veterans transition to civilian li… City Council Declares Climate Emergency Gary Peters of Michigan says it’s possible for the U.S. to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Illinois program offers solar projects in low-income communities at a fraction of the cost for ratepayers. University of Virginia and the College of William & Mary have announced plans to become carbon neutral by 2030.… to America’s new Energy Secretary, former @EnergyDepSec Dan Brouillette
Ireland unveils plan for 70% renewable energy by 2030 ☘️ how your air compares with the world’s most polluted cities Gov. Tim Walz Signs Executive Order On Climate Change military leaders, Republicans, actors/activists and academia, @JohnKerry @Schwarzenegger are pulling together…
Retweeted by Energy Foundation"Shut down years before its operating lifespan ended, Inland Empire could represent an early example of a long line…"Despite the pushback, gas bans are gaining momentum in Massachusetts. Newton is in the early phases of crafting a… American: Cities Look to Natural Gas Bans to Curb Carbon Emissions
Speaker Pelosi to #COP25: “We are still in it." SC Public Service Commission solar decision protects monopolies, hurts ratepayers via @postandcourierRepublicans who passed South Carolina’s historic Energy Freedom Act are fuming at regulators who are pricing SC sol… Indianapolis office building is the first in the state to achieve the highest LEED certification rating.… Secretary-General at #COP25: “The world’s largest emitters are not pulling their weight. And without them, our… Florida and elsewhere, conservatives are being pressured to address climate change and clean energy.… world's second-largest ferry operator, Washington States Ferries, is switching from diesel to batteries. is expected to *double* its solar energy output next year and in 2021 as developers take advantage of expirin… than half of the world’s largest insurers will no longer cover companies that build or operate coal-fired powe…“Nissan LEAF prices have decreased by 2.5% since 2012, while combustion engine cars like the Nissan Maxima have inc… column: Grieder: It's time for conservatives to speak up on climate change
Pennsylvania Communities Grow Wary of Worsening Air Pollution as Petrochemical Industry Arrives
Prime Minister Boris Johnson skipped a televised UK climate debate, so the host network used a melting ice sculptur… across the UK go on strike to demand action on climate
Retweeted by Energy FoundationIf you’re going to shop today...#EnergyEfficiency news! MN has adopted new technical standards for connecting local solar and battery projects to the grid that…
Retweeted by Energy Foundation
Bill Ruckelshaus was the first and fifth EPA administrator, as well as a highly respected Energy Foundation board m… California needs zero-emission trucks and it needs them now