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Enes Kanter @Enes_Kanter Pennsylvania, USA

{Hizmetin Hizmetkârı} #Live4Others & 🕊♥️⚖️

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Bize katılın ve @trailblazers oyuncusu @Enes_Kanter’in 27. DOĞUM GÜNÜNÜ kutlayın! #NBABDAY #RipCity
Retweeted by Enes Kanter"This whole city has been supportive of me since day one. They opened their arms and when I say it, it's not just…
Retweeted by Enes Kanter.@Enes_Kanter is a devout Muslim observing Ramadan, a center attempting to prevent a three-peat -- and a political…
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Happy birthday @Enes_Kanter! Some of his best games: 33 PTS, 20 REB (13-18 FG) 31 PTS, 22 REB (11 ORB) 23 PTS,…
Retweeted by Enes Kanterİyi ki doğdun, @enes_kanter! 🎉🎉
Retweeted by Enes KanterHappy birthday to @Enes_Kanter! Enes was never able to play a game with us, yet he helped us and helped himself dur…
Retweeted by Enes KanterHappy birthday @Enes_Kanter!! 3rd graders did a little writing today. ❤️🖤
Retweeted by Enes KanterHappy birthday @Enes_Kanter !! Lucky to have you in my life as an idol and inspiration. Keep up the good work!
Retweeted by Enes KanterJoin us in wishing @Enes_Kanter of the @trailblazers a HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY! #NBABDAY #RipCity
Retweeted by Enes KanterThanks for all the birthday wishes. Had another amazing year. I m so grateful for ALLAH (GOD)'s grace and all the…
Fascinating discussion with @Enes_Kanter about his faith.
Retweeted by Enes KanterProud to be an Oregonian, A true blessing to have a Senator who stands for what is right; Freedom of Speech, Democr…“I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against.” Happy Birthday…’s broadcasters have ignored @Enes_Kanter ’s @NBA games since he was indicted last year by a Turkish court…
Retweeted by Enes KanterZach Collins finds Enes Kanter in the lane for your Heads Up Play of the Day!
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Our Blazer is standing up to tyranny and being threatened for it. RT @RonWyden and let’s show @Enes_Kanter we’re w…
Retweeted by Enes KanterReady to cheer at the @ModaCenter tonight with a rocking #RipCity crowd rooting for the @trailblazers to win Game 3…
Retweeted by Enes KanterTurkish television has refused to broadcast NBA games involving Enes Kanter, a Swiss-born Turkish basketball player…
Retweeted by Enes Kanter#RipCity 🔒's @Enes_Kanter is fasting for Ramadan while playing in the Western Conference Finals. No water, food or me…
Retweeted by Enes Kanter⚠️ À lire ! L’interview d’Enes Kanter dans L’équipe 🗞🏀
Retweeted by Enes KanterDictator Won't Let Country Watch NBA Games w/ @rickstrom #NBA #EnesKanter #NBAplayoffs
Retweeted by Enes KanterTurkish broadcaster S Sport's refusal to air the @NBA's conference finals shows just why #Turkey ranks 129 out of 1…
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Enes Kanter Has Dreamed Of Playing In The Finals. He Could Be Forced To Stay Home.
Retweeted by Enes Kanter.@Enes_Kanter’s routine during #Ramadan This is incredible.
Retweeted by Enes Kanter"I wish Turkish people could watch my games, we're in the Western Conference Finals, they should be proud because I…
Retweeted by Enes KanterEnes Kanter: Şahsıma yönelen sansüre değil ancak basketbolseverler adına üzüldüm
Retweeted by Enes KanterEnes Kanter just wishes he could share this moment with his home country. #Blazers #Ripcity
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‘Tough’ @Enes_Kanter earns new respect from Portland Trail Blazers as he plays through Ramadan fast #RipCity
Retweeted by Enes Kanter @KeremKanter finished his rookie season leading the league with 16.8 points, finishing second in rebounds and secon…
Retweeted by Enes KanterEnes Kanter is a star in the NBA, but he is blocked from TVs back home in Turkey, where he has angered the presiden…
Retweeted by Enes KanterRodney Hood now understands just how strong-willed Enes Kanter is 🙂 #blazers
Retweeted by Enes KanterEnes Kanter remains staunch in his beliefs of right and wrong back home as the Turkish Government has again banned…
Retweeted by Enes KanterPlease, support my friend @Enes_Kanter. His free speech and his safety is at stake. He has criticized the Turkish g…
Retweeted by Enes Kanter.@Enes_Kanter your right to freely and courageously express your views in the face of bullies like Erdogan can neve…
Retweeted by Enes KanterIn Erdogan’s Turkey, basketball censorship👇
Retweeted by Enes KanterFor @Enes_Kanter, Ramadan is different this year from any he's ever experienced because it coincides with the…
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A familiar face at abroad, but not at home: Turkish TV blocked an NBA final, keeping Enes Kanter, a Turk who has cr…
Retweeted by Enes Kanter"It's only one game, it's a long series...2nd game just go out there play hard, play smart and don't think too much…
Retweeted by Enes KanterOregon Senator Ron Wyden sent Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a letter today urging safe passage for Enes Ka…
Retweeted by Enes KanterS Sport spikeri Saraç: Enes Kanter oynadığı için NBA konfederasyon finalini yayınlayamayacağız, finale çıkarsa fina…
Retweeted by Enes KanterTurkish TV won’t air Enes Kanter’s NBA playoff games. He says government is "afraid" of him.
Retweeted by Enes Kanter.@Enes_Kanter tweeted some support to his former team, the Knicks, before the #NBADraftLottery.
Retweeted by Enes KanterNBA showdown starring a Turk won't be televised in Turkey
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Good Luck @nyknicks #NBADraftLottery ☝️ Nothing But LOVE ❤️ Bigger Commitment!! #Ramadan 🇺🇸 U.S Senator @RonWyden to Canadian Prime minister @JustinTrudeau 🇨🇦 by the #Dictator but not forgotten. ⁦@washingtonpost⁩ 🇹🇷 @RTErdogan's it like to take part in an @nba playoff series during the holy month of Ramadan? For @Enes_Kanter that means…
Retweeted by Enes Kanter.@Enes_Kanter the strength shown by you and your mom is an inspiration for all of us in #RipCity. We are listening.…
Retweeted by Enes KanterEnes Kanter will begin his Monday with some yogurt, some peanut butter, some fruit and a lot of water. He'll then f…
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VIDEO: How is @Enes_Kanter holding up with Ramadan fasting in full effect? #RipCity
Retweeted by Enes KanterKan we take a selfie 😏 @Enes_Kanter #RipCity #AuthenticFan
Retweeted by Enes KanterEnes Kanter woke up at 3:25 a.m. to eat because he’s fasting for Ramadan, per @heydb Fasting extends to water duri…
Retweeted by Enes Kanter👥⚫️ 13 PTS, 10 REB, 8 AST, 3 STL von @Dame_Lillard 👥🔴 12 PTS, 13 REB von @Enes_Kanter #RipCity 100…
Retweeted by Enes KanterThe moment the clock hit 0.0 was pure chaos on the court Be part of it here! #ripcity
Retweeted by Enes KanterRabbime hamdolsun! Samimi dostların dualarıyla bugünlere geldik Allah tüm abi,abla,kardeşlerimden razı olsun Hepini…🐎! @Enes_Kanter am Brett! #RipCity | #NBASundays
Retweeted by Enes KanterThe @trailblazers advance to the Western Conference Finals! #NBAPlayoffs
Retweeted by Enes KanterThe game of basketball is mental over physical. #Ramadan is all about relaxing your body and soul and also focusing…
CAN PLAY KANTER!!!Refund please!!!!! you please help me share this message for my mom ? Thanks a lot 🙏 I LOVE YOU MOM ❤️ Stay strong… Terry Stotts knows just how important Enes Kanter and Rodney Hood are 🙌 #blazers
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When Ramadan and the NBA playoffs collide, my faith is my strength, Enes Kanter writes in Opinions
Retweeted by Enes KanterMy @CNN interview: with @BeckyCNN #NBAPlayoffs & #Ramadan and #Turkey is NOT a democratic country anymore."Couple months ago I was at home, I didn't have a job. Now I'm trying to go to the Western Conference Finals. It'…
Retweeted by Enes KanterOne More 💪
I’ve come to understand my potential and how inner strength can translate to triumph. ⁦@washingtonpost⁩…🔒 Up @KDTrey5 🙏🙏
Believe that you are bigger than your difficulties , for you are, indeed.Enes Kanter sought the advice of an NBA legend on how to maintain a high level while fasting for Ramadan:
Retweeted by Enes KanterYou couldn't have chosen a better legend to emulate, Enes Kanter. 👊 #RipCity #Blazers
Retweeted by Enes KanterEnes Kanter is vocal about his religion (and everything else). With Ramadan about to begin, the Trail Blazers cente…
Retweeted by Enes KanterBusiness trip.
Retweeted by Enes KanterAlmost time for Iftar 😋🕌 #Ramadan @Enes_Kanter discusses balancing observance of Ramadan with preparing for Game 5 #ripcity
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🔒 yourself a role model like @Enes_Kanter #ripcity
Retweeted by Enes KanterSo sad to hear about the shooting in Denver. Although we play against @nuggets tonight, we are hurting now. 💔 My he…"It's awesome to get help from a legend, I would definitely love to be the new Hakeem for younger generations."…
Retweeted by Enes Kanter"I've never told anyone, but I fast during the season once or twice a week to get my body ready for Ramadan. So ev…
Retweeted by Enes KanterGame Day Kanter said he texted with Hakeem Olajuwon for some tips on playing while fasting for Ramadan:
Retweeted by Enes KanterRip City.
Retweeted by Enes KanterTerry Stotts confident Enes Kanter 'will be alright' during Ramadan
Retweeted by Enes KanterWhile Observing Ramadan, The World Will Be Watching Me in #NBAPlayoffs #RamadanMubarak 🕋 is the time to unite, break bread together,get closer & learn from each other as families & communities…
That one time @Enes_Kanter came on #NBADesktop
Retweeted by Enes Kanter#RamadanMubarak to those observing throughout the month!
Retweeted by Enes Kanter#Respect 🙏“That shows it's a dictatorship,” former @UtahJazz player Enes Kanter told the @washingtonpost. “Basketball reporte…
Retweeted by Enes Kanter🚫ENES 🚫
Retweeted by Enes KanterEnes Kanter will be observing Ramadan this year under circumstances new to him: He’s in the middle of the NBA playo…
Retweeted by Enes KanterGood in basketball 🏀 Terrible in Turkish 😂 🇹🇷 ❤️ 🇺🇸 Türkçe Dil Olimpiyatlarını @NBA sahalarına taşıdık 😊
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Game Time #RipCity