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Big shout-out to @Enes_Kanter for joining me on The Scoop Podcast today 🙌 We talk growing up with a competitive yo…
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Scoop Podcast with Enes Kanter
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Would you Rather Be a decent player with a RING or Be a Hall Of Famer but NO ring ??
.@Enes_Kanter checks out with 14 points & 10 rebounds, his first double-double as a Blazer 👏
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Retweeted by Enes KanterInspired after meeting @Enes_Kanter tonight to keep up the fight to protect him & his family from Turkish retributi…
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Retweeted by Enes KanterProud to be an Oregonian, A true blessing to have a Senator who stands for what is right; Freedom of Speech, Democr…
0️⃣0️⃣🤜🏼🤛🏽0️⃣ Senator @RonWyden will meet with Portland center @Enes_Kanter tonight before the @trailblazers play the…
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Enes Kanter was born to ball, but lives to wrestle. #Blazers
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#RipCity 🔒 caught up in Turkish struggle @ThePortlandTrib 🙏 #RipCity people are not invaders, or criminals. They are fleeing persecution and violence. On a day like today, we n…
Retweeted by Enes KanterNga mihi aroha Aotearoa, New Zealand. Shocked and saddened to hear about the tragedy in Christchurch. Sending my ar…
Retweeted by Enes KanterCan you join those who are sharing this? NBA star @Enes_Kanter is sharing throughout his social media sphere our…
Retweeted by Enes KanterBlazers center Enes Kanter spoke to Hoops Rumors on a variety of topics. Find out what he said here:
Retweeted by Enes KanterStrong showing off the bench for @Enes_Kanter & tonight's @biofreeze Performance of the Night 💪
Retweeted by Enes KanterEnes Kanter speaks out after the events in New Zealand terrorist attack! #Blazers
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#RipCity 🔒 may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin but we all belong to ONE HUMAN RACE.…"All I’m trying to do is be the voice for the people who don't have a voice." #NBA star @Enes_Kanter says he won't…
Retweeted by Enes KanterEnes Kanter Discusses Signing With Blazers, Role Under Terry Stotts, Future In WWE Story & interview by @JShawNBA:
Retweeted by Enes KanterOregon Senatörü @RonWyden Senato'da @Enes_Kanter'i anlattı: Bu münferit bir mesele değil, ABD sessiz kalamaz Ka…
Retweeted by Enes KanterTERRORISM HAS NO PLACE IN OUR WORLD!!!!!!!!!! Hate will be driven out. We condem the acts of evil that try but fai… to hear about the violence in #NewZealand. 🇳🇿 My thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends… Of The State Part 3:
Retweeted by Enes KanterEnemy Of The State Part 2 :
Retweeted by Enes KanterEnemy Of The State Huge thanks to @espn and @60 Part 1:
Retweeted by Enes KanterEnes Kanter is a 6’11” center with the Portland Trailblazers. He’s also a man wanted by Interpol. Why? Why does his…
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Hot Yoga with the squad 🥵 🧘‍♂️
Retweeted by Enes Kanter"There is no democracy...there is no freedom." #NBA player @Enes_Kanter talks about his torn relationship with the…
Retweeted by Enes KanterOregon Senatörü Ron Wyden, Enes Kanter ve ailesine yönelik baskıları ABD Senatosu'nda kürsüden dile getirdi: *Sayı…
Retweeted by Enes KanterMy @FoxNews interview: @FOXLA
Retweeted by Enes KanterOregon senator: US "must not stand idly by" as Trail Blazers' Enes Kanter is subject to "torment" by Turkey's gover…
Retweeted by Enes Kanter.@Enes_Kanter & his family are being targeted by the Turkish government for exercising their right to free speech.…
Retweeted by Enes KanterHot Yoga with the squad 🥵 🧘‍♂️ @FoxNews interview: @FOXLA
Thanks @RonWyden for being the voice of all those innocent people and speaking on the at U.S Senate floor. Part 2: @RonWyden for being the voice of all those innocent people and speaking on the at U.S Senate floor. Part 1: should watch/listen to this!.. Thank you Mr. Wyden @RonWyden for your support for Mr. Enes @Enes_Kanter and fo…
Retweeted by Enes KanterRon Wyden: U.S. ‘cannot stand idly by’ as Trail Blazers’ Enes Kanter is subject to torment by Turkish government…
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Enemy Of The State Part 3: Of The State Part 2 : Of The State Huge thanks to @espn and @60 Part 1:’m heading to the Senate floor to talk about @Enes_Kanter and his family, who are being targeted by Turkish Presid…
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We caught up with Trail Blazers coach Terry Stotts today to talk about Enes Kanter's complicated international situ…
Retweeted by Enes KanterThanks very much for the kind words, @Enes_Kanter. Your courage is inspiring. Let’s sit down soon to talk more.
Retweeted by Enes Kanter“What is he on trial for?” “Just being my dad.” - @Enes_Kanter
Retweeted by Enes KanterI feel you my brother @enderinciartem So sad to hear that! Praying for the people in your country... #Venezuela
ICYMI this morning, ESPN @E60 is re-airing the Enes Kanter story TONIGHT at 10pm PT, 1am ET on ESPN2. It will also…
Retweeted by Enes KanterSenatör @RonWyden’den ABD Dışişleri Bakanı’na mektup: @Enes_Kanter’e destek verin
Retweeted by Enes KanterSome call @Enes_Kanter a human rights hero. E:60 traveled to Turkey to interview former NBA player @hidoturkoglu15,…
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FREEDOM IS NOT FREE 10th | Sunday | 9am ET | ⁦@espn⁩ Senatörü Ron Wyden, ABD Dışişleri Bakanı Pompeo’ya "Enes Kanter'e destek verin" çağrısı yaptı. Wyden, Pompeo…
Retweeted by Enes KanterHad so much fun with the students at “Alder Creek Middle School” @ACMS_Panthers in Portland. My first charity wor… Senator Ron Wyden comes to aid of Portland Trail Blazers’ Enes Kanter
Retweeted by Enes Kanter.@Enes_Kanter -- It's amazing to have that support from your Senator (@RonWyden) --->
Retweeted by Enes KanterWelcome to #RipCity where we’re always proud to stand up for free thought and expression.
Retweeted by Enes KanterWarm welcome, wild finish @trailblazers long awaited return home vs. OKC after that 7-game post All-Star break road…
Retweeted by Enes Kanter#RipCity 🖤❤️ Enes Kanter says Trail Blazers’ winning culture is why he signed with Portland
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17,000 innocent women and their 743 babies are locked up in Turkish prisons without due process.… to be represented by a senator from #Oregon @Ronwyden who stands up for Democracy, Freedom of speech and Hu… profiles @Enes_Kanter (Sunday, 9 a.m. ET, ESPN), also gets exclusive on-camera interview with Turkish gov't a…
Retweeted by Enes KanterWarm welcome, tough ending for @Enes_Kanter in his @ModaCenter home debut #RipCity @fox12oregon
Retweeted by Enes Kanter"Hayır!" - @Enes_Kanter
Retweeted by Enes Kanter"I know how good of guys they are on the court but I had no idea they were that good of guys off court"…
Retweeted by Enes Kanter#RIpCity 🔒Welcome to @ModaCenter, @Enes_Kanter!
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“Tim 🍎” 😂 @tim_cook changed his name to Tim 's Ash Wednesday. Let's reflect on these passages. Genesis (3:19): "Remember for dust you are, & to dust [earth]…
Survival mode set in when they started rationing granola bars and thinking about ice bags as a water source. 😬😬…
Retweeted by Enes KanterTürk Mahkemelerinin 'Milli futbolcu Hakan Şükür ve NBA oyuncusu Enes Kanter ile fotoğraf çektirmenin' Terör Örgütün…
Retweeted by Enes KanterMeet the future “Enes Sinatra”... 😂
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🙌 @Enes_Kanter on what has surprised him about the @trailblazers : "I knew how good of people they are on the court…
Retweeted by Enes KanterBOLD/ÖZEL: NBA'in Türkiye'deki resmi sitesi, doping nedeniyle Hidayet Türkoğlu'nu "sembol müslüman oyuncular" liste…
Retweeted by Enes KanterSad and True are calling it #ElevatorGate & it’s FO’REAL 🤣 || The @trailblazers most recent trap inside of an elevator (& m…
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No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin,or his background or his religion. People lea… basketball player Enes Kanter says he fears reprisals from the Turkish government for his outspoken criticism…
Retweeted by Enes KanterBeing stuck in an elevator is no fun...or is it? 🤔 @Enes_Kanter joins us on @roadtrippinpod to discuss…
Retweeted by Enes Kanter"Where ever I go, I always have someone with me. The only place I go alone is the bathroom." -- @Enes_Kanter
Retweeted by Enes Kanter"People are saying ‘Are you gonna take (threats) serious?’ I mean, of course, those are death threats, you’ve got t…
Retweeted by Enes Kanter🐐 NBA basketball player @Enes_Kanter fears going back to visit his home in Turkey
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Terry Stotts gives @Enes_Kanter support for what he's going through politically and what's preventing him from bein…
Retweeted by Enes Kanter @mariohezonja 😂🙏#RipCity 🔒 month for @bcdzukija newcomer @KeremKanter, who was named February MVP! #BetsafeLKL 👏🎖️ 📰…
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