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Term of the day: Escape velocity Definition: The minimum velocity at which an object can escape a gravitation fiel… @JimBridenstine @elonmusk @NASA @SpaceX @Space_Station @Astro_illini @VicGlover @Astro_Soichi @JAXA_en You could pr…
Retweeted by World of EngineeringToday is the death anniversary of William Ford Robinson Stanley (2.2.1829–14.08.1909) who was a British inventor wi… of the day (Illuminance): lux (SI unit) Symbol: lx Definition: ≡ lm/m² Relation to SI units: = 1 lx = 1 lm/m²Honing is a process of conditioning the surface of the cylinder wall to help with lubrication of the piston ring(s)… Engineer's Day, Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 day on August 14, 1901 – The first claimed powered flight, by Gustave Whitehead in his Number 21. day on August 14, 1893 – France becomes the first country to introduce motor vehicle registration.This day on August 14, 1885 – Japan's first patent is issued to the inventor of a rust-proof paint.Discovered this mysterious hunk of engineering at an abandoned steel plant in Luxembourg. There is a large flywheel…
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Retweeted by World of Engineering🤣 of the day: Electrical resistance Definition: The electrical resistance of an object is a measure of its oppo… @MKBHD I haven’t requested one 🤷🏼‍♂️📱 🛒 cleaning uses cavitation bubbles induced by high frequency pressure (sound) waves to agitate a liquid. T… Noah sends his animals to go forth and multiply, a pair of snakes replies "We can't multiply, we're adders" –… pull saw of the day (Frequency): revolutions per minute Symbol: rpm Definition: ≡ One unit rpm equals one rotation co… is the birthday of Felix Heinrich Wankel (13 August 1902 – 9 October 1988), German mechanical engineer and in… is the birthday of John Logie Baird (13 August 1888 – 14 June 1946), Scottish engineer, invented the televisi… day on August 13, 1913 – First production in the UK of stainless steel by Harry Brearley. Shiguchi 🖤 📱 me alone 🍂
Nice camera trick
Retweeted by World of Engineering“Engineering ... to define rudely but not inaptly, is the art of doing that well with one dollar, which any bungler… day on August 12, 1977 – The first free flight of the Space Shuttle Enterprise. a reminder: While any amount of current over 10 milliamps (0.01 amp) is capable of producing painful to severe… day on August 12, 1960 – Echo 1A, NASA's first successful communications satellite, is launched. insulating and sealing gel👌🏻 📱 🇬🇧 of the day (Energy): hartree, atomic unit of energy Symbol: Eₕ Definition: ≡ mₑ⋅α²⋅c² (= 2 Ry) Relation to… day on August 12, 1981 – The IBM Personal Computer is released. day on August 12, 1851 – Isaac Singer is granted a patent for his sewing machine. down brackets install👌🏻 📱“Engineering refers to the practice of organizing the design and construction [and, I would add operation] of any a…
Today is the birthday of Stephen Butterworth (1885–1958),a British physicist who invented the filter that bears his… of the day: Electrical insulator Definition: is a material in which the electron does not flow freely; very l… @elonmusk My favorite silo storage tanks 🖤Unit of the day (Volume): board-foot Symbol: fbm Definition: ≡ 144 in³ Relation to SI units: ≡ 2.359737216×10⁻³ m³Crew Dragon capsule before and after flight to Space Station best mixing paddle in the game 😃 📱 🛒 UVMask is the next-generation reusable #mask ensuring 99.99% protection in real-time The only mask that inact… day on August 11, 1969 – The Apollo 11 astronauts are released from a three-week quarantine following their liftoff from the moon.Celsius is a hero, but Kelvin is an absolute zero.This day on August 11, 1962 – Vostok 3 launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome and cosmonaut Andrian Nikolayev become… @DuvalMagic 😍That bridge faucet install 🖤 📱 test on a F1 driver 🏎
Retweeted by World of Engineering“Engineering problems are under-defined, there are many solutions, good, bad and indifferent. The art is to arrive… of the day: Electrical impedance Definition: Is the measure of the opposition that a circuit presents to a cu… axis machining 🖤 📱 of the day (Flow (volume)): litre per minute Symbol: l/min or L/min Definition: ≡ 1 L/min Relation to SI units: = 1.6×10⁻⁵ m³/sThis day on August 10, 2003 – European heat wave: The highest temperature ever recorded in the United Kingdom, 38.5… fact: The speed of a computer mouse is measured in "Mickeys." A British scientist first invented the ro… day on August 10, 1990 – The Magellan space probe reaches Venus. hole cutter 🕳 ⛳️ 📱
“ Architects and engineers are among the most fortunate of men since they build their own monuments with public con… star climbing hand truck 👌🏻 🛒
Retweeted by World of EngineeringTerm of the day: Electrical conductor Definition: Is an object or type of material that allows the flow of charge… to our YouTube channel to paint a room quickly and easily with using a paint sprayer👌🏻 📱 🛒… of the day (Inductance): henry Symbol: H Definition: The inductance of a closed circuit that produces one vo… day on August 9, 1892 – Thomas Edison receives a patent for a two-way telegraph.Nice work 👌🏻 📱 fact: The odds of getting a royal flush are exactly 1 in 649,740. Poker fiends have a slightly better c… day on August 9, 2019 – 220 million trees are planted in one day in Uttar Pradesh, India.Swaging spin tool👌🏻 📱 🛒
“It is exciting to discover electrons and figure out the equations that govern their movement; it is boring to use… is the most British video I’ve seen yet
Retweeted by World of EngineeringElectrical resistance shares some conceptual parallels with the notion of mechanical friction. The SI unit of elect… of the day: Electrical conductance Definition: The electrical resistance of an object is a measure of its opp… of the day: centesimal second of arc Symbol: " Definition: ≡ 1⁄10000 grad Relation to SI units: ≈ 1.570796×10⁻⁶ radHot wound spring manufacturing process. The billet was a 37.7 feet (11,5 m) long. 📱 tech hard hat! Solar powered fan to keep that air flowing on those hot days 🥵 🛒
Retweeted by World of EngineeringThis day on August 8, 1946 – First flight of the Convair B-36, the world's first mass-produced nuclear weapon deliv… day on August 8, 1991 – The Warsaw radio mast, at one time the tallest construction ever built, collapses.😃
Retweeted by World of EngineeringThat finishing pass 🖤 📱 day on August 8, 1876 – Thomas Edison receives a patent for his mimeograph. The stencil duplicator or mimeogra…
Term of the day: Electrical engineering Definition: Is a technical discipline concerned with the study, design and… @elonmusk But not the first Berlin Wall!If you had a chance to go back in the past and change one thing what would you choose and why?“The most important thing is to keep the most important thing the most important thing.” - Donald P. CodutoUnit of the day: centesimal minute of arc Symbol: ' Definition: ≡ 1⁄100 grad Relation to SI units: ≈ 0.157080×10⁻³ radThis day on August 7, 1997 – Space Shuttle Program: the Space Shuttle Discovery launches on STS-85 from the Kennedy… turbine 1: "What kind of music do you like?" Wind turbine 2: "I'm a big metal fan"This day on August 7, 1944 – IBM dedicates the first program-controlled calculator, the Automatic Sequence Controll… @SpaceX did π say to i? Get real. What did i say to π? Be rational.Now you know what this is called!
Retweeted by World of EngineeringJoin the Mission to #OccupyMars
Retweeted by World of Engineering
“I was originally supposed to become an engineer but the thought of having to expend my creative energy on things t… day on August 6, 2012 – NASA's Curiosity rover lands on the surface of Mars. of the day: Electric power Definition: Is the rate, per unit time, at which electrical energy is transferred… dryer vent coupling👌🏻 📱 🛒 Science by Richard Hammond. Brilliant introduction guide to how cars work. 🛒 day on August 6, 1996 – NASA announces that the ALH 84001 meteorite, thought to originate from Mars, contains…