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This is the official page of Fars News Agency (FNA) English. We provide you with the latest news reports, photos and videos about Iran and the Middle-East.

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Assad Says Syria Will Respond to Turkish Aggression as Two-Hour Pence-Erdogan Meeting Ended with Results… Unveils Domestically-Manufactured Training Jet [PHOTOS] Forces Likely Use Chemical Weapons in Northern Syria Coalition Forces Out of Raqqa, American Warplanes Bomb Own Base in Syria Army Troops Enter Kobani
Maryland Univ. Poll Shows Iranians' Growing Support for Gen. Soleimani, Judiciary Chief, IRGC, N. Deal Pullout… Iranian Army Not to Compromise Deterrence Power Army Enters City of Raqqa After Six Years Media: Attack on Iranian Tanker Indicates Failure of US Sanctions Policy, Allied Militias Kill +630 Kurdish Militants in 1 Week, US Army Continues to Retreat from Syria… MP: UN to Receive Documents of Recent Attack against Iranian Oil Tanker Strongly Rejects Reuters' Report on US Cyber Strike Against Iran's Top Security Official Warns of US Revival of ISIL Army Recaptures 1,000 sq/km After Deal with Kurds, Withdrawal of US Troops Commander: Islamic Republic's Intelligence Might Displayed by Detention of Anti-Iran Media Head… Iran Makes 200 New Cyber Defense Products of Iran's Parliamentary Delegation Condemns Bahrain's Allegations Reaffirms Peace, Security in Iraq
IRGC Official: Head of France-Based Anti-Iran Media Monitored by Intelligence Forces for 2 Years… Fully Hand Over Manbij to Syrian Army, Damascus Troops Seize Region Near US Base Blasts US Inhuman Sanctions Against Iranian Radio Medicine Production Firms Militants Start Operation to Capture Damascus-Controled Manbij from Najaf to Karbala in Iraq for Arbaeen Pilgrimage [PHOTOS] Reveals US Plot to Transfer Thousands of ISIL Terrorists from Syria to Iraq Imposes Sanctions on Turkey over Syria Offensive, Pentagon Announces Official Withdrawal of American Troops… US Medical Sanctions Against Iran Crime against Humanity VP: US Fails to Bring Iran into Collapse American Forces Meet Syrian Army Troops [+VIDEO] Raps US Anti-Human Crimes Against Iran, Praises Neighbors Scientist Kept in US Jail without Trial for over 1 Year Afghanistan in Need of More Iranian Medicine Iran to Start Casting Concrete in Unit 2 of Bushehr N. Power Plant Soon in Najaf City Ahead of Arbaeen Hossein (AS) United Us: Children in Arbaeen Walk [PHOTOS]
President Reiterates Need for Removal of US Sanctions Against Iran Commander: Enemies Never Dare to Fire 1 Bullet at Iran US, Israeli, Regional Plots Against Iran Foiled Diplomatic Team Leaves Northeastern Syria's Judiciary Chief Warns of ISIL's Revival Due to Turkey's Incursion into Syria Arrests Head of France-Based Notorious Anti-Iran Media Minister: 2 Terrorist Teams Disbanded in Southwestern Iran Middle-East More Secure Place without US Researchers Use Nanotechnology to Build Aircraft Glass Organization Rejects Saudi Claims of Readiness to Help Damaged Iranian Tanker US Leaves Behind ‘High Value’ ISIL Prisoners in Syria Army Takes Control of Several Kurdish-Held Towns to Face Turkish Aggression Offensive in Syria: Turkish Air Raid on Civilian Convoy Kills +10, Wounds Nearly 75 Proper End to Saudi Arabia War on Yemen to Positively Influence Region Blasts Foreign Interference in in Regional States’ Affairs's New Double-Engine Drone Displayed During Leader's Tour of Hi-Tech Exhibition Iran's HOPE Initiative Aimed at Preventing Aggression against Regional States Arbaeen Pilgrims in Full Security in Iraq to Karbala
Official: Iran to Launch 3 Domestically-Built Satellites Soon to Pull Out 1,000 Troops from Northern Syria Amid Turkish Offensive PM Appreciates Iran's Supportive Position on Kashmiri People Leader Underlines Need for IRGC's Possession of Advanced Weapons Briefs Pakistani PM on Key Regional Issues MPs Condemn Turkey's Incursion on Northern Syria Minister: Iran, Regional States Sign Agreement to Prevent Child Trafficking Speaker: IPU Meeting Good Opportunity to Revive Respect for Int'l Laws Army to Seize Kurdish-Held Town in Aleppo Official Underlines Need for Boosting Iran-Syria Trade Cooperation, Ankara Fighters Clash in Northern Syria as +130,000 Displaced Condemns Attack on Iranian Oil Tanker 3m Iranians So Far Registered to Attend Arbaeen March,000 Arbaeen Pilgrims Departing Shalamcheh for Karbala
DM Stresses Nanotechnology Firms' Important Role in Increasing Iran's Deterrence Power Leakage from Targeted Iranian Tanker Halted MP: Europe Unable to Preserve N. Deal Denies Turkey's Claim about Advancing to Center of Strategic City't Spokesman: Iran to Give Proper Response to Tanker Attack after Investigations Iran's Nano Products Exported to Over 45 States Underlines Iran's Strong Opposition to N. Weapons Vows to Retaliate Oil Tanker Attack Iran Supplying 97% of Pharmaceutical Needs Indigenously 100,000 Left Homes in Northeast Syria Following Turkish Military Operation Villages Seized by Turkey, Ankara-Backed Militants in Northeast Syria Militants Escape Syria's Jail, US Transfers Tens of Foreign Inmates to Iraq US Troops in Syria Came Under Turkish Fire Fired from Syria Kill 8 Civilians, Injure 35 in Turkey
+70,000 People Displaced in Northeast Syria, Only Hospital of Region Closed After Bombings Forces Kill +340 Kurdish Fighters, +260 Turkey-Backed Militants, Army Soldiers Killed by Kurds… Militias Retreat 20 Kilometers from Military Positions in Northern Syria IRGC to Expand Resistance Axis Geography Cleric Warns Turkey Against Grave Consequences of Attacking Syria Condemns Targeting Iran’s Oil Tanker in Red Sea Iran’s Oil Tanker Still in Red Sea Waiting to Change Route Leak From Iran's SABITI Tanker Controlled Thousands Flee as Turkey Bombards Kurdish Fighters Reigning in US Strategy on Syria as Trump Insists on Showing Washington's Political Nature Naked…'s Oil Tanker Hit by Two Explosions in Red Sea Troops, Ankara-Backed Militants Seize Several Villages, Encircle Two Major Kurdish-Held Towns… People Killed in Kurdish Attacks on Turkish Border Towns, Ankara Forces Kill 9 Civilians in Syria…
FM: Iran Stretches Hand of Friendship to Regional States Welcomes Election of New EU Foreign Policy Chief, Wishes Success for Borrell against US Bullying… Worried by Trump's Betrayal to Kurds Claims Turkish Forces Occupy Regions in Syria, 2 Dead in Kurdish Attack on Turkish Border… US Attempts to Isolate Iran Futile Kurds Should Set UP Joint Operations Room with Syrian Army