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At the moment solo Indiedev for android just in my spare-time, but with the intention to do this full-time! Check out my website for more info!

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@Nunoth31 Thank you my friend! @dreamy_robot Thanks buddy!So for #ScreenshotSaturday I have overhauled the UI and now started the Action Phase! Time to start making decision…
Retweeted by ENO Games @mars2000game @only4gamers_xyz @LabsSkull @musicvsartstuff @MikiMortis @velvet_horizon @OneStarOneHeart @unguigames @LabsSkull Thank you Skull! 🧑‍🍳💀 @WhiteBoxGaming1 Thank you very much! 🧑‍🍳🙏
@rivalrebelsgame Thanks man! Congrats to you on your YT subs 🍄🧑‍🍳 @DreamingDice Thank you buddy! I do what I can 😉 Talk to you tomorrow man... @AllenCayn @UnrealEngine @MeekiGames No it’s perfectly fine here in Austria 😀 @AllenCayn @UnrealEngine @MeekiGames I’m all well... Thanks for asking! How about you? @cowardyne Aww thank you so much for the compliment 😼🧑‍🍳 @josephjchunta Thank you man! @UdkUltimate Thank you Nidal! Yeah as you know it’s 10% implementation and 90% polish 😂 @UdkUltimate Thank you so much! This means the world to me brother 🙏🧑‍🍳 @TsgTim1 Thank you! Wait until there are more different games 😜 @TsgTim1 Then go for Sekiro! It’s a total different game feel compared to Dark Souls! I love it...Happy #screenshotsaturday everyone, hope everyone is staying safe this weekend😷💪❣️Busy week for 🐔, finally got…
Retweeted by ENO Games @AllenCayn @UnrealEngine @MeekiGames Great shot buddy 🧑‍🍳🤘 @AtomBlitz_ First the Hamburger, now the Candy machine 😂😂😂 Nice stuff... Looks great btw👍Okey im giving away 3 hidden fates codes for the Pokemon TCGO! I you wanna have it just guess a number between 1-5…
Retweeted by ENO Games @TsgTim1 Since you’re now on Dark Souls what about Bloodborne or Sekiro? Dunno if you did them already 🤘 @unguigames Congrats buddy! Keep up your great work 🧑‍🍳✌️ @chrisayenney Thanks again... Have a great weekend yourself! @CrawlyGames Thanks Crawly... 🙏 @chrisayenney Thank you Chris! This means so much to me... 🧑‍🍳🙏🧑‍🍳#screenshotsaturday I spent the whole week restructuring my combat system, especially the mini-game handling. I… @Tiernan_the_dev Thank you!🙏🥳 I reached 1000 followers yesterday and I'm speechless and overwhelmed! Thank you so much for the outstanding supp… @TsgTim1 Thank you very much Tim... I’ll do my best 😉 @UdkUltimate @MikiMortis @TheGeek40 @vgmobster @nbajambook @PirateGames8 @CobTheCreator @pianotm26 @joyfreakcom
@TheGeek40 You’re welcome... You deserve it 🧑‍🍳 @_Andrea_Ricca @shinypliers @garlictonic @djcrumrine @beeragon @ericjschuster @veNext_gameing @ChrisGameDev @8Shinobi @BadMaryBand @CanadianJSticks @JDC_ONE @OG_MaraJade @Heroic_Studios @ComeGeekSome1 @WartTheWizard @AngelStarStudio @rivalrebelsgame @8Shinobi @_SombreroCat @dad_zom @DuskTactics @casul_scrub @derrickgoze Thank you… @AndrewJMagee @BladeGamesMob @8Shinobi @CrawlyGames @DreamingDice @AtomBlitz_ @UdkUltimate @TheGeek40 @dreamy_robot @rivalrebelsgame @BladeGamesMob @8Shinobi @AndrewJMagee @CrawlyGames @DreamingDice @AtomBlitz_ @UdkUltimate @rivalrebelsgame @DuskTactics @HourADayGamer @FabriSounds @ancalabro @LabsSkull @casul_scrub @RikOclon @byDanDans @dreamy_robot @BladeGamesMob @8Shinobi @AndrewJMagee @CrawlyGames @DreamingDice @AtomBlitz_ @UdkUltimate @TheGeek40 @MadsirStudio @only4gamers_xyz @LabsSkull @musicvsartstuff @MikiMortis @velvet_horizon @OneStarOneHeart @unguigames @UdkUltimate @BladeGamesMob @8Shinobi @AndrewJMagee @CrawlyGames @DreamingDice @AtomBlitz_ @TheGeek40 @dreamy_robot @CrawlyGames @DreamingDice @AlienInt_Games @LabsSkull @TsgTim1 @Soranoth @karatkuro @ValeriaPriestes @TerraRandoma @UdkUltimate @BladeGamesMob @8Shinobi @AndrewJMagee @CrawlyGames @DreamingDice @AtomBlitz_ @TheGeek40 @dreamy_robot @UdkUltimate @BladeGamesMob @8Shinobi @AndrewJMagee @CrawlyGames @DreamingDice @AtomBlitz_ @TheGeek40 @dreamy_robot @VPGFam @BladeGamesMob @8Shinobi @AndrewJMagee @CrawlyGames @DreamingDice @AtomBlitz_ @UdkUltimate @TheGeek40 @AngelStarStudio @BladeGamesMob @8Shinobi @AndrewJMagee @CrawlyGames @DreamingDice @AtomBlitz_ @UdkUltimate @_andreschaaf @only4gamers_xyz @LabsSkull @musicvsartstuff @MikiMortis @velvet_horizon @OneStarOneHeart @unguigames @DreamingDice @pianotm26 @TsgTim1 @AlienInt_Games @CrawlyGames Thank for including me again 🙏 @DreamingDice @BladeGamesMob @8Shinobi @AndrewJMagee @CrawlyGames @AtomBlitz_ @UdkUltimate @TheGeek40 @dreamy_robot @8Shinobi @BladeGamesMob @AndrewJMagee @CrawlyGames @DreamingDice @AtomBlitz_ @UdkUltimate @TheGeek40 @dreamy_robot @RedMountainGame @only4gamers_xyz @LabsSkull @musicvsartstuff @MikiMortis @velvet_horizon @OneStarOneHeart @CrawlyGames @BladeGamesMob @8Shinobi @AndrewJMagee @DreamingDice @AtomBlitz_ @UdkUltimate @TheGeek40 @dreamy_robot @AtomBlitz_ @BladeGamesMob @8Shinobi @AndrewJMagee @CrawlyGames @DreamingDice @UdkUltimate @TheGeek40 @dreamy_robot @ClementPanchout @AnnaMimik @ArthurVyater @frozen_helm @QuijiPixel @glass__revolver @__sleepingpanda @veronicgrk @pianotm26 @dhantrastudio @itsasooz @Diaelffin @TerraRandoma @Trixelized @DuskTactics @RanchTycoon @cazwolf @LabsSkull @guardiancrisis @ValeriaPriestes @xyberknight @dreamy_robot @TheDreadmill @Radiobush @DubniumGames @spicestudios1 @eatneaten @goheroes_games @BILGE_PARTY @Chrike1 @SuperMegaBall1 @EvadersSpace @GarrettSavo @ClementPanchout @AnnaMimik @ArthurVyater @frozen_helm @QuijiPixel @glass__revolver @__sleepingpanda @veronicgrk @LabsSkull @only4gamers_xyz @musicvsartstuff @MikiMortis @velvet_horizon @OneStarOneHeart @unguigames @mekkiveli @ShadowArts9 @BladeGamesMob @8Shinobi @AndrewJMagee @CrawlyGames @DreamingDice @AtomBlitz_ @UdkUltimate @TheGeek40 @pianotm26 @BladeGamesMob @8Shinobi @AndrewJMagee @CrawlyGames @DreamingDice @AtomBlitz_ @UdkUltimate @TheGeek40 @musicvsartstuff @only4gamers_xyz @LabsSkull @MikiMortis @velvet_horizon @OneStarOneHeart @unguigames @mekkiveli @TaleOfAWolf @only4gamers_xyz @LabsSkull @musicvsartstuff @MikiMortis @velvet_horizon @OneStarOneHeart @unguigames @unguigames @only4gamers_xyz @LabsSkull @musicvsartstuff @MikiMortis @velvet_horizon @OneStarOneHeart @mekkiveli @ClementPanchout @only4gamers_xyz @LabsSkull @musicvsartstuff @MikiMortis @velvet_horizon @OneStarOneHeart Supportive people: @only4gamers_xyz @LabsSkull @musicvsartstuff @MikiMortis @velvet_horizon @OneStarOneHeart Awesome peeps: @BladeGamesMob @8Shinobi @AndrewJMagee @CrawlyGames @DreamingDice @AtomBlitz_ @UdkUltimate @TaleOfAWolf @OblitusGames @teamhengame @ZeroGremlin @dreamy_robot @NotAldev @cowardyne @foxenIsland @ShadowArts9 @veNext_gameing @ChrisGameDev @IvorSaga @_AdamFrost @PerceptualLuci1 @linwoodmusic @MadUncleJeff @TaleOfAWolf @OblitusGames @teamhengame @ZeroGremlin @dreamy_robot @NotAldev @cowardyne @foxenIsland @_andreschaaf @SullivanDevel @GameTxtures @rivalrebelsgame @LabsSkull @RazorsEdge_org @VoidPtr64 @Clammiee @_andreschaaf @SullivanDevel @GameTxtures @rivalrebelsgame @LabsSkull @RazorsEdge_org @VoidPtr64 @Clammiee @ZeroGremlin @tools_by_ezio @FlyRts @BlazedRTs @sme_rt @GamingRTweeters @FearRTs @rtsmallstreams @Pulse_Rts follower, yay! Support your #indie devs 🙏😅 Grow together! #FollowShareRTGrow @tools_by_ezio @FlyRts
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"Courage" and "Strong" conditions are a great combo to increase your physical damage! Play now on Discord!…
Retweeted by ENO GamesWell I think we have improved the selection screen a bit. Still need to put the stats in the bottom and some other…
Retweeted by ENO Games @DreamingDice Looks awesome mate! This is starting to take shape... Keep it up#PitchYaGame Don't know what to watch on TV or Netflix? AnShi takes you onto a beautiful journey somewhere in the u…
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@_Andrea_Ricca @aKyleMurphy @musicvsartstuff @dreamshardgame @NeverthelessSt5 @TinyNerdGames @TsgTim1 @DreamingDice @8Shinobi @TrooperOffical @DaleWheatley @YourNerdWonder @EthanVanSciver @StreamsTrimmy @FantasySoftEnt Developers, Unity Ads vs AdMob, which one is better, according to you? For an Android Game. .................…
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@UdkUltimate @psxdev @PlayStationHaX @Joao_PSX @psx_scene @PS3NewsDOTcom @frwololo @KawaiiAuroraA @PS3_DEV_TEAM you for all the support on Twitter - I really appreciate it ♥️ My YT channel has only 30 subscribers :( If…
Retweeted by ENO Games @AtomBlitz_ Thank you buddy! It's hard to see from the distance, but it's a wooden chop board 😂 @DavidJoanus Thank you so much for the compliments! This means the world to me...🧑‍🍳🙏
@tertiarymap @UdkUltimate @DreamingDice @AtomBlitz_ @CrawlyGames @LabsSkull @TheGeek40 @velvet_horizon @8Shinobi @UdkUltimate Thanks a lot bro... I actually like the modeling and my budget is kind of low 🙈This week I created skills and weapons and give you the first of them: Invigoration. Command points are now calcula…
Retweeted by ENO Games @AndrewJMagee Yeah you’re right... 😂 @DreamingDice Aww thank you... This means the world to me buddy! 🎲🧑‍🍳 @AndrewJMagee Thank you so much the compliment mate! I’m just familiar with professional kitchens 😉 If you’d open a… @TsgTim1 Thank you very much Tim... Have a great weekend!🔭Looking 4 LOVE?😗💕 😀Well u just got lucky!🙌 This week @MusicWeeklies composers teamed up to write a collection of…
Retweeted by ENO Games👨‍🍳 #screenshotsaturday I worked most of the week in Blender3d and managed to model the first parts of the workstat… @velvet_horizon @UdkUltimate @DreamingDice @AtomBlitz_ @CrawlyGames @LabsSkull @TheGeek40 @8Shinobi @dreamy_robot @pugfuglygames @AndrewJMagee @AllenCayn @musicvsartstuff @ShadowArts9 @MikiMortis @OneStarOneHeart @unguigames