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Emily Ogden @ENOgden Charlottesville, VA

English prof. / Writing On Not Knowing for @uchicagopress / Credulity: A Cultural History of US Mesmerism @uchicagopress / she her

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@JacobHLeveton bang goes the drum blossom dearie you send me, sam cooke preacher man, dusty springfield gold lion, the yeah yeah yeahs @ARoseCasey special plug for Phineas Finn among the Pallisers, one of my favorite novels of all time @ARoseCasey Trollope, the Palliser novels, is the answer but if you don't like that idea, Muriel Spark?
@upstaterica @desireejweber @dan_sinykin THANK YOU. sheesh.everyone is getting so worked up about the monolith I put up in Utah and it's like excuse ME for trying to do radic… @upstaterica English is at fault here in not having an additional, more emphatic deictic beyond the deictic @pcoviell @david_m_diamond I think I've reached my contractual limit on quoting the end of Cetology so someone else… @pcoviell @david_m_diamond music to my ears, Pete! @upstaterica you just got such an email from me I do believeif you ever get an email from me with the subject line "draft," just ignore it and wait for a few hours for my next… @zumhagenyekple A woman of taste, as people of taste already knowIf you read my husband's comments on my draft, you, too, would fall in love with him @seeshespeak Yes indeed @seeshespeak Also in a totally different vein, Venetian Snares, drum and bass so abrasive that the destructive voic… @ideologian @seeshespeak seconded! @ideologian @seeshespeak ☝️I have empirically verified this through extensive testing. @seeshespeak Mine is a Four Tet album that starts with typing sounds @_RachelHandley The credibility it instantly lends him!I did not remember Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs as being about climate refugees, and yet I learned that my favorite tabby street cat is named Possum Bob and now my already considerable admiration for him is boundless. @kjavadizadeh Dana Spiotta, Innocents and Others @KristinGrogan 💜💜 I'm sorry, sending love
@ProffWolff @thecarie also what psychoanalysis thinks of hypnotism @ProffWolff @thecarie ha, this is what hypnotism thinks @thecarie @ProffWolff inspired by various hit albums of the seventies @poulomiqsaha @cejarvis as we speak, training my dog to respond to his new name, "ôoulde in(e)gliche chiipdogue" @cejarvis loet zaht sœink in @pdizzle it's the NYT daily case map to imagine how crazy English must sound to the people who wrote this "guide de prononciation simplifiée" good Chicago sale alert: 40% off Guggenheim exhibit catalog for Hilma af Klimt, new translation of Lévi-S…
@Thomas__Arnold Apparently @cejarvis I do! But it's so SLOW.failed perlocutionary utterances something something @sselisker this is SO TRUEinstead of, "be careful not to overbrown the pine nuts" recipes should use greater emphasis, for example, "you're g… @evankindley one of the two German Shepherds leaked it in an attempt to torpedo the appointment is my guess [fire hydrant emoji] @JamieUtphall Have you seen Call My Agent/ Dix Pour Cent? Highly recommend @fivefteditrix They have conflated him, not without reason, with the Cville confederate statue they saw removed with a forklift3yo-1: We said no to the president. Now he has to leave. 3yo-2: He might not. 3yo-1: Then we will say, bad man, get…
@ProffWolff the hammer and the danceI have a meme joke but it repeats inexplicably six weeks later @brimwats I don't remember specifically about pedophilia, he does talk about activismThe best time to plant a fruit tree is twenty years ago; the next best time is now; and the same is true for starti… @graceelavery Wow, this part: Sontag was a great comic character...The carefully cultivated moral seriousness–stren… @steinjordan I like her Freud biography but I haven't read the Lacan--thanks! @kathylubey perfect, thank you @pfessenbecker Ooh, didn't know about this, thanks @melnickjeffrey1 thanks!Esp. interested in literary critics and it could be an essay rather than a bookMine is James Miller, The Passion of Michel Foucault @KristinGrogan thanks! I don't know it, sounds greatFavorite biographical work whose subject is a critic or scholar? @rithika_ram 2 Moby 2 Dick
@TheJoyofCooking Mine are inchelium red, I think, although it was a long time ago...that's a softneck which grows better where I am @evankindley lol JF is so kicking himself right now @evankindley OK I'll take Middlemarch V: The Resurrection @ashleyrattner Obsessed. Also did you know there is an intentional community based on this book?? so I guess, yes, he can??Can I name my novel Middlemarch 2 or planting time. For seed garlic, I use the largest cloves from the largest heads in the previous year's harve… @mattbevis1 Everyone's a critic! @majortominor My life had stood a loaded gun @kjavadizadeh Analog and proud!me: [explains something at length] 3yo, interrupting: Next page!
@arothmanhistory Well, *I* can. I don't know about you 🧐 @dem8z thank you! ❤️ @ThomasBolt @berfrois Thanks so much for reading!Just had my 30th flu shot of the 2020 season. The nurse warned me there would be "a little ouch," then poked me wit… @mlmcgill @S_Insley_H @steinjordan There's a certain scent of Pie--on winter afternoons-- That refreshes, like the lift--of Madonna Tunes-- @termitetree that is so cool!! @livingstondj Sauce!
I tried to make chili without making cornbread but it's physically impossible @jolyonbt Sounds fabulous! @jolyonbt A White Lady washed with a red sock, autrement dit @dchiasso @tony_domestico @johnwilliamsnyt the "psychometer" of his journals @dchiasso @tony_domestico @johnwilliamsnyt Poor Emerson, he was not The Poet @dchiasso @johnwilliamsnyt @tony_domestico Yes it is! Excellent beginning on not starting from the beginning @johnwilliamsnyt @dchiasso @tony_domestico a greatest hits in a single essay. "Where do we find ourselves? In a ser…, cointreau, lemon, cranberry sauce. Clink! @dchiasso @tony_domestico @johnwilliamsnyt "Sleep lingers all our lifetime about our eyes, as night hovers all day… @carallewis Congratulations and beautiful cake! @steinjordan "I never peeled a squash but twice" @steinjordan Now I'll be good for nothing for the rest of the day but trying to write the rest of it @ashleyrattner yes totally, the peeling is the worst, so nice not to do that @ashleyrattner Oh don't peel! Just split in half, deseed, and roast at 375 for a long time, until soft (prob 45m-1h… @TheJoyofCooking Couldn't agree more!Shout out to @TheJoyofCooking for taking the broad-minded, and correct, position that pie can be made with many kin… started this pie from seed back in April graduated from rolling my eyes behind my parents' back during the holidays to rolling my eyes behind my childr… the age when everything is true and doubt redounds, @ENOgden's Credulity (2018) will set you right
Retweeted by Emily Ogden @evankindley watching your daughter's brilliant career with keen interestMy daughter instructed me to make this protest sign
Retweeted by Emily Ogden @jkameroncarter Yes! I was just thinking how chillingly similar this sentiment is to MAGA @evankindley @summacontra @dan_sinykin @johannawinant How low is that, exactly?? @dan_sinykin I solemnly swear never to take a mental hygiene break againtoday in Unidentified Art Objects "I’m assuming it is, you know, some new wave artist or something, or somebody th… @Supervacuo @DanAShore This passage is helpful in spelling out what--I think, so far at least--would be the downsid… @Supervacuo @DanAShore Thanks for that suggestion. Yes, it's clear that's what she means. Q is whether the language…
toddlers stop checking to see if the carrots are orange yet challenge @bpasanek @thomasmanganaro thank you!