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So long and thanks for all the kangaroos on Wozniacki Suarez Navarro Australian Open 1st round?News that @CaroWozniacki is to retire after the @AustralianOpen. So glad she crowned a great career by winning her…
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Just finished watching Andy Murray’s documentary. He playes “Baby shark”. When I thought I couldn’t love him more.Gaudio will be the Argentina captain in the ATP Cup
@OnlyRogerCanFly And overall?Italians off-season (via @Alenize82) Berrettini: Florida/Montecarlo Fognini: Rome/Asia Sonego: Turin Cecchinato: M… - not found
Suarez Navarro will retire at the end of 2020
20 F(ederer)R(oger)
“anything can happen in women’s tennis”? This study claims that men’s matches show lower dependence on rank differ… @josemorgado So, if the world number 350 beats Nadal in the final he only gets 85 points 🧐🧐🧐
@Galloots I’m not sure he is aware of any other languageATP news: Max Mirnyi is joining Michael Chang on the Kei Nishikori coaching team.
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@RioOpenOficial 🤣🤣🤣👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @RioOpenOficial Well done! You know what “galera” means in Italian? It means “jail”😅 @alcalejon I always love when Brazilians use the word “galera”. It means “jail” in Italian 😅Hip Hip Murray *never gets old
random fact Simona Halep 10 weeks away from the longest streak of consecutive weeks inside WTA top-10 between play…
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@Rossana_Capo Arrivano tutti e 3 con UPS domani alle 9 del mattino.Spiel, Satz, Sinner of the best tennis photos of 2019 By Antoine Couvercelle
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Talked to Tony Godsick, the manager of @rogerfederer. He says, contrary to reports that fans in Bogotà won't be ref…
Retweeted by enrico maria riva @doublefault28 I’m looking forward to your “worst” :-)
Ohhhh welcome @danielvallverdu to the cool side!!!
Retweeted by enrico maria riva @doublefault28 I agree 1 and 3. I would put Nacho instead of Renaud2021 & beyond @IamPammieWammie cheap shot, i admit @StefTsitsipas Save Privacy Tsitsipas @maurizio887 ?Host: "Have you got a girlfriend?" Sinner: "Is it that relevant here?" Host: "Well..." Sinner: "No, I don't"“Always playing conservative” could be is breakpoints approach definitive motto 1 goat is Kory. Dunno this guy here Sania Mirza is set to make a comeback in Brisbane at the beginning of 2020. She also wants to be at OG in To…
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaNew coach for Karolína Plíšková: Dani Vallverdu.
Retweeted by enrico maria riva @mante @lucasofri Hanno rubato il titolo a Robecchi. A meno che non lo curi Robecchi
@gabrieleburini @meloccaros @LucaFiorino24 Credo banalmente perché il 2 gioca contro il 2 e l’1 contro l’1. E non c…
@coinniss Plus the next one and the 2020Feels like they have been playing at home a lot lately the Open Era was Feliciano Lopez’ 445th career loss, the most by any ATP player. Surpassed Fabrice Santoro ( 444 )
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@AnnaK_4ever Fun fact: that shot is listed as “passing volley” in the official match statsME RETIRO! MY RETIREMENT Llegó el momento de decir adiós al tenis profesional. Ha sido un largo camino, lleno de mo…
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@BenRothenberg Directors and CCU operators nightmareKudos to @mattmcgladrigan and @jhosie43 for their endless creativity spent all year watching tennis players win trophies and we finally won one ourselves 😛🏆 Thank you tennis fans 💙
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaAnd the award for “Best in Fan Engagement” goes to... @ATPMedia – Tennis TV! 🏆 👏 Congratulations! #SPOTTAwards
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaThis is so insightful from Tipsarevic. *Some* players (we all know hi... them) could or, rather, should relate.…
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaDicevamo... @rickky_thatsme Team Dog eats Team Cabbage 🥬you are welcome #daviscup
@GraveyardFilip I wonder if these results will count in the H2H @josemorgado If you print them all, one must be correct @GraveyardFilip I think it still is 60 60. But what do I know? @AnnaK_4ever I was on court during that match. They only supporter Opelka had were 6 drunk chaps @CroniSport @josemorgado 109th player to play Davis for Australia @angelaquino78 Sadly now he can give as many as he wantsDamien in the chair for Federer Zverev Buenos Aires exho Park lesson #1 Blame Canada @CBishop325 Yes. I took the screenshot a few days ago
@StefMylesTennis I heard the same @StefMylesTennis I’m glad they did. I found it funny but I’ll be happy if they manage to make it work eventually. W… @StefMylesTennis Honestly I don’t remember exactly the path. I took the screenshot a few days ago but I was busy wi… @StefMylesTennis Yes. On my phone. Maybe translation depends on geolocation @StefMylesTennis 🤦‍♂️ @StefMylesTennis I found it on, bye the way, please support Davis Cup buying some fertiliser CABBAGE played yet? DOG has been hot in its first match
Of the 18 #DavisCup captains in Madrid, 16 played Davis Cup for their nations. The only two who didn't (Leon Smith…
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaCanadian Fognini way better than Fabio
Tsitispas and Thiem share a nice 2019 record: they both lost a Slam 1st round to Thomas Fabbiano
Retweeted by enrico maria riva @PeteOdgers No Davis. That would be way too much :-). Enjoy Madrid, it’s gonna be fun6 Slam-less ATP Finals champions so far (one will probably change...)”Special thanks to Mr. Nitto, here, for making this great event possible.” by Thiem. He is Mr. Hideo Takasaki (pres…
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaTsitsipas didn't answer my question because *checks notes* he doesn't want to spoil his youtube vlog.
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaA very gracious Dominic Thiem @TennisMyLife68 Facile per Smith. Erano tutti debuttanti 😂😂 @HersgodTheGod Ahaha. Sorry!!! Big fingers :-)🎶 im so excited & i just can’t hide it 🎶
Retweeted by enrico maria riva#Thiem : " wouldnt change a tournament win here #atpfinals against the austrian double this year in Kitzbühel and Vienna 2019" Well...
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaCompleted 2019 Court Speed figures (all taken mid-tournament so may be updated with avg's if they're published). B…
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaAnother great year with @TrudelSteph @tekerrigan @RobKoenigTennis @nicklester @_markpetchey @colin_fleming Tsitsipas 2016 ATP Finals Hitting partner 2017 Next Gen Alternate 2018 Next Gen Champion 2019 ATP Finals Champion @lasso_914 fasterBest Atp Tour Finals of the last 10 years by farPlayers to win the Tour Finals without a season positive H2H vs top10 since 1990: Novak Djokovic 2008 (11-11) Stefanos Tsitsipas 2019 (9-9) @OnlyRogerCanFly Becker Chang wasn't "decisivo". Best of 5TB
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaTsitispas and Thiem share a nice 2019 record: they both lost a Slam 1st round to Thomas FabbianoThe only Final Thiem lost from 1 set up was his first ever ATP Final in Kitzbuhel 2014World No. 5 @ThiemDomi takes first set 7-6(6) against fellow first-time #NittoATPFinals finalist @StefTsitsipas. W…
Retweeted by enrico maria riva @AminStereo really?Mark Petchey revealed that Thiem's mum has a tatoo for every Dominic's title. Yet to make one for ViennaAli Nili in his last match as a chair umpire. He will be an ATP supervisor from 2020arantxa #rus is the first player in the @ITFprocircuit history to win at least 10 titles in a single year
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaStefan Edberg, who won the season-ending title 30 years ago, will be part of today's singles final trophy presentation
Retweeted by enrico maria riva @lawanda50 probably she didn't expect him to mention it @AnnaK_4ever she was probably surprised he said it during the speech