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Hurkacz since winning Miami: Montecarlo R1 win Empty press conference Montecarlo R2 loss Madrid R1 loss Rome R1… you can win then, at least emBrace them (I’m done for the day…) and the meldonium scandal: anti-crisis communications in personal branding
We welcome the announcements from @BorisJohnson and @OliverDowden that a number of events, including The Championsh…
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaDjokovic has won 13 of the last 26 Slams played since Wimbledon 2014. That is 50% in the last 7 years.
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaCongratulations to the French Tennis Federation and/or NBC, who requested that my video of the boy getting Djokovic…
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𝗗𝗼𝘂𝗯𝗹𝗲𝘀 𝗙𝗮𝘂𝘁𝗲𝘀 🇩🇪 Alexander Zverev - 34 DF (6 matchs) 🇪🇸 Rafael Nadal - 28 DF (6) 🇩🇪 Jan Lennard Struff - 23 DF (4)…
Retweeted by enrico maria riva @Faf23231 @arunajith92 🙄 @Vautren1 YesFrom the greatest Italian defender ever'édition 2021 de #RolandGarros touche à sa fin. Retour en stats sur les 126 matchs disputés dans le tableau du s…
Retweeted by enrico maria riva @TennisPodcast @CWhitakerSport @MattRobertsTTP @DavidLawTennis Hannah Wilkinsinsisk!!!Physically and mentally dominant. Hardest player in history to attack through the court. No holes in his game. No h…
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaRace to Turin is an all European affair so far with Diego Schwartzman as the only outsider in the top15 @arunajith92 It’s not a list of all the Slams winners ever. I had to make a choiceThat is the biggest challenge of Novak’s run. He will play Wimbledon most likely without a single match on grass si… service has been much much appreciated @taylantokay In a couple of years I might be able to add him too 🥶Novak Djokovic reaches #Djokémon Gen II, winning all Slams and Masters TWICE. No one else did it once! 🐨—🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆…
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaNovak’s mental toughness is the greatest weapon in the history of tennis
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaSomeone with firsthand knowledge that this is certainly not over:
Retweeted by enrico maria riva @jeanguy53 It’s just insane numbers. Winning “only” a Slam in career is an unbelievable task for most human beings @Wewewish Thanks for assuming I was wrong. He didn’t play 1 though… @CaralhoVoador21 He is doing fine :-)The real MVP of the match
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaFederer+Nadal+Djokovic 59 Slams Agassi+Becker+Edberg+Chang+Noah+Cash+Courier+Stich+Muster+Kafelnikov+ Kuerten+Ra… has won 13 of the last 26 Slams played since Wimbledon 2014. That is 50% in the last 7 years. @DavorBura That’s not what I wrote. This is not temporal. @DavorBura Yes. And then lost Paris and GeneveCanadian men’s last Atp finals played*: 0-21 Shapovalov 0-2 Auger-Aliassime 0-8 Raonic 0-7 Pospisil 0-3 Schnur 0-1… in finals 0-16 in sets It’s a tough stat but something manageable at 20 years old. @DuckDaBlackSwan Don’t you dareWhenever you are ready Felix, we are ready too @_irenka23_ He definitely does. But I was celebrating Mahut there ;-)
@TennisTerrasse I don’t remember a Wimbledon plate for those matches 😬Since he lost the most famous match in the Wimbledon history (2010) Nicolas Mahut won: 4 ATP singles titles All th…
@Hurleytennis @underarm_ace You know what “Gatto” means in Italian right? @underarm_ace @Hurleytennis MeowYou know you witnessed something legendary when the legends themselves are talking about it wins vs Titles @rolandgarros Nadal 105 (13) Djokovic 80 (1+1?) Federer 73 (1) Vilas 5… Alison Hughes has been awarded an MBE 👏
Retweeted by enrico maria riva🇷🇸 Novak Djokovic is the only player all time to have collected at least 6 finals in all 4 Slams #RolandGarros
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaFrom defaulted to Grand Slam. That would be a story for sure. a long way to go, but is that the victory that goes on to unlock the @DjokerNole calendar slam...
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaOnce every six years. Every time a round further. every six years. Every time a round further. @enricomariariva Tsitsipas won a tournament the week before so either of them may achieve it on Sunday
Retweeted by enrico maria riva @enricomariariva Guga Kuerten won a challenger the week before in 97. Does it count? 😅
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaI can’t recall a male player to lift the Roland Garros trophy after winning a tournament the week before. Djokovic… @Aakash_utd In Roland GarrosDjokovic achieved three milestones in one match: - only man to beat Nadal twice @rolandgarros - only man to beat… @AndresGomezGogo NoEveryone ATP and WTA is watching Nadal vs Djokovic. Everyone. Insane match. Like watching a painting contest bet… another Greek champ should give the fans the option to stay overnight in the stadium and leave tomorrow morning 😜.. #curfew #rolandgarros2021
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaDjokovic is the only player in history to win (at least) a set vs Nadal in 5 @rolandgarros tournaments know this won't get a lot of attention considering the timing, but @RifficeSam just reached his first Challenger…
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaVisualization of Newton's first law with dirt on a tennis racket, in slow motion [source of the gif:…
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaYou know you’re a tennis fan when you wake up feeling childishly excited, can’t remember why and then ping “Nadal v…
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaConsecutive sets won by Nadal @rolandgarros semifinals: 17 (from 2013) (Personal best: 21 from 2005-2013) Zverev now holds a W-L record of 0-10 vs. top 10 players at Grand Slams. #RolandGarros
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaIn between semifinals: A ceremony to honour Jean-Baptiste Chanfreau, former French player and inventor of the mode… @bgtennisnation same ticket holders that will be kicked out ironicallyAlexander Zverev and the 5th set: Roland Garros 7-0 All the other Slams 8-6
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaSi va verso il quinto fra Tsitsipas e Zverev ⁦@rolandgarros⁩ ⁦@atptour⁩ #graphicscores
Retweeted by enrico maria riva @BlairHenley this should be a permanent feature on tourLast time a player came back from 2 sets down in a Roland Garros semifinal: 1958 Luis Ayala d. Ashley Cooper 9-11 4-6 6-4 6-2 7-5
Nadal Djokovic chapter 1 happened in Roland Garros 2006 Nole was under pressure to become a Brit… @mattracquet @TheFanChild And nobody with a bit of tennis knowledge would even think for a second that you were una… is next to Turin
@Manudelmolino 2008 Australian Open @harnoldocoelho @rolandgarros 36 @ilsainel Me l’ero dimenticato 😅65 of the last 66 Singles Men’s Slam titles have been won by Europeans. (2021 Roland Garros included)Most wins vs Titles @rolandgarros Nadal 105 (13) Djokovic 79 (1) Federer 73 (1) Vilas 57 (… Djokovic Episode 9 @rolandgarros is the biggest rivalry in the history of the men’s singles tournament58th Nadal Djokovic match in the @rolandgarros SF They started their rivalry 15 years ago in Paris QF.Most Slam semifinals (active players) Federer 46 Djokovic 40 Nadal 35 Murray 21 Wawrinka… @NickMcCarvel That you should improve your bedroom hygiene?Grand Slam tournaments with no matches between Top 10 players in the women' singles: 10 out of last 26 Grand Slams…
Retweeted by enrico maria rivaTo make all the spectators to concentrate in few exits to abide the curfew rule is not what I would suggest as covi… @DiegoMB27 I deserved thatBerrettini is only the 3rd player ever to win the 3rd set on clay vs Djokovic as world #1 after being down 2 sets t… the 19th consecutive year Feliciano Lopez has won at least one match on grass*. Beat Popyrin 64 64 in Stuttgar… @udaysb12 @Tweets_by_Sayan He needs to win 10 to achieve thatPlayers to win sets vs Nadal at @rolandgarros in multiple matches: Djokovic Federer Schwartzman @Shaunzn Djokovic lost that match @Shaunzn You believe wrong :-)Players to win more than 1 set @rolandgarros vs Nadal: Djokovic 7 Federer 4 Soderling 3 Schwartzman 2 Isner 2For the 14th time in career Nadal reaches the Roland Garros semifinals: Semifinals lost: 0 Finals lost: 0Nadal longest set streak @rolandgarros: 38 Streak ended: Schwartzman Nadal current set streak: 35 Next opponent: Schwartzman
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Nico couldn’t help but laughing @Que_Mes8 No I’m afraidTennis alert: Karatsev is one match shy to become a Slam champion @CharLaborde And also he is alive. That’s important too
@lauraver 😆 @lauraver longest set streak @rolandgarros: 38 Streak ended: Schwartzman Nadal current set streak: 35 Next opponent: Schwartzman @CindyBlack3 You know who’s Marc Boada? @____MDMS @rolandgarros 24$M + 2021