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There is not one single piece of television that is more relatable than Marge Simpson saying 'at times like this, I…
Retweeted by Enrique del Castillo @zachrabiroff Dodged a bullet there; luckily no one would go back to that idea, specially after years of Nightcrawl… Comics, 2003-present:
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Sé que esto no es la cuenta de la serie Space Force porque la serie ni siquera era accidentalmente graciosa como es… comprehensive guide to podcasts
Retweeted by Enrique del Castillo @Benjamin_Percy @ocram @arthurstacy Living in a country currently ruled by the guy who was vice-president since the president resigned put…
Does anyone else feel like they are trapped on a spaceship with an increasingly restless crew?
Retweeted by Enrique del Castillodemocracy dies in darkness. anyway you're out of free articles so you can't read this op ed by a petrochemical bill…
Retweeted by Enrique del CastilloEstuve con los amigos de @PodcastEsmac hablando de #SnowpiercerNetflix ¡denle una escuchada!
Retweeted by Enrique del Castillo @nosoyungato Es una pregunta muy difícil! Siento que son caras distintas de la misma moneda, y aunque los fans de P… @XavierFiles @mountain_goats I think this demands a "X-Men as Mountain Goats songs" thread.Between the new X-Men event and the new @mountain_goats album, this fall is going to be SHARP
Retweeted by Enrique del CastilloNo, comics won't break your heart. Monopolized megacapitalist bags of shit in a position to wipe out an entire pub…
Retweeted by Enrique del Castilloi am EXTREMELY BUSY doing NOT VERY MUCH while feeling VERY OVERWHELMED
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@TheMutantMenace Those panels and these ones make me think Hickman has big plans for Doug and Warlock and he is pla… @DCVILLAIN Ultimatum is a bad ugly book in every way, but the worst of it has to be how mean spirited it felt. Even… @optyck I need more Phil Noto art of Scott doing regular stuff; next time I want to see him washing his costume or cleaning Logan’s bedroom @kumailn I agree that everyone should wear masks, but why is Batman the go-to example of that? He is clearly not we… @MutantMusings To be fair, we are all like them, so it was kind of ahead of its time @vgulla87 Looking forward to this. Back then I read all the IDW comics since it was the only Transformers content I… @ACNewman For a minute I thought it was the USA, before I read the tweet
@GailSimone 1. God Loves, Man Kills; kind of predictable, but always, sadly, relevant. 2. Riot at Xavier's; though… se está dando una importante (y hermosa) manifestación virtual #todosxParacas #salvemosParacas
Retweeted by Enrique del CastilloI heard someone had the Stalest Take on Batman again.
Retweeted by Enrique del Castillo @GhosttGray I just hope this signals a more interesting return for the 60th anniversary @ErnestoZelayaM Yo lo pienso cada vez que hay un conflicto entre gente que no conozco y que ni siquiera sigo, pero… @maliciousglee Tarot twitter angry at poorly understood tarot
Retweeted by Enrique del Castillo @meakoopa This is me reading that tweet "get your _____ card revoked" meme is a truly sinister evolution of this shit because it's all image-based and…
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@UpToTASK Would have saved us a lot of discourse when the event was published. @DaveShevlin @MagnetoRocks @maliciousglee I just realized this might end up happening and now I dread for the post-DoX era of X-MenAspiring to a social media power where I can say "hey Twitter I'm sad, send me pics of your favorite spatulas" and get instant gratification
Retweeted by Enrique del Castillo @sepinwall @kristapley That didn't stop Netflix' She-Ra from being awesome. @GhosttGray I kind of regret having used “the good Snyder” to describe him before
@BethElderkin the sadness is part of every 2020 costume @OdianaSerpico Todas esas cuentas “de broma” son terribles, sin excepcionmy hobbies include anxiously avoiding responding to messages in a timely manner during quarantine and then respondi…
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@Iron_Spike I'm glad I found a FB group of 40K players that are not alt-right shitlords; sadly can't say the same f… @PhilosophyTube I mean...sounds good enough 🤷🏽‍♂️
love to annoy people who think market capitalism is their friend
Retweeted by Enrique del Castillo¿Pueden mantenerse mism@s ministr@s? TC ha precisado q cuando se le deniega la confianza a Pdte/a del Consejo de…
Retweeted by Enrique del Castillo @esegalvid Quiero ver si lo ponen en su perfil en la web del estudio.
@maliciousglee I hope they weren't seriously considering to reveal each letter. I get that there's a certain appeal… tweeting to the same three followers that interact with 90% of my posts
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@TheMutantMenace @NearMintCon 😱 I had been waiting to see their latest video. I’ll watch anyway, it’s always nice t… un nuevo mes y ya tenemos contenido para los siguientes 4 ESMACs. ¿Qué programa esperan con más ganas?
Retweeted by Enrique del Castillo @kenlowery @McKelvie Now I need pictures of the show characters as members of each of the clans
@ocram @GRRMspeaking @ClaireRousseau
@ErnestoZelayaM La película empieza así; realmente está en otro nivel que el resto de películas de videojuegos @excel522 I have fond memories of those times; most of the Marvel stuff I have on Comixology I got from that saleNothing ever changes
Retweeted by Enrique del Castillo @arthurstacy So there’s no LOTR on the Age of Apocalypse? Or maybe he wasn’t that much of a fan in that universe?"Papá, mira nuestro retablo. Lo hice para ti. Siempre estarás en mi corazón."
Retweeted by Enrique del Castillo @ajhan Is that why we are taught to roll our shirt sleeves?
where’s that tweet that’s like “Charli XCX is short for Charles Xavier Charles Xavier” because it haunts me and I hate it
Retweeted by Enrique del Castillo11 años en Twitter 😐 cada vez que Twitter me recuerda un aniversario de estar acá me pregunto como he durado tantos años en Twitter @Txarito Que buena version...justo cuando ya estaba dejando de escuchar el musical, me atrapa de nuevo 😅 @brettwhite When I feel like that I open the drawers where my ML figures and just pose them around for a bit; it is oddly helpful
Me: *just knitting* My brain: the easiest way to tell that Star Trek was written by white people is they say 'where…
Retweeted by Enrique del Castillo @Supernaut74 @slythercho I need this with Frodo’s face @slythercho He did the job and made no small talk, perfect coworker in my opinion. @excel522 I had seen that image of Scott eating a sandwich before, but knowing the context, and the whole scene ove… que reinicien los vuelos al extranjero para poder viajar a capturar a GRRM y llevarlo ante la justicia po… guess... just accept it.
Retweeted by Enrique del Castillo @nosoyungato Si en el MCU mantienen esta diferencia de tamaño, ya estarán haciendo algo mejor que Fox
This video I made of Kermit dancing to the Succession theme tune is my film of the year...
Retweeted by Enrique del Castillo @GhosttGray I can already imagine DC telling King to give her a cameo on his book.comforting how we live in the golden age of television and emmys voters still watch the kominsky method
Retweeted by Enrique del Castillo @nosoyungato Aprovechó que RuPaul y los jueces no conocían tanto a Walter Mercado para convencerlos con una imitaci…
i think it's amazingly funny that all this kerfuffle in comics rn is all spun out from a Rorschach sequel comic, wh…
Retweeted by Enrique del Castillo @OliverSava I just remembered this bit from a few years ago and...yikes miss being at a bar with friends and wishing I was at home.
Retweeted by Enrique del Castillo @ErnestoZelayaM No entiendo de dónde han salido 🤷🏽‍♂️ puedo entender a gente que pelee por un equipo de futbol, por… @alexdecampi @ales_kot I remember when Film Twitter celebrated that statement a few weeks ago.
@geekgirldiva Accusations ruin lives...for about a month or so I guess; then he can come back to his many jobs as if nothing happened @RueMorgue That movie terrified me when I was a kid, specially since after the movie ended, my mom told me it was based on a true story. @nosoyungato Cuando pienso en momentos como este me emociono @nosoyungato Yo: Disney es una malvada corporación y está mal que tenga tanta propiedad intelectual a su disposició… @fabiolaarce @trishhmakes Lo del sistema de salud también es un factor creo; un familiar que vive en Canadá siempre… @SebastianPiriz The only team that has to have matching costumes are the New Mutants. @AquamAnder That's why I think Vision is my favorite; it is limited in scope and feels like a more personal book, b… @djolder You just made me realize I have no idea how to say it in English. @trishhmakes @fabiolaarce Creo que donde los gobiernos no se toman muy en serio el tema, como en Suecia o en USA, e…
@fabiolaarce Mi hermana vive en Suecia y cuando hablo con ella siento como si el virus sólo existiera en Perú; hast… @bruguerran Entiendo que la gente aproveche la cuarentena para iniciar talleres sobre su especialidad...pero no se… digitales de medios como @larepublica_pe y @elcomercio_peru lucran a costa de los incels, machistas y m…
Retweeted by Enrique del Castillo @AquamAnder I think Chip's run is so good that it makes Soule's look kind of bland (I still like it a lot, but I fe…én es una de las pocas veces en que puedo presumir que conocí a alguien del equipo creativo de un comic (era t… es un comic que siempre me recuerda todo el potencial que tiene este medio y fue divertido come… @GhosttGray I want to know what kind of ritual Lindelof did so that the TV show wasn't an awful mess.🎉🎉🎉 @nosoyungato @bruguerran estamos elaborando nuestro clásico ránking de las 10 mejores series de lo que va del 2020. ¿Cuáles fueron sus fa…
Retweeted by Enrique del CastilloMe, before and after law school
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@CBCCPodcast Loved the art, but I thought it went from a bold take on the characters to playing it too safe. @nosoyungato Cada vez que veo los funkos de ellos y GRRM me enojo nuevamente 😠