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Diehard fan of Star Trek & creator of @TrekRanks Podcast. Appeared in Enterprise Vulcan Trilogy (fired phasers & put ship on red alert). All Trek, all the time.

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@ListeningToFilm @TrekFanLV @Wheelin_Blue It's on stun, man. All good.RT if you love phasers @AdamHunault It's a big part of it. (And if you did that, then it would be a different thing to be viewed. But it's…
@gaghyogi49 Chakotay?!? 🤣🤣🤣 @TrekFanLV Haha! True story. Could not believe he knew who I was when he saw me at STLV. @trekfan4747 Light years, my friend. But that's OK!
@Nerdygal33 @TrekGeekBill I don't know what you are talking about... @madcapofscience @TrekGeekBill Yes. A couple. Of great. Gems. In there. Sure. @JayMarks617 @TrekGeekBill Kind of was for me, too, although I was watching TOS syndication at the same time. @AmberTheNerdy1 @Valamist Yep! @TrekGeekBill You know me too well. @pjc4774 Sweeeeet! (Also, let's be real. "Alter Ego" is super underappreciated. That is a cool, unique episode - es…
@DrDSM @alexandertperry Yeah, sure it was. @DrDSM @alexandertperry We won't forget that next time! (And your panel was a highlight of the week. Straight up.)
@TrekCore Finally! @jvancitters @KenSpreitzer @ScottCollura @TrekGeekBill
Don't miss this thread from @DrDSM on the amazing contribution of Wah Chang to #StarTrek history. What a talent. He… responding.👍 (2 of 2) little pissants popping up on twitter to shit on #StarTrekDiscovery. (1 of 2)
@orchidtreks @EbWatchesTrek Literally. Every time. It's a rough one. 😢 @dandeckr Not a proper finale, for sure, but if you can separate everything and just view it at as a standalone epi… @ShelfNerds 1. Gazelle speech 2. All other Archer speeches 🦌🤣 @HenInAHat1 GJAG, indeed. @michaelangie Love that take. It is a massive episode. One of my absolute favorites that I appreciate more and more over time.Marvin Rush directed and lit the hell out of "Terra Prime." As the de facto series finale for Enterprise, he absolu… a genuine good guy. So sad to hear this. 🖖🚀
@MrsStephinMerit Yep. Pretty much. Worked out for the best, though! @silverdoe25 (Shhh. Me, too.) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯The reveal that "The Forge" and the Vulcan trilogy were going to be an origin story for T'Pau is one of my favorite…
@mc156 @Comic_Con @adamdrosin @TrekFan4387 @Criterion Preferred. @jvancitters Who are you hugging? @Valamist Confirmed by the Hierarchy.
@cjmenning @radiationgloves @NCC_17fOrmula1 Stock worked pretty good, too! @BeckyOB2 @TheNerdyBlogger @TheUnRealRiker @BenAdamsonDXB @StaticWarpBubbl @TrekGeekBill @SandwormDeity @spicebagasaurus With a little patience and self-control, pretty easy to keep all that stuff out of… @gijane7702 @WomenAtWarp Nah! I think they know it's a small minority! We are in good hands for the foreseeable future! 🖖 @Oliviaj_8 Wait. You didn't also demand to watch "Balance of Terror" with your first spoken words?!? You need to tu… @CodySDax Nooo... that can't be it. Could it? 🤣 @doublemacc @davidmacdougall @SandwormDeity @spicebagasaurus This video explains it as well as any! 🤣 (But just know this has happened in 1982 a… @davidmacdougall @doublemacc @davidmacdougall It's my second favorite (behind the original Enterprise). It really is amazing how great that design was! Fully endorsed!(Psst... don’t let anyone hear this, but #StarTrek is allowed to be fun!), @startrekcbs for a three unique takes on #StarTrek in today's #SDCCatHome😼 panel! I'm donating to the… @Tyranicus I hate technology. 🤣
These are your only two options. Is DS9's "Valiant"...
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@alexandertperry @Lava_Lander @alexandertperry 😢 @alexandertperry @alexandertperry All true. (But it’s still a good script. And quality production/VFX. And continues a cool story th… @pdpatterson And you’d be right!
@KatieNohr Totally agree! @alexandertperry You are currently Dennis Madalone in this scenario. are your only two options. Is DS9's "Valiant"... @mc156 This is all I need it to do! @adamdrosin @ClassicHBOGuide Oh, hell yes. @StarWarsVisComp I hate this so much. @TrekFan4387 I think no one should vote in this poll in protest! @PenskyFile @TrekLive @TrekFan4387
@WilsonFrontier I bet there is something out there, but have not yet. @mc156 Haha. I believe it. (My original tweet had no attachment of actual expectations. I just wanted to tweet a picture of Squoodgy!) 🤣🧸 @grossman Computer, end program.
@MrsDSS199 🧸 @HenInAHat1 A challenge?!? 🤣It's been like four months and I still can't buy a Squoodgy. 😐 @Hill2112stephen @TheRealAlienTwo @PatrickE34 @TrekProfiles So my reaction to it is based on that take. If you thin… @Hill2112stephen @TheRealAlienTwo @PatrickE34 @TrekProfiles Totally agree. The problem is that so many people prop… @gaghyogi49 Guess that means you also already passed 🎶"Guess, I'll go for a walk outside now, the summer knows me by name...🎶 🤣 @TheRealAlienTwo @PatrickE34 @TrekProfiles"Someone is experiencing acute moodiness overload." (This is not a subtweet. I just really love this moment and am…
@jmac_ref @TrekGeekBill "Gallipoli" is unknown in these parts, sir. (And, most definitely have scene "Picnic at Hanging Rock." A few times.) @jmac_ref @TrekGeekBill We are not echidna around! @gaghyogi49 What season is Hawaii??? @alexandertperry @TrekGeekBill I think I would say "Gallipoli" or "Birdy." Both great. Both not exactly household names. @TrekGeekBill Great movie! @TrekGeekDan Glad he's got you around to help him with the fight, Dan. 🥊 @MissAmyNelson @TrekGeekBill @TrekProfiles It’s true. I made it all up. And this is my actual appearance. @thekrishill @TrekProfiles Haha! Collect like no one’s watching. (I have since learned this valuable lesson.) @TrekGeekBill @TrekProfiles🚨 Crossover Alert 🚨 There's a new @TrekRanks featuring @TrekProfiles (and @KerrBearLib!) released today! And there… & Gentlemen! Here is ep 38 of the podcast with the Relief Tactical Officer himself, @EnterpriseExtra We…
Retweeted by Enterprise Extra @AdmiralWaugh @TrekProfiles @mirellanuria They were no match for me! 🤣
@lyrianfleur First showing her true fandom colors today. (This is why I have three huge shelving units of starships and phas… @Bionicscode The joke is that my wife was frustrated with me that I was pretending to not know who Colm Meaney was… @TrekGeekBill Never mind! I'm in! @TrekGeekBill
The news about Grant Imahara passing is just so sad. We interacted a few times at conventions, but I didn't know hi…
It tracks. #StarTrek @StarTrekVHS @mark_mcgivern Solid set, especially the commentaries!