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if u really wanna emotionally support me, come wash all my makeup brushes.
Retweeted by EnthaThe only people earnestly responding to this are desis. @SteveUnknown @amritaIQ This is also where all money goes. On ALL the movies. @_a_muse Lol nonsenseOmfg morning. Mood. Also questions.
Retweeted by Entha @_curses Did you see how the last season ended?8 hours? 1 min and im vibrating like a Nokia 3220 lool
Retweeted by EnthaYay is what m*n's rights activists sound like
Retweeted by EnthaNO tf do all of shahrukh khan’s kids look different from each other, but exactly like him????????
Retweeted by Enthafor those keeping score, change in Dow Jones Industrial Average from the day they were inaugurated into the preside…
Retweeted by Entha in the name of Black Jesus is this? 😱
Retweeted by Entha @Sheymaaaaa_ She looks like she was shown the world 😂🤧
Retweeted by EnthaHow my friend sent her daughter to school today VS how she picked her up from school 😂😂😭😭
Retweeted by Entha @ChiniZyaada Who is this - the Milind Soman of elbows?"Fighting a pandemic with tax cuts" may be peak GOP
Retweeted by EnthaI don’t think I’ve ever seen someone get put in their place so calmly...I stan! Hahaha
Retweeted by EnthaThis was beautifully articulated. AOC is ❤️ tracking app design is really... something.
Retweeted by EnthaI’m in Chicago. Harvey Wenstein’s lead attorney was on right before me. So glad I got a pic!
Retweeted by EnthaThis country is really this ridiculous everyday. you watch this incredible speech by @RepSeanMaloney and don’t feel anything, check your pulse. I’m not sure you…
Retweeted by EnthaIf you can vote early, I highly recommend it! Just got this done and I feel like I have saved myself and some other…
Retweeted by EnthaI have no choice but to stan.
Retweeted by Entha @lindaholmes’m starting to realize just how much I touch my face and where do I buy a cone of shame? #COVID19
Retweeted by EnthaOmg the audio
Retweeted by EnthaNow imagine the numbers a Warren/Castro ticket might put up. Just sayin.
Retweeted by EnthaMiss Holidai, this is simply stunning. Keep at it and best of luck!
Retweeted by EnthaYou: An unremarkable white collar worker Me: A well-established mistress in Canada
Retweeted by EnthaNowadays Vivek Agnihotri and Babul Supriyo are finding me communal . Even in these dire circumstances they have man…
Retweeted by EnthaSen. Cruz, while I understand you judge people’s intelligence by the lowest income they’ve had, I hold awards from…
Retweeted by EnthaI was today years old when I learned that Joe Biden's middle name is Robinette.
Retweeted by Entha @churchgatelocal Yes I feel super confident in this government that they will do all the smart things and this dise… on a date: I love Beyoncé! Him: I personally think Beyoncé is ove... Me:
Retweeted by EnthaThis is the perfect age to get married imo. Then you can both just chill all day and watch shows and eat snacks and… @sheikhimaan Ladki upar ladka naache ladka hai deewana ichak danaWhatever happened to that company where the CEO took a pay cut and set a $70k minimum wage for his company, about 4…
Retweeted by EnthaThe Fox News crowd are so obsessed with immigrants that they don't even think of Americans returning from abroad fr…
Retweeted by Enthathis is the content i signed up for (madmax_fluffyroad IG)
Retweeted by EnthaUncle Tom's Cabinet
Retweeted by EnthaOut of fairness to Chris Matthews, not a day goes by that he isn't mistaken for a respected authority on politics.
Retweeted by EnthaI swear to god if I die because of american stupidity I will haunt you mother fuckers a woman on twitter summarized in one handy image:
Retweeted by Entha @churchgatelocal It’s still the closest its even been to HoustonThey still haven’t lifted the boil water notice in this city so I’m having to heat water in a pot to wash my face l… @yabasust No I am lady😱 DIAMOND: touching hands CDC: no don’t touch hands NEIL DIAMOND: reaching out CDC: please avoid that NEIL DIAM…
Retweeted by Enthatold a group of teens that when I was their age we had to pay 10 cents per text message and now they think I’m a liar
Retweeted by EnthaCDC: don’t touch your face Me:
Retweeted by Enthahuge congratulations to my cat who I recently learned knows how to turn on my gas range stove while we’re all asleep
Retweeted by EnthaThis reminds me of every single Indian news anchor
Terapatilakshmipathy 2002, Delhi 2020
Retweeted by EnthaVotes for Cameron and Lauren to host next season instead of Nick and Vanessa?? #LoveIsBlind
Retweeted by EnthaMe watching the other weddings Vs me watching Lauren and Cameron #LoveIsBlind
Retweeted by EnthaLook at this password reset question LOL OK ?
Retweeted by EnthaKelly’s sister seems like such a pure soul ❤️ #LoveIsBlind Christ they need to fire this makeup artist. He’s making all the brides look like chapathi hittu. #LoveIsBlind is going on here? Did she tell her makeup artist she wanted to look biracial at her wedding? #LoveIsBlind some dumb shit is trending I know the president spelled something wrong. @chilluvandu @an_usa_bar No but it sounds weird. Banana chips flavour is onky best. @an_usa_bar @chilluvandu Banana chipsIf you cover your mouth with YOUR HAND when you cough instead of coughing into your elbow, I hate you
Retweeted by EnthaIn 2014, @JoeBiden wrote a memo to complain that his staff was missing family obligations for work. “It’s very imp…
Retweeted by EnthaPeople are a virus the whole Earth caught.
Retweeted by EnthaBlondie- One Way Or Another
Retweeted by Entha @krtgrphr Did you see second photo 😂 @notcapnamerica I am so ready for all the 🍵
Retweeted by EnthaBREAKING: Hillary Clinton is starting a podcast this spring
Retweeted by EnthaI love her so much 😭😭😭 fluffy puppies want to be carried 🥺🤗😍
Retweeted by EnthaWho is she and will she please run for President. preview of the Trump-Bernie general election debate
Retweeted by EnthaWe will wipe the tears of our children ourselves. We will make sure that their childhood is returned to them. We w…
Retweeted by Enthalmao
Retweeted by EnthaFolks like my constituent David and his husband often face roadblocks in adoption, erected by people who demean his…
Retweeted by EnthaI won't Say anything, Just watch the video.
Retweeted by EnthaMy Feminism is Intersectional – It’s Both White and Upper Class:
Retweeted by EnthaI’m sorry babies in buckets is my favourite thing on instagram. @krtgrphr issa strawberry 👁Good thing for you society doesn’t expect you to be pleasing on the eye 24/7. Duality of DuPont Circle
Retweeted by EnthaLet’s revisit how Kamala Harris responded to this Bernie supporter’s question. Perhaps now that she’s no longer a…
Retweeted by Entha“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of the killing of innocents.” I am so sorry, India.
Retweeted by EnthaCoronavirus exposes all of Trump’s biggest weaknesses: 1. Incompetence 2. Rejection of scientific facts 3. Distr…
Retweeted by Enthacan't help but feel an army of ducks preparing to battle an army of locusts should be a bigger story
Retweeted by Entha @TheRestlessQuil I got up immediately from under my blanket because soon seemed like a threat. Like some secret countdown.Next she’s going to want dessert and all I have is plain sugar @npueu She was trying to decide how hungry she was @cfclark mother texting me from the other room. Not sure if this is a threat? @krtgrphr Omg I love him. When was he so youths?2015: We need to protect the sanctity of marriage. If we let gay people get married, what's next? Goats?! 2020: St…
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