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We out here doing BAD shit, mom. Downhill tech @carnivorousjel1 ❤️💕❤️

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@BrotherMingGame Ooooo. I wonder. Maybe a look into your process from idea to prototype to release in a more condensed form? @HeadHatchet Imagine trying to make "marketable" designs and failing so spectacularly
Rocket Bunny GT86 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 完成する!😆🌟✨💫
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@MauriTheEdgehog Golf with friends nice @THIRTEENLULU S13 Silvia done up like the Akina Speedstars ngl @stephen_shaner @CharlyMaxim @Chukkaque @k1ll3rp3ach The fanboys are annoying because I enjoyed the game (mostly, n… @MrAnakin3 "she's one of the artsy fartsy types, not ba dwhen she's artsy but when she's fartsy watch out" @ZachGriff11
@emiru Someone did an English cover of Renai Circulation? @ffxivbattletip_ God I remember this. I found a bunch of grade 5 Goldsmith prisms on one of my retainers a few weeks ago @legndofphoenix I know you've said it before but what packs are you using to make it look so goodMy sister and her bf of 8 years broke up and she told me she wanted new hair.
Retweeted by Knowhere @NintendoAmerica Wasn't it confirmed that the DK in the OG donkey Kong is actually Cranky Kong?it costs $0.00 to retweet and support an artist
Retweeted by Knowhere @LongLiveK_ You could one hand hold it's jaws closed wtf. @Kade_702 I have an after market rad fan switch welcome to mod nation
@legndofphoenix It's all so tiresome man @PapaHelmet Ooooo I gotta weather my RX-78, so that's super helpful thanks man! @PapaHelmet That weathering on the right one is amazing, what did you use for that?? @PapaHelmet I keep meaning to pick up the RX-79 Ground units a local place has for sale @CharlyMaxim @Chukkaque @k1ll3rp3ach Again, not really a great excuse when there are parts of the game that do look… @carnivorousjel1 😘😘😘 @EorzeanPaladin @PapaHelmet Feels great
Retweeted by Knowhere @cyngapra @PapaHelmet How's it feel to be old enough to have a relevant RLM screenshot for everything? @k1ll3rp3ach @Chukkaque Yeah, it's a pretty stupid argument. @Chukkaque @k1ll3rp3ach What's being discussed is the game's graphical quality, which is a direct result of a lack… @GoNintendoTweet What's most frustrating about Nintendo's decision to not allow new and unique designs is that the… @Chukkaque @k1ll3rp3ach Art direction isn't a good argument here. The game has an art style that shines through in… @CatCet3 @k1ll3rp3ach Some areas look great, but it's obvious that they were short on time and made an "open world"… @FemBoy_Lover_69 @FatalFlaw_us Facts my man, what a year @FatalFlaw_us @713Mopar That shit out luck one is straight fire nglIt costs $0 to retweet a hotboi small business 🥺 👉🏾👈🏾
Retweeted by Knowhere @Adam_LZ There's a cursed aura about this image @carnivorousjel1 @Fionapup_Games Hon you look just like your mother :^)
@legndofphoenix I definitely for some reason read that as "why are they both okay to hit children with" and had a moment
@5ohsad Literally just mouth breathers thinking their cars are worth more than they are jacking up the price for ev… @Sdre34 @CtrlPew LOL @Sdre34 @CtrlPew It's in the centre of the spool
@Kade_702 @BrotherMingGame How I feel about Disney fullstop LOL @Kade_702 Wouldn't weld it to begin with because snap oversteer terrifies me @ms_pigtails Is he sure it was wine @SMT_StruggleSus @GorillaGlueFan garys, locked in an eternal struggle, pursuing each other across the globe forever.
Retweeted by Knowhere @FredInTheKnud I use them to help me sleep, but that's only because I've seen them all like a lot of times. Also so… @undeadscribe Damn Yogsothoth really snapped @toejamandearl @diamonatrixx Thanks man @diamonatrixx Oooo. Any tips on setting one up? I wanted to do a vivarium for my garter @Fujyno Honestly thought it was a shitpost just reading the headline and seeing the photo @jjsignal Some of the images remind me of Black Mesa and I'm here for it. Time for Mario to blast some bullsquid as… @diamonatrixx Are you doing a vivarium for the chahoua? I can't remember @afrokami Gorilla and orangutan man, they be chilling. I'll bring a hat for the orangutan because they seem to like clothing @DistantValhalla Oh. Oh my that narrator is uh. Yeah that's not very quality imo. The localization doesn't bother m…
@diamonatrixx Man I don't think they want to remind people that some of the best Pokemon games ever made weren't even made in house lmao @Crustaceans77 @Actually_Tina How delightfully evil @CaptainPiika This design makes more sense tho tbh. Like in game Arceus looks like how a painter or sculptor would… @Actually_Tina Aren't lawns good for keeping the soil "alive"? That being said I think naturally occurring grasses… @mymemoldy Whenever people get close to cape westwind I always tell them that there's a crazy hard trial coming up to get ready for @undeadscribe Don't most school shooters literally only do it for the notoriety? @yakpuu_ @LilithLovett These three are the same but differentIT’S HERE THE UNCOMPRESSED “SO LONG GAY BOWSER!”
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@CloudStrian Super NES with Mario World @fanpolstruggle "maybe get horny over this high school girl instead" 7head @videogamedeals Bro Hydrophobia. Probably nostalgia fueled since I haven't played it since I was a lot younger but man I loved that game @Mando_Says @videogamedeals I never did finish divinity. I think diving into the hard mode with zero knowledge on t… @vadimnewquist Oh interesting! I'll take a look into it @Larryzaur I like to cast holy but don't enjoy healing @vadimnewquist Man the Nightmare on Elm's Street movies were mad gay some of it intentional. I think it mostly came… @Leylafida @legndofphoenix 60 hours of work is worth more than that. Marketing is insanely difficult for artists b… @Leylafida @legndofphoenix That being said tho, I think it's only even remotely okay when the comparison is to Butc… @Leylafida @legndofphoenix Yeah, and the dude who posted this is a dick, but I didn't see any other tweets like it.… @legndofphoenix @Leylafida I scrolled pretty far and didn't see any posts dragging other artists for com prices. @PapaHelmet @HBJohnXuandou The only we series the "home" prefix ever. There was never any after this @MauriTheEdgehog Idk why but this gave me a laugh @legndofphoenix Doesn't he charge 200 US dollars for a commission too?
@RIPyourfav He just wants you to think that @Nibellion Animation is nice, but I cannot see literally anything because of that vignette @local_madness @ArkadagEffendi @M4ST3RSP4RK I mean my family did move here in the 40s because of political cringe LOL @AnthonyCasino @lordoakhaven @FatherCannon @1billionlions1 @DTKlonoa @PTSDGuts2 I do like Sallies too, the closest… @AnthonyCasino @lordoakhaven @FatherCannon @1billionlions1 @DTKlonoa @PTSDGuts2 Nah idk man. Rubrics are technically marines @DiddlyDonger @legndofphoenix Man it's usually pretty easy to tell the difference between women and screechers @ArkadagEffendi @M4ST3RSP4RK Based Ukraine. Really should learn the language and visit. @SneakyThief4161 @ArchonOf Imagine claiming that "tailor making" something for one system makes it more optimized i… @BlackDGamer1 Uh you really don't know much about hardware architecture do youFeel like not enough people know about this
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@FroyoTam I know this is a super old tweet, but I'm actually using a doggie as my current case! @HBJohnXuandou USE FINGER NOT BRITISH TEA CUP @DoubleFine Damn could you like oops drop the game onto store shelves, I'm dying to play this one boys @Kade_702 Definitely used to rock a set of Rotas on my CRX but that was mostly because I already had them @Kade_702 People are fuckin dumb man @shoe0nhead The only people who are anti gun are people who don't know anything about guns @DistantValhalla They're under the impression that cops have to identify themselves in that situation, even if they… @713Mopar Idk about nothing coming up behind, when the wiring lights up the fire department will probably pull up behind @713Mopar The "I'm different" starter pack Fiero edition @TheSphereHunter An injection of '00s culture directly into my veins please, thanks
@Stealth40k I was terrified that I was gonna have to shell out 150$ for a new copy because of a few scratches, but…