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Knowhere @EorzeanPaladin Alberta, Canada

We out here doing BAD shit, mom. Downhill tech @carnivorousjel1 ❤️💕❤️

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Here are the new photos for today. We received a large quantity of cheer up messages from our precious fans these d…
Retweeted by Knowhere @pancakes0405 Persona 3 the movie(s)
@conkface I CALLED JESUS AT 3AM AND HE ACTUALLY PICKED UP! (GONE WRONG) @Geo_oooo @Mattness8 @eyesliquor @FE_Heroes_EN Oh yeah Camilla alts can stop any time @Mattness8 @eyesliquor @FE_Heroes_EN Imagine getting this upset over Chrom alts when Lyn has like 600 alts now @someunknownguy1 @LucasGThe2nd @Smug_Legend Yeah we're a Commonwealth state of the crown, although that really does… @dreamerdecay @_necr0mancyy_ Yeah, SK himself wrote this one and it's really bad. He's a great author but not a very good screenwriterRacism against white people and sexism against men has been normalized to an unbelievable extent of becoming a soci…
Retweeted by Knowhere @KZXcellent Man that'd be a huge collection. All six battle network games x2 versions each plus 3 StarForce games x2 versions each. I dream @ZakaZ96 Honestly Mr. Enter literally doesn't know anything about animation. He just beaks off about it constantly.…
@chanelsoulja @imcoldmilk It's time for the world to appreciate MR2s more
@ColinDMello Oh boy howdy I gotta get me one of those @therkester That's it, nuke the whole country
@BrotherMingGame Soupman
@Ratticorn @ScribeUndead Better dead than red
@pukingguile I mean they DID exist. Obviously not great in practice but history finds a way. Also bayonets on rifl…
@k_rooftop Probably when the Home Ec teach got arrested for child pornography on his computer. Or when band camp g…
true chaotic evil
Retweeted by Knowhereit's rhea.... at the bar
Retweeted by Knowhere @SavedYouAClickV Frustrating but fuck it I guess. I think the PoP series would be a better fit for the new Assassin…
I can't stop watching this video. Pls help.
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@todopokie Nirvana isn't emo wtf @diamonatrixx Gin and tonic the shit man. Get green or pink gin if you can @diamonatrixx Happy birthday hoe, get Gin @DregenDmitri @SuaveVillain @ScribeUndead Kizumonogatari in particular. Great series, start with Bakemonogatari if you're gonna watch it @BrotherMingGame @end_spire Ye. I believe in you tho you got this @BrotherMingGame @end_spire I mean I love Ryan Laukat's stuff but that's literally it. I could see it working if… @BrotherMingGame @end_spire I love the use of Laukat's standees but also idk about other people but standees are us…
@PhantomArtifice Real talk that is a really cool piece @labmemberkurisu Idk man. I honestly don't see your posts very often
@diasgusting this tweet and I will draw your pfp like this! let’s go ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Retweeted by Knowherebasically i can’t stop crying over this video
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@RealYungCripp Well at least if he's in a wheelchair he won't be able to run from the Canadian people
@afrokami @StealthyN7 Not a ton of game left after this but I definitely recommend getting your Mastercrafted Witch… @SimianJimmy Ñino @Woopsire I vividly remember this commercial.What if I started developing an @toejamandearl board game? Haha ....unless?
@spiritscience_ Nice @Lukge1 Sidenote dusk is so fucking good @ArchonOf Everytime I think; "hey maybe I'll give RWBY another chance" I just watch Red vs Blue instead because som…
@CroweIzumi @ArchonOf Vancouver had a whole ass riot when the Canucks lost I don't know if you remember that. Also… @mariethefoxy @LilithLovett Trudeau is only a progressive mouthpiece. He also does exactly zero political work and… don't have to stop calling me a shitposter.
Retweeted by Knowhere @adinahertzel I mean little Johnny was eating crayons in class too but it didn't get him a Harvard degree.
@RubbleRobbo @reaIhami @Jonasfullbobafe @FuckBamboni I agree with him don't get me wrong I think blizzard is the ne… @reaIhami @Jonasfullbobafe @FuckBamboni Born June '94 according to his profile making him 25, so he would've been waiting since he was 7. @Rifleman233 @TheFunkeyGibbon @NickHayy @CountDankulaTV You haven't seen the film. The trailers make it out to be s… @JustinWhang Hard to say, the OG has a lot of problems at it's core. Although it's really short so you won't have t…
@ClemStalDim It took me three minutes of trying to decipher the "tattoo" to realize what I was looking at @Chat_Mort @ArchonOf I'm already blocked. No idea what for but oh well @ulisseswife @winonasrider’m just in a funny moment.
Retweeted by Knowhere @BetoORourke Well, when you take the daggers from the cutpurses in London, then I will relinquish my sword. Taking… @KathArlert BlessFinally another comparison, this time Shaded Woods. Took quite a while to get just this one spot presentable, as th…
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@OverheardOnDuty @GeekyGirl9001 hmm
@carnivorousjel1 @one20th_ Damn. How the fuck they got a better price than us @one20th_ Bro I pay like 0.95 Canadian Pesos per litre @ArmouredSkeptic Government mandated girlfriends @mynamesdj Dongers out for DJ @kels_316 I dunno. I've seen both sides of the coin. I've had job where all I did was walk in with a resume and got…
@BrotherMingGame Put the backing on that premium edition @M4ST3RSP4RK POOL'S CLOSED BOYS @BrotherMingGame 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙 @BrotherMingGame Oh shiiiiid you got the link sauce boss? @BrotherMingGame Looks like the form is down. Rip I was hoping to at least view backer options
DOOM Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons come out on the same day. How exciting!
Retweeted by KnowherePSA!!! facial mask is not effective against wuhan virus
Retweeted by Knowhere @Grummz Maybe Blizzard should just get better at making games if they're so worried about it @KalebPrime I hate Blizzard more every day @AttackOnSylveon I usually name my dogs after the gods of old. Depending on their personalities. Some quality names up in them pantheons @Grummz First assumed case has popped up in Canada. There's a huge market for less than legal Chinese ships docking… @FredInTheKnud Damn and Rajneesh had his Jambojets flying cheefcully @BrotherMingGame Cat meme (but my dog) Hermes Hermes @BrotherMingGame 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @EorzeanPaladin Let the guilt haunt you for life
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I just realized that I cheated and had two 6's next to each other I'm a monster
Retweeted by Knowhere @Shvartacus @ScribeUndead Not a big fan of the guy considering his attitude toward CDPR when the games were becomin… @ScribeUndead Ice T is probably the only character in that show who isn't terrible @ScribeUndead 24A @DoxycDreamer Age - 22 + Day - 01 - Mon - 05 = 18 huh
@TamashiiHiroka Nice @Toasty_Nerd @NintenZ Zelda doesn't need another rep honestly. Three Links with near identical movesets, Zelda, Shi… @mrfeelswildride The Blue Checkmark Special
Retweeted by Knowhere @BlondeOnPatrol My baby boy, Hermes. Mr giant paws
Retweeted by Knowhere @theneedledrop Poorly tuned Hurdy Gurdy @StaticDetonator @ApathyAbyss @Toxictwerp @Screvvy Oh yeah, I mean I figured if there was any backlash they'd leave… @ApathyAbyss @StaticDetonator @Toxictwerp @Screvvy You can still self destruct her skirt offI win #SagradaGame
Retweeted by Knowhere @JosephSakran Bruh I can see the garage door motor in the windshield reflectioni spent way too much time on this
Retweeted by Knowhere @BrotherMingGame 1994 Mazda Miata time @ExplainLancer @fluffy_budge @marishinylads @NightmarePetrol We didn't order no egg foo yung @fluffy_budge @marishinylads @NightmarePetrol FUCK LMAO