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Sarcastic, stoic, weightlifting,photographer who loves dogs, sharks,films and film music. Don't bother trying to get me to give you money for pics etc.I won't.

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@DaveVescio People in general are prone to gravitate to their demons out of fear of ever trying, and failing at bei… #poughkeepsietapes last night. I standby this being the most underrated, overlooked, disturbing, and out… @ThatCreepyCh1ck Oh man. I wanted to see this one.
@DaveVescio @ChloeGMoretz @TheRue @Chris_Marquette @gomezwastaken I'll say this, watching Hick; man what a way to g… @ItsMeBilly1974 @biomech_ind @TommyDoyle47 Starship Troopers adopted the proper tone of a silly over the top satire… @ItsMeBilly1974 @TommyDoyle47 Oh yeah I'm in the minority. And I TOTALLY get why people love it. I'm just built di… @ItsMeBilly1974 @TommyDoyle47 I get it. For me though. Throwing the silly one liners, over macho toughness to a com… @meow_kristimeow @RicksCuttingRm You and me both sister! 👍 @ItsMeBilly1974 @TommyDoyle47 Nope. Born 1971. And I don't mean it copied that film. I mean it did the Alien versio… @LorneDixon @TommyDoyle47 Well there are those that would rather pay to see ByeBye Man vs Hereditary.... So yeah, there is a divide! @LorneDixon @TommyDoyle47 100% on Aliens 3. All day. Aliens(2) was straight Hollywood action money grab. Nope. @vinyl_chapters Maybe The Shining, or The Thing(trapped in ice version). @TommyDoyle47 Well I know it's an unpopular opinion but I felt they went Starshi Troopers on that sequal. It was an… @_RyanTurek Oh... Adding now. @TommyDoyle47 Terminator. I hate Aliens, though that is my favorite franchise. I can do without that installment forever. @angelgirl1077 Have high hopes... Low expectations. @matthewgleslie What If. @meow_kristimeow @RicksCuttingRm Oh thanks but I've pretty much reckoned with it. 🙂 He's clueless really. Thank you though. @meow_kristimeow @RicksCuttingRm My father hasn't heard a word I've said in at least fifteen years. Forget remember… @IconsRobG Playlist👎 @karalawson20 @smart_MS3 I love this team and that absolutely includes the coaches! Amazing group. Happy Birthday! @SuffoKait Return to Me. Love it.
@meow_kristimeow 🙋🏻‍♂️Um...yeah. @tonyandrewgiles No truer words have been spoken.The #Celtics announce they're retiring @KevinGarnett5KG's No. 5
Retweeted by Michael Head @NBCSCeltics @KevinGarnett5KG Hell yes!
@DaveVescio Magical thinking.
@DaveVescio Neither good nor bad. @meow_kristimeow @richofsacrifice Wow @meow_kristimeow @OddNMacabre Moana
@jmr___18 D2B @FreddyInSpace @ComicBook It won't help. @BDisgusting Won't help. @brianna_ashby I agree. Good for them.
@NBCSBears 👎Because of the money and not sure he can play behind our line.Yes! is the first non-English-language movie to win best original screenplay since TALK TO HER 17 years ago. #Oscars
Retweeted by Michael Head @DaveVescio Order changes daily... The Shining Rear Window Rosemary's Baby Zodiac (Fincher) The Girl With A Dragon… best.This GIF of Bong Joon-ho looking at his Oscar is the most pure thing I’ve ever seen
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@SLAMonline @DaveVescio There is absolutely zero chance any human knows the exact origins going back before the very existence… @Kbrizz1 @meow_kristimeow @treydayway I think my dad did. Now I'm haunted.🤔 @meow_kristimeow @JMikeMorbid Starting a tickle fight would be my go to move in that instance. You'll know pretty Q… @meow_kristimeow Ooh, I love that film. @vmenendezb @ThatEricAlper Maybe the nasal spray caused my sore throat. @tonyandrewgiles @ScottJohannsson @ogresounds So stoked for this brother! @angiebulkeley Whoa. Jason X is something to behold. Don't pass that over. I LOVE Jason X. Seriously funny, good time. @Br0kennSmile Oh I agree. I do find it strange that it appealed to me so much. Interesting what triggers us isn't it? @Br0kennSmile Oh yeah exactly. I know you love FF as much as I do, so yeah it's nice. I don't know if anyone would… @drjoelshulkin The secret life of pets. @Br0kennSmile All three were great in my opinion. Three in a row I enjoyed! That's rare these days! @morganmbp Deposits on the souls he'll pick up later. @HorrorNHaunted @DaveVescio Boots. @Br0kennSmile I just finished Leaving DC, Savagrland, and Butterfly Kisses. All found footage goodies.
@meow_kristimeow @ThatEricAlper @MRBUNGLE666 The hologram is more authentic. 😉
@jmr___18 Same here. Twice a year minimum for as long as I can remember. The Shining that is... Oh this one too. @DaveVescio Because conservatives fear anything involving sex. Violence... meh.
@DaveVescio I personally think men and women both can be pigs. In many different ways. Not talking about breast fee… @karengillan The beginning of the end. @DaveVescio It was a common ancestor and one branch evolved one direction and the other a different way. There was… @bearmccreary @Kizaru7Twilight Yeah. I felt they were trying to cash in on their own success and rushed to do so. @bearmccreary @Kizaru7Twilight Oh yeah, the film definitely didn't hold up its end. But on its own I really enjoy it. @JonOnAString Tied with Showgirls. 😉 @BDisgusting @AFinalBoy The house was cool. @meow_kristimeow Was a tad long but I loved it. @meow_kristimeow @YouTube I was about 22yrs old I think! 🤣 @AFizgig Creep of the highest misogynistic order. @thisisfoster @Collinstaxacct Semantics don't gloss over misogyny. @LaveraLewis8 @Goss30Goss @thisisfoster No, "Satan" has nothing to do with it. Simply one ignorant man's misuse of… @thisisfoster Seriously? My faith in humanity stumbles yet again. You need to stop. @NBCSBears And of course we don't.... @DaveVescio If that's what some folks want.... 🤷🏻‍♂️Disgusting abuse of position. At least she resigned. sort of thing is what disgusts me about humanity. Manipulation under the guise of supposedly helping... @spontorivera Sick. @LucienGreaves @GreyFactionTST @AstroValerie @drjilliantweiss @mike_salter Anyone in this profession should know me… "symptoms," remind me of lists presented by pharmaceutical commercials on why you may need THEIR, antidepress… @reprobatepress @GreyFactionTST @SkyNews So "satanic" group performed exorcisms? 🤔 The logic is a bit interesting.… @GreyFactionTST 🤮 @TST_Washington @ptsalt @RightWingWatch Ugh... Never ends with these poor putuopon folks. @meow_kristimeow Amazing. Loved his art. The documentary on him a few years ago was fascinating as well. Filmed rig… @meow_kristimeow @YouTube I saw Prong for this tour. With Pantera, Far Beyond Driven tour. I had forgotten about th… @mockturtle09 @BBC6Music Absolutely!!!! @Kizaru7Twilight @bearmccreary I LOVE Conan, but I also think Poledouris killed it on Conan The Destroyer. I love t… @occasionali Indeed! 😉 @occasionali Great. I had boxer, named Ali BTW, who caught her nail on a floor transition. Wasn't pretty. @occasionali I think so. Potential for mishap not worth it. @DaveVescio Can it be from churches? I'll even admit it. @DaveVescio Hmmmm... Yeah. Plus girl is THE FUNNIEST.
@astroemma 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @vmenendezb That's definitely true. @ChrisForsberg_ How do we get jj Redick? We need a shooter. @jmr___18 @ThatEricAlper @DaveVescio 🤮
GOOD MONEY ☘️ The Boston Celtics cover SLAM 226:
Retweeted by Michael Head @getbent81 Richard Ramirez(The Night stalker) born here.
@MMortemm Gives me anxiety and stress.