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Masters level cynic, and stoic, who loves weightlifting,photography, dogs, sharks,films and film music. Life-long Chicago Bears/Boston Celtics, die hard fan.

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@jmr___18 Or @jmr___18 @inkr3dibl3_k Intelligence Sense of humor Quick wit Kindness
@CxxPIPxx Ah...☺ @CxxPIPxx So what were you painting?🤔 @DylanAkers1979 @wiltfongjr Truth. @CBears74 Unfortunately this has been steady going on for most of decade. @DylanAkers1979 @wiltfongjr I'd be with you except, he doesn't adapt his scheme to his personnel. He wants his sche… @CamWorrell @wasram Yup...all of you, Pagano, Pace , Nagy, Phillips... @DylanAkers1979 @wiltfongjr 4 wks...I've given them 49 years and the last decade has been on repeat... @WaddleandSilvy @wasram I would think so. I'm a lifelong Bears fan and I watch out of obligation niw. @wiltfongjr @ItstheBears Everyone gone tomorrow.... @DylanAkers1979 @wiltfongjr @wiltfongjr @WCGridiron My question to Bears ownership then... @CBears74 You said it. @wasram @streetXXtrash Great movie! @ThatEricAlper Fortunate Son(CCR) covered by The Circle Jerks. @mooviehannah Whoever the body double for Angie Dickinson was in Dressed to Kill...Shower scene. @TarikCohen Man we need you back. But we need all the coaches and gm gone man. @JJStankevitz 49 years as a fan. I question my own sanity at this point. Seriously. It's been pretty much same stor… @NBCSBears Worst, most disgraceful organization. Same shitty excuses every week of every year for decades now. Same shit every year. @NBCSBears As a Bears fan...I'm seriously done with them. 49 years of loyalty. Same shit the last 20 years. Fire t… @sdblissit Everyone has to go. @AndrewDoxy YUP. @ChadBudd88 @ErikLambert1 @ErikLambert1 As fans this is the ONLY respectable response.Everyone gone tomorrow... @ChicagoBears @AllenRobinson @SNFonNBC So us Bears fans...the most taken for granted fanbase alive... @DavidHaugh Leno having a tough night... @DavidHaugh Please...I beg you... tell me tomorrow Pace Pagano and Nagy are gone tomorrow. Everyone... gone... ple… @olin_kreutz Tomorrow they all need to go. @BearsPR Fire everyone tomorrow. @NBCSBears Everyone needs to go... @NBCSBears Everyone needs to go... @EmVee143 @NBCSBears Hope so. @bvks_ @NBCSBears Exactly. P.o.s. GM. @NBCSBears Only one hope for us fans. Nagy and Pace gone. put this team on the field. You didn't help OL… @ThatEricAlper September...Earth Wind and Fire @FuadRamses2 @adrianraee @1AshleyLaurence True. 😉 @streetXXtrash I'm not a gamer but that sounds fantastic! @DaveVescio No, the universe doesn't care, the is no intention...people's reaction or lack thereof, yeah.
@jmr___18 Yes, and I LOVE Claire Danes. Love her. @jmr___18 Yes it's a tear jerker but has personal importance to me and is very good. @adrianraee @1AshleyLaurence Kirsty Cotton @jmr___18 Ok for that purpose...Vegas Vacation and Buffalo wings. @lofivampire Necronomican. @jmr___18 You temptress, with your lists!😉 Mine... 1. Christmas Vacation 2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas(Carey)… @AndrewDoxy Exactly.🤮From sound of my windchimes on my back patio, I think this must be going on outside. @StaceyBuzzActor Pretty.😉 @KristinaArntz_ It is a very underappreciated talent. I so respect it. @KristinaArntz_ Oh yeah. They are more prominent now than they used to be. Mine.... @KristinaArntz_ Another tip I used, but not sure if others did. Get a hardback book and hold it in your fretting h… @KristinaArntz_ I love that you enjoy comedy too. I adore stand up comedy and think it is such an amazing talent. S… @KristinaArntz_ Was planning on career in music but became disenchanted. If I could go back i would focus on film score composing. @KristinaArntz_ Right now all I have is an acoustic bass. I've had maybe ten different basses in my life. Mostly Fender Jazz and Precisions. @KristinaArntz_ Zero my friend. I was always primarily a bass player though I had some fender stats, and a really g… @KristinaArntz_ Always here if I can help. Took lessons as child and studied in college for awhile. Playing in bands taught me the most. @KristinaArntz_ They sell some grip strengthers but tennis balls work just as well. 👍 @vmenendezb That is the most amazing creature ever for sure. But you are WAY MORE than worthy. @vmenendezb Have you ever done any art of the Engineers? Just curious. @vmenendezb Oh yeah that film is right beneath Alien. Like, 1 and 1a! @jmr___18 Beautiful scene. I am not an actin fan really, but that is stunning. @abhorrently_urs @amieeemarieee75 Best tweet of the day by far. @vmenendezb Me... Alien Prometheus Alien 3 Alien Covenant Alien Resurrection Aliens I'm a freak. @KristinaArntz_ My best advice my friend is have fun and don't take it too seriously. It'll come. Squeeze tennis ball to make hard stronger. @jmr___18 Always. @streetXXtrash 1)Memories of Murder 2)Vertigo 3)Zodiac @jmr___18 Definitely. @HorrorNostalgia @KristinaArntz_ It get easier. Bar chords apply going up and down the neck, and if it's too difficult you can lear… @KristinaArntz_ They aren't too bad. Your fingers will adapt just learn one and seriously so much opens up. @BillTzamaras You dumb ass.I am just in awe of her. Yes, there's Hellraiser, but she is just such a different,unique individual and her art… @RexChapman @1AshleyLaurence Love this. @Sheena_655321 Midsommar, saw the directors cut twice and the theatrical edition twice. @1AshleyLaurence Hey gorgeous you too! @ScreamsBehind Hellraiser or Blood on Satan's Claw. @DaveVescio Not seeing the macro level, birds eye view of their behavior's effect on others they don't even know. @streetXXtrash All good my friend. @KristinaArntz_ Learn a major bar chord. It'll change everything. @HorrorNostalgia Ok this is just messing with me at this point. 1. Witch 2. Hereditary 3.Midsommar 4. Lighthouse T…
@DaveVescio Humans. @jmr___18 I thought you were going to say it fell off! Whew. Be careful.
@EmilyMarie82 @HorrorNostalgia Yeah, you get me. Lol @EmilyMarie82 @HorrorNostalgia Right Emily? I mean initially I say Hereditary, but then I think of Midsommar and s… @EmilyMarie82 @HorrorNostalgia Whoa...ok this is hard. I would say they are 1 and 1a, and that could flip day to da… @LuckyMcKee Well, I watched HR Puff n Stuff as a kid and frankly... not sure how that was considered a child's tv show.
@jmr___18 Hmmm... sounds like a bunch of martyrs I know.🤮 @KristinaArntz_ Ahhhh... well... I'll give it a go at some point. @KristinaArntz_ Oh I saw the trailer. Let me know what you think. On my list.I find myself leaning towards the #paranormalactivity franchise as the best horror franchise. I really only dislike… @zombiegirl72 Great flick. 👍 @stephenblong Gives new meaning to ,"Jesus came." 😉😈 @wasram If the Bears were playing... I'd say you need to have started yesterday. Otherwise...go with the flow, trust your gut. @vmenendezb This is too crazy! @KristinaArntz_ You too Kristina! @LuckyMcKee As long as they are reading and writing....🤷🏻‍♂️ @KristinaArntz_'re an undiscovered comedic genius.😁 @StaceyBuzzActor 😪