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Sarcastic, stoic, atheistic, weightlifting,photographer who loves dogs, sharks,films and film music. Lefelong Chicago Bears/Boston Celtics die hard fan.

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@Seanofthethread Definitely. Squatting, deadlifts, and forms of these exercises really helped my posture and lower back strength. @Seanofthethread This led me to weightlifting. Only thing that helped. Strengthening my back. Bulging disc, pinched s1 nerve was too much. @stephanie_k09 I really enjoyed it actually. @AnothermillennR Tusk and Red State. @ashleybee89 @jmr___18 I'm with you on these two. I like the others, particularly Chasing Amy, but his other films get a bit tir… @BewareTheScare The shining. @cordisbored It Follows. @EmilyMarie82 I was 24. @jmr___18 All great. @jmr___18 @DaxGigandet Iran Hostage Crisis. @cordisbored Some of my faves. @DaveVescio Annihilation. @vmenendezb I have no idea. Whenever I delve into my photography I feel like one.
@KristinaArntz_ Bored probably. No, I'll be watching movies. @AdrianTofei Holy shit. 😅Awesome. I'll give it a watch. I love found footage films! Sorry I was so dense. I wasn't… @AdrianTofei 😅Any good? @DaveVescio Enjoying my mother's company more while she was alive. @jmr___18 Changeling has always been my fave.Best show I thought I'd never like. But Marc Maron and Alison Brie were enough reason to try it out. Love it. @jmr___18 @AliceAldcroft Scrubs. @HorrorLibrary_ For me... I hate watching finger nails break. Ugh. @Mirth4_ Listen to records with my coffee. Watch Bears games. Catch up on any series I'm watching. Drown in anxiety…
@abhorrently_urs Love her. @vmenendezb Absolutely. @theCKBuchanan Jaws @cordisbored Alien and Invasion tied. I love them all though. @jmr___18 @jmr___18 That Zodiac scene is my scene. THE scene.
@JustinHBenson I can't wait! @Marley_Mae_1 🙋🏻‍♂️ @KristinaArntz_ Yeah I love them. And probably just me. Lol😂 @vmenendezb I love every single one including Covenant but dammit, I didn't want to go from the dark masterpiece th… @tonyandrewgiles Damn brother. I'm sorry you are going through this. Life is such a shit sometimes. No fancy saying… @cordisbored Jesus Camp is scary as f... @aivilomj 😂 @jmr___18 Yessssss.
@jmr___18 Banana ones 😊. @vmenendezb And hate Aliens(2nd film) I even prefer 3rd film to that action piece of... film. 🤷🏻‍♂️ @LuckyMcKee Passion!!!! @vmenendezb I loooooove Prometheus. @KristinaArntz_ Faults, Last Exit to Brooklyn, Barfly, Hagazussa @Br0kennSmile Yes!!!! I'm soooooooo happy for you! @theCKBuchanan Signs is amazing. @jmr___18 Runts?
@CxxPIPxx @HorrorLibrary_ I'm a huge Asian Horror/Thriller buff. Totally with you. @CxxPIPxx @HorrorLibrary_ I think I preferred the female perspective/angle more. @abhorrently_urs This is a great photo, with the painting in back... Love it. @neilbelieves Zodiac is one of the finest films Ever made. So... Yeah. 😊 @CxxPIPxx @HorrorLibrary_ This is a solid point. 🙂 I think the film making was just more mature on part 2, if that's possible. @CxxPIPxx @HorrorLibrary_ Yes, I agree. Although, I think Hostel 2 is better film. But the first was a boost to the… @sleezsisters Damn, I do the same thing with my wife. 🤔 @titMcGrit2 Farting Spaghetti Monster lobotomized by Charlie Brown look alike. NOW... everything has been tweeted. @RedheadfromMars OK I have to come clean. I totally thought I agreed with this stance, then The Gallows was releas… @vmenendezb @jilltwiss You both just made me laugh OUT LOUD. 😆 @RawBeanCoal So brave. I'm same age and I would feel the same. @summercannot Racism, misogyny, ignorance... @CxxPIPxx @HorrorLibrary_ Not my fave... But Hostel... @cordisbored 40 year old, no, Dumb and Dumber... 🤔 @KristinaArntz_ Too cool!SAVE SOLOMON via @ChangeAUSAnyone seen "Be My Cat: A Film For Anne"? Looks pretty crazy. On TUBI. @Br0kennSmile I literally just saw this and immediately signed. I'm sorry so late. I feel awful. @jmr___18 Me too... Me too. 🙄 @JamesCullenB If I'm logical... This wouldn't be based on my exact favorites. Moreso covering multiple angles to no… @DaveVescio Punish. Why not be honest about it. They aren't reforming. Too much stigma attached. @jmr___18 The Witch Hagazussa Mark of the Devil Autopsy of Jane Doe The Lord's of Salem @DaveVescio Hard Eight. @jmr___18 @jmr___18 The Shining(at least once a year) Midsommar and Hereditary will be on this list no doubt. Hellraiser Rose…
@NBCSBears Same problems. No progress. Accuracy issues. No swag or confidence. Same ol thing. It's as if the footba… @NBCSBears Basically preseason. @vmenendezb I can't even do Facebook. Just can't. @thesuperghoul @kimmikillzombie @NOFSpodcast Great shirt! @Scrappa82 @abhorrently_urs @kinky_horror @therealjoebob @joe_randazzo @craiglayton07 @PromoteHorror Already mentioned to my wife. Lol2020 @Scrappa82 @abhorrently_urs @kinky_horror @therealjoebob @joe_randazzo @craiglayton07 @PromoteHorror Nice, very aff… @Scrappa82 @abhorrently_urs @kinky_horror @therealjoebob @joe_randazzo @craiglayton07 @PromoteHorror Bet your neigh… @Scrappa82 @abhorrently_urs @kinky_horror @therealjoebob @joe_randazzo @craiglayton07 @PromoteHorror Which projector? @theCKBuchanan @ChuckysSideGirl Hereditary in another class entirely. @Seanofthethread Life really is Lucy pulling the football from Charlie Brown right now isn't it? 🤦🏻‍♂️ @EricPincus C's in 6. @jmr___18 @MagicalOverload I so so agree and go one step further. I even like Thursday evening for same reason. The… @KristinaArntz_ @LuckyMcKee As fellow Elpasoan it's so rare there isn't some haze whether pollution or otherwise. B… @abhorrently_urs Yes and my unpopular opinion, Aliens (2) is an awful starship Troopers-is action film entry I hate… @CassThomps13 I agree! Love this one. @NBCSBears What's the point? That goes for Mahommes, Watson etc. Turn the page. Go Bears! @ahoosfan Black on black. @HorrorLibrary_ Adventureland, Valleygirl(1983), Rosemary's Baby. @AudiophiliacMan No problem Steve. I have fluance rt85 with Nag mp110 and Ortofon 2m Red. So I was considering eith… @AudiophiliacMan Steve so you think the mofi studio deck is upgrade over fluance rt85? I go through your old review… @jmr___18 Cute as always my friend.
@cordisbored @horrormaestro61 What We Do In The Shadows is fantastic. The TV series even better! @jmr___18 57. @MagicalOverload 57.😁 @cordisbored The Fly @HorrorLibrary_ 1. Zodiac (one of best films ever, by any director) 2.Girl With A Dragon Tattoo(wish he had finishe… @AliceAldcroft The Gallows. @jmr___18 You and I both. @KristinaArntz_ You too.