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I don’t need to write a tweet about these men or this match I’ll let you & this graphic do the talking!!…
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@thauros_ hate to do this to you since it was like a 15 second difference but: scroll upneed to somehow thread this reply both here and in response to my earlier tweet about stand by me being big in japa… allowing two specific quarter-star scores but no others is actually the ideal metric is posting hiromu's machine-translated film reviews on letterboxd @thewizrad the execution of xv wasnt ideal but the setting was much more interesting to me than medieval fantasy and castles and shit @thewizrad my annoyance that 16 is going all got medieval fantasy is rekindledremember when square had florence and the machine cover stand by me to serve as the theme to final fantasy 15 for n… @ChampJulius the cruise manthis is the closest we're getting to a good remix i guessreally looking forward to the inclusion of this on home grown! beginners guide to understanding the roots vol. 3, l…
Retweeted by Rain shaftever since jupiter ascending i find this dude's face actively unpleasant to behold. what is he supposed to be the p… @nosarep korm? @beckyandfrank if they had bothered to put anybody's name on these it at least would have helped the perception! @crasspants well yeah how else are we gonna get rock/cena 3they should cover sukiyakibasically none of the remixes are any good. imagine if they had good remixes @raulisonline front-running is the only smart way to fandom. like with the raptors last year @raulisonline as i contributed around 50 of its 200m streams it would simply be incorrect to not include myselfwe did it @KaraOnza lmao their little running animations up to block are so funnyit's blitzballi figured out why captain tsubasa is so good:professional wrestling merchandisemochineko hachiware cat loaf
NYPD just did one of their organized escalations of violence against protesters but apparently neglected to actuall…
Retweeted by Rain shaftthis might go 60apple mutilation @TheShaneBlep i hope you appreciate the lengths i go to to be accurate and precise in my tweetsthink miami has scored twice in the time it's taken chocopro to get through the sponsorshipsActor Michael Rapaport filming iced tea promo in Philly during #DemsInPhilly #DemConvention @MichaelRapaport
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the four pillars of major mixed-media projects @femiclone ikr @femiclone they did a joseph park nostalgia angle on tv @RiversCuomo hey man i've got a good song for you to coveri did it. i found the movie with the best tagline
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2020 @femiclone good news jules somebody finally upload bandai namco fes @raulisonline @TonyKhan @facdaniels workwhen your police force has reached the point of overtly using its power to target and punish people who have dared…
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@BlankusMaximus thanks! @aaronlikethecar @Oatgan the plant, yes @Oatgan tyhowd they ship this thing freakin sharpedo express?! bonus pic new plant
@erinprovolone he said the wrestling setup for dailys place was inspired by the arena in the south park wrestling episode iirc lolwaiting for the good brothers' talk n shop a mania take on slapjack and t-bar the way tony khan waits to hear matt… brother SLAPJACK carter... fourth horseman
who had the tv debut most befitting a future star @violentskipping i supposeno more drafts i only do rage resultant complaints that i spared you all from reading.... until now!!!! @murderxbryan a dangerous combination @femiclone @koldpt 150... whoa i just got it @femiclone @koldpt imagine skating on one of these lol they only made 150 i think @femiclone @koldpt you gotta do the zoom in gimmick on the site so you can see the detail @femiclone @koldpt next best thing to one of the ukiyo-e prints @femiclone you'll be the pwnt one once i get my umbreon skateboardwell i placed an order and it charged me but the order isnt showing up on the site so who knowsinstead of spending the morning trying to preorder an xbone 2 i am trying to order a limited edition wood-carved po… @koldpt @femiclone bieduster @femiclone bunguster @femiclone to the degree that anyone can compete with t-bar and company, sure @femiclone yeah vince has regained the magic touch @femiclone julie my understanding is slapjack and t-bar are running roughshod all over the thunderdomet-bar equals merciless
Do you remember? Yeah, Mika remembered.
Retweeted by Rain shaftwadching dynamite performancesthinking about aj styles saying he had covid and suffered from 'a few boogers'
Retweeted by Rain shaftThe Third Circuit granted him a stay of deportation at noon. But that night, ICE agents came to deport him anyway.…
Retweeted by Rain shaftthis is the real sin city sequel @crasspants almost everything about it is coolthey tried to squeeze the market for a few extra game sales by destroying the used game market and making everyone… win for kids and secretaries if skyrim comes preinstalled on every windows pc instead of solitaire[awakens from a fugue state] maybe... too good
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@femiclone hell yeah @femiclone what color is it
'hades' is good
nice and cool out @femiclone i think there is only one belt in the ff16 trailer its not great @thauros_ they are sister publications! @veryimportant brutus casa @oystersearrings 100% music of the blood of DJs, personallyone of the other japanese men's mags is named for brutus, the bully from popeye who was introduced as a knock-off o… @ansonhunter weird title / artist / producer confluence @ansonhunter @bk2128 them having nothing to say about starlit season during all the 15th anniversary streams over the last coupl… NERD album cut shout wau @jaseidler countdown to when he explicitly promises he wont do this and he may in fact get rid of some blue statesCaptain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions shipments and digital sales top 500,000
Retweeted by Rain shaft @Nate_Ok_ jammba @raulisonline i def rented it @raulisonline john goodmans lowest point @raulisonline its blues brothers 2000 @KaraOnza love hyuga
@SoDuTw @Alan4L would love to blame this on the wwe but it is a symptom of the larger issue of americans irreparabl… @fuckinalpamare @KaraOnza evil uno is yukiko and that's that on that