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@liz_franczak Still on her website
Retweeted by Rain shaft @razorgrrrl you have so many anime reply peopleBernie Sanders is pulling away.
Retweeted by Rain shafti have determined animal crossing is too much workwhen does wardlow wrestle again @ChampJulius it could use a little flair but the fundamentals are sound @ChampJulius wrong!!wardlow
@aptaube @KaraOnza grilled octopus neighborhoodif these other campaigns were as smart as tom steyer they'd just be angling for that bernie vp spot instead of whining about his age/health @fujiiheya @drewspurs happy bday drew!gotta question the wisdom of making it seem like everyone being positive about your campaign is being extremely pai… @TheShaneBlep *st vincent voice* ohh! @fujiiheya @aptaube @KaraOnza @aaronlikethecar ganbatte @aaronlikethecar @fujiiheya @KaraOnza @aptaube i can tell AB is sick @fujiiheya @KaraOnza @aptaube @aaronlikethecar ok sorry mike but love and energy 2020 and squid mode are both thing… @KaraOnza @fujiiheya @aptaube @aaronlikethecar squid mode is his love & energy 2020 @fujiiheya @KaraOnza @aptaube i do acknowledge that the phrase 'inking out' has a certain appeal @KaraOnza @aptaube @fujiiheya i dont understand what it means to constrict someone and ink out @KaraOnza @fujiiheya @aptaube look i'm not gonna preemptively write off squid mode like you two but i'm just saying no one knows what it is @aptaube aaron no one knows what squid mode is @Oatgan @MurderBryan gilben peeples
thinking about adam cole winning the 2010 shinya hashimoto memorial cupDrop out Bloomberg
Retweeted by Rain shaft @MikeBloomberg oh you actually intend to throw the general election don't you...Accidents happen? 😬 #blackish
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Retweeted by Rain shaftfeel like half the benefit to the promotion going Major League is getting big ass crowd reactions, but also the unr…'t decide if it would be worth it to have every stardom show streamed live if there was never a crowd @itsgrozz @KaraOnza are they editing that? did they ever addressed Catherine or noI know as a journalist I'm not supposed to have opinions about candidates. But when it comes to Mike Bloomberg, I c…
Retweeted by Rain shaftlol he’s got a worse student loan forgiveness plan than trump
Retweeted by Rain shaft @razorgrrrl enviable @razorgrrrl what kinda stuff does he do @razorgrrrl there he isThat's Just what you need , keep drinking it and Grow up Baby Boy.
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@fuckinalpamare gopuffsouth african elephant manure factory workers for pete @FakeTJHawke hbd tjh! @luchablog damn i shouldve gone
“It’s a fucking baby! It doesn’t know the difference between you and anyone else,” Bloomberg yelled at an employee…
Retweeted by Rain shaft @mattsdl had me worried!CHAOS × Pokemon
Retweeted by Rain shaftbungberg
@TheThinkingMac1 it's called Dexitthere was a hillary duff cover of third eye blind on my release radar @TheThinkingMac1 really took the global trade system out of pokemon uk (bad) so they could put it in a phone app and then made… @koldpt i will entertain offers for the taco bell box upon winning the jordan brand one#XboxSweepstakes @fuckinalpamare @EverythingAEW thanks! @tombain i just watched this episode last night!!feel it's important to observe that glc put out an album titled The Anti Simp in 2012 @TheSubtleDoctor thats what i did last time @TheShaneBlep ironic and sincere biden would be right next to each othergeneral election ranked vote preference sanders yang (out) klobuchar (ironically) trump (ironically) warren klobuch…
Retweeted by Rain shaft @voiceswrestling @FiteTV smarten up fite tv!!!!!!!!!going to bring the lightstick i buy at the hatsune miku show the week prioracquired my paid license to rage against the machine in an nba arena @Oatgan @razorgrrrl wwework lol @TheShaneBlep i like it more now after going to their bar loltfw you look up the panel of commentators on wikipedia and find their ddt heavymetalweight title reigns >>> @aaronlikethecar so much subject matter expertise here
Retweeted by Rain shaft Miyoshi Weisse Adler @aaronlikethecar @Oatgan EE apologizes on behalf of Mr. Bentley and does not endorse this foul Amanda Shires-centric attitude
@WWMGPod its really just this one thing lol has gone absolutely feral from lack of content
Retweeted by Rain shaftfebruary part 2003! 50 cent murphy lee the killers mark ronson yo la tengo anti-flag joe budden panjabi mc etc. @razorgrrrl salways be closingS Bottle Rocket Rushmore Grand Budapest Hotel A Royal Tenenbaums Moonrise Kingdom B Life Aquatic Fantastic Mr. Fo…世界各地飛んで飛んで飛びまくろう
Retweeted by Rain shaftsachiko mode @Nate_Cohn the needleoh no rin @WWMGPod are my wrestling writings known??bernie x yang
@Oatgan @mongo_ebooks the vinesActor Michael Rapaport filming iced tea promo in Philly during #DemsInPhilly #DemConvention @MichaelRapaport
Retweeted by Rain shaftUltimo Guerrero would be ashamed
Retweeted by Rain shaft @fuckinalpamare worse than even okada @HannahYoleau @aaronlikethecar woops gotta go @aaronlikethecar i was told the joke explaining bit is killing, so @aaronlikethecar *joke explainer mode* the joke is that rose shares a birthday with his wifehoping we get 40 minutes into the little wes anderson picture and lea seydoux just shows up as fragilereally oughta put the fire emblem dlc out today so i'm not tempted to follow vote reporting @thauros_ yeah he said MUCH more lol he was like ‘everything was golden for me there’sounds like this has probably been solved since juice and will got those five year deals (probably a direct result… this and that karl anderson story about shinsuke having to cover his meals its like wtf was up with new jap… will probably win because I endorsed him. I am too powerful.
Retweeted by Rain shaftthe cops made them turn off a lighting rig or something so they played nyc cops and invited everyone on the stage.… @TylerScruggs last song NEW YORK CITY COPS @TylerScruggs i was in the first 60 people to shazam it lol @TylerScruggs rock star shitthe strokes cover interstella 5555 challenge