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Best Suit Deals- Call :0243201200. | Actor | Spokenword |Content Writer | SASA| Toastmaster| SC: eqow_mclean #STOPTHERAPE

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Retweeted by The Suit Guy™ @Ahinee5 Ei which school did you attend ? @omithehomie I salute you sir @AtoKwamina_ I’m very sure @D3lah_say @IvyEnyonam_ If you can find your way here in the next 15 minutes you’ll save yourself from the next torture I will post. @JewellKinSpeaks They’re clearly not part of us 😂Nice ❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by The Suit Guy™ @boahen_ama You’re welcome 😄 @Ahinee5 Like this @boahen_ama You add all the dry ingredients first and then add the water then finally the milk if it’s liquid @shah_rhon I stole it from someone shamelesslyBro you soak the gari before adding the other accoutrements? Are you trying to mix concrete? is wild 🔥 original Calendar Man 🙌🏾 were you told about EDUCATION and the KEYS TO SUCCESS???
Retweeted by The Suit Guy™ @CreativeConvos lol is it? @mzdelah What’s Happening? @D3lah_say I thought @IvyEnyonam_ sent you pictures. I’m sorry for that. I’ll have her send them right away ma @AJ_Ahenkan @Chale_Club Aowww take heart ok @Ella_szn @_shorshor Hm#JusticeForMclean
Retweeted by The Suit Guy™ @alvinjonsen @Savvy_Pabi @ameyaw112 God dey @D3lah_say The job is the job dear @anna_nanaasaah 😪Oh! We riot!
Retweeted by The Suit Guy™ @ameyaw112 If @eqow_mclean is not on this list, they’ve already lost it.
Retweeted by The Suit Guy™What she said 😪 @mr___drip And other things @Fruitions_ @LollyLollyLola1 @ameyaw112 @MaltaGhana @joyxlyne Yes ma @IvyEnyonam_ Ok iPage 😂 @anna_nanaasaah It tastes good too @adomaa_music I’ll be counting on that 😪 going on dates and eat from home, they said. @Savvy_Pabi @ameyaw112 😪This guy really models in his suits, makes me want to dress in suit😫
Retweeted by The Suit Guy™ @bougiefeminist Yes exactly 😂 @EPH4va @dell_krushnic Oh it will happen for me @CHIDERAHDAVID Oh definitely @kwophy Who did you tip to win apart from her? @CHIDERAHDAVID One day I’ll run the company @kwophy Yes I did and she was sure to win. The closest to her for me was Wendy Ozark @kwophy Unexpected victory? Nothing about her victory was unexpected. I said what I said.Nope we’re not upset at all @dell_krushnic Amen Sister Deladem 😪In her quest for justice, she will do whatever it takes. #Oloture, coming October 2nd.
Retweeted by The Suit Guy™ @dell_krushnic There’s GodNigerian schools need to teach how to spell Ghanaian because it can’t be this difficult every time
Retweeted by The Suit Guy™ @DansoFrederick9 @kuuriee I’ll be ready for you don’t like chocolate unless it’s a suit. Price: GHC399.99 #SuitGuy😂😂😂 said her boyfriend had an accident which resulted in the amputation of his arms but she still cuddled him t…
Retweeted by The Suit Guy™The brother @KayEm_SoundGod dropped his tape. No Ordinary G.E.M. We got one on track 6. Stream the hell out of it.…
Retweeted by The Suit Guy™ @_Nhyira_ 🌚 @afia_barbie I really thought he was going to create magicWoah a President or as a human Being?
Retweeted by The Suit Guy™ @jessie_jane12 My condolences @na_adua It’s hard 😪
@_____darlene They didn’t get the memo😂 @WofahKay Oh nah calmI love Accraaaaaaaa! 😂 @_miyante_ 😂😂😂 @Djokosoft_ 😂😂😂 @asantefosu19_ma Ah what this ?Love is stupid sometimes 😂😶
Retweeted by The Suit Guy™I’m very upset under insurance to eat🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by The Suit Guy™I’m so full and tired from eating.Mewd: guys we have these necklaces on sale at the prices stated for each😻😻😻. send a dm if interested 💕
Retweeted by The Suit Guy™ @HazelGunner @eqow_mclean @akua_esenam There's eat in beat. He's full now
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Retweeted by The Suit Guy™Whoever he is, tell him that I understand.
Retweeted by The Suit Guy™Ah chale
Retweeted by The Suit Guy™His inspiration
Retweeted by The Suit Guy™Points were made
Retweeted by The Suit Guy™dfkm 💀
Retweeted by The Suit Guy™As part of his visit to the hospital? 😂😂
Retweeted by The Suit Guy™In Ghana this week.... @cookingwithness @IvyEnyonam_ @pvpsiccle 🤝Holocaust can’t tell me this goat doesn’t have horse power @Greatman__ 😂😂😂 @cookingwithness @IvyEnyonam_ @pvpsiccle Put me to the test and let me disappoint you @IvyEnyonam_ @pvpsiccle will get the job done into @Y1079FM right now !!! @AJ_Ahenkan x @effthedj are taking over the #WeekendMashup 🔥💥💥💥
Retweeted by The Suit Guy™ @Greatman__ Why would I commit this crime against humanity? @Keziahq_ Ah £20 dier unless plenty candy 👹
@Keziahq_ I like this energy 😂 @sdkdele I got you let’s talk. 🤝 @rawwwest305 By this time ? @DASeraphine I’m sorry 😐 @Nanadavinci Kotoka here naaaa