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Mattia Astorino @equinusocio Monza, Lombardia

#UX Engineer. 🌈 #DesignSystem maker. 💥Things destroyer. ✍️ Author of Native Elements, XITY and @materialtheme. 📷 Spare time #photographer and open source dev

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@addyosmani ....inspecting new Disney+ website 😂Playing @TheDivisionGame (it's about a virus and global extinction..) on @GoogleStadia during this #coronavirus pan…
@morewry @_csilverman @css Just check scrolles. @_csilverman @css Yep. You can style the element, not get the current scroll position. I mean, with this CSS only s… @_csilverman @css The indicator is presentational, and you can use many elements like progress or a simple span. B… @_csilverman @css These solutions are just hacks and workaround. You have to use a specific dom structure and css t… @css Meh... it seems out of the CSS scope. JS should compute and CSS should present. I prefer solutions like Scroll… anyone using @hypeapp to document motions inside #designsystems? We're evaluating it to build our animations exa… @css Acronyms are dotted separated. ADD is different from A.D.D. It still looking as a screen reader/browser bug to me. @BenDMyers @marytweets6 @css Acronyms are dotted separated. ADD is different from A.D.D. It still looking as a screen reader bug to me.
I really love using the @Grammarly text editor to write articles and text content. It helps me a lot!
Today we are getting’ into smart keyframes, by combining CSS custom properties with keyframe! 🤓 Go read our latest…
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Sadly to know that @GoogleStadia will never supports 4k gaming on Mac because the video codec 😞
@briankardell Go for @Stadia 🙂Wow! Found this new @dramaapp design & prototyping tool! It's really advanced and mixes complex features from Proto…
@Rmmmsy @hankchizljaw Buttons already support flex and inline-flex. Probably it's about some missing flex/grid properties support.
🔥 Want to convert svg to react or react native? Want to convert HTML to JSX or Pug? Want to convert a JSON to YAML?…
🔥🤯 How to speed up Chrome browser in 5 minutes: Use @Firefox.
Time is the ultimate currency
Retweeted by Mattia Astorino @hackdoor_io @ricanella92 #lazywebMy second shot on @hackdoor_io is here! #ux #design #designsystems #css both of them if you can.
Need a @stackbithq sourcebit-target-eleventy for @eleven_ty! @simonedavico @SharpEdgeCode @GitKraken @gittower I know, but i lacks all other git features @SharpEdgeCode @GitKraken @gittower Simply I don't like to perform diffing and resolve conflicts with the cli. I'm not confident with it.
@argyleink Do you auto-tweet using IFTTT, when you star a project on github? 😮
My first article on @hackdoor_io is online 🔥
@timhecker @GitKraken @gittower You bought what? GitKraken? @zachleat @Netlify On mobile the header causes horizontal scroll 🤫! you know that you can combine #css custom properties and keyframes to create smart #animations? #webdev #html
@ruionx @GitKraken @gittower Yeah, Fork is a good alternative. I have to test it, I need multi profiles and conflic… sent first postcards for top personal donations to @Browserslist. Browserslist is used in Babel, Autoprefixer, a…
Retweeted by Mattia Astorino @gavinmcfarland @eleven_ty @parceljs @PostCSS if you have to build simple and static websites eleventy is the tool,… @gavinmcfarland @eleven_ty @parceljs @PostCSS yeah, I'm enjoying it to build simple static website, and if you want…'m considering to moving back from @GitKraken to @gittower because I don't like their pricing policies. Any vali… @heydonworks You have to call it with your mind.
Finally my new website is ready! 🎉 I like simple things so I removed accessory UI elements and useless #css/#html,… @MrAhmadAwais It's a common human approach to hate/repel something we don't understand.As UX engineer, I want 10.000 of these. @CodeMageHattraz @jensimmons wrote about how features will/should be (probably) handled with css 4 in this comment discussion about #css 4 is just about grouping single features. CSS 4/5/6… doesn’t means “monolithic” releases… my post on #webcomponents and how to think at them on @hackdoor_io @a_sandrina_p There is a typo on the site title -> Enginner. This happens to me very often 😂Good job with animations and @PostCSS!
@frontstuff_io scroll-padding works too
@argyleink 🤔 oks. Thank you! It could be really useful. Love such kind of implementations. ❤️ @argyleink It would works with color opacity too?
@vissit @eleven_ty In my case I need the metadata from the ignored file and it must be inside a collection, but I d… this @PostCSS plugin could be a game-changer while waiting for container queries! 🔥 #css #html #js #webdev @MJetbrains This is pretty unfair and misleading. Material Theme for vscode, Sublime and hyper are not porting of y… @eleven_ty I totally missed that. Thank you 👴🏼 @eleven_ty friends! Is there a way to exclude a file/page/post/path from being generated? I have some blog posts th… @zachleat @davatron5000 @innovati 🎉 @davatron5000 @zachleat No mention of EQCSS and postcss plugin?
@ambrwlsn90 Docusaurus v2 (doc + playground)
Nice read about #css loading using the media attribute to prioritize the resource. 🔥 @ppk Outline-offset, grid-row/column, z-index @charlespattson @moxmixmax Give me the money and I will send to you the first hologram phone. It’s transparent and light 😬
@sitnikcode @evilmartians @bufo_alvarius @palkan_tula it's really a good feel when you find people who can teach yo… @css There is a typo here ...would be 0, 0, 2, 1. It should be 0,2,1. @joostkiens @sitnikcode @stevensacks @mattcompiles Sometimes habits are just hard to kill.
@flaviocopes There is not another language to style web content. So, we have to love it. @MiriSuzanne I think it's so bad for web development. @MicheleRivaCode Check the size-limit package by @andreysitnik for some help :)Need for `ignorePeople: []` configuration option in my life.
@sla_shalafi @geoberle @fun2src @EmmaBostian Same @fun2src @EmmaBostian To manage the time you have to find the time. That’s the point. @fun2src @EmmaBostian To be prepared you have to learn? To learn you need time.. And guess what? In this society pe… @owainharris @flowfelis @EmmaBostian Not your choice.
I often want to scream to recruiters that I'm not a frontend developer, but a UX/UI Engineer. They should stop bori…! I think @cssnano is the best companion for @PostCSS! #css #development #webdev #dev @luke_pighetti @ScottLaPlante3 @EmmaBostian Nope. Being paid by our skills should be the standard. But currently, t… @ScottLaPlante3 @EmmaBostian Your company should be embarassed. Not you. @argyleink @csswg <sup>Super!</sup> @DaeshawnBallard @charlespattson This is just a design trend, not a pattern yet, hopefully. Maybe here you can find… @charlespattson Don't click this. your old evergreen resource link! #css #html #dev #development #webdev This is mine: @charlespattson can also try to not develop anything to feel how people without devices or internet connection use our beautiful… @fabiofranchino @addyosmani You can try to not develop anything to feel how people without devices or internet conn… @Whatleydude @GoogleStadia Dropped geforce almost instantly. Bad experience and quality on mac high def monitors, p… @eddafiorini @Hype_tw @Lucadalp62 Ci sono due versioni di Hype, una free con certi limiti, e una a pagamento (hype…
@sitnikcode @PostCSS Just to know. Unfortunately lack of updates and issues opened more than a year ago are not goo… @PostCSS It looks a bit unmaintained, isn't it? @tivac @PostCSS Is it still supported/maintained? @edobene "missed" *cough* accessibility. @BasaltInc @EmmaBostian @FrontendMasters Cool! I will check it. @sitnikcode @typescript @Lasalefamine @css There is an issue with positioning and stacking context on Firefox 73 friend @Lasalefamine just published a @stylelint plugin that check and validate the design tokens (from json) as… @steveschoger @Caneco plus it looks more like a dribbble shot rather than a real product with real costraints and users. @charlespattson you know if is there a @PostCSS plugin to creat custom functions? #css Something like this: background: tokens(… @RosPalumbo @LilithRoberta @OvalMoney Tieni solo in considerazione che N26 da un conto tedesco, quindi soggetto a c…⚙️ Next step on my personal projects: 1 Redesign my new blog 2 Build it with XITY starter, @eleventy and @zeithq:… @RosPalumbo @LilithRoberta I bonifici si pagano da sempre purtroppo. Ad ogni modo, prova con @OvalMoney. La trovo m… @PraveenPerera @joshmanders Is it configurable with SVGO options?
@aerdna_c This rock will kill coronavirus and hopefully the humanity.