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#UX Engineer. 🌈 #DesignSystem maker. 💥Things destroyer. , XITY and @materialtheme. 📷 Spare time #photographer and open source dev

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Good things are still coming to Firefox @zachleat @Netlify @eleven_ty @vuejs Finally ❤️. Just a question, the css function is required to print the style b… we go! Eleventy and Vue Components. "...and more robust than using something that attempts to remove unused…
Wait, what!? Material Theme is already available for Nova editor 🤩 @argyleink Too much opinionated :( sass and other things are not required for good perfs. Some things are good and…’s cool! Nova is really good and light compared to vscode. @SaraSoueidan @arminmon Mine neither
@perlerar You should read your emails. Seriously. 😅SASS is obsolete. Welcome back #CSS 😬's awesome! @FirefoxDevTools @yura_zen So you're not dead. 🤩 @gethackteam I work from 8.30 to 17.30. The problems are the side projects and our approach to "continuous learning” @panic @PostCSS Well, there are already a lot of extensions! 😲No @PostCSS extensions for this new editor by @panic !? 😯 @argyleink @tabatkins +2
@aerdna_c Untore di covid. @aerdna_c Nessuno scambia poi giochi dalla ps3 😂 non fare il boomer. No comunque non puoi ovviamente, comunque non… @aerdna_c Sulla 4 ho quasi tutto digital#ps5 digital. 19 november. Mine. @sitnikcode @PostCSS This is a glorious work. Well done to whole team and tanks for this update.All the #ios users (like me), right now.'s stopping you from coding like this? @AliTahaShakir @erinfoox I couldn’t agreen moreSpatial Audio is as creepy as awesome. @ASpittel A second monitor.... and nothing. I just updated my profile photo. @heydonworks of programming is asking the right question so the answer shows up on page 1 of Google’s search results
Retweeted by Mattia Astorino 🏴‍☠️ @isiosstable Developers had different months to update their apps.. 🤦
@WebWallen "Terrific as yourself" 😨Can't stop sharing this #dev #tool. It saved me a lot of time! video meetings it's a hassle to unmute just to say one word especially if someone else is speaking. I created a…
Retweeted by Mattia Astorino 🏴‍☠️ @philnash Or getting the value from the custom-time and using it inside aria-attributes of other elements. So, I th… @philnash For example: <h1>The start day is set to 15 May 2001</h1> <cutom-time value="2001-05-15" /> Such "15 Ma… @philnash Yes, but there is the time element that already solves half of the problem. A web component for this is u… @philnash unless your component is smaller than 400b probably the <time> HTML tag and a bit of JS is better for this case.
@crafter_coder @sitnikcode @sveltejs @github So even angular, react and vue are languages based on what the author say. 😅 @crafter_coder @sitnikcode @sveltejs @github A svelte is now a language? 🤔Hurry up. Scream it loud. When the edit will be allowed? @TwitterDesign Hurry up. Scream it loud. When the edit will be allowed? @tabatkins Totally. Consoles are getting weird and confusing. 😕 @domm Survive.That's why REM is not good for line-height @GrimLink Yeah, I mistyped font-size with line-height l😅 you use and why? #CSS @GrimLink Is the same as 150%. They are both font-size relative values @StuRobson @heydonworks @MiriSuzanne @sarah_federman Unitless or percentage line-height, are both the same in this…
I should start making my art again. 🤔Communication Gap in programming/software projects. LOL.
Retweeted by Mattia Astorino 🏴‍☠️”Type is aligned when it feels aligned, not when it actually is aligned.” Marcin Wichary
Let’s play @ControlRemedy for the second time. This time on @NVIDIAGFN and RTX (there is no comparison with the ”limited” version for ps4. @vlh @dbanksDesign ”don’t have to look the same” in my opinion. Different OS = different patterns and user habits. @argyleink The real star here is the flex gap. Be honest. 😂 @cassiecodes @CodePen Yeahs this link is super useful because i'm implementing some cursor and parallax examples wi… @cassiecodes @CodePen Does the gsap set() performs better than to()? @Muniro2 @LeaVerou The problem here is not the technology. But people and ignorance. @joshbuchea @SaraSoueidan And plain JS It's part of the web and required in almost all accessible UI elements.
@wolfr_2 *Belgian @davatron5000 @lifeofablindgrl @brucel BuT wE hAvE hOoks @wolfr_2 Yes. Engineer means technician/expert in something "practical". And it's not a Silicon Valley term. Probab… @JokeVanHamme @wolfr_2 In fact as UX engineer i'm bringing UX to live. Don't need to know a lot of things about UXGreat read. had to integrate @recruitee widget with #react/#nextjs? Can't make it work. 🤔 @aerdna_c The boomer @aerdna_c @twi_age Me too. August 2009. I’m now old everywhere. @GoogleStadia @FenyxRising Ordered. @GoogleStadia any idea about destroy all humans release on the platform? @argyleink They totally are your "Mini-me"
@gavinmcfarland @figmadesign @ddoniolvalcroze @tabatkins True satanist @gavinmcfarland @figmadesign auto layout? @MiriSuzanne @Una Scoped styles and CSS modules are the same things 🤗 more precisely CSS module is an approach to a… @MiriSuzanne Yeah, probably It’s popular in component-based frameworks like vue and react that support it out of the box. @MiriSuzanne None of them. Scoped CSS most of the time. @zachleat Well, have you the whole day? @jaffathecake Like if they pay $$$ by using a fkg picture tag that handle this automatically. @marcelo_retsal @kvlly @EmmaBostian "Hey. How are you" "No" @sitnikcode no more LQIP images generated at buildtime @argyleink @CodePen No url()?Let's start this WebP vs. Avif fight. #CLI by Native Elements is now Open Source! Generate your class-less utility-first #CSS 🔥 🏅 4kb CSS using th… @IMAC2 Yeah, I had to send the mac for assistance two times because of the keyboard. ☹️ @umbertomacchi Giusto per ricordarci che siamo in Italia. @IMAC2 Your CMD key is the winner here. @laurieontech Something i love. @EmmaBostian git --wtf @jon_neal Fantastic cake @LucaColonnello
@madebyfabian @Una *opacities @madebyfabian @Una It works if you separate capacities from the color and using the lv 4 functional notation: --pr… @Una Yes! Even if we can use hsl() to create dynamic palettes ad opacity, this would be useful to white-label design systems. @madebyfabian @Una Just use hsl() for the opacity. @fvsch And it bloats the cssToday I wrote ”isLicked” instead of ”isClicked” and nothing...It was just fun. @ASpittel @parceljs Yeah. If you can try the v2. It’s even better in my opinion. @ASpittel @parceljs Have you tried the v2?If you're looking for a modern and complete class-less #CSS library take a look at Native Elements. 🔥 🥇 6Kb 🥈 cus…
@argyleink I have a question here. Why providing avif images only to users with reduced data on? I mean, these are… @jon_neal It’s a project which I want to improve for sure, but I’m also searching for experienced people that can h… @jon_neal ”This article features techniques that are used in practice by Yahoo!” Atomic CSS framework is made by Y…