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Historian of propaganda and UK-Israel relations @InterpolAber. Would talk less about antisemitism if there were less of it about.

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How it ended... Corbyn of History. Scrapbook, 2015-2020 How it started... #LabourAntisemitism Jews continue to have the thankless task of serving as the litmus test for basic decency in pubic life. The…
Retweeted by James Vaughan @BriW74 @militaryhistori Good Hicks joke about that. “They went from being the elite Republican Guard to the Republ…, Keir Starmer, dragon slayer
Retweeted by James Vaughan @MendipsMarauder Corbyn suspended by Labour.
Retweeted by James Vaughan @MendipsMarauder If he needs to go through the proper procedural channels, that’ll do for me. Interesting test of character...Someone is "part of the problem" Someone should be "nowhere near the Labour Party"
Retweeted by James VaughanWith one or two lighter moments along the way. I’d particularly like to thank the Independent for this headline/ pi…’s been something of a journey these last five years. I have one message for the likes of Livingstone and Corbyn this morning, it is that we do not need to see you pl…
@supergutman The donkey's winning... is what happens when you hire @almurray as your election agent... 😉 Line @GregoryTaylor86 Suspect Harold got worse in 1922 committeePeter Cook (impersonating Harold Macmillan) did this joke a lot better. @ruthedith @Ermintrude2 A good lesson, were one needed, of why leaders bear a heavy burden of responsibility for al… @DrStephMered The intersection or racism and misogyny became a bit of a thing in Corbyn’s Labour, definitely. It ha… @n_rh1992 Yeah, that’s on the Arab-Israeli wars course. Taught that last year, it’s a great assignment to mark. Muc… @martinxo I enjoy it as, entirely arbitrarily, I get to ignore the Arab-Israel dispute (on the grounds that I teach… boys grown out of his first bed, but at least it has become a useful desk in the spare bedroom office as I work… @PeteNewbon Cheers, Pete. I’ve a horrid feeling tomorrow might be a busy day... @MattCarr55 @phil_tinline The Lebzelter book is an underrated diamond, btw. @AtticumFloreat @phil_tinline @MattCarr55 I’m still getting over the presentation of Mosley in Peaky Blinders... 😉 @MattCarr55 @phil_tinline It's 29 June 1932 according to Gisela Lebzelter @TaylorAJP No idea. Maybe now’s the moment to brush up the HUAC impression... 😉 @MattCarr55 @phil_tinline The Labour Party candidate’s letter was spring 1933. He was a Welsh trade unionist, I’m somewhat ashamed to say. @ToubeDavid @BalramHalwhy Yes, quite. @BalramHalwhy @ToubeDavid Well, I can’t say I’m deeply in love with all aspects of it, but it does seem to me that… @ToubeDavid Majority of Prevent cases I’ve been aware of at my institution have involved far right / white supremacist groups or individuals @Akusia A dark past... you are so inclined, dig down into the text and work out for yourself that in targeting Margaret Hodge, Louise E… @searotonin IDF briefly found itself in charge of Gaza Strip and large swathes of Sinai after Operation Kadesh (Oct… @TJAllon1 I’d have to check, but I suspect the perspective was a bit different in 67, especially with the focus on… @TJAllon1 Yeah, I guess it was in the context of being very close (in terms of time) to the successful campaign, so… 1977: Labour Party leader and Prime Minister, James Callaghan, spends an evening at the @BoardofDeputies.… indeed. Especially when you look at the thoughts of Labour Party PPCs in the 1930s, e.g... “In my personal op…
@yuanyi_z There must surely be a South Sudan one celebrating the glorious 2011 triumph over Scotland. The reliabili… this curiosity today. A stamp and envelope commemorating the Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip. January… @jruddy99 I get to teach this film to my first year undergrads in a fortnight’s time. Can’t wait.“I don’t think we should be moving forward with a nominee in the last year of this president’s term. I would say th…
Retweeted by James Vaughan*Applicable “Life and Death of Colonel Blimp” monologue klaxon* “If you preach the Rules of… @rob_marchant @OzKaterji Maybe Trump should get the Lenin Peace Prize instead? Bannon would be pleased. @OzKaterji Unfashionable opinion. Trump’s Nobel Prize nomination is significantly less ridiculous than Obama winning one. @__jacker__ There have been a few incidents. Not quite up there with Bristol though. @neonsynapse @BriW74 Have you ever read John Roy Carlson’s 1952 account of his pursuit of Nazi sympathisers across… Possibly a case where one’s instinct that something sinister was driving policy turns out to be misplaced.… @neonsynapse @BriW74 This is it... @neonsynapse @BriW74 There’s a good article by a Leeds Uni academic somewhere about volunteers with the IDF. Makes… @neonsynapse @BriW74 Germans, at least those of the Nazi persuasion, tended to fight for the other side, for obviou… @neonsynapse @BriW74 4-5,000 foreign volunteers from over 50 countries fought with the Israelis in 1948. Most impor…'s rather pleasant here, actually. Had an entirely trouble-free trip to the shop for provisions this morning. Eve… @BriW74 There were quite a few copies of Mein Kampf floating around in Egyptian army circles in the early Nasser era as well...The Egyptian military reception for Israel's Yitzhak Navon at Cairo airport, reported in The Times #OnThisDay 1980… 1966; Britain's Ambassador in Damascus, Trefor Evans (later to take up a chair in International Politics…
Was trying to recall what the BBC headline image of Johnson reminded me of. Then I remembered...'s the hedgehog's parents' responsibility to provide for them. They should not be relying on handouts.
Retweeted by James VaughanIf it had been me in 1971 on the Apollo 14 mission hitting that 6 iron, I guarantee I’d have found the water., isn’t it, that so many leading figures in Corbyn’s Labour Party were saying something completely different bac… @marcusrashford exposed the fault lines in Boris Johnson's government Devastating critique
Retweeted by James Vaughan @feedthedrummer Entirely selfish perspective but I loathed school milk. Made my early school days a complete misery… @dylanmarshalluk Just the one century?😉ברמז אנטישמי עבה, מנהיג הרוב הריפובליקני בסנאט, מקונל, מבקש תרומות למסע הבחירות ואומר שהדמוקרטים מקבלים את מימונם מ…
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@CantreBreiniol Does that mean we can allow the women’s vote to overturn the Tory victory in 1895? 😉 (not that it n… @CantreBreiniol Never been a massive fan of retrospective applications of new laws. It reminds me of what happened to my pension. @CantreBreiniol Fuck me though, 18 years is still a long time to put up with a Supreme Court ruled by right wing whackos. @CantreBreiniol An 18 year term? In the recent British political experience, I believe we refer to this as "a Thatcherism"Astonishing, in two completely different ways.
Retweeted by James Vaughan @DavidDPaxton @stevelapsl It is best read in tandem with Angus Calder’s Myth of the Blitz. I think Barnett went fro… @DavidDPaxton @stevelapsl I love Iron Britannia, by Anthony Barnett. It’s a stupendously entertaining polemic and… @DavidDPaxton @stevelapsl Yeah. Pinched most of it for a lecture on propaganda and the Falklands war a few years ag… @stevelapsl @DavidDPaxton It was shocking enough for the Sun to pull it. It only appeared in the early edition befo… example of fascist Italy's links to Indian nationalism: a wartime article on the Amritsar massacre serv…
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Retweeted by James VaughanTonight’s Ceredigion bay sunset has clearly been commissioned from J.M.W.Turner... @TheStevenThomas I never trusted that Roy fella.
@AlexRyvchin Sadat is winning @EmmaBurnell_ @mrjoelclark Maybe @johnlewis can offer some never knowingly undersold advice? @dickiewood Ha ha, and there I was thinking it was the Tory MPs who were busily presenting themselves as Little Nel… @jmendelsohn77 Explains where our midfield went for a couple of French tries, if not a lot else. @AndrejNkv They’re like smart intelligence operatives. Get an identity and a mission, lie low for a while doing rec… @PaulFrame85 He’s doing pretty well. Think he must have been bullied off the food at the cat shelter as he’s eaten… 24 hours spent mostly hiding behind a cupboard, Beaumont, our new rescue cat, has ventured out to make friend…