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Omg and I thought I was pretty lean last year around this time @kesenwang sadly, it appears you're the only head this went over when its literally spelled out in the last text lmao @camdza_ I’m hereI can’t stop eating helpStarting fullmetal alchemist brotherhood 😌My arm is stinging and I am so getting even higher to dull the pain LOL#NewProfilePic yung stunnah
Retweeted by Erec Yeager @uhhnotkevin WHY @brndnbza GIVE IT NOW @brndnbza God I love us 😍Took her to my hometown.💕
Retweeted by Erec Yeager @misterkobee Just to match u king!! @cyrxsnxhea WHAT THE HELL LMAOElbow crook got me FUCKED up that shit is swollen beyond belief 😭 @cyrxsnxhea LMAOMy arm and tiddie feel raw af on this hour long muni ride home 🥲
Outlining is such a bitch😭 @babybenzos__ Involuntarily 😭 @mikberle I had no clue omg 😭So nervous for my tattoo appointment today I am going to throw up @v4mpluvagirl NO ITS SICHUAN FOOD 😭Why are the fiery shits happening RIGHT BEFORE MY TATTOO APPOINTMENT @justinlarnesto This could’ve been about anyone!! @ashIeycheuk Me too high five wooh!!!summer is coming and so am i !!
Retweeted by Erec YeagerWhere can I get this but in Athena for men: (i’ll go first: disappointment)
Retweeted by Erec YeagerChicken Fried Rice & Egg Drop Soup I wanna get high before my tattoo appointment today so bad lmao @merrrisha Good morning!! @athennessy Baby 😍 @orokatiff SO FUCKING GOOD OMGWhy is my life so fucking chaoticGays are so fucking messy it’s me I’m gaysIn my defense I did not know this boy was his ex I am cryingDo NOT listen to me oh my god of my texts didn’t send to this guy and we’ve spent the past 2 weeks thinking we ghosted each other and so I tr… had Sichuan last night and I haven’t exploded on the toilet yet please pray for me I’m so scaredGood morning cutiesOH MY GOD I DIDNT EVEN HAVE TO HE TEXTED ME is this anime this good omg im so fucking into it @vincenityy YESSS!!! I'm so into it rn omg @vincenityy spy x family!! @erichatescars yes LOL @annhitran75 PLEASETHERES A VIET PERSON IN THIS ANIME OMG @v4mpluvagirl Just for u!! @v4mpluvagirl Oh my god?!THIS SHOW IS SO CUTE OMG @cyrxsnxhea MHM @cyrxsnxhea This is exactly why they’re confused LMFAOOOO @cyrxsnxhea They don’t!! They already know I’m yours!! @annhitran75 Stay strong 🥺 @mikberle @vincenityy Kiss!!! Kiss!!!! Kiss!!!!!Simp!
Retweeted by Erec YeagerMy munchies are so fucking bad bro I ordered dinner but then after I wanted dessert and I just ordered that but I c… @cyrxsnxhea Omg why did you post this now I have to fight them all off againWhy do all my gay friends accuse my of “queer fishing” when I don’t even post thirst traps 🪤
Retweeted by Erec Yeager @cyrxsnxhea 🥲Finished my hero and starting spy x family hehi’m basically saying i’m cooler!
Retweeted by Erec Yeagerbleh
Retweeted by Erec YeagerJust ordered a fuck ton of Sichuan food and forgot I have my tattoo appointment tomorrow after meal prep I sincerel… @filonextdoor LMFAOOOOOOOO @babybenzos__ U right!!Gonna blast the argument on We Cry Together when my roommate's home to see his reaction lmfaooooooHe’s graduating pharmacy school today but ghosted me two weeks ago should I text him congratulations hella salty an… @bbyxlb id pay to see it!!!!definitely sucking his cock tonight!!
Retweeted by Erec Yeager @brndnbza HUH!???!?! MY GF AND BF BOTH HERE OMG @athennessy BABE GET READY IM STARVEDI just wanna get high off my ass and listen to the new Kendrick album with a cute boy but the gays I meet never like Kendrick 😔I can finally stop listening to lo-fi and switch to some Kendrick again hehehehehe I FUCKING DESERVE THIS SHIT BRO… @elayeyou I BELIEVE IN U @nleh03 HEHEH ILY!!!ZoOTED OFF MY ASS REVELING IN THE FACT THAT I'VE WORKED SO HARD AND ACHIEVED SO MUCH TODAY 😭😭😭My 3 edibles kicked in before I finished my exam and omg reading comprehension flew out the fucking windowI just fucking finished my industrial psych final a week early. Spent 6 hours on that shit I am ready to CELEBRATE.… @nleh03 suddenly it is BURNING!!!hot boy summer 💏
Retweeted by Erec YeagerI wanna get dinner but I have nobody to go with so I will just starve @notjennag ITS OK YOUVE GOT THIS @morheatlessfoam honestly what did it for me was trying to do things early and then realizing, omg everyone else is… life improved significantly the moment I stopped procrastinating. It was not an easy feat, but I've now gotten i… @babeylina STARE INTO MY SOUL PLEASE OH MY GODlol
Retweeted by Erec Yeager @bbychungus I have my next session for my sleeve tomorrow hehehe @angeleecuh WOOOF BARK @v4mpluvagirl why is this even a thing 😭😭😭😭
@erichatescars ON MY WAY !!!! @vincenityy as u wish, master 🧎 @henthaiicedtea WE LOVE TO SEE IT LMFAOOOOO @elayeyou NO THATS ALL U!!! @henthaiicedtea EXCUSE ME LMFAOOOOOOOO @vincenityy I COULD NEVER 🥺🥺🥺 @vampahri NOT EVEN!! @v4mpluvagirl u dont have to do anything you dont want to!!!! @erichatescars How come you don’t let me bully you into car things I thought we had something special @bbyxlb @uhhnotkevin LMFAO