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None yet, water isn’t very high in this part of the stream and I’ve got my rain boots on... Love. Summer ! The high bush blueberries are STILL producing a quart each day...we are having chocolate blueber…
Steady...steady... Sure is slow going, in all this heat?!?
@HausermanL ‘Tis the season to be jolly @feebs1907 Udderlly llicentiousOh. My. @feebs1907 My llama’s got lleg warmers !!!Oh, this makes me HAPPY !! Thanks @hallmarkmovie !!! mean like a Mistletoe Christmas llama, that hangs out with you, all year-round ???
‘Twas the bane of our existence. Never worked when we needed it to. Smoked more than a merchant marine. 🤣 🤣 bridge is coming along slowly but inexorably...definitely feeling this in my shoulders and my back this morning… current mood :
I have to agree !
@ChicadeeB My Babcia couldn’t pronounce SHAZAM. No matter how many times we tried with her, as kids.Suspension of disbelief @dottie_eubanks @RonCamper Cuz if y’don’t know ? Now you KNOW...😉
Pretty cool. This used to be one of favorite shows when I was a boy : Had a SERIOUS crus… TO FALL BACK IN LOVE ? patterns in color, and unique styling, life would be exceedingly drab. Our costume designers are impeccabl…, Michelle !! Congratulations on all of your hard work !!
@dottie_eubanks Yeah, silly strangers...Why would we ever choose to care for or show compassion toward our sisters… @kamidramagirl Never better. Summertime and hiding out in the woods with my two boys has been glorious...It should be...amusing to hear. I was slightly delirious—sick with a stomach bug—hope I didn’t embarass myself ??? Corporation Trump reminds me of this Fred Armisen character who can't finish a single sentence
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Sign on the door of a business in NOLA! There was another one, but not share-able! @Eric_Mabius
Retweeted by Eric_Mabius @dottie_eubanks Whoa. That was 1995...The world has lost a brilliant creator. Arguably one of the most candescent, talented and understated. via ⁦…
@dottie_eubanks @HausermanL ☺️☺️☺️
I wonder how many free sheets one receives for that mega-super discount ??
RED. LETTER. DAY. INDEED. But he’s a body in constant motion. No way to be sure., the real gift of college @SarahLawrence was the faculty. Film history and film theory ignited and evolved my… my youngest son came in to ask me a question and I couldn’t really hear him over his sock choices... @feebs1907 Was trying to figure out the provenance of Henein. It almost sounded German. I wasn’t even close. There…☺️☺️☺️ dear @zaksantiago might know a bit more about this topic. Perhaps you might inquire someday. @feebs1907 Oh, Fiby. Life is so very long and there are many surprises still ahead.I am very excited to watch this new documentary about one of my favorite actors of all time... Charlie Chaplin: A M…
DEFINITELY @VWOfficial and @TheRealAnaOrtiz !!! makes me happy---that was our intention !!!çi, how does this affect you, I wonder ? Public protest and mass walkout of journalists take place in Hunga… wins by a nose... was an outstanding day ! you @MichelleVicary @hallmarkmovie @kristintbooth @RealCrystalLowe @geoffgustafson @Eric_Mabius for giving us…
Retweeted by Eric_MabiusGood Night to all of you wonderful dedicated and passionate #POstables EVERYWHERE !! What a delight of an #SSD Mara… @Mandalyn3183 @MichelleVicary @kristintbooth @Eric_Mabius @hallmarkmovie @SCHHAmbassador @SuperChannel 1. Higher Gr…
Retweeted by Eric_MabiusWe had TOO much fun filming this scene!!! @feebs1907 @poppymontgomery @MichelleVicary @hallmarkmovie YEAH...what's her problem, anyway ??? @pkharp @hallmarkmovie She sweeps sweet streets down by the seashore...😅 @ChicadeeB @feebs1907 @MichelleVicary @hallmarkmovie @kristintbooth Me t-t-t-oo !!!You all realize that tweeting so much will certainly help insure more installments of #SSD ???
@Geiszluci Luçi, you might be a contender for most distant #POstables watching, right this minute !!! @farmerbon @Mandalyn3183 @hallmarkmovie @MichelleVicary @RealCrystalLowe @kristintbooth @geoffgustafson KNOW---We can inherit an RV and drive all over North America and visit y'all, along the way ???? 😉😅 @BeTheBuddha @kristintbooth @geoffgustafson @RealCrystalLowe @hallmarkmovie Aren't certain things sometimes best le… @pkharp @BeTheBuddha @kristintbooth @geoffgustafson @RealCrystalLowe @MarthaMoonWater @hallmarkmovie That's what Sa… look at how many WONDERFUL #POstables : ALL OVER the country...and ALL OVER the WORLD !!! !!! How GREAT IS THAT ??? @orthesecondone @kristintbooth @hallmarkmovie It's fun to do what you love !!! @Geiszluci @hallmarkmovie @MichelleVicary That's "Compartmentalizing Oliver" @JGourley81 @hallmarkmovie @MichelleVicary @SCHHAmbassador @RealCrystalLowe @geoffgustafson @kristintbooth yum ! @essentOily_me @Geiszluci @kristintbooth @RealCrystalLowe @geoffgustafson @hallmarkmovie @MichelleVicary Thanks to… info...? @ChicadeeB @feebs1907 @MichelleVicary @hallmarkmovie SO GOOD !! @dottie_eubanks @RamonaCousins3 😉😉😉 @kristintbooth @MarthaMoonWater @RealCrystalLowe @Eric_Mabius @geoffgustafson If When Calls the Heart is about to s…
Retweeted by Eric_Mabius @pkharp @SSD_Thoughts @kristintbooth @MichelleVicary @hallmarkmovie (I think you might be right)Who knows, maybe Rita and Norman perform this time??? @rickgarmanink @VancityReynolds @MindyCohn @AviationGin GENIUS @Geiszluci @kristintbooth @hallmarkmovie @MichelleVicary I’m speaking SO quickly in Hungarian it’s making my head spin. 😉 @POstable1231 @feebs1907 @MichelleVicary @hallmarkmovie What and miss out on having amazing Joe @TheRealGregoryH as…, yes Michelle, you know I’ll be there !!!
This is for you @DeliverMeAPod !!! 😉😉😉 !!!!!!! @beseute Well, it seems a life goal has been achieved on this midsummer Friday afternoon..!
@hallmarkmywords @DeliverMeAPod Thank YOU ! Our talk today made me miss @MarthaMoonWater and my co-stars… finished a Super fun interview with the delightful ladies of @DeliverMeAPod Lots of giggles and secrets were shared..!Oh. My. Her voice... protein powder. No sugar needed ! Monkfruit sweetener. So yummy. @LittleL1720 Blueberry chocolate banana bread. Blueberries are from my field ! They’re as big as grapes this year !!From my 11yr old to his brother, Max, on his birthday : in the workplace ?
Louie’s learning all about his new toy... @Mandalyn3183 *BoysSo. Good. @MarybethMkprudz Much too hot for that. There’s also the fire warnings, during this rare drought @Mandalyn3183 Oh. Yes, my buys and I have already been at it for a few weeks now.They were in Sunday morning’s pancakes and on top of tonight’s chocolate-blueberry-banana bread ! So, unbelievably… boys and I finally started building the hemlock bridge over the brook, this past weekend. The tree and gravity w… high-bush blueberries are even larger than last year’s ! I built netting cages around them to stop the deer and…
Yikes. This makes me sweat nervously & profusely... Midsummer’s Social-Distancing Solstice...?
That’s only 5 days away !!! 33 years since I first landed in @Canada during high school for sport : @USA_Luge ...then work pulled me back.… love & respect @geoffgustafson more than y’all know !!!! first working role in @Canada around 1999 on MILLENNIUM :