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:/ :/ :/ @patsanger It seems like we're the only two interested @patsanger With the possibility of 9-19 more bowls as things break @patsanger The real lacquer ones are a little over a hundo. So I'm deciding how badly I want a slightly gold bowlCalm your ass down i just want to glue a bowl @kennykeil People had to stay in line to keep those top spots @oh_chenry @FrenchGuyCookin ARE MOST NOT??? THAT'S GOOD TO KNOW. Wtf. Why am I repairing this bowl if not to eat out of it @victoriaying Back when we could go to museums and things ;_____;In this case I think its an artist in a Wes Anderson movie, so upset all the time, but has money already which is a… for the job you want am very amused that the Konmari one comes with two bowls you can break and practice onCan anyone recommend a kintsugi repair kit? I've never done it and there are a lot of them out there. If someone's…
2020 guy! @BFSAndrew I'm also excited to break into the cans of fried gluten @chelccruzy My favorite so far is the carbonara one.AHHHHH SO MANY SPICY RAMEN FLAVORS I HAVEN'T TRIED YET Libs tripping over themselves to praise err, Hitler.
Retweeted by Erica Henderson @Truxillogical WeeeirdI don’t know why everyone is scared for their daughters in this town all the teen boys are clearly gay @gmcalpin @choochoobear DM me too @schweizercomics I keep wondering if those two characters would have been considered white in 1912 (Irish and lithuanian) @aethucyn Its a-coming down the street @schweizercomics Also! I didn't know until I read that company towns book that Gary Indiana was seen as a wonder be… @schweizercomics Theres a bit before the first 76 Trombones rendition where they're putting on a play about Native AmericansI haven't watched this since I was a teen and 80% of the songs get stuck in my head on the reg. Wells Fargo Wagon… @JonHexLives Pinch hitterQuestion: Did Ron Howard play every male child in his youth?My favorite thing in this movie is that the director absolutely doesn’t trust the audience. One song is in the cade… @JohnDellaporta The ending is a complete fiction if we’re talking about any life long con artist reallyAnyway I put it on and I still love the music in this. And yeah, there’s the obligatory racism in it too. I think…’ve been wanting to rewatch The Music Man for a long time but have actively avoided it because it’s about a con ma…“Ladies and Gentlemen you have eaten well” scene but he’s just mad that Aunt Travers didn’t invite him to stay for Anatole’s cooking.Bertram Wooster may be a rich layabout but he still believes in ACABDone @dirtydancing2HN I don't know if they're open much but they have pints available at some of the stores. @LeahGolubchick @AITA_reddit Also that he insisted that they go there after she said to pick something else but also she must pay
Oh god i want it @dirtydancing2HN I have orange blossom and ube. Tryin to support the weird littler places. @robwhart This was also a farm share situation and I didn't have enough to do galettes which is what happened last year @robwhart Its about to be! @MPowereast I didn't have enough to do a proper bake so now they're a topping.Gonna put these bitches on ice creamJust rolling gooseberries in whipped egg whites, rolling them in sugar and freezing them. @TheKyleStarks I think you mean Son of Zodiac @AITA_reddit I desperately want to know wtf MIL texted her @kibblesmith But your full name is Veragar BravagonICYMI if you are looking for prompt lists for Sketchtober / The Daily Drawing Exercise Formerly Known As Inkt*ber
Retweeted by Erica Henderson @TheKyleStarks This dumb fucking thing was the news I needed today. I needed ONE aspect of life to get easierSELECTION FILL.'s my birthday today! Please enjoy this Garfs I made dancing in celebration.
Retweeted by Erica Henderson @NakatomiTim @NakatomiTim Wait i thought the mermaid thing was a metaphorYou can’t take organs from a corpse without the deceased’s written permission, even if it will save lives. When yo…
Retweeted by Erica HendersonI am sad but more than that I am INFURIATED that millions of people’s rights were dependent on an elderly woman’s ability to stay alive
Retweeted by Erica Henderson @treswritesstuff Its enduring cuz we all screencapped it just in case he was smart enough to delete it but apparent… Jamie Harrison in here who already has a lot of money and notoriety but wow would it rock so hard to unsea…
Retweeted by Erica HendersonMark Kelly (I inherently trust bald men) running in Arizona against Republican Martha McSally (dumb name) who was a…
Retweeted by Erica HendersonTheresa Greenfield running against Heinous Republican Blonde Woman incumbent Joni Ernst in Iowa
Retweeted by Erica HendersonCal Cunningham running against known asshole incumbent Thom Tillis in North Carolina
Retweeted by Erica HendersonSara Gideon running against everyone's least favorite invertebrate Susan Collins in Maine
Retweeted by Erica Henderson @DanSlott I'm really glad that I already decided earlier in the day "fuck it we're having fried chicken for dinner"
None of this should have had to weigh on her. None of it. RIP
Retweeted by Erica HendersonI was thinking I was feeling better and would try to write after tonight's movie but no that has changed @RobinKimball A pattern? !!!'m dying at "turd supreme"
Retweeted by Erica HendersonI'm so tired ;__; @Iron_Spike Also playing into stereotypes about young women because you knew that people would throw more $$ into y…'m glad i reached a point where I can tell that if I even attempt to think about work today it will set me back da… @jason1749 @franzferdinand2 The bike was not me @jason1749 @franzferdinand2 Panel 1 was locking up the bike and now im free @jason1749 @franzferdinand2 I feel like i did all that to avoid drawing a bicycle more than i had to @jason1749 @franzferdinand2 Literally yesterday I was writing a scene where people are traveling through a mass of… @VeronicaAwakens The day they decided the robots were fighting a triangle was a great day for artists everywhere. What a feat. @eugewarrock @curtofranklin I have been playing it nonstop since it dropped at 11AM on Tuesday @vandroidhelsing THAT’S A GOOD JACKETI’m the asshole writing in more backgrounds for myself to draw. Like a coward.That is truly up there with Toriyama starting every fight with an explosion so he only has to draw a background once a yearMy mecha team time I have to draw a robot will I have the guts to just draw a large man with some stripes and call it a dayI truly respect the fact that in Evangelion they drew big naked dudes with monster heads and were like “ok so this is my robot design”Gettin’ a lot of mileage out of this onethe officer down memorial page lists dogs that died in the line of duty, let's pay our respe-
Retweeted by Erica HendersonLast selfie, last meme A new Apocrypals shirt, designed by me (Erica), is out! If you’re confused maybe listen to episode 7 of Apocr… @gomi_no_sensei We were literally talking with our mouthsThese things happened within 10 minutes of each other.Dave’s halfway through reading the Crazy Rich Asian books. We talked about a scene involving Rachel’s engagement ri… @mightyfineline UHM I LOVE ITWe all keep saying what we’ll do when it’s all back to normal.... I don’t want things to go back to normal anymore.…
Retweeted by Erica Henderson @biancaxunise YES @jessnevins WHAT @bdgrabinski And yet I checked! @corialias @meakoopa For real I hid a textbook in one of these bad boys during an exam
@Amaster101 That was more for the people who already commented about it @NotLasers @teaberryblue @benapplegate Most of our conversations with upstairs involve “hey what’s the fire detector doing”You can make fun of my penmanship all you want because I’m not gonna put in all that effort when I’m off the clock. was about to slide this under our neighbor's door when I realized i could just talk to them like a person.