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EricaJoy @EricaJoy Oakland, CA

she/her | Manager of Eng Managers | Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble. -John Lewis | 💖💙

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@tystiklorius lolsob @therealfitz this is exactly how i listen to my mom singing happy birthday to me every year. 💖 thank you infinity… @talltbh we are here and will be here for you. take good care. 💖💖💖
the slow shuffle of a crowd of people all looking at their phones.YUUUUPPP @ImtiaazButt @dcseifert “You need to have these cutting-edge learning tools to help kids really achieve their best… at apple, a pr team that has been working nights and weekends to get the 16” macbook pro launch *just ri… Wowwowiewowwow. This is the language Apple is using to combat Chromebooks? Kids who use Macbooks (which are… @kthomas901 oh noooooo!! 😩 our poor shoulders! @Newsweek @MyrnaBlyth Muting this, as @MyrnaBlyth will never answer because Myrna knows there is no way to spin or… @kthomas901 does it feel heavier than the 15”?The only 16” Macbook Pro thread I care about tbh. @lizthegrey also i had forgotten about security kittens until this very moment! @lizthegrey a security kitten almost certainly wouldn’t stand up in court. @__apf__ testing on the toilet, learning on the loo, and...sales on the shitter?i guarantee you that “searching for and sharing documents internally” is not prohibited by the google code of condu…
.@jennschiffer has been restored!! but if she hadn’t known “the right people” she probably wouldn’t have been!! whi… @jennschiffer @seldo it’s not so much produce type as it is ensuring produce isn’t damaged or already infested with fruit flies in the store. @seldo i am very picky about the produce that enters my home from other places (berkeley bowl, usually) in effort t… @DanielleMorrill nice!!i want to get a CSA but i am unable to get past the idea of continuously introducing fruit flies into my home. (th… @Newsweek @MyrnaBlyth what did you mean by this? @DanielleMorrill thank the people who crawled through cemeteries and created that data set and those who did the re… @katiecouric @InStyle timely: shit. now that there is written proof of what we already knew about stephen miller, his continued presence in… @KristyT Victor still going?! You love to see it.might just use my lunch break to hand out “free @jennschiffer” flyers to twitter employees in the elevator. 🤷🏾‍♀️dear @jack, please tell the trust, safety, health, whatever folks that putting someone in twitter jail for standing…, this. but just instant pot recipes. you drink, please take the burden off those who don’t and advocate for this at your holiday (and all) events. the fun ways my brain comes up with to mortify me, so creative!i had a dream i walked in a zac posen show wearing this gorgeous cream jacquard dress with a ridiculous train. afte… @chrissyteigen same @jack how many quintillions was it worth?ok someone help me out here: are ig influencers required to touch the products in their sponcon ig stories? *watching tv* @iamb: i wonder if there was a still there with her fingerprints me: huh b: i wonder if there was… @KristyT omg. i love her. @karlitaliliana @KristyT i used to. i still watching sociopath plutocrats having meltdowns over chesa boudin. have never clicked “become a patron” so fast. @kstewart @tiffani @Twitter i have quit and restarted so many times because of this foolywangeryThis is one tweet that’s part of a thread (with a happy ending!) that reads like a House or Grey’s Anatomy storylin…
@seinwoo @KeziyahL @TheYelitsa how’d you find her tweet? @seinwoo @TheYelitsa why’d you take the picture as you were leaving the train? what was the intention you had while taking it? @seinwoo @TheYelitsa but when you took that picture there weren’t. so why didn’t you sit instead of taking the picture? @VZWSupport so not built into verizon tooling then? @seinwoo @TheYelitsa there’s a seat right across from hers, but because you wanted *that* one & couldn’t jave it, y… @seinwoo @TheYelitsa wait a minute. you were needlessly harassing someone on the train for a seat you didn’t need,… @JessiePaladine @hessian1733 @KarenAttiah @Uber @dkhos @washingtonpost @VZWSupport Wait are you saying there’s a way to put an autoresponder on texts via @Verizon tooling? need to be able to put an autoresponder on my text messages. please make it so @googlefi, @verizon, and @apple. @hannahg11 serious question, not trolling: are you contractually obligated to touch the packages?me, so often. @joshu @tiffani por ejemplo @joshu @tiffani oh the one in the original tweet is definitely a poor execution (normally the toilets get closed of… @tiffani that’s not an uncommon setup in a master suite. @rev, this is horrible and you’ve lost me as a customer until you stop mistreating transcriptionists. @beLaurie i take it back, please see this thread: @alejandraluaces i am now laughing in a meeting. thank you. 😂😂😂 @RachyMills there are all sorts of alternative prep suggestions in chrissy’s original thread that mostly say “fry, don’t boil.”if you are a person who doesn’t usually like cauliflower but have had the cauliflower gnocchi from trader joes, can… @VernaVenisa @chrissyteigen does it taste like cauliflower? @chrissyteigen ok but afterwards can we have a brief discussion on the package touching? i see lots of influencers… @jessysaurusrex wonder what the “how we met and got together” story looks like for a couple like this. Do they just lie about the… @deray i legit laughed out loud at this.stunt or cg (don’t try it at home)ok this is the shot. stunt or cg? course it was wrong. it was a convenient way for older generations to write off the fact that millennials are st… @beLaurie another vote for Rev!ok that slide into the gutter. cg or stunt? #WatchmenHBOIt should be noted that Bernard Tyson uplifted his community until his last day on this earth. A role model. ✊🏾
@BariAWilliams @AdamakaAjaelo @belllism If I’m up there you’re gonna be up there again with me!!Many thanks to @ShondaScott360 and @theOAACC for hosting a wonderful event!!At the Oakland African-American Chamber of Commerce Black Women in Tech Brunch, the panelists were asked what they… in Power, @BernardJTyson. 😔 @collision @USMC I don't see anything about reading any of these books being a requirement. Is there another source… @ian The "leaving tech" part is the big goal. @mrbillyanders I imagine his mom would not be tapping his arm and calling out his jersey number to get his attentio… time genealogy researcher. If I had the money, I'd quit the tech industry today to do just that. @randileeharper Given that this is an LSU game and she's wearing the LSU colors, my educated guess is that the Amer… @ztsamudzi WAAAAAIIIITTT. Who is doing that? Where? Please point me in a direction. I just want to talk.See the woman on the right? The one who doesn't know Clyde Edwards-Helaire's name? The one who won't stop touching… @MiaSLittle @AfroTech Do you have ideas for spreading the message further? Happy to relay them back to the folks planning. @jemelehill Congratulations!! 🎉 @MiaSLittle @AfroTech Sure did. (Here’s a little peek at the employee only pre-party on Thursday night.) just sent us this video from the celery harvest in Oxnard CA. Thank you Melvin we appreciate your hard work…
Retweeted by EricaJoy @unclebobmartin ikr? i understand lots of people leave twitter for that reason. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
@operaqueenie i don’t though? i am legit perplexed about who is looking for bill gates to be a savior. @operaqueenie who wants bill gates to save them?i learned about medicare’s role in desegregating hospitals from the 1619 podcast. i urge you to listen to it as wel… was going to be a much longer thread but i will leave you with this: many hospitals only desegregated when for… close to me had surgery. she kept complaining of pain post op. “it’s just soreness, it’ll be fine,” says d… we abolish policing yet? @TaylorLorenz beeetttttt!! looking forward to it!i rebuke thee anyone done a piece on the people who edit photos/videos for ig models? @TaylorLorenz maybe?