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she/her | Eng Manager @ Microsoft | Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble. -John Lewis | 💖💙

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@rebeccasugar i don’t understand how they could leave out garnet.forget nice, i want to know what people who get hot flashes think of it. @eveewing she must be protected at all costs. @B_Fitz88 @chrisArgonish @museummammy the louvre is huge and impossible to see in one day (i’m told). i would like… am very happy with my basil 😍 @chrisArgonish @museummammy my brand of positivity doesn’t mix well with people who, instead of seeking to understa… @chrisArgonish @museummammy bye!!Without going into too much detail, if you've ever admired or appreciated any of the work I've done for free over t…
Retweeted by EricaJoy @therealfitz @lisaborel @sussman oh hey erica was barely making it and also paying her families bills so couldn’t a… @therealfitz @lisaborel @sussman love to have strangers talk about my finances while being factually incorrect. lov…
@sussman oh there’s a way and it’s exactly the answers i was looking for. i haven’t been deep in camera geekery for… @micahransdell @leica_camera i don’t buy from b&h as a rule. black people: what should i make sure to see in the louvre? /cc @museummammylol jokes on me, all the models that i was considering are sold out on amazon. time to check the @leica_camera store in sf i guess? @eveewing wait is this the same kid who read green eggs and ham for filth?“is there something i’m missing about how particularly clean whistles are?” this is how multi-hour rabbit hole dives begin.idea for a new reality show crossover between temptation island and chopped: “fuck, marry, grill”
Retweeted by EricaJoy @maleickfleming oh for fucks sakes, i was talking about the fact that thor gave tessa thompson’s character mjolnir.… unlearning all of the childhood bullshit is *chefs kiss* highly recommend @wkimeria Does the Q allow for manual focusing?If I could make a public information campaign about anything it would probably be this. Not sure how it's not on ev…
Retweeted by EricaJoy @tressiemcphd extremely same. we are firmly in "papers please" territory and i have no idea what to do about it.i'm getting myself a leica for my birthday (9 days!) because b already got me a present. which one should i get?… @bravelyjake the dataset is in a .dta file. the pandas library can convert that to a csv,… included "Hispanic" (I know) in a separate question, so here is that data: Hispanic: 12.48% 2+ Races, Non-His…, but should be viewed with the demographics of the respondents the research is based on in mind: Amer… @DKThomp though it may be powerful for certain sets of minorities, online dating dramatically underserves two speci… clearly know nothing (jon snow) why isn't tessa thompson the new thor?
i can recall a time someone said to me “they’re intimidated by you,” and then expected me to take an action to make… VERY FUCKING THING. williams. that’s it. that’s the tweet.
my power wiped away my tears, thank you beyoncé.brown skin girl made me cry, how dare you beyoncé? @lopsidedwig bless you kind soul 🙏🏾 @lopsidedwig link pls @adblanche @thederekmast when software is built and designed by a group who are used to having their wants/needs ce… @dbsmasher who did that?!customer story: “i want to know that someone read my message and i don’t care if that’s something they want to tell… receipts are the worst.good. not great, but good. and patagonia: a silicon valley story. @BeNatural603 3 weeks old and you don’t follow me means you were searching for someone to fight with. you chose to…
@BeNatural603 why are you attempting to police the tone of my 3 week old tweet? what flavor of privilege causes you… @jonnysun oui oui mon ami!!in case it needs to be said, your fave valley founders could never have the resilience to be running a company with… @laura 💖💖💖 i knew you could survive anything and i’m glad you proved me right. @goldietaylor i am so sorry you were made to experience all of that. my heart is aching right now for 11 year old g… cannot stop dancing to this song this morning. i invite you to join me. 🎵💖🎵 buses that run up and down market street are re-routing around 5th and market, expect delays. @Lin_Manuel @iSmashFizzle @JustinMcElroy thank you for this gift 🙏🏾 @iamb @therealfitz @mattcutts @rklau @ECDonovan01 @BWJones can confirm i just got a 15 second rant about iti hate that it’s come to this, but all feedback must now be delivered in the form of a haiku 5 event you observed…
Retweeted by EricaJoyan instagram ad got me to back a kickstarter. may as well start sending me the foreign princes who urgently need my…, Republicans in the House tried to strike Speaker Pelosi’s words from the record — using a rule adopted i…
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i wonder if this will stop them bringing wheelchairs for deaf passengers. 🤔 is a good piece on scooters in oakland, not solely because the term "west bay" was used in it. :D @Karnythia good vibes and warm thoughts coming right up! 💖 @monicabyrne13 Ok! This might be of interest to y'all @StLGS! @monicabyrne13 do any of the the documents mention slaves? @monicabyrne13 they absolutely do want it. what area is it from (county, state)? @hot_headed_cook it is, but it is also bad for the planet. @Blackamazon i think only if there is a conservatorship or 5150 in place. @adblanche @alicegoldfuss @timothyis_ i've never used it so don't have an opinion. i just want to know if there are other innovations in the space.berkeley is banning natural gas in new buildings (, so the #cooking channel in one of my sl… just remembered @nealstephenson has a new book out (Fall; or, Dodge in Hell), so now i only have one audible credit about to expire. @calinative it is.i have 2 audible credits about to expire, what books should i get?White supremacy is when you ask a group of white women for their opinions on the abuse of women of color
Retweeted by EricaJoy @deray if "the apocalypse" is brown and black women not sitting quietly in "their place" and taking power from thos… core flaw in this argument that journalists should never declare racism is the idea that racism is a subjective…
Retweeted by EricaJoy @dnaltews you're already in there, did you deactivate on purpose? @madan_ankapura @dnaltews Not the same thing. :)hey @LibbySchaaf, can we get these in oakland? @iamb ok but does anyone have the recipe? @dnaltews there used to be a link in the xooglers g+ group, but now that that’s gone, you ask someone who knows you… @NyleDiMarco they can find plenty of people (both deaf and not) who can sign. i think this needs to happen.i run the xooglers slack and i agree very much with the first part of this tweet. @Beyonce thank you.Watch #SPIRIT now #TheLionKing
Retweeted by EricaJoy @AOC SQUADshan't. @operaqueenie have so much fun!!
a thread i’ll see what i’ll look like when i’m old soon enough. h. christ, really @LeaderHoyer? a blanket “characterizing an action as racist is not in order,” no matter if… @theferocity @jonnysun Anytime anyone mentions Eric Garner, I think of this and I get chills.
Retweeted by EricaJoyi absolutely hate getting on the phone but it is absolutely the quickest way to get shit done in many instances.thoughts come from the brain. while surrounded by bone, the brain is not *itself* bone. thus, not having a racist b… that because of the way ivf embryos are selected for transfer to the uterus (based on scores of various embryo… @KatCalvinLA ma’am, no. alaska is lovely to visit, turrible to live in.who is the @matt_levine of taxes/tax law?
um @NaomiCampbell are you selling your airplane sanitizing kits? i am suddenly in need of...many. @tcburning how was it?twitter is just displaying its american-made values by not applying the rules to people with money and/or power.😂😂😂 use of the term “social justice warriors” in 2019 is meant to signal a very specific thing. @lessachu 😭😭😭 @lessachu does this mean i can no longer opt out of it?let me make it plain for y’all: black people are having their land stolen from them, today, in 2019. the then unwa…