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¡¡ZeroDollarThrill!! @EricBIsPresidnt Live from the world famous Terrordome in beautiful New Donk City

Diamond Life Lover Boy. Future smooth operator. Gay Steel Mill Union Rep. Local 402. There is doubt in my abilities, and far too many blanks in my analogies.

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@MorningStarPup @AP_Politics @AP ??? @Chinchillazllla @VP lol they would have to put his picture on all the lists with george washington and abe lincoln and shit @SeanMcCarthyCom Nobody should have to endure that level of trauma, even in death.
@Tess1462 @ChrisMattoxDC @NBCNews @realMikeLindell lol @Fred_Langlois_ @jakeregier @robrousseau @TourismWPG 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @Fred_Langlois_ @jakeregier @robrousseau Sounds pretty bad. I'll never be able to forget the large Canadian flags b… @Fred_Langlois_ @jakeregier @robrousseau I can't believe I've even generated this small amount of Canadian Jeff dis… @simpscreens get his ass @cuddly_cupcake That's just how you know you're good at predicting things. @ByYourLogic As long as you're comfy and warm, bro. @Viveros_1998 @jakeregier @robrousseau My Canadian Uncles/ Cousins are Eritrean af. Despite having visited the coun… @jakeregier @robrousseau *Jeffs, of course @jakeregier @robrousseau This is proof that our beautiful effs to the north still hold hope in the palm of their ha… @ArmyStrang Magilla Gorilla and I don't know why. @robrousseau Jeffs have a bad rap in the US. Hope Canadian Jeffs can pick up the slack @ByYourLogic What if the sleeping bags were also the N word? @BeauTFC I astonish my parents by running down the evening news at 5:30 instead of 6:30 when Lester Holt does it @MuffyFlipper You could have just told me that you're gay to my faceWhy is Exxon still Esso in Canada? Follow the goddamned money! @TVietor08 @KyleKulinski There is only one side, and yes, it is bad @maltyhops Nice work
@willmenaker Naw dude, that guy died of cancer in 2002
@ByYourLogic Jolt Cola is the straightest beverage you can consume @IwriteOK It worked for Tom Brady, sort of @MatthewFerrari I got mine and my Dad is so mad rn
@bobservo He's even pointing at them with a larger than normal index finger @willmenaker Nature is healing @cushbomb Slam dunk for 3 points from half court @KamalaHarris @JoeBiden Breaking out the world map and teaching Kamala about Europe. "Yeah they're pretty racist over there, but...." @JordanUhl We love playing the shell game, don't we folks? @IwriteOK Literal used car salesmen @BBCWorld 1986: We must aid these brave men in the fight against communism 2001: These terrorists must be stopped… @willmenaker I don't think he'll ever be that happy again. Just wanna see him smile once more.
Your everyday, run of the mill average pedophiles must be loving all the attention directed to the ones holding public office. @maltyhops He may have. Investigations are underway. @ArmyStrang My dad is all in @IwriteOK I already have a Mars protection racket going. We're losing money now, but give us a few years.If you make the Vice President submit via rear naked choke you become the Vice President. I don't make the rules... @kinematografi Yeah. I guess you're right. I can't really analyze this in a way that doesn't break my brain. I feel… @kinematografi I would just wish someone cooler had shot them instead of a guy who probably spent the last 6 months… United States military's only weakness is guys in sandals.
@feraljokes It was a perfect riot that I incited! Many are saying this!!! @maltyhops How many times a day I masturbated then/10 @ryanobles lol the US elected a gun to congress
He forgot to mention that he never takes too many napkins from the dispenser at McDonalds. And that shopping cart?… @willmenaker You guys said you were going to do betterObama should go for the water drinking stunt alone @willmenaker Of fucking course... @jkass99 Is this the guy who worked at the Kid Rock steakhouse? @feraljokes Daaaaaamn @murderxbryan About time. The silence was deafening.No. If I have to live in a world in which COVID is 5G, in which Andy Ngo is a "journalist," in which Sandy Hook is…
Retweeted by ¡¡ZeroDollarThrill!! @prageru lol get fucked weirdos
@BBCWorld lol, everyone is so mad at the muscleman @Jim_Jordan LOL, Jim puts the crack pipe in his ass and smokes it. He has to get someone else to light it, but it's worth it. @ByYourLogic idk who he is but I bet he got that grown man dick @virgiltexas This stinks, sir @randygdub But he lives INSIDE the stadium. @GinaLuciana Also, Jim Carrey could have played this guy on In Living Color in 1991 @GinaLuciana Yeah, he was the lowest point in a day of low points @randygdub RIP, F, etc.THE BAKER MAYFIELD MAKING THE BEN HUMBLE
Retweeted by ¡¡ZeroDollarThrill!!Liberty Hangout™! @empiredevil @GlobeBobRyan @Sageslm lol @collegeBLITZing @AP A completely smooth, perfectly spherical brain.
@robrousseau If they're gonna purge the left regardless, might as well root for the right to go down as well @JamesUrbaniak I'm just glad it's actually fake @thereal_TUSK @Timcast I wouldn't want to remove my scalp and top third of my skull either. @xycdsk Probably, but nobody listened to them either @thereal_TUSK @Timcast He must prove he is capable of learning @feraljokes Sorry about you voting for Hillary, man. @SAMOYEDCORE lol they're doing it now @LoonyVan @Timcast Thank you mr. president @Timcast Tim, you are the dumbest, baldest fuck to ever breathe @Chiquita @SkyfuryTV @JoeBiden Get fucking bent banana lords @IwriteOK lol, presidential ban evasion on historic levels @Hegelbon just realized i haven't heard the words "Camp David" in at least 5 years. @kinematografi Taking a dump on stage fully nude while somebody kicks him in the head? @JoshuaReen1 @TeamTrump We've entered the cool zone and we're going to take the rest of the world into it with us @TeamTrump lol he's more mad about this than the actual election @LizardRumsfeld I only browse this site wearing full Joker makeup and suit and I like to think most others do as well @wtyppod You know he's more mad about this than the election @jon_bois Did you remember the tuna?Has anyone checked on Diamond and/or Silk recently? @willmenaker The end of an era
@ConnorSouthard Who's the sissy now? @CosmoDiGirolamo Yeah we gassed you all and you're actually dead now @feraljokes BrooklynDad is now homeless @SeanMcCarthyCom @HanginOutOnline Yeah, but I don't think if congress had done that this wouldn't have happened. Be… knew what it was going to be before I even hit play, but it's still great. @ArmyStrang of sucks that Wilmington is gonna be the capital of the US now @JosuePi650 @willmenaker Both simultaneously somehow. @JordanUhl lol they are all just dying for their manly president to hold them in his strong arms and tell them it's gonna be OK again @SeanMcCarthyCom I can't get into thedonald rn and it's ruining my night
@SeanMcCarthyCom I'm kind of a history nerd, so this is right up my alley. @CursedBoomers lol like a dick. I get things sometimes @hasanthehun Holy shit. I'd like to die now.